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  1. Well, they were back sooner than later, and they did it. The Kansas City Royals are the 2015 World Series Champions. I never thought I'd be typing that out a few years ago, but now I am. Even in 2014, I knew there was something special about this group of guys. They were hungry, they were tenacious, they played a style of baseball I love (1980's-style small ball), and they would always find a way to come back. Sure, MadBum pounded them into oblivion, but I had a feeling they would be back. Oh boy, did they ever come back. I'm incredibly happy for them and their fans. As for the Mets, I've got a sense that they will be back. They've got a bright future with their young stars and the ability to fill the holes left by Murphy and Cespedes/any others who leave in free agency. I think they'll be back sooner rather than later, and I can't wait to see them back in the series!
  2. So, I'm back! Also, I've got something for you guys: a double feature! KANSAS CITY ROYALS This a refinement of the purple/gold concept from Project 30. I still stand by this recoloring, as it conveys an air of regal-ness (considering the usage of both purple and yellow-gold in royal imagery across the world) while still being a classic color scheme and differentiating the team from the Dodgers. I wouldn't want them to change what they have now, but I do think this color scheme would have been an excellent option as well (making sure to not look too much like KC's previous team, the A's). The changes made here are mostly refinements, as all of the gold scripts/logos lose their white outlines (which muddied the logos) and the asymmetrical striping on the cuffs/pants becomes symmetrical (to both reference the Royals' stripes from 1972-1994 and to promote stripe consistency with the sock stripes). The road greys' grey color has also been changed, to better compliment the color scheme. Uniforms TEXAS RANGERS This one is one of the "alternate colorway" experiments I hinted at earlier in this series. While I like the blue-dominant Rangers, the red-dominant look of 1994-1999 is fantastic as well. So, I altered my previous Rangers concept to fit with this new colorway. I made a few additional changes, like putting the badge logo on the road uniform (it has the "Texas" script, so it doesn't really need the Texas flag) and altering the sock stripes slightly. Uniforms C+C is greatly appreciated!
  3. While I love the standard Royals cap, I did find myself liking the powder blue and grey versions: While I'm glad that the powder blue hat is no longer worn with the powder tops, I still think it was worth breaking out at least once or twice a season. I'd argue the same thing with the grey cap (and white/grey caps in general, as I'm a total sucker for them).
  4. So, Mattingly is very close to being hired by the Marlins as their new manager. If anything, it'll show what kind of a manager he really is, as he doesn't have nearly the talent level that he had with the Dodgers (save for a few guys, like a healthy Stanton and Fernandez).
  5. I'm happy for him. I always liked him as the Padres' manager, and I felt that he never had much of a team to work with (save 2010 and 2015-on paper). Now that he has an even deeper roster (provided that it's not pounded because of injuries), I think he can improve the Nats' situation. I'm also happy that this means that the Giants will keep Ron Wotus as bench coach.
  6. Apart from 1965-1970 and 1993-1996: However, the point still stands. Their current font is too bold (in the typographic sense) to allow for a solid "LA" logo that doesn't look too much like the Dodgers' logo. The "LA" feels a little too forced with the font. Same here. I'd thoroughly enjoy having more teams experiment with the grey base of their road uniforms, like a sandier grey for the Padres and a light blue-tinted grey for the Rays. However, I really don't want full powder blue uniforms again.
  7. It's time to break out this rough mock-up: I'm all for making a white version of the above road uniform for the Rockies, with purple caps, undershirts, belts, and socks.
  8. I don't. The Orioles' cartoon bird cap logo and the Padres' Swinging Friar from the 1990's are among my favorite logos in sports. I'm neutral to the webbed D and the Duck Mask (either one would work for me), but I'd like their look more if they kept the eggplant/teal color scheme. That's not nostalgia, that's simply because I like those colors together, especially when the shades are as good as they were with the Ducks.
  9. Getting back on topic, apparently the Nationals want to hire Dusty Baker, Ron Gardenhire, or Bud Black as manager. That window is closing fast, and these possible managerial choices all seem like the wrong choice.
  10. Team not-Dodgers has done it! Now, I'm happy with any potential champion! In all seriousness, I'm so happy for the Mets. I'm pulling for the Cubs (especially given my affinity for Chicago), but I'd still be happy if the Mets took home the pennant. On the AL side, I'm happy with either the Royals or Blue Jays winning the ALCS.
  11. I kind of like the 1971 Dodgers' sotra-racing stripe look on their road uniforms: The thinness of the stripes, and the stripes' connections to the collar and sleeve piping, allow this non-traditional uniform element to blend in with an otherwise classic look. The only issue I have with it is that it doesn't use a "Los Angeles" script on the front.
  12. I just want to see this logo make a comeback in some way: Whether or not the team is red-dominant or blue-dominant doesn't matter, just as long as they don't mix the blue wordmarks/numbers/NOB with red caps/undershirts/socks (the inverse is OK, but not ideal). While we're at it, the team should also entertain the idea of dropping black belts.
