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  1. So far, I'm liking what I'm seeing. I'll hold my judgement until I see the uniforms, but it looks good so far.
  2. That's not the Cardinals. The cap was from the St. Louis Browns, the ancestor of the current Baltimore Orioles. That is actually the Cardinals, according to their official guide (cap above has the same logo as the top left insignia). The Browns used it too (it was common for multiple teams to use the same cap logo before the 60's).
  3. A few of my favorites: My tastes are a little eclectic.
  4. Right team, but completely the wrong uniform:
  5. I hear the Super Best Friends are working on that.
  6. That would've looked great, but purple was such an important part of the old identity. If they removed purple only, we would've had the same situation that the Phoenix Suns are in right now (reducing/eliminating one primary color in favor of other colors in the identity).
  7. The Sharks have never had a good look. The primary is poorly designed, the team fails to use their solid alternate logos to any real capacity, and the orange piping looks really out of place (especially when it's only on one side of the striping). The only decent look they've had was their inaugural set: However, that set had the misfortune of bearing the keyline-ridden crest. I just hope that the team will completely overhaul one day.
  8. Thanks for the C+C guys. The brown and orange really does not work with the Giants in the division, and the brown and gold is also striking enough to work. So here are the updated logos and uniforms, in brown and gold (fauxbacks would remain the same)! Logos: Home and Road: Alts: Hope you like them!
  9. It's no secret that the Padres have one of the most confused sets in the MLB. The modern scripts clash with the traditional piping, number font, and color scheme to produce a poorly-conceived set. Here is my attempt to give the Padres an identity that is grounded in both the history of the club, and the history of baseball in San Diego. Logos: The first noted change is a switch to brown and orange. While the brown and gold is a good color scheme, I felt the brown and orange was a little more striking, and that orange was different enough from the Giants' shade for it to work. I've also used the 90's and 00's Swinging Friar as a modernization of the older one (that surprisingly turned up again in the latest redesign). The cap logo is the 1991-2003 interlocking logo, alongside the caps of the two fauxbacks. Home and Road: Using a traditional-looking script created by Matt Malinosky, I've been able to use the current piping style without it looking out of place. I also opted to use the sand color (unique in the MLB) and the cap logo (no "San Diego" script looked all that good with the home uniform) on the road uniform. The number font is a classic block variant. Alts: I added an orange-billed hat to the orange alt, and shifted the color balance on the brown alt to make the crest and number more visible. Home Fauxback Alts: These alts (which would only be worn a couple of times per season) are fauxbacks that would not only try to please the fans of brown and gold, but also honor the legacy of the PCL Padres (which the current Padres have tried to do). I converted the 1970s alt to a button-front jersey with belted pants to accommodate for player comfort. Hope you like them!
  10. Now THAT is a good set! Apart from simplifying the rays, I would be completely behind the Suns wearing it. Unfortunately, what we got was a set that was too bad to call good, but too bland to call bad.
  11. The A's really need to phase out the road cap, especially considering that the home hat (represented by the batting helmet) looks great with the grey uniform.
  12. Giants edition: Orlando Cabrera Jeff Keppinger Joe Nathan
  13. Not only did the A's players all show off their exquisite 'rups, their equipment manager also had the vests trimmed to match the cut of the 1969 vests (unlike post-1993 vests that fit like regular jerseys with cut off sleves). I like that extra attention to detail.