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  1. Well, here I go. San Francisco Giants - The local team and the favorite team of the person who got me hooked on baseball, my mom (a fan since the '60's). Through the ups and downs, I've always stuck with the Giants. Seattle Mariners - My AL team. I gained an interest in them when I was touring colleges during my senior year of high school, and my affinity for them grew once I met a bunch of Mariners fans at college. It also helps that I love the navy/teal color scheme (the teal-billed hat is one of my favorite hats in baseball). Golden State Warriors - The local team. I got into basketball during middle school, and I decided to side with the Warriors (unlike some people I knew, who joined the Lakers bandwagon). I always knew that they were terrible and believed that they would never get to the Finals, but I loved them all the same. Honestly, these lowered expectations made their recent championship run both surprising and exhilarating. Portland Trail Blazers - I go to college in Portland, I like the team's visual identity, and Damian Lillard is one of my favorite players in the NBA right now. San Jose Sharks - The local team, and the one fandom I occasionally regret. I've stuck by them, even as they raise expectations, choke in easy/must-win scenarios, and commit acts of hilarious stupidity (the likes of which are absurd, even in the NHL). In recent years, it has been getting harder to keep my allegiance, especially considering my negative relationship with The Best Fans in HockeyTM segment of the fandom. Green Bay Packers - My dad's favorite team. It helps that I like the uniforms as well. Celtic FC - A friend of mine from high school suggested that I like the team on Facebook. Once I researched them, I figured they would be the perfect team for me, given my partially Irish and Scottish ancestry and how much I loved the look of their kits. Since then, I've been following them.
  2. He was in attendance: Aside from that, I thoroughly enjoyed Parker's heroics, and I hope this isn't a fluke for his offensive output. He'd make a great addition to next year's club, especially if Panik and Pence get back to 100% (which I hope they will). I'd say that the Giants' biggest concern is getting more starting pitchers who can actually pitch well. The rotation was always an issue this season, and I hope it improves with the right additions.
  3. Quite frankly, it should have been the Rockies moving to the AL West and the Astros returning to the NL West (where they would probably be worrying less about winning the division). While one could argue that the '98 teams should have both been AL teams (as the '93 expansion consisted of two NL teams), the Diamondbacks have had tangible success in the NL (one World Series, one pennant, and five division titles) compared to the Rockies (one pennant and three wild card titles). I'd also enjoy seeing the DH in a mile-high environment. Still, I'm cool with the Astros in the AL West. But going back to the Blue Jays, I'm thrilled to see them return to the playoffs after over 20 years away. We need new blood in the playoffs, and I think the Jays and Royals are an excellent infusion of said blood.
  4. Sigh, it's Sharks time again. This year, I came prepared. No more joy, no more pain, no more emotion. Just numbness at the idiocy of this organization and The Best Fans in HockeyTM that make this franchise so despised. P.S. JK, not drinking myself into numbness. I simply expect the Sharks to disappoint again, whether it be in the regular season or playoffs (sadly without the hubris-heavy claim about not wearing the Seagate black alts in the playoffs).
  5. OldSchoolVikings might call for my crucifixion because of this opinion, but I think that my favorite look for the Vikings is the white facemask period: I still like the purple, grey, and black masks, but the white ones take the cake for me. Maybe it's the balance of colors that makes it work more than it does for other teams (especially when the Vikings only wore white pants). I don't share these feelings for any other white facemask.
  6. I really like what you've done with the Sonics. The sleek, italicized wordmarks are excellent, and they use the color scheme well (then again, that color scheme is nearly impossible to screw up). While I like the arch template, yours is an excellent update upon the concept. I especially like the use of the Northwest stripe-style panels, given their precedence in the Sonics' history. My only real complaints are the numbers and the logos featuring the Space Needle. Outlining the numbers on the home and road would certainly improve the look (in terms of visibility). I would suggest using the pattern of the panels for outlining the numbers (i.e. on the home uniform, the numbers would be green with white and yellow outlines). As far as the Space Needle logos go, I'd rather the building not be slanted. Instead, place the building and the letter on a straight line, so that the italicization of the letters show up even more. I know that goes against the way the wordmarks are set up on the uniform, but I feel that it would improve the concept. All in all, a great first concept! I look forward to seeing what other concepts you put out in this series.
