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  1. I like what you've done with the Sixers, especially expanding the use of the Clearface font onto the logos, uniforms (the stars surrounding the numbers are also an exquisite touch on the uniforms), and court. My only real gripe with the set is the "modern" collar and arm trip that just stops before completing the loop, but that's really just a minor nitpick. Well done!
  2. I really like what you've done here, what with modernizing the 80's uniform set while simplifying it so that it doesn't look garish. White I do think it looks good with the your rounded font, the current fonts really make it work (they're just curvy enough to fit with the aesthetic). Well done, and I'm glad to see that you're back in action!
  3. So the Sharks have revealed an anniversary patch for next season: I actually kind of like that silver is prominent here, and the new rendering of the Shark is pretty good (swimming instead of leaping). However, the Shark also seems like an afterthought in the logo, given how it's off center and above the "25."
  4. Has there ever been a better gif that fits a team & article like that one?? Forgive me I'm on my phone so I can't repost the gif, maybe somebody can? That's just plain depressing.
  5. PHOENIX SUNS - UPDATE This may be the first in a series of updates I plan to do, mostly of teams I was unhappy with originally, teams getting new uniforms this season, etc. When the Suns released their new sleeved alternate (which I think would be nice if it didn't have sleeves, used purple instead of black, and had a better number font), I thought back to my concept and rethought some of the choices I made with it. I felt it could really be improved if I used a more rounded western font, like the new sleeved alt (and the 73-92 look I intended to modernize originally) does. With the new font as my primary directive, I set about tweaking my original. LOGOS & COURT: I switched the font from a modified version of the Texas Rangers' NOB font to the University of Wyoming's current font. I felt it preserved much of the western feeling of the 73-92 set, but with a better weight and a more even serif format. I've also changed up the logo sheet template, now with mesh behind the uniform wordmarks and an examination of lettering application (this series doesn't use Rev30 mesh sewn numbers, but proper twill). The secondary has some more detail on the head to make it look less like a swan and the tertiary is now properly symmetrical. The court is much the same as the previous court, albeit on a new template (Conrad's template) and with logos adjusting to fit with the new font. UNIFORMS Aside from the new lettering font, I've made a couple of more changes. I modified the Wyoming number font to fit more with the lettering font (more blocky, less of the traditional "circus" font), and used the Wyoming lettering font for the NOB as it's legible, and it's better than using a standard block/block with serifs font like I used before. The secondary has been added to the waistband, as I felt it needed more presence in the identity, and I've fixed the outlining error on my original road uniform. The alternate is, again, an orange recoloring of the home uniform. Also of note, I did not move the NBA logo to the back, as I don't really like it there (makes the numbers too low) and I re-sized the wordmarks/numbers to reflect more realistic proportions. It's a matter of taking more of what worked in the wonderful 68-92 set, and giving it a neo-classical spin. C+C is welcome, as usual.
  6. While it's already a good cap, a red bill (like the 1940-55 cap) would make it even better (if the bird on bat hat became the BP hat - what it should always have been).
  7. The San Francisco Giants' 1977 road uniform is a nice one: Funny enough, it was meant to go with a similar home uniform that got scrapped in favor of the script design:
  8. I'm not sure whether or not this should go here on the "sportslogos.net bad comment aggregator" thread, but: This is clearly wrong. Doesn't he know that the Penguin would never touch a hockey stick that was that poorly rendered?
  9. From Kodrinsky's uniform database. All Milwaukee got to do is update these uniforms just a tad. And voila. They can try to play with the color scheme to incorporate gold/purple maybe blue.. but THIS SHOULD BE THE TEMPLATE!It really is as simple as updating these. I've wondered what something like that might look like if they used dark green and lime as the primary colors and purple as only a trim color. I'd agree, but keep the red trim (specifically as trim/outlines on the wordmarks, numbers, panels, and collars/arms/hems). I don't get why everybody hates red as a trim color for the Bucks (aside from LOL XMAS, which is just silly), even to the point of suggesting colors that have no history with the team, like orange. I've always felt that red worked wonderfully with all of their sets that had it, and that removing red on the above set was a massive downgrade for the them. Just make sure not to have a red alt (for reasons revolving around a certain team in Chicago), keep the Irish Rainbow pattern, and they should be fine.
  10. It is certainly different, but I do like the updates of the 80's set and the 90's-'07 color scheme. The only suggestions I'd make would be to swap the "Hawks" and "Atlanta" wordmarks on the road and alternate and to make the side stripe merge with the diagonal front stripe (a little curve is fine in the general design of the set). I even find myself liking the charcoal court, which I didn't think I would (although a traditional wood alternate would be nice, just for comparison). Well done, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the league!
  11. Your attention to detail is incredibly impressive (especially in regards to jersey cuts, which are often generalized in uniform databases) and your presentation of the uniforms and their intricacies is excellent. Well done!
