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  1. Well, it's been over two months. Things have gotten in the way of this project (end of senior year), but now I'm back. Here are the first 2 of my NL Central teams. MILWAUKEE BREWERS While it was never a question that I would be re-instating the ball-in-glove logo set, I wanted to modernize it a little. I've used the current color scheme, yet I've replaced metallic/vegas/old gold with athletic gold. LOGOS: The classic logos are back, but in the new color scheme. Also, I re-instated the old beer barrel man as an alternate. UNIFORMS: The classic script logos have returned, although the "Milwaukee" script on the road now has a tail (like these) and the font is now a serif varsity variant (same that my Nationals concept used). The gold and navy alts now have the "Brewers" script logo on all of them, and the alt caps are now gold-billed. ST. LOUIS CARDINALS The Cardinals have one of the best looks in baseball at this moment. However, there are a few things that could be done with the uniforms and logos to improve upon them. LOGOS: The uniform script and the primary logo have swapped places, as I've felt that the uniform script has always been more indicative of the Cardinals than any other primary logo. Also, the colors on the home cap insignia are inverted, to allow for better visibility of the logo. Also, the date on the logo sheet is wrong. Whoops. UNIFORMS: Basically the same as they are now, just with more piping on the home and roads. Also a red home alternate has been added, alongside a road alt that pays tribute to this unused uniform from the 1956 season (link here). After the Giants unveiled their road alt this year, I thought that the concept could work for a few other teams, the Cardinals being one of them. Next time, the Reds and Cubs!
  2. I freakin' love this concept! However, I would suggest using the orange bill on the road alt, and adding neck piping. Good job!
  3. I quite like both concepts, although I would suggest evening out the color balance as Fox described and using a varsity font. The Phillies are as good as they can get with that script and number font. Good job!
  4. I believe Berkeley has that name cornered already. I concur.
  5. Jeff's World: a monument to all that is stereotypical Miami.
  6. It's all correct, except for the AL Central. I will be updating these colors soon, to match some of the redone concepts.
  7. Here are the last 3 of the AL West concepts. OAKLAND ATHLETICS I LOVE their current color scheme, and the basic layout of their uniforms. However, there are some severe problems with the team's design. 1. The "A's" in the primary logo doesn't match the "A's" used on the caps. 2. Without piping, they have a green+gold Dodgers aesthetic. 3. The Green alt should not be used at home. 4. The caps should all have gold bills. I have tried to fix these issues, and here is my interpretation. LOGOS: The 1970s-1992 "A's" makes a return, the "A's" logo is consistent in between the primary logo and the cap logo, and the elephant gets the proper "A's" logo on his carpet. Also, a gold outline has been added to the cap logo to spice it up. UNIFORMS: The home script logo now has 1 old-English serif as a reference to the Philadelphia Athletics logo, the piping has been increased to levels similar to the early-1980s uniforms, a front number has been added to the gold alt (in tribute to the 1972 team), and the road alt now has the "Oakland" script to bring it to road-only status. TEXAS RANGERS Now, this team has problems. The Texas "Texases" aside, the colors are inconsistent (why do they use red caps on uniforms with blue-dominant scripts), double outlines that aren't done well, a terrible NOB font that's crowded and has an overdose of drop shadow, and colors that are too dark. I have fixed these issues. LOGOS: The new color scheme is straight blue/red, an inverted version of the Washington Nationals. The old alternate logo has become the primary, and the cap logo now has an outline, as opposed to the old Lakers number font-style drop shadow. The secondary is unchanged. UNIFORMS: The "Rangers" script logo returns to the home uniform, as well as the block standard NOB. The numbers are the current numbers, without double outline. I've also gotten an idea from McCall, as I have used the late 80s-early 90s script on the blue alt, and I've also removed all drop shadow. The red alt is a new creation, designed for only occasional use on the road. Los Angeles Anaheim California Angels of Aneheim OK, this one might be controversial. First, the name change. I think that the "California" name suits the team far more, and that since it is a large part of the team's history, it should be maintained. Also, the team needs to focus on a a blue-dominant design (distinction from the Red Sox) and a restoration of the classic colors in their entirety. LOGOS: The old school California Angels logo returns, with the new "A" in the center. The script logos are now free of the inner drop shadow and beveling, and the silver has been replaced with athletic gold. The blue cap with red bill is now the primary, and the red cap has the colors inverted from the blue cap. UNIFORMS: The blue socks, shoes, and alt return from the 90s. I've kept to tradition with the city name not appearing on the road, and the sleeve patches have been removed. Also, and this may be problematic for some, I've replaced the number font with the Red Sox number font. Now there are some who will argue that only the Red Sox should use this number font, I remind you that the Angels used this font for quite a while, and that many teams have used this font as a "throwback" font. Hell, even the Yankees used this font for quite some time. Also, the edges work well with the lettering font. After the revisions, the NL Central is next!
  8. Is it me, or should the Rockies have an all-purple cap? Black+silver logo, with purple crown & bill.
  9. Well, here are the first few teams of the AL West! SEATTLE MARINERS The 90s design for the Mariners, let's face it, is kind of bland. There's nothing that's truly exciting or eye-catching in the scripts or logos. The 1981-86 branding, however, was quite unique. That branding is restored to Seattle, with the addition of teal as a secondary color (still needs that connection to the Pacific Northwest and the green/teal in all Seattle teams, and the demotion of gold to an accent color. Logos: A new secondary is present, in the form of the isolated trident. Uniforms: Double outlined MLB block returns, and all caps have teal bills (something I liked about the mid-90s Mariners caps). Gold is used as an accent color on the scripts and shoelaces, as it gives the design a little more "punch" than silver. HOUSTON ASTROS Let's face it, they shouldn't go into the AL West looking like a "railroad" team. I know that's part of the current stadium's history, but it should be downplayed in favor of the team's history. So, I've decided to take the old "shooting star" design from 1965-1974 and modernize it with the classic colors. Logos: The primary is a seal with a rotated version of the current star (designed to from an "A"/rocket taking off) and the skyline of Houston in the background (if I could have found a silhouette of Minute Maid Park, that would've been used). The secondary is simply the star, and the tertiary is a tribute to the classic rainbow striping. Uniforms: The "Shooting Star" design is now used on the road uniform (which retains the mid-80s grey color) to match it to the home uniform. Sleeve stripes return, as well as the orange cap on one of the alts. Speaking of the orange alt, the rainbow striping goes on the sleeves, a la the 1985-1993 uniforms. Next up, Texas, California, and Oakland!
  10. SFGiants58

