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  1. Yeah, I wasn't too sure it would work. Don't get me wrong, I still prefer the logo semi-circles, but it doesn't really accommodate all tastes. So, I made a version with the primary in the lanes. While crew necks are somewhat old-school, the Pistons' modern look has been paired with them before. I tried using a v-neck and a wishbone, but neither really gelled with the concept. Also, seeing as how the Pistons generally used red scripts with white outlines on their road uniforms, I reinstated that for the update. I'll be gone for Memorial Day Weekend, but when I come back, I'll have the Rockets (and a few others) ready to go. Once again, thanks for all the C+C guys, I've always appreciated it and I like to learn from your suggestions.
  2. From a critic who's seen far worse than the act mentioned above:
  3. Thanks for the C+C guys. I'll probably make a new court for the Nuggets at some point. DETROIT PISTONS Another one where I had a clear agenda during the design. I wanted to rectify my two biggest problems with their set, namely the bland primary and secondary marks and the collar/arm non-trim (the Lakers' similar collar/arm non-trim will be eliminated as well). The first problem was easy to solve, as I simply reinstated the team's 2001-2005 primary and secondary marks. Because the Pistons kept the same font (unlike the Jazz and Nuggets, the two most egregious recolored primaries), the logos still work in the traditional color scheme. Also, navy blue as an accent color works, as it is used for the primary shadow on the alternate). The court uses the same template as the 50th Anniversary Court (one of my favorite r/w/b courts in basketball), and reinstates the retired numbers in the paint (a unique feature for the NBA). Uniforms I really like what the Pistons do with their uniforms, but I think some changes are necessary. The most obvious change is that the 80's crew neck collar and arm trim return, as I've never been a fan of the aforementioned non-trim wishbone collar and nonexistent arm trim. The next change is flipping the colors of the lettering on the road uniform to improve visibility, as red text with white outline can get lost against the blue background, and it improves consistency with this set's red alt. Of course, the 2001-05 horse returns to the shorts. Alternates The red alt is basic in concept. It features the same striping template as this pre-teal alternate, and uses the script logo from the primary (complete with drop shadow to improve visibility) as well as an off-center front number. The "DP" logo goes on the shorts of this one, as the red basketball of the horse logo didn't have enough contrast with the red base. The other alternate is a Hardwood Classics version of their first uniform in Detroit, and would be unique in the NBA, as it has both the city and team names arranged in a UNC-style (obviously with NOB added, to comply with NBA rules). Next up, we liftoff with the Houston Rockets (for those who think I'm skipping over the Warriors, the change in the alphabetical placement should give an indication as to my planned changes for them)!
  4. Very good post. The Browns/Ravens was much cleaner than this. There were no overlapping histories to deal with. What was done there was quite simple by comparison. But it was still historical revision and it set the tone that even allowed us to think of moving around the histories of these teams and just sort of making it up as we go. If the Kings move to Seattle, the NBA's history is going to be a mess. Milwaukee Brewers, 1901, 69-year hiatus, 1970-present? No. I know the Nationals pretend to be an extension of the 1905 team.. but in the record books are they the Expos or are they an expansion team? Because I don't mind them pretending to be the 1905 team, or honoring the history of Washington Baseball, just as I don't mind the New Orleans Pelicans have a Pete Maravich jersey retired. But I don't think you should fudge the record books, especially because WHO CARES? The New Hornets can still honor Kendell Gill all they want even if he didn't play for that exact franchse. Why does it need to be in the record books? Right; the Nationals thing is not as bad, because Major League Baseball hasn't altered the record books. Washington's "Est. 1905" nonsense is just a branding thing; whereas, in the case of the new Hornets, it's official. And you make an excellent point about the New Orleans Hornets honouring Pete Maravich. You can recognise the previous events in the city without claiming to be the old team. Exactly. To provide an hypothetical example, say that an expansion team was created to take the place of the Sonics in Seattle. They could totally have the name (and copyrights to the old logos, for throwbacks), green/yellow color scheme (which would still be unique), have banners of the old team's accomplishments/retired numbers/trophies, even the "Est. 1967" like the Nationals do. As long as they don't try to alter the record books (claim the Thunder was an expansion team, and that the Sonics took a however many years long hiatus), it would be fine. Honor the history as thoroughly as you want, but never alter records to become the actual historical figure.
  5. While I'm not all that big a fan of the 'Nique-style uniforms, I really like how you've done them. Maybe adding a little more curve into the panels' edges would be good (that logo does have some well-defined curves after all), but other than that you've updated the look nicely. The alternate is another good look (especially the gradient in the panel. Great job.