  7. Nah in 2040 they'll still be in San Jose... and still be choking on that stick every freaking year. The Sharks will win the cup the day after hell freezes over. Nope, they'll have re-merged with the Dallas Stars by this point. This union of teams will probably have won several cups by then, seeing as how they're no longer choking on the stick.
  8. Speaking of relocations, \ The classic Expos logo is incredibly ugly. While I do appreciate the attempt to subtly add the "e" and "b" to the "M" silhouette (even if it adds an unintentional "l" into the mix), the execution is lacking. Instead of looking graceful, it simply looks like an M-shaped blob with an "e" and "b" attached. If the unlikely return of the Expos was ever to happen, I hope they aren't forced to use this logo. I'd much rather they use something like this: A combination of the excellent (and more importantly, graceful) "M" from the 1992-2004 road script with a contrast-colored fleur-de-lis (as a way of contrasting them with the Anglophone Blue Jays and their Maple Leaf logo).
  9. I thought about that, but as long as they play in St. Petersburg, I would rather their road uniforms referred to Tampa Bay Area rather than the city of Tampa. Now, onto the next one. NEW YORK METS Version 1 While I feel like I mastered the Mets the first time around, I felt like I could make additional changes to clean up their look. Several of these changes include the use of the BP caps' Mr. Met as the tertiary logo (as opposed to the 1990's rendering of my previous concept), the elimination of the sleeve trim on the road uniform/blue alternate, and the smaller sleeve patch (my original renderings made the sleeve patch a little too large). More notably, I switched the road script from the 1987 script to a tail-less and white outline-less version of the 1993-4 script. The 1993-4 script uses a font that's more consistent with the home script, and I felt it made the set more cohesive. The blue alternates have been consolidated into one alternate, meant to be worn with both white and grey pants. The snow white pants remain in this redesign, as pinstripe pants with softball tops look terrible. The other alternate is a once-a-season alt meant to throw back to the NL baseball history of New York. It is based both on the Met's previous fauxback alternate (one of my favorite one-use uniforms in the MLB) and on one of Discrimihater's favorite subjects, the 1916 New York Giants' checked home uniform (and the similar Brooklyn Dodgers uniform). The fauxback is more inclusive to other eras of New York baseball, and it feels more like a legitimate alternate than another softball top. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always.
  10. Oh boy, the Sharks finally do something right for a change! The sweater works just as well as it did in 1991 (the logo still needs updating, but not in the "xtreme" style of the 2007 version), and seeing the proper color scheme back is pretty cool. I would love for this alternate and its colors to be the basis of a new identity for the Sharks, one free of orange, "lightness," and front numbers.
  11. The outline is on the standard cap to add some light blue onto the cap (as a light blue "TB" wouldn't look all that good). Since there was the blue bill on the alt cap, I saw no need to have the outline (much like how the A's have an outline on their unnecessary road cap while they don't on their home cap).
  12. TAMPA BAY RAYS Old versions here This one is a minor tweak to my original concept, but one that I felt was worth performing. I adjusted the shades of Forest Green and Light Blue so that they had more saturation/contrast. The most obvious difference between my previous Rays concept and this one is that the road uniform now bears an arched "Tampa Bay" script. Even though it does produce an inconsistency with the home uniform, I thought the length of the team's nickname would excuse the issue. The grey base has also changed to a lighter gray (as have many throughout my updates), so that both the Forest Green and Light Blue can be accommodated without white outlines. The block font is now the Pittsburgh Penguins' current block font, as I felt it fit with the semi-modern nature of the Rays' identity, and it mixed up the amount of block variants in the MLB. The alternates have been changed around as well, as the blue-billed hat is now exclusive to the light blue alternate, and the green alternate now has its script colors flipped (for improved clarity). While this isn't markedly different from my original concept, I do feel that it refines it further. C+C is greatly appreciated!