  13. I've got to agree on this one. I'd try something based around this set, with the obvious Tampa alterations: As for the uniforms you've presented, I like the road set a lot more than the home set. It functions more with the whole "beach blanket" aesthetic more, even with the powder blue additions (which would work more if they were incorporated more throughout the set). The home set looks somewhat sloppy, what with the "TAMPA" script and the repetition of the "SOX-batterman" logo. I'd say it's a good start, but it could use some extensive revision.
  14. I do like it, but I'd prefer it if the script was a little "rougher" looking, more like this: But speaking of changes that the Indians will actually make, I would enjoy it if the red undershirts and socks from the navy alt make their way to the home uniform, getting their look closer to the '94-'01 set.
  15. I'm pretty sure this thread will degenerate into logoIdontlike.png pretty soon. However, if you want a legitimately terrible logo, here you go!
  16. Well, here I go. San Francisco Giants - The local team and the favorite team of the person who got me hooked on baseball, my mom (a fan since the '60's). Through the ups and downs, I've always stuck with the Giants. Seattle Mariners - My AL team. I gained an interest in them when I was touring colleges during my senior year of high school, and my affinity for them grew once I met a bunch of Mariners fans at college. It also helps that I love the navy/teal color scheme (the teal-billed hat is one of my favorite hats in baseball). Golden State Warriors - The local team. I got into basketball during middle school, and I decided to side with the Warriors (unlike some people I knew, who joined the Lakers bandwagon). I always knew that they were terrible and believed that they would never get to the Finals, but I loved them all the same. Honestly, these lowered expectations made their recent championship run both surprising and exhilarating. Portland Trail Blazers - I go to college in Portland, I like the team's visual identity, and Damian Lillard is one of my favorite players in the NBA right now. San Jose Sharks - The local team, and the one fandom I occasionally regret. I've stuck by them, even as they raise expectations, choke in easy/must-win scenarios, and commit acts of hilarious stupidity (the likes of which are absurd, even in the NHL). In recent years, it has been getting harder to keep my allegiance, especially considering my negative relationship with The Best Fans in HockeyTM segment of the fandom. Green Bay Packers - My dad's favorite team. It helps that I like the uniforms as well. Celtic FC - A friend of mine from high school suggested that I like the team on Facebook. Once I researched them, I figured they would be the perfect team for me, given my partially Irish and Scottish ancestry and how much I loved the look of their kits. Since then, I've been following them.
  17. He was in attendance: Aside from that, I thoroughly enjoyed Parker's heroics, and I hope this isn't a fluke for his offensive output. He'd make a great addition to next year's club, especially if Panik and Pence get back to 100% (which I hope they will). I'd say that the Giants' biggest concern is getting more starting pitchers who can actually pitch well. The rotation was always an issue this season, and I hope it improves with the right additions.
  18. Quite frankly, it should have been the Rockies moving to the AL West and the Astros returning to the NL West (where they would probably be worrying less about winning the division). While one could argue that the '98 teams should have both been AL teams (as the '93 expansion consisted of two NL teams), the Diamondbacks have had tangible success in the NL (one World Series, one pennant, and five division titles) compared to the Rockies (one pennant and three wild card titles). I'd also enjoy seeing the DH in a mile-high environment. Still, I'm cool with the Astros in the AL West. But going back to the Blue Jays, I'm thrilled to see them return to the playoffs after over 20 years away. We need new blood in the playoffs, and I think the Jays and Royals are an excellent infusion of said blood.
  19. Sigh, it's Sharks time again. This year, I came prepared. No more joy, no more pain, no more emotion. Just numbness at the idiocy of this organization and The Best Fans in HockeyTM that make this franchise so despised. P.S. JK, not drinking myself into numbness. I simply expect the Sharks to disappoint again, whether it be in the regular season or playoffs (sadly without the hubris-heavy claim about not wearing the Seagate black alts in the playoffs).
  20. OldSchoolVikings might call for my crucifixion because of this opinion, but I think that my favorite look for the Vikings is the white facemask period: I still like the purple, grey, and black masks, but the white ones take the cake for me. Maybe it's the balance of colors that makes it work more than it does for other teams (especially when the Vikings only wore white pants). I don't share these feelings for any other white facemask.
  21. I really like what you've done with the Sonics. The sleek, italicized wordmarks are excellent, and they use the color scheme well (then again, that color scheme is nearly impossible to screw up). While I like the arch template, yours is an excellent update upon the concept. I especially like the use of the Northwest stripe-style panels, given their precedence in the Sonics' history. My only real complaints are the numbers and the logos featuring the Space Needle. Outlining the numbers on the home and road would certainly improve the look (in terms of visibility). I would suggest using the pattern of the panels for outlining the numbers (i.e. on the home uniform, the numbers would be green with white and yellow outlines). As far as the Space Needle logos go, I'd rather the building not be slanted. Instead, place the building and the letter on a straight line, so that the italicization of the letters show up even more. I know that goes against the way the wordmarks are set up on the uniform, but I feel that it would improve the concept. All in all, a great first concept! I look forward to seeing what other concepts you put out in this series.