  6. Baseball: Clayton Kershaw, Greg Maddux, Justin Verlander, Ken Griffey Jr., and Yadier Molina Basketball: Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, Lebron James, Tony Parker, and Chris Paul Football: John Elway, Michael Strahan, Larry Fitzgerald, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady Hockey: Jonathan Toews, Martin Brodeur, Jonathan Quick, Joe Sakic, and Steve Yzerman
  7. Both the Penguins and Flyers look great (esp. the Penguins' hem stripes). The only complaint I have is that the Flyer's sock stripes don't match their hem stripes, but that is relatively minor. Well done!
  8. Only the outer stair/ramp things went down, and those were added in the 80's (they were demolished so the government could better evaluate the original structure). Also, I'm pretty sure it'd require several million dollars to get the Astrodome working for even a one-time event.
  9. Maximus, I think you'll be really happy with what I've done with Houston. Thanks for all the C+C, guys, I really appreciate it. I knew Dallas was going to be a controversial redesign, and I admit that I did not stray from the currents far enough/used a less-than-popular font. I will probably update them when I get a good idea on how to improve them. Until then, here's another team! DENVER NUGGETS I completed most of this concept in January, and I tweaked it several times before presenting it here (some of these concepts have been complete for some time, but they all receive tweaks before I present them). This one was a no-brainer from the start of the project. I love Denver's gold alternates, and I wanted to base the entire identity around them. Of course, the first thing I did was remove the constantly-recolored primary that matches nothing else in the identity (one of my least-favorite primary logos in the league), and I shifted the primary to an update of the rainbow-era's primary. The excellent secondary logo remains, and the original Nugget-man returns (albeit recolored). The idea for the court only came to me recently, as I was playing around in Photoshop. I noticed the semi-circle shape of the primary, and considering how that logo would look terrible in the lanes, came up with a unique solution. The uniforms are based on the current gold alt, with accommodations made for the different bases (white and powder blue). The v-neck collar remains, but is now without the logo patch. The road uniform keeps its "Denver" script logo, in the same color balance as the current road uniform. The alternates are simple enough. The first is the gold alt on which the entire set is based (which, like the Lakers and Cavaliers, could easily be the standard home uniform if the team so desires), and the second is a throwback to a more obscure ABA uniform, namely this. Up next, we move on to Motor City!
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, man. I was thinking about using some drop shadow on the numbers (I generally oppose drop shadow, but I think the Rockets can easily get away with it) and dumping jersey side panels.
  11. Yeah, I'm really not a fan of the Rockets' current look. I love the Hakeem/Sampson/Malone/championship look, and I feel like updating it is the right course of action, but I don't want them to look too much like my Hawks concept. I've tested out a few designs for them (one using template of the red/yellow alt and the classic scripts, which wound up looking too much like the Hawks concept I did, another using an over-simplified template with the classic scripts, which wound up looking bland). I'm kind of at a loss for what to do, but I can say for certain that the red/yellow color scheme will return (maybe with an accent color to help separate them from the Hawks), as will the 70's-90's script logos. However, that does not mean that I will exclude elements from the current uniforms (one of the secondaries I know I'll use is inspired by the current primary logo).
  12. I thought about that, but I thought it made the logo look too busy (and I did not want to resort to using a roundel).
  13. While I'm not crazy about the barberpole stripe behind the cap logo, I sure do love the laurel on the wordmarks and the barberpole striped socks! I look forward to seeing your take on the Kings and Wild!
  14. Stick a teal bill on the home hat, road hat, and helmets, and piping/normal number font on the alt, and you'd have the perfect look.
  15. In the vain hope of getting this thread towards talking about the uniforms, do you guys think the primary road uniforms will be teal or purple? While teal would appeal more to the history of Charlotte basketball (playing it safe here), the brand is incredibly focused towards purple in the logos.
  16. DALLAS MAVERICKS While I like the current Mavs' look, I feel that not only has it become a little dated, but it also shirks the nice green/blue color scheme for the all-too-prevalent double blue (I know they were the first to do it in the NBA, but it doesn't make it better). So, I restored the original shades of kelly green and royal blue (a darker version, much like my Nets concept). Silver remains as an accent color. The font for the concept is TF Burko, the font used on the alternates. Not only is the font somewhat more legible than the current font, it also allows the look a degree of neo-retro, as a modern font that has hints of the 70's-80's. The secondaries are updated versions of the original logo, making room for the new "M" and a more detailed hat. The court is much the same as their current court, but with green taking over as the dominant color and the simpler star design in the corners. The uniforms are based on the latest version of the current alternate (I originally wanted "Mavericks" on the home uniform, but I could not get it to look good), but with some simplified piping, the removal of the above-NOB logo, the addition of small hem stripes, and the placement of the new "M hat shield" on the road uniform. Because of the dominantly green color scheme, the road uniform (sporting a new "Dallas" wordmark in the style of the "Mavs" wordmark) now has a green base. The alternates include a blue version of the home uniform (which obviously can be worn both at home and on the road), and a Hardwood Classics version of their 80's road uniforms. Up next, we go a mile high with the Nuggets!
