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  1. The seafoam green is now updated above, into the proper neon blue shade. I'm thinking of maybe doing a new secondary, based off one of the RARE Design prototypes, as shown here (it's where I got the new primary): The flaming ball, while iconic, doesn't really work with the Art Deco-inspired look I'm trying to use.
  2. Here is the final Miami Heat update: MIAMI HEAT This is the Miami Nights alt from the previous version, just spread to the rest of the set. The color scheme is now magenta/neon blue/black, and the font is an italicized Gotham variant, with the little flame on the "T" maintained for some connection to the two previous sets. The coloring of the logos is changed to reflect the new color scheme, as well as the court. Black is the road color again, and a magenta alt replaces the yellow alt (no other team in the Big 4 has a magenta uniform, so why the hell not?). There's no confusing this team for the Hawks, Cavs, Rockets, or Diesels, or any other team in pro sports. Court Uniforms Alternate We've gone from a boring Hawks/Cavs/Rockets/Diesels clone to something nearly as insane as this: Quintessentially Miami, quintessentially mad and unorthodox.
  3. Yeah, Miami is getting an overhaul in the style of the "Miami Nights" alt, in that magenta/neon blue/black color scheme. I really hate the 2013 Suns color scheme I gave them, and I still don't know why I played it safe with Miami. I got spooked about going too far outside the box, but I realized that the Miami Nights look gives them something that looks like nothing in pro sports (maybe the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, but a little more reserved). It's Miami, being audacious and unorthodox, even if it is tacky, is the norm (like the Marlins' current set, but more tasteful). The Miami Nights color scheme was actually the original plan for the set, but I hesitated on using it after the color test. I still have the files, so it'll be an easy revamp. I'm probably going to stand firm on the old Buck, because there's something about it that makes me like it. It's cartoony, a little too old-fashioned, doesn't have any red on it, but it works for me. Sort of a "warts-and-all" thing that I appreciate, like the Celtics' cartoon logo or the A's elephant patch. I don't know why, sometimes my tastes are weird. I'm also thinking about maybe demoting the old Bango to a secondary position, while promoting a tweaked mugshot deer (like the one Ren69 modernized and I used on the throwback alt).
  4. Yeah, that's the plan for the next update. Miami Nights will be every night in the update! Thanks man. Here is a lime alt, with the appropriate trim: Also, here is the updated logo sheet: Thanks. It's actually a really dark blue, but I like how it can serve both as black or blue depending on the lighting.
  5. MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES This one just felt good to do. I feel that the T-Wolves have had many great design elements in their history, just never at the same time. The '89-'95 look was too plain, but had a nice wolf logo, colors, and template. The trim patterns on the Garnett-era set were amazing, but the addition of black and the illegible font really hurt it. The current set has legible wordmarks and numbers, but removing the green accents and tree trim made it look more dull. So, I've decided to go the davidmiller5 route and combine eras with my own little adjustments along the way (p.s., check out his MLB- Combination of Eras series if you want some really nice MLB concepts)! The first noticeable change is the color scheme. I decided that the best course of action was to update the '89-'95 color scheme, by replacing the royal blue with an ultramarine shade of deep blue (probably deeper than regular navy blue). If you're worried that this will make them look too much like my Mavs concept, I'm planning an update for that w/o any green. The next course of action was to use the alternate logo they've used since 2008, as it works well as an update of the original logo (which I prefer to the current primary). The wolf mugshot remains as a secondary, as I like it on its own and it is still stylistically linked to the rest of the set. The court is an update of what I think is one of the best 90's courts in the NBA, with room made for the website/twitter names for the team and a darker stain on the parquet floor. Uniforms Here is where the "Combination of Eras" philosophy really takes shape. The template for these uniforms is the Garnett-era set, with the tree trim on the crewneck collars, arm trim, waistband, and hem stripe. The logos on the shorts are distributed in the fashion of the '89-'95 set. Also, the modern wordmarks and number fonts are kept, as they are the most legible that the Wolves have used since '95. Of course, these now feature the new color scheme and the mugshot logo above the NOB (I'm not adopting the new logo placement for this series, as ads would be outlawed). The first alternate is a green version of the home uniform (with the stipulation that it can't be worn against other teams with green in their color scheme, like the Bucks, Celtics, Sonics MK II, etc.). The second alternate is a fauxback to the '89-'95 road uniform, placing the new fonts, logos, and word marks on that template. Why a fauxback? Well, I don't really like the wordmark they used back then, and I couldn't find a decent match for their number font. The combination of eras, with a little spin of my own, and you have a unique and effective set! Also, because MLB: Project 30 involved some reallignment, this one will have some as well. In this series, Minnesota is finally an Eastern Conference team, playing in the Central Division. I'll post the reallignment/scheduling plan in the next entry for the series. Up next, the New Orleans Pelicans and New York Knicks!
  6. The first of two teams today, the Bucks! MILWAUKEE BUCKS This one is based around this series I did earlier this year. but with some minor tweaks applied. I kept the red and the Irish rainbows, as I felt they could work well together if red was demoted to accent color (even more so than before). The set is based around Ren69's excellent modernizations of the classic Bango (BTW, huge thank you to Ren69 for sending me the vectors and Elwood for help on the original concept), but now with red outlines on the lettering. The Mecca Arena inspired court also receives some modification, as the red keys I originally did have now been replaced by forest green keys with the Irish rainbow pattern in the middle of the college lines (the red keys really made the court an eyesore). Uniforms This is where I've made the most changes from the original modernization concept. Waistband striping is gone, so that the panels continue uninterrupted on the uniform. The wordmarks are now arched, to give it more of a championship-era feel and accomodate the "Milwaukee" wordmark. Speaking of which, I restored the Milwaukee wordmark to the road uniform. Alternates The first alt is a red version of the home uniform, much like how my original concept had an update of their current alternate. Even though red has been lowered to a level similar to the rainbow striping, it is still prominent enough to have its own alternate (with the stipulation that they do not wear it against another team with red in their color scheme, a pet peeve of mine). The second alt is a throwback to this road uniform, but with the addition of Ren69's updated buck head to give that logo some representation. In the next post, the Minnesota Timberwolves!
  7. Atlanta Hawks - Dominique Wilkins Boston Celtics - Bill Russell/Larry Bird (I honestly can't decide between the two) Brooklyn Nets - Jason Kidd Charlotte Hornets- Alonzo Mourning Chicago Bulls - Michael Jordan Cleveland Cavaliers - LeBron James Dallas Mavericks - Dirk Nowitzki Denver Nuggets - Alex English Detroit Pistons - Isiah Thomas Golden State Warriors - Rick Barry (Chris Mullin has a good case too, but he's more lumped in with the Run-TMC trio) Houston Rockets - Hakeem Olajuwon Indiana Pacers - Reggie Miller LA Clippers - Blake Griffin LA Lakers- Magic Johnson Memphis Grizzlies - Zach Randolph Miami Heat - Dwyane Wade Milwaukee Bucks - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Minnesota Timberwolves - Kevin Garnett New Orleans Pelicans - Chris Paul New York Knicks - Patrick Ewing (Walt Fraiser was a runner-up, mostly for his broadcasting work) Oklahoma City Thunder - Kevin Durant (only counting years in OKC) Orlando Magic - Dwight Howard (Penny came up close, and Shaq is a Laker before anything else) Philadelphia Sixers - Julius Erving Phoenix Suns - Steve Nash Portland Trail Blazers - Clyde Drexler (Bill Walton comes close) Sacramento Kings - Oscar Robertson (if we want to look at their previous locations) San Antonio Spurs - Tim Duncan Toronto Raptors - Vince Carter Utah Jazz - Karl Malone/John Stockton** Washington Bullets/Wizards - Wes Unseld Seattle Supersonics - Gary Payton
  8. I do remember that NDwas made a "San Jose" wordmark a couple of years ago here. If you don't mind me posting it: NDwas made two versions: one with an accent mark and one without. Accent version here: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/79041-2012-mlb-logo-changes/?p=1719322 I really don't see the point in it though, as the "San Jose/José" era does not exist yet.
  9. Now THAT is a wonderful A's concept. Ren's white elephant works perfectly with the set, the 90's elephant is a nice alternate patch, and I really like the different take on the gold alt. The only complaint I have is that the road cap does not match the "A's" logo on the green alt. Other than that, I like it! Can't wait to see the Mariners!
  10. Thanks! I'll probably do perspective drawings once all the stadiums are done, so stay tuned! Glad you like it as well! As for the Stallions, no need to wait any more! I have it in this post. Thanks! And I'm glad you like the gold in the Farlin set after your suggestions! ----------------------------------------------------------- Today, I have for you guys the jersey set for the Paradise Stallions... I already have quite a few brown teams in my league, so I decided to spice this one up with the addition of sky blue. Since I am quite honestly really bad at drawing animals, I decided to ditch any horse imagery and stick with a basic roundel logo. (Is it weird that I actually like these logos?) The fonts for both the wordmarks and the numbers are a tweaked version of the (Texas) Rangers and Angels font. The biggest highlight here is what I did with the caps. Since there are already quite a lot of brown hats in the ABL, I decided to give the Stallions a white home cap and a gray road cap. I can't come up with any real-life team off the top of my head that does this in their regular cap rotation. This sure was fun to do... As for what's next, I currently have an idea for another retractable-roof stadium concept for the Gallinne Roarers. Stay tuned! ~ Daryl Well, I'm digging it. The roundel works well for them, and I really like the use of the powder blue/brown. The way the font came together also worked out really well. Nice job. On Ottimo Field, I think it would be nice if the outfield walls and seats were a dark grey or rust color. I can't wait to see what you come up with here.
