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  1. If the Sixers need to do anything, it's that they should first try to clean up their ball logo: Even out the line weights, do some rotations, do anything to update it while retaining the colors, text, and much of the original's charm. Once we get to uniforms, something based on this would be nice: Just replace the custom number font with a block font, make a red road uniform, and you'd be set.
  2. Heck, If double/triple Green and Red aren't done, even Green and Purple would be preferable to Black/Red (if green was the dominant color).
  3. Thanks man. I've tested out your ideas for the primary and tertiary (which also allowed me to eliminate the contrail, the last non-original element in the set). I assume this is what you meant with your suggestion for the secondary (the "R" was added so that the road could have a representation of the team's name on the road). I love the way this turned out, thank you so much. These updates are a lot better for sure. I just wanted to make some possible suggestions. There is already an inconsistency with outline stroke around the rocket in the primary/tertiary and secondary. Make the stroke size of the rocket primary/tertiary just as it is in the secondary. Try slanting the rocket in the secondary just as in the primary/tertiary. Would give the logo a more aerodynamic feel. A white outline around the yellow ball would improve yopur logo, imo (similar to Utah's primary logo). The way the three colors meet with the white laces, yellow ball and red roundrel is making the logo look a little minor league (You also give the white ball laces a more modern feel lie the ball in Cleveland, New Orleans, Charlotte or Indiana's logo). What would you think about giving the Rockets Vegas Gold and a darker Red rather than the Goldenrod/Atheltic Gold/Yellow they have? Would definitely help differentiate the Hawks from the Rockets. The Rocket you have now, albeit good, comes off stale, static. maybe a little added details (similar to the first rocket) would do wonders.Thanks. I didn't catch that inconsistency until I was uploading it. I had a little free time this morning, so I tried to do the slanted rocket on the H. It worked, but it is not at exactly the same angle as it is on the primary/tertiary (it looked too forced at that angle, and it complicated the drop shadow/centering. The white outline also felt like it helped clear the logo a bit and give it that extra oomph. It also allowed me to shrink the ball and put more emphasis on the Rocket (they are the Rockets after all). I also tried to add more detail to the Rocket, but it just made the thing look too busy, and the big goal of redoing the Rocket was to clean it up and balance it with the neo-retro aesthetic (which I feel that it does). Here is the updated logo sheet (full update to follow soon): I decided against using vegas gold/metallic gold/old gold for the Rockets. Apart from a small selection of teams (49ers, Ottawa Senators, UCLA, Notre Dame, and some other college teams), I detest the metallic gold colors for older teams (i.e. if I did Rams and Penguins concepts, the first thing I would do is ditch the vegas gold/tan color for both of them). The way I've tried to separate the two teams is through subtle shade differences (the Rockets' red is lighter while their yellow is more "goldenrod" than the straight yellow of the Hawks) and a couple of changes I'll make in a Hawks update (which will be to put the "ATL" in the lanes and switch the road uniform's paneling to white) will divide the teams even further. Going for metallic just comes off as "modern for modern's sake", and it would completely clash with the retro feel of the look. When I did try to do it, it just looked out of place with the retro feeling of the logos. -edit I was way to harsh on the metallic colors, and I apologize if I came off like a stubborn dick about the yellow. Here is the logo sheet with a sampling of different color schemes. Dark Red + Vegas Gold Bright Red + Old Gold Cardinal Red + Athletic Gold (my favorite, keeps the retro charm, and you'd never mistake them for the Hawks with this shade and its too bright to bring confusion with the Cavaliers)
  4. Thanks man. I've tested out your ideas for the primary and tertiary (which also allowed me to eliminate the contrail, the last non-original element in the set). I assume this is what you meant with your suggestion for the secondary (the "R" was added so that the road could have a representation of the team's name on the road). I love the way this turned out, thank you so much.
  5. I never forgave Dusty Baker for his dickery with the bullpen in that game 6. I was only 8 at the time, and it hurt for sometime. You cannot believe how happy I was when the moment finally came in 2010 (throughout that series, I kept hoping the Giants could close it out as quickly as possible, to avoid crap like 2002). The Sharks, I've learned to live with it. The worst pain from them came in 2011, as they were eliminated by the Canucks (I saw how they nearly blew it against Chicago in Round 1, and I hoped the Sharks would be lively after a reality check against the Red Wings in the previous round). Also, I knew some douchey Canucks fan at my high school, and he was reveling in it. You can't imagine how happy I was seeing the Bruins win and seeing him eat his words.
  6. Yeah, considering the last time he was involved in the potential sale of an NBA team, chances are the deal won't be approved. Completely different circumstances there.Agree, but that won't stop ravenous Seattle fans from speculating.
  7. Yeah, considering the last time he was involved in the potential sale of an NBA team, chances are the deal won't be approved.
  8. I really like what you've done here, but like the other guys here, I don't think the red pants are working for this concept. If you need more than one pair of pants, go with white pants. Those not only eliminate the need for another set of socks, but also have a historical presence for the Niners. (1955 throwback, 1994)
  9. HOUSTON ROCKETS - REVISION This revision is basically taking out all of the more dated elements of the previous Rockets redesign for the project, and updating them to better reflect the 2010's while still maintaining a visual continuity with the originals (much like my Hornets, Nets, and Cavaliers concepts). When it came to picking the font, I noticed how the original font had a mixture of rounded and straight edges that gave it a unique look. So, to emulate that, I slightly altered the properties of Mizzou's lettering font (which has the rounded/straight mix and some modern features like the serif design). I gave it drop shadow, heightened the letters, and increased the italicization throughout to give it separation from Mizzou and bring it in line with two previous Rockets looks. The basketball has been redrawn to give it consistent line weights, and the rocket is a new design that has more detail than the 90's rocket, and incorporates an old uniform element in its design (namely those old shorts panels I tried to emulate in my original concept). The "H" and "R" logos are now clearer because of the change, and the orbit logo incorporates more of the streamlining from the primary. The court is simply adapted for the new logos, reflecting the change in color balance and new font style. Uniforms The uniforms receive a significant touch-up. I decided to modify the previous alternate's panels to flare out from beneath the arm stripes and continue to the shorts hem. Not only does it give the impression of a rocket rising up from the ground, but it gives the team its own take on the common uniform panel elements without shifting inwards, then outwards like the current panels. The number font is a modified version of the Grizzlies post-Rev30 number font (without the split, which will be reinstated when I get to them), with sharper serifs to match the lettering font (Mizzou's numbers don't look nearly as good as the alpha characters). The scripts are placed on an angle/italicized as they were in the Rockets' classic look to give them a visual continuity without relying on the "character" of the original font to excuse the uppercase/lowercase mix. While they may look markedly different from the 70's-90's teams, there is still a sense that they represent the lineage properly and maintain the essence of the original look. The alternates are simple enough. One is a yellow version of the home uniform, and the other is a Hardwood Classics alternate (for both home and road) that represents the classic look (as the old logos were too good to eliminate completely in the revision), and it pleases the fans who don't want all that much yellow in the look. I know that this revision will probably be markedly less popular than my previous revision (a couple of posts above this one), but I like this one a lot more because I feel I did more to the team. I don't want this to be a simple "combine eras here, recolor there" kind of series. Sure, better color pallets and visual continuity are the two of the guiding pillars of this series (as well as my previous series with the MLB), but I wanted to take a chance here. I wanted to finally step outside of my comfort zone and approach redesign/modernization with a more thorough touch than "combine eras here, recolor there". I feel that I needed to do something like this, and I am incredibly satisfied with the result. Thank you to all the guys who have given me C+C, I try to take it to heart and use it to become a better concept artist. Up next, the Indiana Pacers!
  10. Yes!!! We need to start a petition for this! Yes. That and giving teams the choice between flat and raised cap embroidery. For some teams, the raised logos look better: But for others, a flat embroidered hat is the better way to go: vs.
  11. In one version of the concept, all of the uniforms matched the alt and had a rounded number font w/o drop shadow. For the purposes of the revision, I've resurrected this edition of the concept. Thanks. The jerseys were always a pain in the ass to get right. I tired going for white side panels on the road uniform with white lettering and yellow outlines, but that looked too bland and really sucked the color out of the concept (color is a big thing in this series, as I like teams to have well-defined color schemes that speak to a set balance). The yellow gives the uniforms some life, more so than a metallic gold color (old gold looked too dark and vegas gold is one of my least favorite colors in sports). I also thought about double red with the yellow, and that looked terrible to me (the closest I get to it is the orange in the rocket contrail). When I wanted to update the concept, I made two versions. The first version only changes the uniforms, applying the alternate's template to the home and road uniforms and switching the number font to the current Blazers' font. Home Road Alt The next version of the update is far more substantive. It bears more resemblance to a modernization (in the fashion of the Wizards and Warriors, not so much the Sixers and Jazz), as it keeps a visual continuity with the 70's-90's set while making significant changes to get the essence of that look updated for the 2010's. The basic designs are much the same as the first version, but significantly cleaned up and have more of my own style in them than the recolor/slight tweaks I performed in the original and first revision.
  12. The arched NOB's were always nice, especially when they weren't on nameplates (which would be easy now with computerized embroidery): Also note the lovely striped socks (which would look just as good if the pattern were on solid socks, not stirrups).
