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  1. The right thing is for the NBA to sell the Clippers to Hansen/Balmer and let them move them to Seattle as the Sonics. The NBA owes the city of Seattle for stealing the Sonics and moving them to OKC. The NBA owes Hansen/Balmer for stealing the Kings from them last year. And the Clippers name is tarnished beyond repair and should not exist anymore. It's a win/win/win. A little harsh, huh? Don't get me wrong, I believe the Sonics should return, but not through moving a team that's been trashed by a racist owner. The name deserves the chance to recover, and simply moving them to Seattle is not the solution. I haven't seen a proposal that harsh since the Pirates nearly moved to Denver after their name was "tarnished beyond repair" by the drug trials. Seattle should get another NBA team, but it really shouldn't be the Clippers (besides, LA bandwagoners and a wonderful arena looks more attractive financially than waiting on Seattle to build a new arena).
  2. If there was any time to bring back powder blue/burnt orange and the sail logos, now would be the time (strip the sleeves off the alt, and use that as the template).
  3. I'D LIKE TO AVOID COMPARING THE ST. LOUIS AND SAN JOSE FANBASES THX PLZ. Yes. St. Louis has titles. Yeah, except there's the little matter of that orange and black team who swings wooden sticks at leather bound balls. If the Niners can play in Santa Clara and keep the San Francisco name, then San Jose can sure as hell claim the Giants! It's their "territory", after all The Earthquakes also have two titles. St. Louis, tell your Witch Doctor to make the Rams exceptionally terrible so that the Blues and Cardinals may be successful.
  4. The Sharks, with their overdependence on the black alt, the random splotches of orange in the set, and the removal of the tail stripes and yokes (while sill keeping front numbers). If they could just update the inaugural set, they'd have one of the best looks in the league.
  5. Bourque winning the Stanley Cup: The '77 Blazers' championship run: 1995 ALDS walk-off: Super Bowl XXXI:
  6. I LOVE this final concept. Well done, and thank you for the mention!
  7. Can the Braves just put all their alternates in a big-old bonfire? They really don't need any alts with their amazing home/road set (which would be even better if the road cap was eliminated).
  8. I really like the tweaked Orange Friday alt, especially the now consistent piping. As for road alts, maybe a black version of the current road alt, with your new insignia?
  9. Instead of breaking out that ugly vest, why don't they wear this on a regular basis/every game? It's still in their system, might as well put it to good use.
  10. I did one too, with Copperplate (I actually like it for the Warriors) and the Golden Gate Bridge:
  11. 1. The Warriors' uniforms don't really require the city name to be present, and if they do, the font is small enough to negate length. 2. Even if they want the "San Francisco" words to show up on their own, it's been done before and looked fine. Also, OKC could have done something like this for their road uniform (obviously in their colors and with a much better looking font): I'm all for the "San Francisco" name change, even if "Golden State" sounds unique (a relic of travel teams).
  12. That's been brought up before. The general consensus is that if the "San Francisco" name is not picked, the owners will switch anyway to that name.
  13. This Giants cap logo gets a surprisingly large amount of use in merchandise: Maybe it's Will the Thrill and Matt Williams who made it cool, but I never got the appeal of it. Regarding retro color schemes, I think it's a mix of this: and these looks:
  14. I'd go with the wave, if only for reference to the splash hits. Nicely done.
  15. I love the fauxback look for the Falcons (esp. the sock stripes and the number font). I'm not a big fan of the black pants, but I am happy that you averted the leotard look with the red socks. Well done!
  16. I'd go for something based around the Golden Gate Bridge, like this: Or this:
  17. I like it a lot more. Good job. I'm wondering, will you be doing secondary logos and alts?
  18. Euro-style stadium FTW! Great job on the Sun Sox and on Cathedral Park.
  19. Well then: Also, the Cubs won the game I went to last year.
  20. The jerseys are great (esp. the San Francisco script), but like ScoffingYayap said, the orange baseball doesn't look nearly as good as a white/cream one would.
  21. These tweaks made both the Dodgers and Rockies many times better (especially the cleaned up Rockies caps and wordmarks). Well done!
  22. I like the current uniforms (obviously with some modification to improve consistency), but I like the idea of basing a set off of the classic script logo. I'm looking forward to seeing the uniforms and primary.