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  1. Appreciate the kind words, Thank You! Thank you Ren69! I'm loving your work.
  2. Thanks for the C+C guys! Philadelphia Phillies This is basically combining the 1970-1991 logo set and colors with the template of the current uniforms. The primary logo replaces the diamond outline with an outline of Citizen's Bank Park's field (I'd like to have at least one logo reflect a team's stadium), I've added stars to the script logo (which are powder blue on the home and road, so that they imitate the current uniform), used the 2004-2011 San Diego Padres number font (as I felt it went well with the script logos), and replaced the "stitching-p" with the "simple-p" in both the script and on the cap. The alternates include a more accurate 1947 fauxback (scripts and logos recreated by Matt Malinoski), and a powder blue road alt. Home and Road Alternates Washington Nationals The Nationals have a really good set, but they do need some tweaks. I switched out the navy blue for royal blue, replaced the curly "W" with the interlocking "DC" on the caps, put the "Nationals" script on the home uniform, replaced the slab-serif font with a basic block font, redid the alternates with the "Nationals" script logo, and removed the sleeve patch. I also put the red hat on the road uniform, with the blue hat (without a red bill) on the blue alt alone. Home and Road Alternates Up next, Chicago and Cincinnati!
  3. Rangers look great!
  4. Could you please try to tackle this guy? Picture of the original painting here: Thanks!
  5. Miami Marlins When I did my original Marlins concept (alongside the regrettable "Black and Red" Braves and the "Royal, Yellow, and Teal trident-star" Mariners), I based it on the current logo set (albeit with recoloring and removing all of the shadowing/multi-color garbage). I realize now that I could never get the Marlins' current look anywhere near passable, so I decided to update the 1993-2011 look. I started out by switching the colors to the original Dolphins color scheme (with black and silver remaining as accent colors), recolored this "M" logo for the set (with orange and aqua bills), removed pinstripes on the home uniform, used the same front number-NOB contrast as the Braves, recolored a Tim O'Brien script logo for the road uniform, and placed Dolphins-style stripes on the socks (both stirrup and solid form) because of the color connection. The alternates are orange and aqua recolors of the home uniform. Home and Road Alternates New York Mets Well, this one was one of the simplest redesigns in the series. I added a Mr. Met logo as an alternate, replaced the cream color with white on the home uniform, put the 1987 "New York" script logo on the road jersey to better match the home uniform, replaced the orange squatchee with a blue one, and matched the color balance of the home and road alts, and removed the "snow white" alt (I always felt it was unnecessary). Home and Road Alternates Up next, Philadelphia and Washington!
  6. I really like this update, especially the reverse of the "Washington Padres" incident! So, how will you handle the Trop and the threatened relocations associated with it?
  7. Thanks for the C+C guys, I'm glad so many of you like my concepts so far! NL East Atlanta Braves This concept basically merges the 1987 rebrand with the 1950's Milwaukee look. For starters, I switched the navy color back to midnight navy, restored front numbers and contrast-color tomahawks, restored the northwestern striped socks (in both stirrup and solid form), made the NOB arched again (now two-colored and sewn directly to the uniform, no ugly nameplates), and made the classic home cap the only cap. The alternates use contrast-colored front numbers and NOB's. The new navy alt is basically this batting practice jersey with the standard piping + number setup, and the useless throwback alt has bit the dust, with only a recolored version of it's patch surviving in the logo set. Home and Road Alternates Up next, Miami and New York!
  8. 1. Packers (my grandpa was a fan, and I've always admired the history) 2. 49ers (home town) 3. Bears (I've got friends in Chicago, and I love their uniforms) 4. Patriots (Brady went to high school in the Bay Area, and my earliest football-watching memories come from early-2000's Patriots) 5. Seahawks (I go to college in Portland and I like going up to Seattle every once in a while) 6.-27. I honestly don't care, but I like for Stanford, Cal, and Oregon players to do well. 28. Jets (the complacent way in which the organization has continued to screw their fans over for the better part of 40 years) 29. Jaguars (ugly uniforms, wasting Maurice Jones-Drew's prime, and their mere existence despite the glaring lack of a team in LA) 30. Cowboys (Jerry Jones) 31. Giants (Eli Manning demanding the Chargers trade and their ability to randomly "turn it on" at just the right point in the season) 32. Redskins (that name and Dan Snyder's dickery)
  9. Seattle Mariners I think the Mariners' current look is a modern classic, but I have a couple complaints. I think the teal shade is too dark and gets lost when surrounded by navy blue, the teal billed hat isn't worn nearly enough, and the uniforms are a little lacking in color. So, I lightened the shade of the teal, added some more color into the piping, made the teal bill hat the standard hat on the home, road, and teal alt, and restored the standard piping to the navy alt. I also removed the navy alt's custom number font and front number, so that consistency across the uniforms was maintained. The sock striping is a recreation of the Pilot's socks, as a reference to their legacy. Home and Road Alternates Texas Rangers This one was relatively simple. I restored the "Rangers" script to the home uniform and red alt, replaced the double outlining with single outlining, removed the "warty" NOB font, and placed the 80's and 90's script on the blue alt. I also stripped the drop shadow off of the cap logo, to maintain consistency among the logo set. Home and Road Alternates Now that the American League is done, the National League will follow, with the Atlanta Braves!
  10. So, by this logic: Saints: recovery from Hurricane Katrina Packers: Brett had retired (finally), and Rodgers needed to step out of his shadow Giants: so much recent playoff failure with Jets, NY football fans needed something to celebrate Ravens: Ray Lewis & Ed Reed Also, the reptilians run the world and the "Fail Mary"/replacement refs were a "false flag" operation meant to take our attention away from concussions. Tin foil hat brigade FTW! Or, it could pulled from the anus, like so many other conspiracies.
  11. Los Angeles Angels While I do think the Angels have a solid set now, I find myself really liking their early-70's look, with the navy crowned hats, navy undershirts and socks, and the Red Sox number font (while still looking distinguishable from the Red Sox). So, I replaced the red cap with a navy cap (with red bill), removed the red undershirts and belt, restored the Red Sox number font (making sure NOB's and color balance made them separate enough from Boston), removed the excessive use of the "A" logo, used the 70's-early 90's piping, and removed all of the beveling in the logos and script. The red alternate has a recolored red hat and scripts (to avoid the "outline" look), and I updated this navy alt to go with my set. I also simplified the name to just "Los Angeles" as "Anaheim" doesn't sound as good as "Los Angeles", and "California" would simply be inaccurate (because there are four other teams in the state). Home and Road Alternates Oakland Athletics I honestly didn't feel like I had to do much here. The A's pretty much have a perfect set already, but I feel I needed to make a few tweaks. I replaced these "A's" logos with one "A's" insignia from the 80's. I placed the home cap on every uniform, as I felt the A's really didn't need any hat beyond the excellent home hat. Piping was added to the pants and the standard home and road uniforms to maintain consistency, and I made updated versions of the old striped socks. The green alt was turned into a color swap of the gold alt, and modernized versions of the old vests were added as alternates (I even made sure to keep the gold pants). Home and Road Alternates Vest Alternates Up next, Seattle and Texas!
  12. While I like what you're trying to do with the Twins, I feel that it's a little too much red. The scripts become lost against the piping and the pinstripes. I'd suggest eliminating pinstripes/switching them to navy, and maybe changing the piping color on the road. Other than that, I really like the concept (esp. the red hat and the new "M" hat). The Royals are really nice, and I especially like the powder blue pants with the alt! While the road jersey could use more gold, it too is really nice! Good job. The A's are pretty good, but they have a few issues. If you want piping on the home jersey, I'd suggest bringing it to the road jersey and road alt as well. I'd also re-instate the tail on the "Oakland" script logo and maybe switch the color balance on the first green alt to match the second. Despite these issues, I am pleased with the way you handled the near-perfect A's!
  13. AL West Kansas City Royals My main complaint with the Royals' current set is that it looks too much like the Dodgers. Both use the same royal blue, a single-color cap logo, and the script + front number format. I thought about adding metallic gold or powder blue, but all it did was muddle the look. So, I made the plunge and went to a purple and gold color scheme! Of course, the purple signifies royalty like royal blue (because Roman Emperors and Senators were the only people who could afford purple dye made from Phoenician Snails), and the gold works as an accent (like for the Vikings and Lakers). Also, I just wanted to bring the purple and gold color scheme into the MLB and the Royals seemed to be perfect for those colors. I cleaned up the primary logo to remove the drop shadow and reinstated the old sleeve patch and script logo. On the uniforms, I returned the number font to a block-with-serifs design, re-sized the Kansas City script logo, color balanced the purple alt like the Lakers road uniform, and added a Negro League-style alternate to the set(because the A's already have a gold alt). Home and Road Alternates
  14. Thanks for the C+C. While I generally don't like teams in the same division to share the same color scheme, you guys are right about green not working for the Twins. So here they are in Navy and Red! Home and Road Alternates
  15. Milwaukee Brewers You read that right. This concept not only has redesigns, but also realignment! My logic here is that because Milwaukee was the founding city of the AL, and the Brewers spent the first twenty-seven years of their existence in the American League. I've facilitated this by placing the Royals in the AL West (historical presence in said division, and is not that far longitudinally from Arlington and Houston), and bringing the Astros back to the NL Central (50 years in NL, plus Cardinal minor league team before that). In honor of their return to the American League, I've updated their classic color scheme by replacing the blue and yellow with royal blue and athletic gold. I brought back the ball-in-glove logo, used the "YOUniform" sleeve patch as a secondary/sleeve patch, and updated the 1990-1993 scripts. The socks also use the classic Packers stripes, because I felt they worked for the Brewers and their layered piping. I also replaced the number font with a slab-serif font, with the Packers-style "5" number. The alternates feature an update of the old front-panel hat, and a recreation of an old BP jersey. Home and Road Alternates Minnesota Twins Now this one may be a little controversial (I hope it goes over better than the "Stingrays"). I replaced the Twins' red with kelly green. This is not only because I felt the green looked better for the Twins, but also because they would be the only team wearing kelly green anywhere in their set (my A's set uses forest green, as does my Rays). I also took it upon myself to complete the Target Field-ization of the set with the removal of the Metrodrome scripts and cap logo, and the re-emphasis of navy. I also used a sock stripe design from the 1st Senators to complete the set. The alternates are recolored versions of what they wear now, with the home and road script logos. Home and Roads Alternates Up next, Kansas City!
  16. Cleveland Indians I dislike Chief Wahoo not only because he is a racist caricature, but because he's poorly drawn as well. I'm glad the Indians are phasing him out, but I wish they'd use a logo more creative than the block "C". So for this concept, I modified Fox's Indians logo to fit with the classic color scheme and created a secondary logo with the feather from one of their minor league affiliates (I like how it kind of looks like an "I", fitting in especially well with the identity package. I found an "Indians" script logo to properly match the "Cleveland" script logo as well. On the uniforms, I took the 1995 color balance and applied it to both the home and the road, incorporating the old sock stripes and an updated version of the 1969 vest and cap. I also added a red alternate to complete the set. Home and Road Alternates (update) Detroit Tigers The Tigers uniforms are true classics, but I did make some alterations. On the home, I made the buttons even spaced (a small pet peeve of mine on insignia-type jerseys) and on the road, I removed the white outlines and restored the 1970's cap. I also added two rare-use alts (because the Tigers really don't need alts). One is a softball top with the rarely used "Tigers" script logo, and another is a throwback road alt. Home and Road Alternates
  17. AL Central Chicago White Sox While the White Sox have a good set now, there's still room for improvement. Namely, I've completed the Go-Go Sox allusion by adding red to the color scheme (replacing silver and, in some cases, white outlines). I replaced the thick piping on the road uniform with smaller piping (much like the Twins' current road uniform) and carried that piping over to the home and road alts. The 1987-90 striped socks return in the new color scheme, but with the condition that they're either stirrups or fake stirrups to maintain the "White Sox" name without actual white socks. I tried putting white socks on the set, but I simply couldn't get them to look good with the set. Also, the patch that was formerly on the road jersey is reinstated on all the uniforms. Home and Road Alternates (update) Up next, Cleveland and Detroit!
  18. Per wikipedia, "Because of the limited dimensions of the indoor arena, special rules were adopted for the game. The dirt-covered field itself was only 80 yards long and 10 yards narrower than the regulation width. The sidelines were butted up against the stands. The goal posts were moved from the endlines to the goal lines. The ball was automatically moved back to the 20-yard line every time one team crossed midfield. For the first time, all plays would start with the ball on or between the hash marks, which were ten yards from the sidelines."
  19. Don't worry, McCall. I did the research to know the difference, and I felt that it was not substantive enough for most people to care (even though a stingray would never assume the position of the Ray in the logo). I was wrong. So, to rectify this problem, I've taken the current script logos and modified them to remove the "Ray of light", added a "TB" insignia on the road jersey, and changed the name back to Rays (because "Manta Rays" sounded a little too camp and "Devil Rays" has roughly a decade of terrible teams behind it). Home and Road Alternates
  20. I had a feeling that the Rays concept wouldn't go over too well. No matter, here is a Green and Powder Blue update! Home and Road Alternates
  21. Tampa Bay (Sting)rays This is one of the few complete overhauls I've done for the series. First of all, I switched the name to "Stingrays" as I felt it was better than the "Ray of light" motif and didn't contain any of the "Devil Ray's" negative history. I also avoided the dark green-light blue color scheme that seems so popular on these boards for a double-green color scheme. I created new script logos (using a modified version of the Judas Priest font) and a new cap logo, and I added front numbers and a new striping pattern to the jerseys (I also kept the striped socks, in both solid and stirrup form). Direct-sewn NOB's take the place of nameplates (as they do throughout my series). The alternates are basically updates of the Rays' current alternates, with the new scripts and color scheme. Home and Road Alternates Toronto Blue Jays Everything is pretty much the same with this Blue Jays design, except for a few things. I removed the navy blue outline on the "Toronto" script logo, switched the colors back to the 1977-1996 royal and turquoise, and added a royal "Toronto" softball top. A powder blue alt and a Canada Day alt (both with white front panel hats) have been added to the set, intended to be worn only on certain occasions. I also added sock stripes to continue the split scheme throughout the set (much like the NFL's Colts used to do). Home and Road Alternates Special Use Alternates Up next, Chicago White Sox!