  13. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH The legend of the Trollbirds/"Best Fans in Baseball" Conflict has risen again!
  14. I completely agree with you. This Rockets concept is symbolic of the basic problem with a lot of my series (and many of the ones I've done and have yet to premiere), it is that I play it too conservatively. When I've gone outside the box (Nets), merged history successfully with my own twist (Cavaliers) or done something substantive yet reserved (Hawks), I feel satisfied and ready to present it. Even my tweaks (Celtics, Bulls, Pistons, Hornets to an extent) can be satisfying, as I've tried to make something that looks good even better. But here, I feel like I didn't go outside enough, that I didn't make it my own. I had doubts about this guy from the time I did some of the initial work on it in March through my various tweaking I did in the intervening months. I felt too tied to "what worked historically" and "keep it conservative/without any real individual character". I don't want this series to become another "simple recolor/logo merge" thread that has polluted the concept board. Sure, some of them are good, but many are problematic. Elliott, this is just what I needed to get the spark lit under my ass and give this series some more oomph. Thank you, and expect a Rockets update within the next few days.
  15. Top is so much better. It's cleaner, and incorporates a logo that is vastly superior to any iteration of the "H-star".
  16. Thanks for the C+C on the updates. HOUSTON ROCKETS Now this one should make some people happy. As the "neo-retro" aesthetic has taken hold of the NBA (Warriors, Jazz, Sixers, Wizards, etc.), I thought that the one team that could have benefited the most from this style was the one team who resisted it (for the most part): the Houston Rockets. While I do like the current uniforms, I find that the Rev30 completely wrecked the design by removing the shimmer fabric and the custom number font (replacing both with regular fabric and the Pacers' Agency number font, respectively). Even though shimmer fabric exists in this series, it is only intended for teams with metallic uniform colors (i.e. silver). So, I decided to start from scratch and go back towards a look that not only had a long history within the Rockets' organization, but also calls back to the best periods of the franchise. The color scheme is the classic red and yellow, but in shades that are different enough from the Hawks. So, I modified the original primary logo to rectify its odd shape, distorted "Houston" font, and the black wordmark. I also added the rocket from the 90's primary, albeit with the details removed and the contrail simplified. It was a leftover from an earlier Rockets concept I did back in 2011 (before I figured out the whole "presentation and good templates" thing), but without the Houston skyline (it looked too much like a Sonics rip-off, and I later used that skyline in a better capacity for my Astros primary and secondary logos). The secondary is inspired by the current logo, but in the older font and with the rocket. The tertiary is a text-free version of the primary with several elements shifted. The court uses the tertiary logo at the center, and both the "H" and "R" letters in the lanes. Uniforms These are inspired by the previous red/yellow Rockets uniforms. I kept the original script logos, as I felt that they had enough character in them (with their mix of uppercase and lowercase) to be replaced with some generic font. The collars are wishbone, but done in a way to have actual striping and give a more modern flare to the look while still keeping it grounded in a classic form. The color balance of the home and road uniforms is based on this set. The drop shadow on the number font (which is a modified version of the Knicks' font, like they wore in the 80's/90's) helps distance them from the Hawks and adds a nice idiosyncratic feature (that isn't as distracting as this) that has history with the team. The shorts paneling is a modified version of this paneling (with cleaner striping that fits better with the color distribution of the uniform and "flows" more), meant to be indicative of a rocket blasting off, and the "H"/"R" logo on the shorts is a leftover from the current alts (which is one of the better features of the alts). The alternate is a gold uniform that can be worn both at home and on the road (preferably at home), that uses a different striping scheme (based on the scheme of the current alt) as a way to make it feel different from the rest of the set and give it a more modern edge. Up next, the Indiana Pacers!
  17. Then the Flames are not doing it right. I think this was the best the Flames have ever looked. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think this is the best the Flames have ever looked: Granted, I do like the red/yellow/black color scheme, it's just that Calgary looks infinitely better without the black. Also, the color flip on this crest could have been improved with a Northwestern-stripe style coloration (white-red-yellow).
  18. Well, according to "Game Worn Jerseys of the Double Knit Era", these are incredibly similar (only difference is the outlining and some of the ends): However, there are variations to the Padres version of the font, as Bill Henderson said: "The Padres were the first team to really go Mod with their uniforms (all yellow uniforms in 1973) and then added this wild type font for their numbers starting in 1978. This font is used in 1 color, 2 color and 3 color versions through 1984. Note the rotation on the 9. I believe that the way I have placed is correct, as the designer intended, however, period uniforms show up many times with the 9 rotated counter-clockwise so that the bottom stroke is flat across the bottom." Several other teams used this font or one that was remarkably similar, like the Mavericks: and the Sixers:
  19. I must say, you've done a fantastic job with the Giants! I especially love how you found ways to incorporate the 83-93 cuff design on the uniforms, and alternate logos are fantastic. The only nitpick I have with this set is that maybe the color of the cuffs on the black alt/sock stripes should be reversed (big orange stripe, two small creme stripes instead of big creme stripe, two small orange stripes). Other than that, you're NL is fantastic and I can't wait to see what you do with the AL (especially the Orioles and A's).
