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  1. I really like it. I like that it now has the same template/color alignment as the gold jersey. Sure, I liked the old green alt, but I like this just a bit more as an "alternate" (read: not using the same script as the home or road uniform). Neither the gold or new green alt hurt the identity, if anything, I like how they're not simple recolors of the home or road tops.
  2. Thanks for the C+C. Here are the home and roads with a smaller shorts logo: Home Road Now the alternates. The first one is a yellow alternate, much like the one from the final set. Unlike that... thing, it is a recolor of the home uniform instead of the road uniform. Also, I feel that the green with white/green outlines jumps out more than white with green outlines. The other one is a Hardwood Classics alt, based on this. Home/Road Alt Hardwood Classics Alt Of all the concepts I've done, I'd like to say that this has been one of my favorites to design. Thanks guys for all the C+C.
  3. These black Flyers jerseys were pretty good. If they had a hem stripe in the same scheme, they'd make an excellent third for the Flyer's current set.
  4. Aside from the low front numbers, I really like what you've done with the Braves. Nicely done, I look forward to the rest of the league.
  5. Apart from the orange trim on the pinstripe home jersey, this is a mighty fine set. Well done!
  6. He's looking pretty swell (and a lot less like Ronald Reagan). Nice job!
  7. Thanks for the C+C guys, I tried several contrail options. The green contrail blurred in with the rest of the logo, and the four-to-one contrail looked too busy. So, I compromised and went with a white contrail that tails off. With a white, tapering contrail, not only is it cleaner and less sizable than the old one, it also alludes to the inaugural logo/tertiary.
  8. Well, here is the updated logo sheet and court: Now, the most important part: the home and road uniforms. It was obvious that I was going to update the classic uniforms of 75-95, while taking cues from the final set. I merged the two looks, using the color distribution and side panel design of the later set (minus the shorts flare made for the "S" insignia of that set), while the color scheme and front arch panel comes from the classic look. The outlining scheme is influenced by the 75-95 look, but with the double-outline scheme of the rest of the set. The shorts logo is my update of the skyline (with the "S" Space Needle logo on the belt), and the lettering font uses the same scheme as the rest of my design package. The number font is a double outlined version of the MLB Boston Red Sox number font, which I thought went well with the "neo-retro-future" look (with it's odd angles and curves, like the lettering font). That, and the "Space Frigate" font's numbers looks dreadful and NBA varsity fonts look a little too plain for the Sonics' aesthetic. Home Road Up next, alternates! (p.s. Thank you Tim O'Brien for the wonderful psd template!)
  9. Here's the updated logo sheet: Here is the court. I've decided to keep it simple with the design (as the Sonics have never really had any "wild" courts), using some colored key areas, and the yellow wordmarks from the 70's-90's court design. I gave it the name "Amazon Arena" because Amazon is based in Seattle and the alliteration was too good to pass up on: Up next, uniforms!
  10. Thanks for the C+C guys. I wasn't really too sure about making it a primary because of its cumbersome size. I can see that my suspicions were confirmed. So, I decided to take the skyline logo and add the Boeing 2707 to it. I got the idea from a Rockets concept I did a couple of years ago, and I modified it to fit its inspiration. A full logo sheet and court will be coming soon.
  11. Thanks for the C+C guys. Here are the two main logos with a darker kelly green (Pantone 349, the shade of kelly green used by the Jaworski-era Eagles). Also, here is a full logo sheet, as a little preview for my next league redesign (which apparently takes place in the Mega Man universe, given that date):
  12. Mets and Braves= ¡Me gustan mucho! I really like the contrast-colored hatchet and sock stripes for the Braves and Mr. Met's presence on the alts (although it'd be preferable if he were on the left sleeve) Well done!
  13. A couple years ago in the "Unpopular Opinions" thread, I mentioned that this is my favorite Sonics logo: I don't know what it is about it that I love so much. I like the fact that it actually represents the team's namesake (Supersonic jets developed by Boeing), the 60's simplicity of the design, and its sweeping motion of the jetstream. Of course, it has its problems, like the lack of yellow, the non-matching lettering font, and the over-simplicity of the jet and Space Needle (itself a landmark of the "Zeerust" aesthetic). So, I have updated it. I've shortened the jet stream to give the logo a more manageable size, switched the font to better reflect the two-color system, replaced all of the white with yellow, modified the Seattle Sounders' Space Needle graphic to provide better perspective to the building and give it more overall weight in the composition, and switched the dark green to kelly green (the color scheme used during the Sonics' most successful period of the late 70's through the 90's). The jet is based on the conceptual Boeing 2707. Here it is, in comparison to an SRGB-enhanced version of the original logo. It's only meant as a proof-of-concept, as it has yet to be properly polished. Also, I have updated the classic skyline logo to fit in with the new primary and reflect some of the buildings built after the original's debut: C+C is appreciated.
  14. I'm loving it, especially the one-color version! I've never liked black for the Flames, but even your black version looks good. Well done!
  15. Yeah, it's not growing on me too much anymore. I hoped they'd keep the old sleeve patch, but going with the "SF" patch is pretty damn lazy. I'm just glad the Dodgers jumped on the unnecessary alts w/ redundant sleeve patches bandwagon too (keeps the rivalry even ).
  16. Stadiumpage.com posted this graphic under "Unrealized Concepts: '04 Portland": As a college student in Portland right now, plans to build a ballpark in Portland on these sites would meet from some notable opposition, mostly from environmentalists (there are almost as many here as there are in San Francisco), those opposed to increased taxation going towards the stadium and away from social programs (of which there are many), and maybe the Portland Timbers (if the Portland team acted upon the PGE Park site). The Blanchard property seems to be the best site at the moment, judging by it's proximity to the Moda Center and by default the Tri-Met bus and rail lines.
  17. While I'm not the biggest fan of the placket piping, it's more than made up for by the classic script logo. I like it slightly more than I liked the old orange alt. I'm just happy it's not going to be worn with the original orange alt (Baer, pick either the "San Francisco" road, or the "SF" road, not both).
  18. I'm sorry for your loss Ren, I hope you're doing OK. I just want to say thank you for all the amazing work you've done, and I can't wait to see what you'll preserve next. P.S. I'm totally for pinning this thread on the concepts board.
  19. Giants I love it. You've fixed every perceivable problem with the set, and kept all the things that make it work. Bravo! Dodgers Even if I'm not supposed to like the Boys in Blue, I like the simple changes you've made. Nice. Rockies As people have said before me, I really don't think the "C" logo, the black belts, and the silver bills work all that well for the set. Other than that, you've done a fantastic job cleaning up the set. Diamondbacks Probably my favorite out of all of your concepts. Merging the older script logos with the current color scheme was a wonderful idea, and you pulled it off perfectly. Well done! Padres I like the merging of the brown and gold color scheme with the 2004-now logos. The Patriotic alt is now reserved and respectable (and nice enough for the pro-blue Padres fans), and I like how you went crazy on updating the 70's look, especially the gold pants! Reds I really like what you've done here. Even though I don't usually find myself liking pinstriped vests, I'm in love with yours! The one suggestion I could make would be to maybe replace the black shoes with red ones, but that's neither here nor there. Nice job! Brewers A really nice update of the 1990-1993 look! While I'd prefer the navy blue to be royal, it's still pretty nonetheless. The alts are fantastic, especially the gold one (I'd like it my closet right now!) Cubs I'd put the sock stripes on the pinstriped uniform, but other than that you've hit it out of the park with streamlining the Cubs! Cardinals Mostly lateral, but that's not a bad thing at all (the Cardinals have my favorite look in the MLB). The alt is kind of a miss, but I like the idea behind it. The navy blue hats with red bills are really nice too. Pirates I'm sorry, but I'm just not feeling the vest at home, regular on road look. Either make them all vests or all regular (I'd go for all vests, considering their history). I'd be curious to see what the black alt would look like without the front number or with the front number lowered, like the White Sox. The sock stripes are also nice (I'm a big junkie for those!), and the recolored 60's/70's Pirate is also a treat. Good job, but there could be some little improvements. Overall, I've really liked what you've done with the NL West and Central. This has seriously one of my favorite MLB threads in the time I've been on CCSLC. I can't wait to see you take on the East!
  20. I'm loving everything in this design! The way the colors are handled, the beautiful trim, and the new script logos. Also, might I ask what template are you using, please?
  21. Well, the Cubs seem to be under the delusion that the "China Counterfeit" look is in right now. Might as well put "Clark the Cub" and his soulless stare on the sleeve. Ugh.
  22. Thanks for the C+C. Now here's an update of the Logo Sheet (using a de-golded version of the current primary) and Alternates (orange now with the home script logo, and black without outlines) Alternates Thanks for taking the ride with me, guys! I hope to start another series sometime soon.
  23. San Francisco Giants Ah, the best team. The primary is an update of this classic logo, albeit with the colors of the script flipped and the addition of the Golden Gate Bridge from the 50th Anniversary Logo (since they've spent so long in SF, it only makes sense to incorporate the Bridge somehow). The roundel logo remains, albeit stripped of its gold drop shadow. The uniforms themselves have received few changes, as gold drop shadow has been removed on all logos, the roundel logo now becomes the sleeve patch on all uniforms, the road uniform reverts to it's 2010 state, and the tri-stripe socks are now the only socks. The orange alt now has a recolored version of the classic script to mimic the 70's-80's pullovers (which honestly didn't look too bad), and the black road alt is based on the current road alt, albeit with a piping scheme to properly match the rest of the set. Home and Road Alternates ...and there it is! I've finally completed my MLB! Thank you guys for all the C+C you provided!
  24. I had it a little while back, but it seems to have been resolved on my end. If you can't load images, click on the broken image box and the image should pop up.