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  1. 2016 World Series: Blue Jays vs. Nationals - I just wanted to see the Blue Jays press the “Expos issue” against the Nationals. Invite Expos players to throw out first pitches, tease the possibility of playing a game at Le $hithole Olympique, etc.. Having it come during a wave of Expos nostalgia (which has died down since Montréal elected a new mayor) would have been especially fun.
  2. The 1990s has a thing for existing teams pulling a “dark & fade.” Take the Astros, for instance, with their navy-heavy design in conjunction with gold accents and Eurostile (a perennial faux-futuristic font, that had a 1990s resurgence).
  3. Is it just me, or do all pictures of the Kingdome interior look extra-depressing? Maybe it’s the bad lighting, the poorly-designed Mariners’ identity, ugly coloration, I’m not sure. It’s no wonder that the Mariners wanted out of that eyesore.
  4. Kevin Durant is out 2+ weeks with a broken rib. Eep.
  5. So, navy and orangey-red (with silver accents)?
  6. Why do I get the feeling that some people’s knowledge of Greek mythology comes entirely from Disney’s Hercules?
  7. I’d say the International League Baltimore Orioles had a “birds on bat” iteration that was better than anything worn by the Cardinals before or since.
  8. While I get where you’re coming from and I want to like it, there are significant flaws in the concept. 1. “Napoleons” is too long for a baseball team. If you don’t want the “Naps” nickname, go back to the drawing board. It should be two syllables, for writing on a jersey and for singing (tip: if “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” sounds awkward with the team name/nickname, start over). 2. When we hear the name “Napoleon,” we think of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France or the phrase “Napoleon Complex.” Almost nobody outside of Cleveland would think about a really good Deadball-Era player/manager. 3. The illustration logo would be terrible for branding. Either go for the cartoony style or a Blackhawks-style profile for Lajoie. The arrowhead might be ok, but it makes little sense for a new brand. The “C” you have in the latest update is also a downgrade from their current logo. I totally get where you’re coming from, but it’s just a bad idea all around to name the team after an obscure player and to use an outdated logo style. There’s potential, but it needs refinement and/or a reboot.
  9. Ah, that's the near-invisible gold drop shadow working its magic. It gave the numbers an extra layer of definition against the black background.
  10. The Warriors were bound to break down sooner or later. The one-seed isn’t totally necessary, and I’m sure they’ll be fine without it. Still, I’m not looking forward to Houston in May/June, maybe. I’m just glad I can keep up my Dragon Ball Z Abridged .gif habit in this thread.
  11. Yeah, the expanded '04-'11 set really doesn't look good. It introduces problems not present in the released set. These include the crummy "5" in the numbers, that weird "T" on the "Toronto" script, and whatever is going on with that "J." It's like finding out that the Producer's Cut of Halloween 6 was just as bad as the theatrical version, albeit in different ways.
  12. Look what I found on Phoenix Design Works' website! They made a full "Blue Jays" script for the Black Jays' identity, as well as a different "Toronto" wordmark and number font. Their work also includes a different Astrodome logo and an updated H-star.
  13. You forgot the bit about the "Cleveland Deal" and all of the bruised egos that brings about. That alone makes up about 20% of the thread.
  14. It’s good (I like the minimalist color scheme), but my Guardians logo needs a keyline on the dark background. It helps the hair details stand out.
  15. Just because the Bengals got away with it doesn’t mean that the Jags can. The Bengals’ stripes are wild, yet have a little restraint to them (symmetry, two-color design, plenty of breathing room for the different stripes). This is the “I went to Autozone and picked out the cheapest leopard print seat cover for my 2nd-gen F-Body” aesthetic.
  16. I say go with options three or six. While I like the green/yellow and the 1980s Bruins-esque uniform, those two color schemes would be fantastic. The logos do a good job of combining the different elements in a streamlined way. Dare I say it, this may be the best one in your series so far! Excellent work.
  17. I wish I could like this post several times over. The Niners' Montana-era look had a clean aesthetic that looked great in different lighting conditions and didn't have too many gimmicks like the post-1994 ugliness (I grew up with that style of uniform, and I associate it with underachieving teams and the decline of the franchise). My only improvements (outside of what Andrew mentioned) would be to add metallic gold pants and maybe add gold outlines to the lettering and striping elements, but even that would only be if the team needed gold somewhere on their jerseys. I'd also add back in the sock stripes, for the complete look. They don't need black, don't need drop shadows, and certainly don't need any of the gimmicks present in the later looks.
  18. I don’t like the whole “every team in the city has the same color scheme” idea going beyond Pittsburgh, because it makes Pittsburgh’s teams seem less special in the Big Four landscape. Pittsburgh is a quirky place demographically (not quite Midwest, not East Coast, etc.), so it makes sense that the teams have the color scheme connection. New York’s blue/orange teams get a bit of a pass, seeing as how they’re only part of the municipality’s teams. It’s also cool when sports franchises share a common color in a city. Examples include yellow-gold in LA, green/teal in Seattle, and red in Atlanta. Having a bunch of cities go all-in on it make Pittsburgh and half of the New York teams seem less special, and I don’t like that.
  19. I'd put the Spokane Indians on the list.
  20. Oh, I’m not judging it by whether it looks like an “F” or not. I just think it looks far too squat and angular, and that the volt color is hideous on the logo. Maybe try something completely divorced from their logo history, or opt for a taller, slightly curvier design, all preferably without volt (or any accent color)?
  21. I was joking. Rice was a compiler who probably shouldn’t be in Cooperstown or have a street named after him. I’m just hoping it leads the Twins to tear down their statue of Calvin Griffith. At least Yawkey didn’t move the Red Sox because he didn’t want black people attending his games (urban planners and white Bostonians took care of that for him).
  22. I don’t know, Jim Rice Junction/Rice Route sounds nice.
  23. If those mock-ups are correct, then the Jaguars will be guilty of one of the worst problems in redesigns: going too far in an opposite direction. The team doesn’t have the historical clout to do the super-simple look (although if the teal shade is bright enough, it might work), and the mere idea of the minimalist design comes off as an overreaction against a failed “modern” design. I’m going to wait until the release date, but the reports don’t inspire confidence.
  24. If only the Twins would follow suit and tear down the Calvin Griffith statue. For a special surprise, smelt it down into the metal for a Homestead Grays memorial at Nationals Park.