  20. Yeah, I wasn't too sure it would work. Don't get me wrong, I still prefer the logo semi-circles, but it doesn't really accommodate all tastes. So, I made a version with the primary in the lanes. While crew necks are somewhat old-school, the Pistons' modern look has been paired with them before. I tried using a v-neck and a wishbone, but neither really gelled with the concept. Also, seeing as how the Pistons generally used red scripts with white outlines on their road uniforms, I reinstated that for the update. I'll be gone for Memorial Day Weekend, but when I come back, I'll have the Rockets (and a few others) ready to go. Once again, thanks for all the C+C guys, I've always appreciated it and I like to learn from your suggestions.
  21. From a critic who's seen far worse than the act mentioned above:
  22. Thanks for the C+C guys. I'll probably make a new court for the Nuggets at some point. DETROIT PISTONS Another one where I had a clear agenda during the design. I wanted to rectify my two biggest problems with their set, namely the bland primary and secondary marks and the collar/arm non-trim (the Lakers' similar collar/arm non-trim will be eliminated as well). The first problem was easy to solve, as I simply reinstated the team's 2001-2005 primary and secondary marks. Because the Pistons kept the same font (unlike the Jazz and Nuggets, the two most egregious recolored primaries), the logos still work in the traditional color scheme. Also, navy blue as an accent color works, as it is used for the primary shadow on the alternate). The court uses the same template as the 50th Anniversary Court (one of my favorite r/w/b courts in basketball), and reinstates the retired numbers in the paint (a unique feature for the NBA). Uniforms I really like what the Pistons do with their uniforms, but I think some changes are necessary. The most obvious change is that the 80's crew neck collar and arm trim return, as I've never been a fan of the aforementioned non-trim wishbone collar and nonexistent arm trim. The next change is flipping the colors of the lettering on the road uniform to improve visibility, as red text with white outline can get lost against the blue background, and it improves consistency with this set's red alt. Of course, the 2001-05 horse returns to the shorts. Alternates The red alt is basic in concept. It features the same striping template as this pre-teal alternate, and uses the script logo from the primary (complete with drop shadow to improve visibility) as well as an off-center front number. The "DP" logo goes on the shorts of this one, as the red basketball of the horse logo didn't have enough contrast with the red base. The other alternate is a Hardwood Classics version of their first uniform in Detroit, and would be unique in the NBA, as it has both the city and team names arranged in a UNC-style (obviously with NOB added, to comply with NBA rules). Next up, we liftoff with the Houston Rockets (for those who think I'm skipping over the Warriors, the change in the alphabetical placement should give an indication as to my planned changes for them)!
  23. Very good post. The Browns/Ravens was much cleaner than this. There were no overlapping histories to deal with. What was done there was quite simple by comparison. But it was still historical revision and it set the tone that even allowed us to think of moving around the histories of these teams and just sort of making it up as we go. If the Kings move to Seattle, the NBA's history is going to be a mess. Milwaukee Brewers, 1901, 69-year hiatus, 1970-present? No. I know the Nationals pretend to be an extension of the 1905 team.. but in the record books are they the Expos or are they an expansion team? Because I don't mind them pretending to be the 1905 team, or honoring the history of Washington Baseball, just as I don't mind the New Orleans Pelicans have a Pete Maravich jersey retired. But I don't think you should fudge the record books, especially because WHO CARES? The New Hornets can still honor Kendell Gill all they want even if he didn't play for that exact franchse. Why does it need to be in the record books? Right; the Nationals thing is not as bad, because Major League Baseball hasn't altered the record books. Washington's "Est. 1905" nonsense is just a branding thing; whereas, in the case of the new Hornets, it's official. And you make an excellent point about the New Orleans Hornets honouring Pete Maravich. You can recognise the previous events in the city without claiming to be the old team. Exactly. To provide an hypothetical example, say that an expansion team was created to take the place of the Sonics in Seattle. They could totally have the name (and copyrights to the old logos, for throwbacks), green/yellow color scheme (which would still be unique), have banners of the old team's accomplishments/retired numbers/trophies, even the "Est. 1967" like the Nationals do. As long as they don't try to alter the record books (claim the Thunder was an expansion team, and that the Sonics took a however many years long hiatus), it would be fine. Honor the history as thoroughly as you want, but never alter records to become the actual historical figure.