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  1. [shameless self-plug] I simulated what would have happened if the Astros followed the gradient trend instead of the metallic gold one. It looked mildly better. [/shameless self-plug] They would have replaced it by 2000, but it would have kept more visual continuity in their brand.
  2. If we’re talking Veteran’s Committee, Kenny Lofton and possibly Omar Visquel.
  3. Well, Wahoo is only on one plaque, and it’s super-obscured: Since Early Wynn wore the solo “Wishbone C” (without Wahoo), might it be time for him to get a new plaque?
  4. I just want anything that isn’t Totems. It’s just a Native American mascot debacle waiting to happen and the logo that Totems fans love so much is an absolute mess of a design that would look both outdated and out-of-place next to NHL-level designs.
  5. Having been to Miller Park several times (I live in Milwaukee), I must say that the concourses and the rear windows make it far lighter than the depressing Kingdome. I know some people may take umbrage at this, but I really do enjoy Miller Park. I don’t get the vibe of depression from it, unlike fixed dome stadiums. The “umbrella” at Safeco does give it a bit of the volcano lair vibe, but it has a bit more charm than Chase Field/Ken Adam’s crowning achievement. At the very least, I don’t feel like sampling John Barry’s score when looking at Safeco.
  6. Is it bad that Chase Field always makes me think of Blofeld’s volcano base from You Only Live Twice? Dumping the red caps makes the Diamondbacks’ identity a little less messy, but it doesn’t fix the nasty gradients or whatever the heck is up with the limits on the neon teal outlines. This team really should have just dropped red altogether in the favor of black/teal/metallic gold or a modernized teal/purple/gold.
  7. Thanks, and that’s good by me! I like the faux-flannel (again, the aesthetic supports it) and the removal of stripes from the road uniform. I look forward to your next one.
  8. I fixed your post. Allow me to repeat what @hawk36 said about naming conventions in sports: Sports have their own naming conventions, ones that go beyond nationality. Leave your "this is North America" BS at the door.
  9. Well, this series looks fun! I’ve been following it from afar, but I think it’s high time I posted here. Cardinals: Good on you for bringing back the red bill on the navy cap and going all-out on the retro uniform. Nice work. Astros: I get wanting to do the color flip, but it really doesn’t work for them. Orange lettering and accessories with the road uniform would be the best option. Nationals: I like having the DC Flag sleeves and the striping design, but the scripts don’t work all that well with a double outline. I’d also recommend deleting the red bill (too Braves-like). Tigers: I get wanting to back to the two “D” logos, but a better method would be to merge the two designs into one logo. The faux-flannel on the road uniform is a nice touch, but I’m not sure it’s really needed (the “Detroit” script is a tad too modern for it). Still, good work. Reds: The “Cincinnati” script could do with a redesign, so that it’s less bulbous and more like the “Reds”/number font. Aside from that, good work. Royals: I had no idea about the two different “KC” logos, but I’m glad you picked the thicker one. The white outlines on the road are ok (I usually don’t like them), but part of me wishes you’d have blue/gold/blue stripes on the sleeves and pants (more differentiation from the Dodgers). Nice job! Diamondbacks: I’d dump the black lettering on the road uniform/black numbers on the home uniform in favor of teal, but that’s just me. I always like that striping pattern, and you pulled it of pretty well. White Sox: The circus numbers really clash with the “Sox” insignia in a way that a block variant wouldn’t. Aside from that, I like it. Twins: I like that you’re trying to update the “Metrodome” look, but the differences in the two wordmark fonts are a tad iffy. I’d suggest creating a “Minnesota” wordmark that matched the “Twins” one, or vice versa. Braves: I want to like it, but I just find it far too busy. The weight of the scripts doesn’t support the double outline, and the royal and red are too bright to work within your striping patterns. This same design with single outlines would be more appealing. A’s: I would prefer it if the road cap had a white outline on the logo for consistency, or that there was no road cap at all. Still, good work! Brewers: I really like the new blue color, and it’s always good to see the Barrelman patch. I’m not totally convinced by the “BiG with wheat” logo. Maybe it would look better with a newly-drawn wheat stalk that followed the BiG’s lines? Subtlety would help its cohesiveness. Red Sox: You’ve made the “right moves” here, and I’m glad to see my idea had some influence. Thanks! I’m not fond of the red cap (the hanging socks on navy look better to me), but it’s still good. Yankees: I’d suggest switching to a different block number font (less thick). I also like the faux-flannel, as the wordmark is “old” enough to support it. Padres: It’s a classy brown/yellow design, so I can’t complain that much. I would rather have the swingin’ friar without the roundel, but that’s a matter of personal preference. Rockies: I like the newer color scheme, but they’re still “White Sox clones” with the circus font. Try something with a bit more “heft” that still looks rustic (your chosen aesthetic, I think). Stingrays: I’d redraw the logo, so that it’s a Stingray and not a Devil Ray (two different animals). Aside from that, I like the fonts and color scheme. If you could work the yellow into the sock stripes, that’d put it over the top. Pirates: The uniforms are good, but I’d recommend switching the “P” logo to the yellow jersey, for synergy with the cap. The primary logo could be made to look less bulbous, with sharper lines on the beard and face. Cleveland: It’s just too bland for my liking. I’d go with the “block C with feathers” or “block C on a drum” route to logo design. Also, I’d recommend that you’d use “text on path” rather than “radial arch distort” to render the scripts on Photoshop/Illustrator, as it produces far cleaner wordmarks. All in all, you’ve done some fantastic work! I look forward to more.
