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  1. You forgot the bit about the "Cleveland Deal" and all of the bruised egos that brings about. That alone makes up about 20% of the thread.
  2. It’s good (I like the minimalist color scheme), but my Guardians logo needs a keyline on the dark background. It helps the hair details stand out.
  3. Just because the Bengals got away with it doesn’t mean that the Jags can. The Bengals’ stripes are wild, yet have a little restraint to them (symmetry, two-color design, plenty of breathing room for the different stripes). This is the “I went to Autozone and picked out the cheapest leopard print seat cover for my 2nd-gen F-Body” aesthetic.
  4. I say go with options three or six. While I like the green/yellow and the 1980s Bruins-esque uniform, those two color schemes would be fantastic. The logos do a good job of combining the different elements in a streamlined way. Dare I say it, this may be the best one in your series so far! Excellent work.
  5. I wish I could like this post several times over. The Niners' Montana-era look had a clean aesthetic that looked great in different lighting conditions and didn't have too many gimmicks like the post-1994 ugliness (I grew up with that style of uniform, and I associate it with underachieving teams and the decline of the franchise). My only improvements (outside of what Andrew mentioned) would be to add metallic gold pants and maybe add gold outlines to the lettering and striping elements, but even that would only be if the team needed gold somewhere on their jerseys. I'd also add back in the sock stripes, for the complete look. They don't need black, don't need drop shadows, and certainly don't need any of the gimmicks present in the later looks.
  6. I don’t like the whole “every team in the city has the same color scheme” idea going beyond Pittsburgh, because it makes Pittsburgh’s teams seem less special in the Big Four landscape. Pittsburgh is a quirky place demographically (not quite Midwest, not East Coast, etc.), so it makes sense that the teams have the color scheme connection. New York’s blue/orange teams get a bit of a pass, seeing as how they’re only part of the municipality’s teams. It’s also cool when sports franchises share a common color in a city. Examples include yellow-gold in LA, green/teal in Seattle, and red in Atlanta. Having a bunch of cities go all-in on it make Pittsburgh and half of the New York teams seem less special, and I don’t like that.
  7. I'd put the Spokane Indians on the list.
  8. Oh, I’m not judging it by whether it looks like an “F” or not. I just think it looks far too squat and angular, and that the volt color is hideous on the logo. Maybe try something completely divorced from their logo history, or opt for a taller, slightly curvier design, all preferably without volt (or any accent color)?
  9. I was joking. Rice was a compiler who probably shouldn’t be in Cooperstown or have a street named after him. I’m just hoping it leads the Twins to tear down their statue of Calvin Griffith. At least Yawkey didn’t move the Red Sox because he didn’t want black people attending his games (urban planners and white Bostonians took care of that for him).
  10. I don’t know, Jim Rice Junction/Rice Route sounds nice.
  11. If those mock-ups are correct, then the Jaguars will be guilty of one of the worst problems in redesigns: going too far in an opposite direction. The team doesn’t have the historical clout to do the super-simple look (although if the teal shade is bright enough, it might work), and the mere idea of the minimalist design comes off as an overreaction against a failed “modern” design. I’m going to wait until the release date, but the reports don’t inspire confidence.
  12. If only the Twins would follow suit and tear down the Calvin Griffith statue. For a special surprise, smelt it down into the metal for a Homestead Grays memorial at Nationals Park.
  13. If the Niners have to wear white pants, this is the way to do it. It shows off gold outside of the helmet, for a more cohesive look.
  14. There’s also the other Brewers prototype that used a Pilots’ jersey as a base. This leaves us with three prototypes.
  15. This one is the first real miss for me in the thread. The volt color looks hideous with red/black, the angle of the wings is too sharp, and it just looks like an “x-treme” logo that’s hung on for too long. I suggest that you drop volt and use white as the accent color, as it’s far cleaner. You could also adjust the angle of the wings and their size so the bird feels less “squat.” I get that it’s though to improve upon/replace the Falcons’ logo, but this isn’t it. This thread has shown that you have a multitude of fantastic modern designs under your belt, so I’m sure you can do better.
  16. I just thought Pluto was exceptionally kinky, what with letting Mickey walk him around with a dog collar and leash. As for the design, it's charming and probably one of the better takes on the anthropomorphic food logos for baseball teams.
  17. Here are a few highlights: Giants: The 1900s-1920s saw them wear navy, black, navy/red, and violet at different times, while the 1930s included a brief black/orange period (1933-35) followed by navy/white (‘36-‘39) and navy/red (1940-46). The team wouldn’t go black/orange full-time until 1947. Dodgers: The team experimented with navy and light blue, alongside periods of red accents. There was also the famed green year of 1937. Pirates: They were a blue/red team for most of their pre-1948 existence. They had one year of navy/white (1947) before adopting black/yellow as their full time colors in 1948. Braves: They’ve has periods with and without navy and red, sometimes going navy/white or red/white, with a navy/yellow period from their days as the Boston Bees. Orioles: The team exchanged brown for black upon moving to Baltimore, restoring the orange that was largely absent from the last set of Browns uniforms. I’m not sure if that one counts, given that it was a full rebranding as opposed to a relocated name (because the International League Orioles had a history of success, while the St. Louis Browns were utter garbage for most of their time). Going into the team histories on Colorwerx’s website and Dressed to the Nines reveal a lot of pre-WWII instability with color schemes.
  18. Poster @GFB demonstrates my issues with the T-sword: I'm not enthused about seeing more of it.
  19. If a guy doesn't want to give out a template he made, then he won't give it out. Also, asking with proper grammar helps. I like the heavily simplified design of the caps, which is an excellent callback to the caps that inspired you. My only suggestion would be to separate the letters in the two-letter logos, with one on each front panel. Something like this: That way, it keeps the vintage character of the design and improves the clarity of the insignias.
  20. Zaza: Zaza, please get off of this team I kind of support. Is it bad that Team Four Star’s interpretation of Vegeta fits the Warriors to a T?
  21. Ah, it seems that New Historicism has found its way into sports discussions. I’m all for it! It’s an important literary theory that works for so many artistic and athletic applications. People are too willing to ignore or downplay the historical context of a work within critical fields. That’s how you get stupid comparisons between players who played in wildly different eras or comments like “if (insert modern logo here) came out in the ‘70s, you’d consider it a classic!” Here’s a car video, explaining it in more detail:
  22. I’ve found that there are some subsets within the A’s fandom that hate the Giants for different reasons: a. There are those who hate the Giants from stopping their move to San José (yes, A’s fans who wanted their team to leave Oakland). b. A few fans try to claim that all Giants fans are bandwagoners who don’t know anything about the game compared to A’s fans (that bandwagon thinned these past few years). c. Some just take potshots on every move the Giants make, even inconsequential ones. There’s obviously some overlap, but yeah, many A’s fans got really toxic towards the Giants since 2010. They were my AL team for some time, but I lost interest after I moved away for undergrad. It’s kind of sad seeing them try to brand themselves as the anti-Giants, given that the team in Chavez Ravine does a much better job at it.
  23. Most relocated teams do that.
  24. I’d say it’s excusable, given that maroon/powder is such an excellent color combination that’s underused in North American sports.