  11. I had a feeling that they might get that reaction. So, I decided to go a different route by replacing reddish orange with a burnt orange shade (similar to what the current Suns use). That makes them the only team that combines orange and black, and sets them apart from the Hawks and Rockets. Logo Sheet Court Home Road Alternate I like this a lot more than the first version. Thanks for the C+C, I appreciate it! Next up, a double dose of the Bucks and T-Wolves!
  12. If this secondary logo was released in 2004 or 2005, I don't think I would have a problem with it. It fits well with their current set, but remember, that current set is one of the most dated in the NBA (getting trashed by the Rev 30 template didn't help much either). I'm also wonder, where are they going to use it?
  13. I'm surprised that it didn't come earlier. A lot of season left, but now it's getting interesting in LA and SF.
  14. Look at the hem stripes and shoulder yoke. There's no way he can move fast and beat anybody!
  15. Giants: Almost perfect. Go back to the 2010 road uniform, and you're set. Cardinals: Perfect Red Sox: Perfect Sharks: Hot mess. The "speedy" lack of a shoulder yoke and hem stripe, the front number, the random orange splotches, and the dependence on the black alt all make for one of the more confused sets in the league. Warriors: Not amazing, but I still like it for its unique features. Lakers: Almost perfect. Niners: Almost perfect, just fix the sleeve stripes and add corresponding sock stripes. Stanford: Perfect.
  16. Also, the padded compression shorts really clash with the short shorts. If they went with shorter compression shorts (unlikely) or team-colored bike shorts, it might be better.
  17. Well, the results are in and I feel ready to present the Heat! MIAMI HEAT So, I went with a modified version of the Bottom Middle color scheme (reddish orange/black/yellow). However, I did increase the amount of orange in the red and demoted the black to an accent color. This gives the team a brighter and more lively color scheme, rectifying the "dullness" of their current look (unfitting for a team named the "Heat" in Miami). The "flaming ball" logo has been demoted in favor of the palm tree ball logo from Rare Design's prototypes, as I felt it had more of a "Miami" look and less of a "flames" look. However, it was too good to not keep it in the system and use on a very special alternate. The font remains the same, as it has been relatively consistent since the team's inception. The court is one of the best elements of the current identity, so I kept it largely intact aside from the brightened colors and new center court logo. Uniforms While I like the Heat's current template, I decided to make it a little more lively. The center stripe in the panels is larger, making it more akin to the 89-99 look (which I like for its "brightness") and adding more color to the look. The updated colors allow the color scheme to "pop" more, making the most of an excellent retro-modern template (panels with minimal trim). The Nike wishbone is also fixed, without the solid color back that I detest. The road now uses a reddish orange base instead of a black base, to further the "brightening" agenda. Alternates The first is a yellow version of the home uniform, making what a marketing department would call a "sunburn" alt. The black alt goes for the magenta/neon blue color scheme I proposed. It has a Gotham variant for the lettering/number font, and uses the neon-sign like "fireball" logo on the shorts (instead of the palm ball). I call it the "Miami Nights" alt, and it would be worn infrequently (probably only on Friday nights). I ultimately decided against using it for the primary, but on Brandon's advice, I kept it in the system to "do something bold" with the team. The final alt is a white Floridians throwback, as I've always liked them (with a wordmark to comply with league rules). Up next, a much less modern team, the Milwaukee Bucks!
  18. Norm Cash and his lack of a batting helmet, just a cap protector (probably the stupidest use of outdated equipment):
  19. They'll he fine, this is just a rough stretch. Plenty of baseball left. They're always fine until they're not. This is eerily similar to last year: start off strong, offense is picking up, pitching is holding up, and then the Toronto series happened, along with Pagan getting injured. The thing last year though was that the pitching wasn't holding up in the start. Cain started out poorly, Lincecum's problems from 2012 were back, Vogelsong was shaky, Zito was back to "classic" form, and the offense/bullpen constantly had to bail out the pitching. Then Pagan got injured, and the offense went out of sync. Like BucFan said, just a rough stretch.
  20. That's pretty much what I thought when the Warriors announced their intentions to build a new arena, way back in 2012. We might even see a rebrand (no way that they keep the San Jose name if they permanently move to SF, unlike their temporary stay in the Cow Palace), which would be welcome in my book.
  21. This whole damn Sharks organization, in one gif:
  22. Only two seasons of these two together (uniforms, not players): Also, only one season together (1995-96):