  12. I just hope the Sharks fall down the standings and stay there, just to humble some of the jerks in the Shark Tank and to convince the team to blow the whole damn franchise up (knowing their brass, they'd probably just remove crests from the jerseys to make them "lighter" and sign all of their stars to decade-long contracts). Oh, and Admiral is totally right about the nasty "The NHL's Best Fans™" attitude that floats around the Sharks fandom. Heck, I'm surprised that there is not a twitter account that covers the worst aspects of the fandom (even if 95% of it would probably be stuff from our disturbing exterminator buddy).
  13. Surprised these guys haven't been mentioned yet. I've said this several times, but the Rockies should only wear this hat (with purple undershirts and socks):
  14. Excuse the bad French, but... Tes Nordiques de Québec sont magnifiques! You've done a wonderful job creating a modern classic for a new Nordiques team to wear, and I also like that you avoided a re-hashing of the old Nordiques look. This whole series has been excellent, with many interesting twists and experiments with NHL design trends and existing team histories. Well done!
  15. Todd Radom just released this image of a 1978 Wilson catalog on his twitter, highlighting an unused Giants jersey:
  16. I'd agree. While I did enjoy how the "Hot Blue" worked with the red and yellow, I could see why the Florida Flames would eventually drop it and return to form with their latest set. This whole series has been a blast to follow (especially California, Houston, and Nashville), and I can't wait to see what you'll do with the expansion teams!
  17. ^I gotta admit, I do have a soft spot for the ABA uniforms and the FloJo's. I've always thought the pinstripes were a hot mess. Speaking of NBA looks, this has to be one of the blandest logos that receives praise: It's merely a basketball-encased image of the mid-70's Seattle skyline, with an off-center Space Needle (which, given its prominence in the logo, should be at the center of it). The font isn't particularly great either, but it was appropriate for the time. Considering how progressive the Sonics' uniforms were for the time, the contrast was a little jarring. However, the worst of this primary's problems is that it fails to convey any kind of motion. When your team is named after supersonic jets, the logo has to convey some kind of motion. Like this: , this: or this: Instead, it's a static portrait of a city. If the Sonics were still around, I kind of wish they would modernize the skyline primary to prioritize the Space Needle (as the center seam of the ball) and add in some kind of motion element, like a supersonic jet circling the Space Needle or some other part of the logo.
  18. While it is certainly better than the Edge duds, I still don't get the love for it. There is far too much black on the uniform (black should only be used as a trim color, like it was on the white version of this sweater, and should never be the color of the shorts or helmet), the fire-snot horse hasn't aged well, and the number font has never really looked all that good.
  19. Well, this didn't take long: Look at that shoulder yoke and hem stripe! Doesn't the photoshopper know that they'll just weight the jersey down by 0.000000676% and totally slow down the players?
  20. I like what you've done with the Wild here. While most Wild concepts ditch the red sweater, you've done a nice job making it fit in with an update of the excellent white sweater! The only thing I don't care for is the use of the roundel shoulder patch, but that's more for reasons of redundancy than anything else. Well done!
  21. I for one like what they've done on the home/road uniforms. I like that there is far more emphasis on the teal, (I've always thought that the silver and white outlines muddled the teal up). The 3-color NOB is a bit too much, but the multiple outlines on the numbers are OK by me, as they finally make the outlines of the wordmarks and numbers consistent. The striped socks are beautiful, and really add to the whole look. All in all, I think they've upgraded (make the teal-billed hat the primary hat at home, and they'd have one of the best home looks in the league). While I do think the alternate is pretty sharp (which would be sharper w/o creme, as creme only really works with warm colors/neutrals, no cool colors), it would be better if it was less similar to what they normally wear. I wouldn't like it if they alluded to the trident-era, as that look deserves every iota of hate that it gets. I get with the four-stripe pattern on the socks that they're primary goal was to emulate the unfortunate Pilots (who are a great anomaly in the history of baseball with an interesting look), but they should have gone all the way with that. Make something Pilots-inspired that still fits in with the brand, and then they'd have a winner. Even if it didn't look all that great, I'd admire the effort. All in all, I think the Mariners now have a better set with the wordmark tweaks, sock stripes, and a pretty decent alt.
  22. While I like the second one a bit more, both are great marks. Well done! For the font, I'd suggest using a slab-serif style font that can really enhance the neo-vintage look of the logo.
  23. MLB: The Rays to Montreal/unidentified East Coast location, for many of the reasons stated above. I'd like it if they built a new place in Tampa Bay (with a better location), but I doubt that will happen. NBA: No moves, but most likely expansion to 32 at some point (the Warriors will hopefully dump the "Golden State" name when they get to the new arena, if that counts as relocation). NFL: Rams/Raiders to Los Angeles, again for reasons stated. NHL: Coyotes/Panthers to Seattle/Quebec City, for previously stated reasons. Also, I think the Sharks may try to move to the new Warriors arena, even if it isn't designed with hockey in mind (because the only moves their management makes is moves that look like improvements and are portrayed as such, but generally aren't).
  24. Oh boy. Aside from the white pants, it's just bland and poorly constructed. Add the white pants, and it becomes legendarily hideous.