  17. Thanks for the C+C. I originally thought the multicolored pinstripes would hurt the look, but as I was putting them together, it really struck how much it tied the two eras of the Hornets together (I support sending the history back to Charlotte, and leaving the NOLA stuff in NOLA, as if the NOLA Hornets were always the Pelicans). Now, onto two teams who receive significant changes, and may prove a little controversial. CLEVELAND CAVALIERS Going into this, the only thing from the current uniforms that I knew I was going to preserve was the color scheme (obviously without navy blue). The logo is based on this center court image, and the return of the Lebron-era scripts means that the secondaries can be used again without looking out of place. The court goes back to its general appearance, with some color blocks in the free throw paint to hint at a uniform element. When doing the uniforms, the only sure thing I would do was the implementation of the wine/gold color scheme. Everything else was in flux. So, I went with a combination of the Lebron era, the inaugural look, and the color blocks. So, I used the Lebron era's scripts and side panels, with the inaugural look's piping scheme, and I placed the color blocks in the side panels. This look not only tributes the history of the Cavs, but keeps some of their most identifiable elements around (without looking bland, or like Knicks clones, or whatever the hell this is). Now the alternates are both gold uniforms. One in the style of the white uniform (the gold could easily become the primary home uniform, like it was in the 70's), and another as a hardwood classic to their first gold uniform. In the next post, the Mavs!
  18. CHICAGO BULLS I'll make it no secret, the Bulls have my favorite look in the NBA. The shorts diamonds, the simple yet effective striping pattern, the clean block scripts, and the lovely color scheme make their home and road set so great. However, they could use some tweaking on the standard uniforms, and some significant changes elsewhere. I added a tertiary logo of the Bull in front of a powder blue six-pointed star (a reference to the Chicago flag). On the court, I went back to the Chicago Stadium-style court (as recreated by Kodrinsky), with the logo font on the baselines, the dominantly red paint, and the basketball-less center. Not only is it cleaner, it ties in better with the color distribution of the team (red before black). The uniforms receive some minor tweaks. On the home and road, the Bull is removed from above the NOB (a logo that detailed should never go above an NOB). On the road, the lettering of the NOB is inverted in color (now it's white with black outlines) to improve visibility (this is better than this, although the latter moment was far more memorable). The alternates are not great departures from the Bulls' history. The black alt now uses two-color lettering (with an inverted NOB like the road), and adjusts the striping pattern to match the different base (red-white-black-white-red, as the uniform color is supposed to be center). The Hardwood Classics alt is a recreation of this road uniform (I could not replicate the original script, so I used the White Sox's road script as it was close enough to the original). Up next, a double alliterative dose of Cavs and Mavs!
  19. Thanks for the C+C. Here is an updated Charlotte Hornets, now with multicolored pinstripes using royal blue on the home+road, teal, light purple (similar to what the MK 1 Hornets wore), and purple and a cleaned up court (removing the anemic side hornet and making Hugo's update the only tertiary). Uniforms: Alternate:
  20. I like the Canadian Football League's numbering restrictions. Not too strict, not too loose. Agreed. It also allows for pro teams to have more flexibility with retired numbers (colleges still should not retire numbers).
  21. I think these three are obvious. The old Candlestick was better than the later one: The Oakland-Alameda Coliseum pre-Mount Davis: Yankee Stadium 1940's-50's (before the CBS renovation destroyed most of the original stadium and left a cookie-cutter in its place):
  22. OK, that is an amazing Panthers concept (even though the pre-Superbowl era nature of the thread means that they can keep the UCLA stripes). The sock stripes, the blue helmets/pants, and the overall simplicity really make it work. Well done. Thanks. I thought that one turned out nice, although I figured the source might be a little too obvious. In case you can't tell, it's basically a straight up recolor of the current Packers... just with a slight change to the road jersey stripes and the added sock stripes. Then that explains why I love that Panthers concept so much. Still, I wonder what that uniform set would look like with one of these logos: http://hellomattstevens.com/blog/daydream-rebrand-carolina-panthers-hidden-history The Packers template would fit considerably well with some of them. Maybe something like the far right logo, with white in place of the Carolina Blue outline.
  23. Thanks Conrad. I apologize if my concept looks too similar to yours, but I had not seen yours until now. If you would like me to change it, I'd be glad to do so.
  24. They're decent uniforms, but they are somewhat bland, and did come at the worst time possible (also not a big fan of the Lebron-era logos getting recolor jobs for this set).
  25. Now that is one nice domed stadium. Just catching up on the work here, and you continue to amaze me with the hand-drawn stuff! Well done!