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  1. Drafted in the same slot as Weeden and Quinn, and wearing the same number as Couch. The writing is on the wall, it seems.
  2. Here's what I'd go with here: For the home uniforms, use the current script logo and number font (both minus gold drop shadow) with 80's style cuffs (which use a northwestern stripe style), but with a white base (not creme) and a name on the back (matching the 83-99 style). The orange alt would use that same script logo, albiet recolored. Keep the striped socks as well (maybe in a style like these). For the road uniforms, use the current road script (again, no gold drop shadow), use the 80's cuffs (no placket), and the same striped socks. I'd go with two road alts, one being a black version of this (obviously using current cap logo, and maybe no placket piping), and the other being an update of this (in the 80's template).
  3. The half cut-off football jersey was a thing in college football back in the 90's. Thankfully, the NCAA outlawed it.
  4. The San Francisco Giants dumped nameplates for direct-sewn NOB's on their road uniforms. (They added the orange-alt, striped socks, and orange-billed hat as well).
  5. I already have the purple hat (2012 100% Poly Version), but I might have to get the cream-crown. Beautiful.
  6. The previous version of the uniform (when it had a 1-color NOB and screen-printed wordmarks and numbers) also had some great moments, like "The Shot" over Craig Ehlo in the 1989 Playoffs: Also, you could say I associate the wannabe-Knicks look for the Cavs with this moment too.
  7. I love the subtle gold trim in the new Pac. Hope they go down that route Me too. I could do without the black on the recolored primary, but as long as black is nowhere else in the logos or uniforms I'm fine.
  8. You realize that the movie was about returning to the future, not bringing a past artifact into the future for its restoration? Not saying that those things are ugly, but I am correcting one of your little slogans that you enjoy spamming so often.
  9. And their current set is a symbol of champions? Anything but, but it looks better than that. The current set is a modern classic, while those are 70's kitsch.
  10. By fun, you mean a symbol of bad luck? Ever since the Poseidon myth, a lowered trident (in the "M" position) was considered bad luck, a symbol of defeat. Leave it on throwback night, if that.
  11. Don't you mean the glacier twill? I though they eliminated it.
  12. If they rebrand, they'll hopefully do something that resembles what their name is (speedy sail-powered ships), hopefully.
  13. Hartford Whalers - but not the set that most people like. This is my favorite Whalers set (if the blue sweater was green, it would be perfect): San Antonio Spurs - this should have been the basis for the silver alt's design (maybe without the Bulls-style shorts) Milwaukee Brewers - the nice color scheme, the Ball-in-Glove logo, and the matching uniform scripts just simply works for me (pinstripes aren't necessary, though): Dallas Cowboys - damn, 1 shade of silver,1 shade of blue, slab-serif numbers, and striped socks really come together for a good look:
  14. Just give that logo a yellow outline and it'd be perfect. Going back to red and yellow (without black) would be great, especially if they go the fauxback route (which this logo certainly indicates).
  15. That would explain the self sabotage... In all seriousness though, the Sharks need to dump their current look and update this (no random splotches of orange, prominent silver, and no g'd front numbers):
  16. He's picking up Buster Posey, too. Morse may be the worse in the field than Christopher Reeves, but he's EXACTLY what that lineup needed. I like the way this team is playing right now. Speaking of that, what will the Giants do when Scutaro is ready to come back? Do they stick him on the bench until Hicks leaves, or should they trade him for rotation help?
  17. How to put this Sharks collapse in one gif: I think that works.
  18. Good suggestion. I kind of hope a new owner will use a variant/modernization of the San Diego Clippers' logo, much like what MBannon92 did here:
  19. The right thing is for the NBA to sell the Clippers to Hansen/Balmer and let them move them to Seattle as the Sonics. The NBA owes the city of Seattle for stealing the Sonics and moving them to OKC. The NBA owes Hansen/Balmer for stealing the Kings from them last year. And the Clippers name is tarnished beyond repair and should not exist anymore. It's a win/win/win. A little harsh, huh? Don't get me wrong, I believe the Sonics should return, but not through moving a team that's been trashed by a racist owner. The name deserves the chance to recover, and simply moving them to Seattle is not the solution. I haven't seen a proposal that harsh since the Pirates nearly moved to Denver after their name was "tarnished beyond repair" by the drug trials. Seattle should get another NBA team, but it really shouldn't be the Clippers (besides, LA bandwagoners and a wonderful arena looks more attractive financially than waiting on Seattle to build a new arena).
  20. If there was any time to bring back powder blue/burnt orange and the sail logos, now would be the time (strip the sleeves off the alt, and use that as the template).
  21. I'D LIKE TO AVOID COMPARING THE ST. LOUIS AND SAN JOSE FANBASES THX PLZ. Yes. St. Louis has titles. Yeah, except there's the little matter of that orange and black team who swings wooden sticks at leather bound balls. If the Niners can play in Santa Clara and keep the San Francisco name, then San Jose can sure as hell claim the Giants! It's their "territory", after all The Earthquakes also have two titles. St. Louis, tell your Witch Doctor to make the Rams exceptionally terrible so that the Blues and Cardinals may be successful.
  22. The Sharks, with their overdependence on the black alt, the random splotches of orange in the set, and the removal of the tail stripes and yokes (while sill keeping front numbers). If they could just update the inaugural set, they'd have one of the best looks in the league.
  23. Bourque winning the Stanley Cup: The '77 Blazers' championship run: 1995 ALDS walk-off: Super Bowl XXXI: