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  1. I like the current uniforms (obviously with some modification to improve consistency), but I like the idea of basing a set off of the classic script logo. I'm looking forward to seeing the uniforms and primary.
  2. That hat though I always hated it...the Blue and Orange always rubbed together and looked purple. It always looked fuzzy.Agreed. Sometimes black can look fine when added to a color scheme, but it looks terrible with the otherwise clean royal and orange.
  3. I did this little mockup a while ago of that color scheme. I really like the ocean-y feel to it. It's also the colors of the US Navy flag/seal, which would be a nice alternative to the camo if they want to do a military tribute. If brown can't come back, this is a nice alternative.
  4. I like the font, but it would be better if it was a little thicker (for visibility reasons). Still, it works well with the wordmark.
  5. Diamondbacks: I really like the color scheme you wound up using, and the elements flow nicely. Well done! Rockies: Aside from the already-mentioned neck-piping issue, and the road pinstripes (which I understand, considering the goal of this concept series and the significance of road pinstripes for the Rockies), I like it. The scripts are well-executed, and the cap/primary logo works well. Good job, but could be even better. Dodgers: I'm not really a fan of using the primary's script logo on the uniforms, but other than that, I like the graph-paper alt. I can't wait to see you Padres and Giants (you might want to put in another poll for the Padres' color scheme).
  6. They stipulated that the team will stay in Milwaukee, but there is that remote possibility (a Sonicsgate like incident happening within a decade of the original would be disastrous for the NBA, even if it is a team that most people don't even know exists).
  7. Age: 20 Music Preferences: Classic Rock (Black Sabbath, Roy Orbison, The Rolling Stones, etc.), New Wave of British Heavy Metal, early post-punk/New Wave, 1980's synth pop, almost any era of the Bee Gees, Todd Rundgren, Genesis (both Gabriel and Collins), Queen, etc. Music Dislikes: any rap after the mid-90's (with some exceptions), not all that into country and its variants, later thrash metal, Disney pop stars, etc. Clothing Preferences: Mishmash of hipster and classic: T-shirt/flannel shirt with skinny jeans (I don't like regular fit jeans) and Converse sneakers/flip-flops, T-shirt and shorts w/ flip-flops, suit if needed, leather jacket and wool hat/baseball cap if it's chilly/windy. Sports Uniform Preferences: Classics (Green Bay Packers, Boston Celtics, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Cardinals, Stanford Cardinal, Montreal Canadiens, San Antonio Spurs, New York Giants, etc.) Update to classic/tasteful modernity (Minnesota Vikings, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners, etc.) Sports Uniform Dislikes: Bland for no good reason: (New Orleans Pelicans, Miami Dolphins, Oklahoma City Thunder, Tampa Bay Lightning, etc.) Color schemes that have black/navy blue in them but don't need them: (Miami Marlins, Cincinnati Reds, Calgary Flames, formerly the New York Mets and Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, etc.) Too messy: (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, any of the initial Edge uniforms, Atlanta Hawks, etc.)
  8. This may get me targeted by the "anti-Trollbird" crowd, but my respect for the Cardinals comes from these gorgeous uniforms: I even like this road variant:
  9. You're getting better at Nike-style hype writeups, and the concept looks really out there but not too far gone from any sense of respectability. Well done.
  10. Makes sense. The generic nature of some of the early insignias would make them somewhat hard to copyright, as well as the block scripts.
  11. So, I'm assuming that these wordmarks/cap logos still haven't gotten the digitization honor, especially seeing as how they all existed before digitization became standard in 1994 (except for that Mets one):
  12. Are there many cases of this happening in the MLB?
  13. Go for home 2, without the pinstripes. Also, reduce the stripe size on the alts. Other than that, I like the idea and most of the execution.
  14. I'd elongate the detailing on the Falcon. Other than that, it's a nice modern take on the Falcons (admittedly, I'd prefer a fauxback look for them, but I really like the modernism).
  15. To hopefully bring this thread back on the g-d rails, here's some construction photos of the new Quebec City arena (en Fran├žais!) http://www.ville.quebec.qc.ca/citoyens/amphitheatre/multimedia.aspx
  16. I can't believe nobody here has ever hit upon this color scheme for the Padres: Navy and yellow-gold. It may not work for the Chargers, but it presents a nice compromise of the modern and retro Padres looks.
  17. Also from that year: The first year for the Jazz and Cavs uniforms, the last for the Wizards' uniforms.
  18. Puts this alt in a negative light, doesn't it (not that the ugliness of the alt helped it out too much either)?
  19. Taco Bell? Anyway, here's that logo mocked up in several different Padres color schemes: I like the brown/yellow and navy/orange the most.
  20. Yeah, I'd be happy if that Expos logo never saw the light of day again. Maybe an updated version would be nice (like what the Hornets did).
  21. That above scheme can be done in a far more tasteful manner: