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  1. This brings up the problem I have with the Senators' Roman logos on the barberpole template. Namely, the gold/laurel leaf pattern sticks out like a sore thumb. If the Sens went towards a barberpole design, the Roman logos would either have to shed the gold, or the barberpole would have to incorporate gold. Ultimately, a logo based around the "O" (either a basic "O" or the Peace Tower "O" logo hockey week made) should be paired with the barberpole. While I like the Roman theme (and the old black third), I admit that using it as the basis of the team's identity was one long mistake that the team only began to rectify after the Edge disaster. Once they eliminated the one good Roman uniform and removed the updated 2D logo, a lot of the reason for sticking with it went away. Unless a design based on the old black third came out and looked fantastic, barberpole is the way to go.
  2. While I don't think that this image is an indicator for upcoming changes, it does reinforce the belief that the Nationals' road uniforms would look better with the red cap. As for the blue cap, it probably should be limited to the blue alternate, so that it stays in the rotation.
  3. If the Senators made red and white versions of this sweater, they'd never have to change uniforms again. I stand by my opinion that this is one of the best uniforms in NHL history, and it should have been the basis for the Senators' first edge set.
  4. The Knicks wore their 1940's throwbacks yesterday: In spite of the mismatched number font, I like this look. I wouldn't want the Knicks to wear this full-time, but I still think it's a good set.
  5. Well, I do have three proposals regarding the Mariners' script situation. Note, these all feature a brightening of the shade of teal, so that it contrasts more with the navy blue. - the top option would involve thickening outlines and removing the silver/white outline (which is probably my preferred choice) - the middle option has the thick outlines and the silver/white outlines (which do clutter the look a bit) - the bottom option features teal scripts with navy outlines (which I also like, as it refreshes the set while keeping visual continuity intact - and would ensure that both the home and road uniforms would use the teal-billed cap full time)
  6. In entirely unrelated news, Brandon Crawford clears room on his shelf for more Gold Gloves. That trade will also bring the Angels' top two pitching prospects (Sean Newcomb and Chris Ellis) to the Braves.
  7. Amidst Lebron tearing off his sleeves, the Pacers unveiled their Mel Daniels memorial patch: ...and here it is on the uniforms:
  8. "Now I've got that feeling once again / I can't explain, you would not understand / This is not how I am / I have become comfortably numb" There is comfortable numbness to Sharks-related disappointments. You always know that they are coming, and it helps to limit your expectations. Still, the throwbacks did look fantastic.
  9. I'm pretty sure the Giants are not winning it all in 2016. This could be my standard "underestimate my team, so I'm pleasantly surprised when they do well" tactic that has carried me to success before, but it is probably because I do not see any real hope that they'll get the Number 2 starter and OF bat/2B backup they need. When I consider the best pitchers on the market, Zimmerman probably isn't the best choice, Grienke is too expensive/probably wouldn't want to come to SF anyway, and Price is a playoff liability. While the young bench will have more experience, they still can't truly replace Panik or Pence if either one of them is injured. There is a lot to do in the offseason, and I'm not sure the Giants have the depth to trade for who they need. Of course, I could be wrong and the team could execute all the right moves again, but I don't see it happening. Also, it's stupid that the Nationals are going to try and trade Bud Black for Dusty Baker. I always liked Bud Black from his San Diego days, and I thought he was a decent manager who was saddled with generally subpar rosters. Picking up Dusty would slam their title window shut and send Bryce packing once free agency rolled around.
  10. He was right. Look at 2014. The Giants didn't just MadBum the Royals to death. The Giants had a killer defense that could shut the small ball down (for the most part) and pulled off plays that the Mets simply couldn't execute (i.e. the Joe Panik-led double play in Game 7). The Mets didn't have that kind of defense, and that's why they fell apart. It's true. All of it. Those "mystical tales" are what kept the Royals in the AL when the 1998 realignment came up. Strange, but it happened.
