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    Fox's MLB 2.0

    I like this concept alot, but I do feel that either the "San Francisco" script needs to be on an arc or the "Giants" script needs to be arched (like here) for consistency. I love the double piping on the road alt. Good job!
  2. This is one of the best logos in NBA history.
  3. My favorite of the bunch is "June 17th, 1994" for the sheer artistry and execution of the concept, but from a purely documentary perspective, it's "The Two Escobars".
  4. Why am I only hearing about these atrocities now? What the hell was the NFL thinking?
  5. I quite like this, but are we now calling the team the "Miami Miamis"? I'd try to work in the new "Marlins" script somehow.
  6. The only thing I don't like about the roundel is the pile of gold they put on it. I've always maintained, since I was a little kid, that GOLD HAS NO PLACE WITH THE GIANTS! If the team ever does a redesign within the next few years, it would be essential to remove the drop shadow and gold from the color scheme. Still, it's far better than the primary sleeve patch.
  7. Well, now I'm excited for a new road alt and reminded about how much I hate the primary logo.
  8. I feel the same way. It's just not "strong", and looks awkward with two capital letters. I didn't really like the block KANSAS CITY either though. What I'd like to see is for them to go with the KC logo on the chest. Probably with no number on the other side, but a number would be OK. Their KC isn't as iconic as the Yankees' NY or Dodgers' LA, but it should really be used more than it is. OR they should use this KC logo. (in their colors, of course) Don't the A's hold the copyright for that logo?
  9. Well, that looks much better. Thanks.
  10. Well, that was easy. Still, great ideas, although I would recommend that San Francisco be black-orange-cream (international orange, the Golden Gate Bridge color, may be preferable).
  11. Oh sweet lord, this is awesome. I can't wait to see these in action! Good job Blue Jays, good job.
  12. I don't think they should rebrand. There is nothing wrong with "Houston Astros," and they've been around for a half century. I don't even know what they would consider rebranding to. I didn't mean change the name, but change the logos, color scheme and uniforms. I've got no problem with the name.
  13. Quite frankly, I don't think that the move will negatively effect the Astros or the MLB as a whole. The post-Selig commissioner will probably not sanction expanded interleague (if there's intense negative fan reaction after one year of expanded interleague, it'll go back to a two or three week period broken up over the first half of the season), and the Astros need a fresh start. In 50 years as a National League team, they've been beaten into the ground repeatedly in the playoffs (one pennant in 50 years), had a good portion of their fanbase dissipate,and have had poor General Managers and Ownership that have wreaked havoc on their farm system and market value. There is no future for the Astros in the National League, as their finances are crippled and they can no longer compete with the NL Central, much less the rest of the NL. In the AL West, they can find financial stability and start from the ground up, building a new Astros legacy in the American League that might not face with the same crushing disappointment 50 years in the NL created. If I'm waxing poetic, I apologize, but I do feel that this move could be a "rebirth" for the Astros. Also, I would suggest a complete rebranding for the 2013 season.
  14. Amen, brother!!! Also, I like the Padres in brown and orange only.
  15. SFGiants58

    Bmac's MLB

    Good job, especially on the piping.
  16. SFGiants58

    Bmac's MLB

    Nice work Bmac. Are you going to start the series again?
  17. OK, now this is awesome. Good to know that while the team is under-performing, the design department is finally getting their act together. Now if only the 1987 road script came back somehow...
  18. Thanks BigBubba, and I have the revised script:
  19. Thank you Fox, Big Bubba, and PiratesFan16 for your continued support of my concepts. With this next uniform, I was asked by my high school's wrestling coach to design a primary logo as well as script logos for their new uniforms. I was required to use my school's "knight" drawing for the picture, as well as use a navy-red-white color scheme (sucks, but our 4-school network only uses those colors). These logos are going to be used on singlets and shirts, so I would like some C+C before we send them out to be printed, so that I can revise them. Primary Using a "shield" design and some silhouettes of players from our inaugural season, I've tried to incorporate a "metal" theme that the coach wanted (he really likes Judas Priest, so I decided to use lettering and symbols inspired by Judas Priest), and I've also used an interlocking "SH" to fit with the identity (the school is Stuart Hall High School in San Francisco). Since blue is my school's primary color, I've kept it in dominance over the red. Singlet Script Again, I kept with the "Metal" theme and made it small enough to fit with the plan for our singlets. Print Script This script would be used on promotional vouchers and on team documents. After I finish off this brand package, I will be starting a new thread for a series on the MLB (with updated concepts and assorted logos, once the 2012 reveals are done).
  20. SFGiants58

    Fox's MLB 2.0

    Now THIS is how the Mets should look. Good job!