  10. I've been following this series, and I think there's plenty of potential in your ideas and concepts. Orioles: I'd rather you have the Cartoon Bird on both the caps and helmets, but your method is fine as well. Red Sox: Adding some placket striping on the road uniform would be a good addition. Otherwise, good work. White Sox: I get where you're coming from with the big stripes on the uniform, but I'm not entirely sure that they work well with the Old English "Sox" insignia. That marriage of modern and vintage doesn't work as well as it does on the current uniforms. Having the silver-grey bills on the caps would also help the design. Cleveland: I like your idea for the color balance, but the navy "C" on the red background looks as bad as it does now. Either add an outline or make it white. The "C" update is fantastic, and I'm glad you went all-in with it. It's best to minimize the name "Indians" on any design. Tigers: That's a nice way to go "wild" with them. Well done! Astros: The update meshes better, but the slab-serif lettering doesn't really go with the "wild" Tequila Sunrise design. I'd suggest using a font similar to the ones the Astros used in the 1960s, which has that "Space Age" aesthetic (while also updating the "H-Star" to match and have that "shooting look). I look forward to seeing what you'll do with the rest of the series!
  11. Basketball Sentai Warrioranger, sanjou! This is what the Warriors wore when I first got into basketball, so I’ll always have a soft spot for it.
  12. I do wonder which Big Four league will be the first to contract teams in the modern period (the Barons-North Stars merger doesn’t count). Who would be willing to endure the PR nightmare that such action would produce?
  13. 2016 World Series: Blue Jays vs. Nationals - I just wanted to see the Blue Jays press the “Expos issue” against the Nationals. Invite Expos players to throw out first pitches, tease the possibility of playing a game at Le $hithole Olympique, etc.. Having it come during a wave of Expos nostalgia (which has died down since Montréal elected a new mayor) would have been especially fun.
  14. The 1990s has a thing for existing teams pulling a “dark & fade.” Take the Astros, for instance, with their navy-heavy design in conjunction with gold accents and Eurostile (a perennial faux-futuristic font, that had a 1990s resurgence).
  15. Is it just me, or do all pictures of the Kingdome interior look extra-depressing? Maybe it’s the bad lighting, the poorly-designed Mariners’ identity, ugly coloration, I’m not sure. It’s no wonder that the Mariners wanted out of that eyesore.
  16. Kevin Durant is out 2+ weeks with a broken rib. Eep.
  17. So, navy and orangey-red (with silver accents)?
  18. Why do I get the feeling that some people’s knowledge of Greek mythology comes entirely from Disney’s Hercules?
  19. I’d say the International League Baltimore Orioles had a “birds on bat” iteration that was better than anything worn by the Cardinals before or since.
  20. While I get where you’re coming from and I want to like it, there are significant flaws in the concept. 1. “Napoleons” is too long for a baseball team. If you don’t want the “Naps” nickname, go back to the drawing board. It should be two syllables, for writing on a jersey and for singing (tip: if “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” sounds awkward with the team name/nickname, start over). 2. When we hear the name “Napoleon,” we think of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France or the phrase “Napoleon Complex.” Almost nobody outside of Cleveland would think about a really good Deadball-Era player/manager. 3. The illustration logo would be terrible for branding. Either go for the cartoony style or a Blackhawks-style profile for Lajoie. The arrowhead might be ok, but it makes little sense for a new brand. The “C” you have in the latest update is also a downgrade from their current logo. I totally get where you’re coming from, but it’s just a bad idea all around to name the team after an obscure player and to use an outdated logo style. There’s potential, but it needs refinement and/or a reboot.
  21. Ah, that's the near-invisible gold drop shadow working its magic. It gave the numbers an extra layer of definition against the black background.
  22. The Warriors were bound to break down sooner or later. The one-seed isn’t totally necessary, and I’m sure they’ll be fine without it. Still, I’m not looking forward to Houston in May/June, maybe. I’m just glad I can keep up my Dragon Ball Z Abridged .gif habit in this thread.
  23. Yeah, the expanded '04-'11 set really doesn't look good. It introduces problems not present in the released set. These include the crummy "5" in the numbers, that weird "T" on the "Toronto" script, and whatever is going on with that "J." It's like finding out that the Producer's Cut of Halloween 6 was just as bad as the theatrical version, albeit in different ways.
  24. Look what I found on Phoenix Design Works' website! They made a full "Blue Jays" script for the Black Jays' identity, as well as a different "Toronto" wordmark and number font. Their work also includes a different Astrodome logo and an updated H-star.