  13. I would assume that Jack Clark liked the solid black helmet, so he kept it when the rest of the team switched. The 1978 helmet switch would seem to indicate that the orange billed hats were an afterthought in the Giants' redesign for 1977. It would not be the only pre-release change, as there's also an unused uniform from the 1977 redesign, using the 1950's-72 script: When combined with the road uniform from the 1977 season, it seems that the Giants were hesitant to deviate too much from their previous looks when adopting the pullover/sansabelt template.
  14. I wonder if the new sweater will be a rehash of the new road jersey with green and white reversed. If that paves the way to make it a full time primary set, I have absolutely no problems with that.I would also love to see that happen. I'd rather they go back to their inaugural set, but this is still a welcome move toward consistency and eliminating the red sweater.
  15. Thanks for the C+C guys, I appreciate it. Here's an update of the Cubs' home and road uniforms, with the tertiary on the sleeves and no stripes on the home socks. I opted to keep the neck piping on the road and road's "blue with red outline" numbering, because I wanted it to be a straight-up recreation of the '58-'68 road uniform (albeit with an NOB and an updated patch) and I thought it looked better that way (adding more red into the uniform subtly, rather than the nasty red numbers - unique they may be). I'm not sure as of yet. Some of these will be updates to the old concepts, while others will be experimentation with different ideas for teams that I feel I got right the first time. These would be things like a different lettering font, a color scheme change, etc.
  16. Shockingly, I think the Giants have exceeded my expectations. I thought that they'd be flat-out terrible this year, yet they stayed in the race until the end of August. It was a pleasant surprise that they were as good as they were this year, and I hope they do a bit of an overhaul in the offseason (i.e. a better backup 2B, better starters outside of MadBum, etc.)
  17. I'm back from my short break, and I've got a good one for you guys! CHICAGO CUBS Version 1 This is one that centers around consistency fixes and updated templates. I adjusted the shade of blue to be slightly lighter, to inject a little bit more variety into the royal blue teams in the MLB. The logos are much the same as my first go-around, except I replaced the inaccurate cap logo with the actual cap logo (I originally used the svg displayed on Wikipedia) and adjusted the tertiary logo to match. I kept the uniforms similar to my originals (old bear logo, no NOB at home, 1958-68 road wordmark.), but I did adjust some things. I replaced the set-in sleeves of my first concept with raglan sleeves (which suits the Cubs more), I added white edges to the sock stripes (for consistency with the cap logo), and I redid the piping on the road uniform to match the uniform it's based on. The blue road alt gets tweaked to match the piping of the road uniform, and the primary logo appears on the sleeve. The grey alt bites the dust (the actual one is terrible, and mine was not much better), and it gets replaced with a "Retro Day" alternate. "Retro Day" would be an annual event at Wrigley, where the Cubs wear a uniform from their past. In the season depicted, they're rocking the 1941-2 home uniform. I chose it simply because it was one of my favorite Cubs throwbacks from the Wrigley Centennial Celebration, and because it offered so many unique design elements (the stripes and shoulder yoke on the undershirt, the sorta-wishbone C, the zipper-front, etc.). While this is not radically different from my original concept, I feel like it rectifies some of my mistakes from the original and clears up the basic ideas of that concept. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always.
  18. At least the socks are white. They're still ugly, but in a way that's a little bit charming and kitschy.
  19. Here are two that the Giants should bring back, to get some consistency back in the uniform set: As for unused uniforms, it would be nice if this one saw the light of day as a one-off:
  20. Apparently, the orange caps aren't in the rotation anymore. http://news.sportslogos.net/2015/03/20/marlins-bringing-back-grey-dropping-orange-caps/ That's a bit of a shame, considering how the team would look so much better if they embraced any of their wild colors (orange, "Marlin blue," yellow, etc.) over the black.