    Minnesota Twins

    This is a stellar Twins concept. To ask a favor, could I have svg versions of the script logos you made for my concept series? Don't worry, my approach will be somewhat different from yours, and I'll give you credit for the designs. Thanks.
  11. I've thought about removing the white outlines on the Yankee roads, and I've even created a concept of what a modern interpretation of the pre-1973 roads would look like. It could be pulled off with some faux-flannel construction, but would flop if done on a doubleknit or coolbase.
  12. To clarify the "navy blue on Red Sox road" question, here are a few historical uniforms from the past 40 years: 1938-1971, featuring a navy blue block font "Boston", with the traditional number font and red hoistery. 1972-1978, a pullover and sansabelt combo, that is identical to the home in every way except that it's gray and has "Boston" on the front. 1979-1989, navy block lettering on the road, with red hoistery and varsity block number font (which the Red Sox should never wear). 1990-2008, red "Tuscan" font on the road, with the traditional number font and nameplates. 2009-present, blue lettering, with traditional font and direct sewn lettering. In the Red Sox's history (pre-2009 redesign), the Red Sox had 43 years of straight-up blue lettering, vs. 28 years of red lettering on their road uniforms. For me, the red lettering looks better, but historically, the blue road lettering has had a longer lifespan than the red.
  13. That looks fantastic, although I would throw away all the black in the logo, and replace it with athletic gold (or replace the metallic gold with athletic gold, and use the metallic in place of the black).
  14. Other than that, I have no bleeping words for how screwed-up the road uni is now.
  15. Is it me, or do the Royals look infinitely better with the old Rams colors?
  16. OK, that looks exactly what I suspected it to look like, a black version of the cap logo with the unfortunate gold drop shadow (the shadow really needs to go). Still, it'll make for a fun alternate.
  17. San Jose is worthy of a professional baseball franchise. It's bigger than Oakland, it can support a team better than Oakland, and it also is predisposed to a rivalry with San Francisco (one thing I don't want to lose, just re-name it the "Bayshore Series" or "El Camino Series"). While there is heritage in Oakland, there was also heritage for the A's in Philadelphia, and moving to KC was not much of a problem for the management then (until they became an unofficial Yankee farm team, but that's another rant). The "Athletics" or "A's" identity has been the only thing consistent in the franchise since 1901, and it will remain that way in San Jose. Oakland, at this point in time, has done little to preserve their hold on their sports teams. They have neither placed any initiatives on ballot to build a new stadium, nor have they tried to renovate the Coliseum after "Mount Davis" got built. If no effort is taken by the city to keep their teams in said city, they might as well lose the team. At least when the Giants considered moving to San Jose and Tampa Bay, there were ballot measures put out for sales tax increases to fund a new stadium. Oakland has done little outside of speculative work to plan on keeping their teams, and at this rate, they could lose all of them by the end of the decade (Warriors to San Francisco, Raiders to LA/other California location, and A's to San Jose). It's a shame, but the city of Oakland still holds a good deal of the blame (I don't use economic decline as an excuse, as Detroit and Cleveland have been able to keep their teams from fleeing and to stimulate the local economy).
  18. Well, I wouldn't mind seeing a stencil-ized block font for the Steelers (gives a more industrial look to the team).
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    Dynasty Avatar

    I'd like a Giants one with Lincecum-Cain-Posey-Romo-Wilson, please. Thanks in advance!
  20. I really like it with the accent mark, as it gives the script a nice feature that separates itself from any normal road script. I would like to think, however, that the A's would use this opportunity to get rid of the all-green cap and use the home cap for all games.
  21. Well, this is what Liebe describes as the current A's font: Obviously the "O" is inaccurate, but something in between what we have now and what NDwas posted.
  22. Inkscape does that from time to time. I suggest making a new "presentation" file with all 4 uniforms. BTW, I'm digging the new color scheme and the simplified logos.