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  1. Giants edition: Orlando Cabrera Jeff Keppinger Joe Nathan
  2. Not only did the A's players all show off their exquisite 'rups, their equipment manager also had the vests trimmed to match the cut of the 1969 vests (unlike post-1993 vests that fit like regular jerseys with cut off sleves). I like that extra attention to detail.
  3. If this is legit, the Pelicans may take the crown for worst uniforms in the league. If you're going to copy how a team looks, then why pick a team with terrible uniforms like the Sixers?! I'm guessing (and hoping) this is fake tho. Compare that number font to this: It's an obvious fake. No way that an NBA team would use a variant of MLB block font.
  4. Aren't we forgetting this masterpiece of a font?
  5. This is easily my favorite Giants concept of the ones that I've seen. Apart from the road script, which does look a little too distorted (it's understandable, though, considering the script you based it on was vertically arched), I really like the inverted color home alt and the cleaned up roundel. Good job, and I can't wait for more!
  6. You can find graphic representation of each of the Astros' uniforms here.
  7. The script on the road uniforms and alternates look a little too jammed with the double outlines. On the road uniform, I'd suggest simply removing the white outline; while on the alts, I'd replace the red and blue outlines with white (on the red and blue alts respectively). Other than that, this is probably the best Angels concept I've seen, especially the "California" script.
  8. +1, and I can wait to see the BP uniforms!
  9. Shame the Blazers aren't getting a full new set, although I do hope the alternate is some kind of a fauxback.
  10. Or will it even be the current star cap logo they have. You're probably right about that.
  11. I'd say about 3-5 years. Enough time to realize how the Rogers Center doesn't work well for baseball, and enough time to navigate through Toronto politics and real estate to get the land for a baseball-only stadium (I assume that the Argonauts are happy with the Rogers Center).
  12. If Craig Biggo or Jeff Bagwell (not as likely) get into the Hall of Fame, I wonder which Astros cap logo will be on their plaques. I hoping for the classic H-star logo, but it will probably be the 90's star logo.
  13. I'd agree with you about Cain, but I'm still iffy about JT. I simply don't think his stats are HOF material. If he does get it, it'll be on a later ballot or Veteran's Committee. I like JT, but I doubt he'll get into Cooperstown.
  14. I'd go with #1, and keep the dreamcatcher logo.
  15. The Sixers and the first "Cartoon Front" jersey: This trend has thankfully died out, but that didn't happen until the mid-2000s.
  16. LMAO!!! I knew somebody was going to bring up Hank Hill getting sexually asaulted at the dolphin show. Of a more horrifying caliber: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjNG-N6zn2o That's still the least pleasant story on Radio Dead Air.
  17. I know a different colored squatchee isn't that much of a difference, but it looks so much better than the black one.
  18. Winning the 1997 NL West title, with one of the Giants' better home/road combos (if only the number font was better).
  19. Congratulations Miami and congratulations to Lebron for silencing most of his critics (there'll be a few stragglers for Lebron hate).
  20. The team isn't necessarily wrong, but the style is quite wrong.
  21. Well, the Nats really need to do something about Lidge.
  22. Well, that was probably the most fun I've ever had watching a Giants game. One of the best pitching performances in a perfect game, and offense to match. A great moment for Matt Cain, and one of the biggest highlights of Giants history. I can go to bed happy tonight!