  11. Well, they were back sooner than later, and they did it. The Kansas City Royals are the 2015 World Series Champions. I never thought I'd be typing that out a few years ago, but now I am. Even in 2014, I knew there was something special about this group of guys. They were hungry, they were tenacious, they played a style of baseball I love (1980's-style small ball), and they would always find a way to come back. Sure, MadBum pounded them into oblivion, but I had a feeling they would be back. Oh boy, did they ever come back. I'm incredibly happy for them and their fans. As for the Mets, I've got a sense that they will be back. They've got a bright future with their young stars and the ability to fill the holes left by Murphy and Cespedes/any others who leave in free agency. I think they'll be back sooner rather than later, and I can't wait to see them back in the series!
  12. So, I'm back! Also, I've got something for you guys: a double feature! KANSAS CITY ROYALS This a refinement of the purple/gold concept from Project 30. I still stand by this recoloring, as it conveys an air of regal-ness (considering the usage of both purple and yellow-gold in royal imagery across the world) while still being a classic color scheme and differentiating the team from the Dodgers. I wouldn't want them to change what they have now, but I do think this color scheme would have been an excellent option as well (making sure to not look too much like KC's previous team, the A's). The changes made here are mostly refinements, as all of the gold scripts/logos lose their white outlines (which muddied the logos) and the asymmetrical striping on the cuffs/pants becomes symmetrical (to both reference the Royals' stripes from 1972-1994 and to promote stripe consistency with the sock stripes). The road greys' grey color has also been changed, to better compliment the color scheme. Uniforms TEXAS RANGERS This one is one of the "alternate colorway" experiments I hinted at earlier in this series. While I like the blue-dominant Rangers, the red-dominant look of 1994-1999 is fantastic as well. So, I altered my previous Rangers concept to fit with this new colorway. I made a few additional changes, like putting the badge logo on the road uniform (it has the "Texas" script, so it doesn't really need the Texas flag) and altering the sock stripes slightly. Uniforms C+C is greatly appreciated!
  13. While I love the standard Royals cap, I did find myself liking the powder blue and grey versions: While I'm glad that the powder blue hat is no longer worn with the powder tops, I still think it was worth breaking out at least once or twice a season. I'd argue the same thing with the grey cap (and white/grey caps in general, as I'm a total sucker for them).
  14. So, Mattingly is very close to being hired by the Marlins as their new manager. If anything, it'll show what kind of a manager he really is, as he doesn't have nearly the talent level that he had with the Dodgers (save for a few guys, like a healthy Stanton and Fernandez).
  15. I'm happy for him. I always liked him as the Padres' manager, and I felt that he never had much of a team to work with (save 2010 and 2015-on paper). Now that he has an even deeper roster (provided that it's not pounded because of injuries), I think he can improve the Nats' situation. I'm also happy that this means that the Giants will keep Ron Wotus as bench coach.
  16. Apart from 1965-1970 and 1993-1996: However, the point still stands. Their current font is too bold (in the typographic sense) to allow for a solid "LA" logo that doesn't look too much like the Dodgers' logo. The "LA" feels a little too forced with the font. Same here. I'd thoroughly enjoy having more teams experiment with the grey base of their road uniforms, like a sandier grey for the Padres and a light blue-tinted grey for the Rays. However, I really don't want full powder blue uniforms again.
  17. It's time to break out this rough mock-up: I'm all for making a white version of the above road uniform for the Rockies, with purple caps, undershirts, belts, and socks.
  18. I don't. The Orioles' cartoon bird cap logo and the Padres' Swinging Friar from the 1990's are among my favorite logos in sports. I'm neutral to the webbed D and the Duck Mask (either one would work for me), but I'd like their look more if they kept the eggplant/teal color scheme. That's not nostalgia, that's simply because I like those colors together, especially when the shades are as good as they were with the Ducks.
  19. Getting back on topic, apparently the Nationals want to hire Dusty Baker, Ron Gardenhire, or Bud Black as manager. That window is closing fast, and these possible managerial choices all seem like the wrong choice.