  21. Drop/Rise Shadow: the 1973-2002 San Antonio Spurs. Granted, I was happy that they eschewed the shadows for double outlines, but something about those drop shadows made them less egregious than other shadows throughout sports. I can't really put my finger on it, but it simply worked. Heck, the Spurs also pulled off outline-only scripts: Like the A's, their great color scheme allows them to violate various design rules and emerge with a great look.
  22. Thanks. I tried out that orange alt for the Tigers, and I actually kind of like it: I still prefer the navy alt, but the orange doesn't look half bad either. Also, I've got a new update ready to go! OAKLAND ATHLETICS Version 1 While I am thoroughly content with my previous A's concept, I felt like I missed an opportunity with the team. A few of my goals in the original series included broadening the spectrum of color schemes in the MLB and bringing in historical elements to current looks. The A's present two opportunities to this, and I didn't take them, until now. Since there is already an AL team using Forest Green in my series (the Rays, who will keep that color scheme in their update), I decided to bring back Kelly Green for the A's. After I did my Sonics concept, I figured that a more saturated/darker Kelly shade could contrast well with the yellow-gold color, so I went with that shade of Kelly Green here (Pantone 349c, for those curious). The other change I made was with regard to the historical significance of the elephant logo, namely, green is the wrong color for it. Per the story of its origin on the uniforms, it should always be white. So, I recolored the elephant and added green and yellow outlines, so that it could show up on all of the team's jerseys. It's also been promoted to the primary while the roundel gets demoted to secondary (only to be used when the situation requires a roundel logo). The uniforms are much the same as my original concept (thin trim on the pants and home/road jerseys to match the alts, flipping the colors on the green alt, and making the home cap the only cap), but with the new color scheme and white elephant applied to them. I decided to drop the vest alternates, as I felt they cluttered up the set and that they didn't add much in the way of identity (they can be thrown back to at the team's discretion). While I love the A's in their current Forest Green set, and I stand by my original concept, the Kelly Green does suit them well and the white elephant ties the logo in more with its origin story. C+C is greatly appreciated!
  23. Thanks for the C+C, I really appreciate it in refining my concepts. ATLANTA BRAVES Version 1 This one is a small tweak upon my original concept. While many of the changes I made with the original remain (return to the Milwaukee-era navy shade, Northwestern stripe on the socks, contrast-colored tomahawk on the home/road uniforms, home cap on the road uniform), I made a few more adjustments. I removed the front numbers, as I felt they cluttered up the front (which several posts mentioned in the original thread). I also redid the arched NOB, using a font the more closely resembled the old arched NOB font. Most of the changes in this update were made to the alternates. The navy alternate stays largely the same, except with the "Braves" script taking the place of the "Altanta" one. The red alt goes away, in an attempt to differentiate themselves from the Nationals (who are red-dominant in my original and in the update I'll do). In it's place, a fauxback to the iconic "715" uniforms worn during the early-mid 1970's. I chose not to make it a full throwback as I prefer the Braves to use navy rather than royal (and the original's script was not a particularly good rendering of the iconic script). Like their current BP hat, this design swaps out royal blue for navy. The jerseys are also button-front (for player comfort/personal preference), and feature an NOB. I know that some may bemoan the loss of the red alternate, but I think a fauxback to one of their most iconic sets is the better route for the Braves and amongst two red-dominant NL East teams (Philadelphia and Washington). C+C is greatly appreciated, as always.
  24. Thanks you! Credit me as [NAME REDACTED], or SFGiants58 from boards.sportslogos.net (whichever works for your blog). Also, make sure to credit Ren69 for the Beer Barrelman rendering. It inspired me to go this route with the Brewers, and I can't thank him enough for his work. I'm mostly going to be handling teams I was unsatisfied with originally (i.e. the Twins and the soon to be posted Braves), or alternate explorations on the team's identity (i.e. the Brewers and a yet to be revealed team).