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  1. I like it! It's an effective modernization/simplification of the previous uniforms. I don't like the outline inconsistency, but it's still good.
  2. I like the Pirates set you've designed, and I really like the "Goldilocks" version of the gold alternate. However, I do kind of wish it was a vest. It'd go more with the home uniform that way. The road jersey shouldn't be a vest, because a black vest with black undershirts is kind of pointless.
  3. Yadier Molina is tossing some heat Mike Matheny's way after Matheny made some comments on Molina's age: Oh boy...
  4. That's an excellent streamlining of the Rangers' logos. It looks cleaner without the bevels, and I also like that you kept plenty of white barriers between the red and royal blue. Well done!
  5. I still think the Pacers' aesthetics peaked in the ABA: Darken that royal to navy/dark royal (darker than the Warriors' royal), and you'd have a good starting point for a redesign.
  6. What? Sheev Posting hasn't been banned yet. Also, count me in as one of the people who likes the faux-screen printing. At the very least, it's a fun little gimmick. P.S. Giving the Palpatine the first name "Sheev" is easily the dumbest part of the new expanded universe.
  7. I've done the streamlining for the Mariners, now featuring a logo with the anchor and the script. I've adjusted the road alternate accordingly. This way, the brand is more streamlined. The trident, while no longer part of a logo, is still on the pants stripe as a little "mythology gag." Now, alternate take time! SEATTLE MARINERS, PT. II - A nautical twist in Royal Blue and Yellow I've made it no secret that I hate the Mariners in royal and yellow with the trident. The Mariners were failures on the verge of relocation in royal/yellow, the upside-down trident was a symbol of bad luck, and the royal/yellow colors are far more identifiable with the Brewers than the Mariners. It was also in these colors that the Mariners wore the worst uniforms in baseball history. However, there's a lot of potential in these design elements. The colors are nautical enough (which worked for both the Pilots and Mariners), and they can look good with the right font and colorway. So, I went ahead with it! I recolored the trident from the previous set (pointed upright), within a baseball diamond. The fonts and an anchor-free version of the "S" logo return. The tertiary logo is a crossed-trident behind the "Mariners" script. The uniforms are similar to the main concept, but with a few tweaks. The caps are full blue with a yellow/white-outlined logo, the sock stripe pattern is a light homage to the Pilots, and I placed a nautical knot pattern on the sleeve stripes. It was a subtle touch that was too good to pass up. It's here that the trident-esque "M" becomes obvious, as it shares the trident's barbs on the two long bars. I opted to use two royal jerseys as the alternates. The home alternate has an alternate cap, the "captain's hat." I wanted to have at least one team with a white cap, and I thought it looked good on the Mariners. The road jersey has the tertiary logo on the sleeve. The "captain's hat" returns on the home uniform for select days. The Rainiers-style fauxback emulates the 1939 Seattle Rainiers. I don't like blue and yellow for the Mariners, but I think it can be done in a tasteful way. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, the Texas Rangers!
  8. I would say just use the "P" on the road options, to replace a "Philadelphia" script.
  9. I got an interesting idea with how to do a "Philadelphia" thing: why not use the "P" on it's own? It'd also bring the powder blue set more in line with it's inspiration: I can understand why you wouldn't want to do that, but I think it could be an interesting look. I really like how you've handled maroon/powder blue for the team! I even like the creme alternate.
  10. Yeah, you're right about that one. It does kind of seem like I'm grabbing from too many places at once. I have an idea on how to consolidate it: I'll remove the compass rose from the roundel - which also eliminates the problem of the small patch area and awkward beveling on the mint teal alt - I would also add the secondary's anchors to the trident logo in place of "EST. 1977." - two nautical elements, anchor and trident. I happen to like the pants design more than the compass rose backing. My other idea would be to not give the trident its own logo. Instead, have the anchor isolated with the "Mariners" wordmark in front of it. Like the patterned trim of the Diamondbacks, I don't need to have a logo featuring the trident pants stripe. As somebody who did their undergrad in Portland, the "old" Pacific Northwest would involve more red in the identity. It'd be a bit of a red-green combo, with touches of blue and gold. That kind of look would work for the Seattle Rainiers, but not really for the Mariners. Some teams shouldn't go all old-timey, and the Mariners are one of those teams. I think I might do a Rainiers set, if only to see if I can do something Pacific Northwest-y with that identity.
  11. You got that right! Judging by your posts on the Rangers, I have a feeling you'll like my alternate take on them. I'm sorry @JH42XCC, but there's only room for one bear team. Besides, Memphis in the NBA and the AAA Frezno Grizzlies rock the name better than anybody else. I prefer unique names when I can get them. I don't usually like ripping off flag designs, but I'll give the Oakland flag tree a whirl in the roundel. SEATTLE MARINERS, PT. I - Evolution and double teal While I like the Mariners' current set, I've long advocated for the team to treat teal like the Orioles treat orange. Make it the primary color of the scripts, numbers, and NOB's, while also wearing the gorgeous teal-billed hat on both the home and road uniforms. I even made a concept with that idea in mind. However, I realized that there were other problems with the team. I really didn't want to have another navy team in the league. I wanted to go with a dark slate blue and a minty teal, but I threw that out after I realized there wasn't enough contrast. So, I opted to try something new - double teal (something I've loved since @Go Red Sox!'s Sharks concept). I suggested it in @Victormrey's thread, and I loved how it looked. A dark teal and a mint teal are the new colors, while silver sees its role lessened in the identity (the color contrast eliminates silver's necessity). When @raysox pointed out the problems with that Friz Quadrata font (which was everywhere in 1990's sports branding, like Matrix), I had to change it up. I used a modified version of Badger Light (from my Pilots concept), swapping out the slab-serifs for sharp ones. It lines up with the team's history (the trident-era font), while also looking "cleaner" than Friz Quadrata. This was also the perfect opportunity to go for two-color wordmarks instead of three-color, as three is a bit much for the Mariners. I also used this as an opportunity to hone the look, with some extensive help from @Go Red Sox! (thank you so much for your advice). Gone is the busy compass rose in the "S" and the imbalance of the "S" on the top and bottom serifs (I can't unsee it) as an anchor takes its place. It's nautical, while also being simpler. The compass rose returns for the secondary logo, featuring the skyline of Seattle from my Pilots concept (with the addition of Mt. Rainier from the 30th Anniversary patch) and the anchor. The teritary is a closeup on my modernized - and rightside up - trident (upside down tridents are bad luck, after all). I'm modeling the concept with the flat silver, as metallic silver looks terrible on computer displays. The uniform template hasn't changed much from my previous concept, aside from the new colors and fonts. I went with the Dallas Stars' NOB font again, as I like its blockiness. In a touch inspired by @Lights Out, the trident appears on the top of the pants stripe. The alternates are also similar to my previous concept. I used white text instead of silver on the mint teal jersey (as silver is downplayed in my set), and the dark teal top now has the teritary logo and the standard cap. I added a recreation of the 1994-96 teal-crowned cap for use with the home whites (pairing it with the mint teal top was a little much). I also decided to dump the royal/yellow retro set (which misuses creme, has poor beveling in the compass rose, and it throws back to a beyond-crummy period of Seattle's baseball history). I replaced with a mint teal-centric fauxback to the 1955 PCL Seattle Rainiers (the last Seattle baseball team to win a championship). This way, the "retro brand" reinforces the color scheme and pays tribute to the vintage PCL. It's an evolution of the Mariners' brand away from the 1990's, emphasizing new fonts and brighter/less "stock" colors. It also pays tribute to the history of Seattle baseball, in a subtle and tasteful way. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! For the alternate take, modernizing the Mariners in royal and yellow!
  12. Yeah, that's probably a better way to put it. Durant would have to be a total world-beater if he wants to get on that list (Mays, Montana, Rice, and Posey - the catalyst for the Giants' recent run of success - championships mean more than the home run record). Even then, the Warriors' amorphous location and the Niners' move to Santa Clara mean that list is in flux.
  13. True, but he doesn't exude the same Oakland-ness that Barry and Mullin did. The San Francisco arena talk started while Curry was just starting to realize his potential. The "Oakland" Curry is a guy who played no defense and had weak ankles.
  14. The whole "about to move to an arena in San Francisco" thing disqualifies Curry.
  15. Mets: I like the black/pink! I'm not sold on the skyline socks or the 1987 script (modifying the 1993-94 script - my mockup - to lose the tail would be a better option), but I still think it looks good. Yankees: I'm sorry to put it this flatly, but the striped socks are terrible. They ruin the home and road uniform (especially with the stripped-down look you wanted). The alternates are good, but some kind of throwback would be way better than navy softball tops. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but those socks are not good.
  16. The Twins have a perfect starting point for a new uniform right here: A "Twins" script in this font on pinstripes (with a similar color balance) would be gorgeous. I could do without the contrasting numbers and bill, but everything else is a fantastic bedrock for a good uniform.
  17. Thanks! My solution to the Sens' problem was to cram an illustration of the Peace Tower into it. I'm thinking of adding an "OAKLAND" wordmark around the ball in the elephant logo. Thanks for the C+C guys, and now it's time for the alternate take! OAKLAND OAKS, PT. II - PCL love in Forest Green and Athletic Gold While I love the A's in Kelly Green, I also love them in Forest Green. I like the way it contrasts with the gold (to the point of not needing outlines), and it has more of an old-fashioned look to it (if that makes sense). In trying to find a way to have Forest Green in the A's uniform set, I opted to revive the Pacific Coast League Oakland Oaks! I'm a retro PCL nerd (which is part of the reason why I had a hard time letting go of the "Los Angeles Angels" name), and I've always liked the various Oaks looks from their history. Therefore, the premise of this concept is that the A's changed their name upon relocating from Kansas City (even though the "Athletics" name is the most portable nickname in sports). The Oak's history with Old English "O" logos made them match up well with the Athletics, as well as their brief flirtation with green in their color scheme. I used the Forest Green from the Stingrays, as the A's Forest Green shade (3308 C) is too blue-ish for my tastes. The oak tree on a hill (for the Oakland Hills) with the Old English O is the focus of the roundel, with acorns on the side and Carton font in the border. The tertiary logo features an acorn in a diamond pattern. The uniforms aren't all that different from my A's concept. I modded the "Oakland" script with the "s" from the "Athletics" wordmark, complete with tail. The PCL Oaks used a short script with a tail, so I thought it worked here as well. The caps draw inspiration from the A's 1994-2013 road cap. While it was a bad cap for the A's (given the storied history of the home cap), it fit perfectly for the green-heavy Oaks. I also opted to use green cleats, as white shoes didn't fit with the identity. The alternates are similar to the 2011-2013 A's alternates, with a recreation of the A's current home cap on the home alt and an outline-less road alt. Merging the A's and the Oaks was the perfect way to make a Forest Green-heavy concept, which honored the history of both clubs. C+C is much appreciated, as always. Up next, the Seattle Mariners!
  18. Don't forget the PQ's rise to power, Bill 101, and the failed Quebec Independence referendum as factors in the Expos' downfall. While there are many Francophone Expos fans, the decline in the Anglophone population did not help matters. Both the White Sox and Mariners nearly moved to Tampa Bay, until the White Sox got their stadium and Nintendo bought the Mariners. The Giants' then-owner, Bob Lurie, was in the process of selling the team to a Tampa Bay ownership group (led by Vince Naimoli, the first primary owner of the Rays) until San Francisco officials pressured the league into blocking the sale.
  19. Oakland - Rickey Henderson, Ken Stabler, Rick Barry, and Gene Upshaw (honorable mentions: Rollie Fingers, Chris Mullin, and Jack Tatum)
  20. One was plenty, two was just overexposure. Under good ownership, a team could thrive in Florida. However, both teams have had shoddy ownership. The Marlins have had to deal with off-field problems with their owners and the scams that Loria pulled to get their current stadium built. The Rays moved into a horrendous stadium in a less-than-ideal location with the Tampa Bay Area (St. Petersburg) which has hampered their ability to be competitive. If anything, have a team in either Miami or Tampa and use that other 1990's expansion slot on a D.C. team. That way, there may be a small chance of the Expos sticking around in Montreal.
  21. Just because you can make it complex doesn't mean you should. While complex isn't bad at all, it takes a deft touch to make it work. Without it, you get some nasty gunk.
  22. Thanks! Going light blue-centric was a last minute decision, and I think a super light blue look would make for a fine little experiment (for after the AL is done). Thanks guys! I'm going to be making an "inverted" version of the set in an update. @Lights Out, I liked your purple/gold Twins concept. Those harlequin BP jerseys were fantastic! If I hadn't used that color scheme on the Royals, I would've probably had the Twins wear it (because purple and yellow's contrast would have made an old-style "TC" logo look fantastic). I thought about that, and I think I can mock it up at some point. I'd probably use the "M" hat with it, to avoid redundancy. Thank you! Funny thing is, I've done a Timberwolves concept with a similar color scheme (it's my favorite NBA concept I've produced). The strong blue was part of my attempt to have a blue that contrasted better with a grey/white background, and yeah, a lighter powder would have been a better choice in some applications. Also, I offer a general apology for my dickish tirade a few posts ago. It was ill thought-out of me, and I am sorry. Anyway, Oak-town time! OAKLAND ATHLETICS, PT. I - The Kings of Kelly The A's have rarely had a bad look in their history, and I love their current uniforms (the sock stripes of the 1960's uniforms enhanced them a bunch). However, I also love the Kelly Green of the 1960's-early 1980's. I'm torn between whether or not I want them to switch back to Kelly Green or stick with Forest Green. Kelly won out, on the condition that the A's could own that color in baseball. I've already done an A's concept with the same basic idea (current identity mixed with Kelly - Pantone 349 C from my Stars and Supersonics concepts those curious), but I felt I could go further. The elephant crest (which is still white, per the origin story of the logo) is now the primary, and I've dumped the roundel in favor of an Old English "O," done up in the style of the gorgeous 1968 wordmark (I teased it here). A bit more "Oakland" in the identity is a good move, given the A's "Rooted in Oakland" campaign this year. I've tweaked the "A's" logo a bit, to make it more narrow and more receptive to outlines, without it being all "gangly" like the current logo. Here are comparisons of the new logo with previous ones, in outlined and non-outlined forms. The uniforms from my previous concepts return, with the updated "A's" insignia. I also carried over the simplified Old English "O" onto the "Oakland" script (as others have done, like Lights Out), for consistency with the home wordmark. The model number is #35, for Rickey Henderson's original uniform number with the team. The alternates have also received a small update, with the new "A's" logo on the jerseys and the Old English "O" cap on the green alternate. I wanted to do something like that for an alternate cap, as a way to get one city-centric cap into the set and have some city signifier for the alt's use on the road. Kelly Green needs more exposure in sports, and the A's are the perfect team to carry the Kelly torch! C+C is greatly appreciated, as always. For the alternate take, you'll get Forest Green and Athletic Gold with an Oakland-centric twist!
  23. I'm sorry to be a stickler here, but it was the prototype that would have been worn by the Padres after moving from San Diego to Washington. It's a little detail correction. I like the design as a whole, but there are a few tweaks that could push it over the top. Tweaking the "DC" logo to better match the drop-shadow "W," using the drop-shadow "W" on the caps, and maybe using a different block font for the numbers would be good ideas. Aside from that, I like the unorthodox take.
  24. Well, your summons worked! Nashville: I kind of agree with @scottyeagle that black/red is probably a good way to go. You haven't used it for any of your other concepts, so it fits with your "all unique color schemes" objective. However, you should put your own spin on it with one of the brown or orange colors as accents/shading. The grey doesn't go well with the orange/powder. Might I recommend re-purposing orange/powder for another team? The logos really could use a little simplification. This is less a problem I have with your concept, and more a problem with the original design. Maybe dumping some of the additional outlines/drop shadows would be a good idea. It would also alleviate the problem I have with concept artists just reusing minor league team logos for expansion teams. I'd get rid of the "Music City" wordmark, but that's just personal preference. I like the music notation pattern (especially on the orange alternate), and the font choice. I don't want to sound too negative, but this one was kind of a miss for me. New Orleans: I really like what you've done here! The teal (which "jives" more with purple than green) and pale gold look fantastic with purple, and I'm a sucker for patterned trim (no joke, I would want a pair of those teal socks). The font choices/modifications are solid, and I do like that you incorporated the good bits of the Baby Cakes identity. My one complaint is that the bill on the green alternate's cap should be purple, for consistency's sake (the cap bill matching the fleur-de-lis' color). Good work!