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  1. Well, the results are in and I feel ready to present the Heat! MIAMI HEAT So, I went with a modified version of the Bottom Middle color scheme (reddish orange/black/yellow). However, I did increase the amount of orange in the red and demoted the black to an accent color. This gives the team a brighter and more lively color scheme, rectifying the "dullness" of their current look (unfitting for a team named the "Heat" in Miami). The "flaming ball" logo has been demoted in favor of the palm tree ball logo from Rare Design's prototypes, as I felt it had more of a "Miami" look and less of a "flames" look. However, it was too good to not keep it in the system and use on a very special alternate. The font remains the same, as it has been relatively consistent since the team's inception. The court is one of the best elements of the current identity, so I kept it largely intact aside from the brightened colors and new center court logo. Uniforms While I like the Heat's current template, I decided to make it a little more lively. The center stripe in the panels is larger, making it more akin to the 89-99 look (which I like for its "brightness") and adding more color to the look. The updated colors allow the color scheme to "pop" more, making the most of an excellent retro-modern template (panels with minimal trim). The Nike wishbone is also fixed, without the solid color back that I detest. The road now uses a reddish orange base instead of a black base, to further the "brightening" agenda. Alternates The first is a yellow version of the home uniform, making what a marketing department would call a "sunburn" alt. The black alt goes for the magenta/neon blue color scheme I proposed. It has a Gotham variant for the lettering/number font, and uses the neon-sign like "fireball" logo on the shorts (instead of the palm ball). I call it the "Miami Nights" alt, and it would be worn infrequently (probably only on Friday nights). I ultimately decided against using it for the primary, but on Brandon's advice, I kept it in the system to "do something bold" with the team. The final alt is a white Floridians throwback, as I've always liked them (with a wordmark to comply with league rules). Up next, a much less modern team, the Milwaukee Bucks!
  2. That's pretty much what I thought when the Warriors announced their intentions to build a new arena, way back in 2012. We might even see a rebrand (no way that they keep the San Jose name if they permanently move to SF, unlike their temporary stay in the Cow Palace), which would be welcome in my book.
  3. Only two seasons of these two together (uniforms, not players): Also, only one season together (1995-96):
  4. While I have what I want to do for Miami's uniforms and court figured out, I'm still iffy about the color scheme. While I do like their colors, watching them in the finals made me realize how muted/dull their look is. It's Miami, they should have some flash to their look and have a bit more energy in their design. Kinda like the current Marlins, but a little more conservative/not as "out there". So, I've narrowed it down to a few color schemes. Top left is the typical "Miami Vice/nights" look, focusing on the magenta of the ABA Floridians and a neon tealish green, to sort of tie the look into the teal of the other Miami teams (Dolphins/my Marlins concept from earlier this year). Black is used as an accent color, to keep the bright shades from clashing/hurting the eye. Bottom left is the same as above, but with a light orange in place of the neon teal. Top middle replaces the magenta with a dark reddish-orange, brighter than current Miami's Cardinal-esque red shade. Neon teal remains in the look. Bottom middle is the same as top middle, but with a bright yellow replacing neon teal (probably my favorite of the bunch). Top right is probably my least favorite, with a magenta/neon teal/yellow color scheme, without the black key color (black would probably still be on the uniforms somehow). I don't plan on using it, but I figured it would be nice to put that option out there. Bottom right uses reddish orange/light orange/bright yellow, going for a faux gradient distribution while eliminating black. So, which one should I go for?
  5. These are the best road uniforms the Saints have ever worn: Really love the gold numbers and the helmet/pants stripes matching.
  6. Thanks for the C+C, it was really nice to get a classic team out of the way. Now, a somewhat modern team that actually looks modern! MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES Ah, the Grizz. While I like their identity, I really feel like it is a little too bland. The boring staring bear, the triple blue/yellow color scheme that just screams "mid-2000's), and what might be the most generic "modern" standard uniforms in the NBA. Also, their split numbers were one of the worst casualties of the Rev 30. However, I adore the "G with slashing bear" logo from the first couple of years in Memphis (they moved away from Vancouver long enough ago to justify its reuse) and the alternate (with it's Egyptian-esque shoulder yoke). So, I decided to hinge the identity around these logos, with a bit of a twist. The first noticeable change is that the color scheme has switched to one of dark brown/turquoise/yellow, with metallic gold in the logos. This gives them a unique color scheme that not only ties into the nickname (brown), but also alludes to their combined time in Vancouver (turquoise) and Memphis (yellow). The turquoise and yellow could also give an Egyptian jewelry-vibe, alluding to the connection between Memphis, Tennessee and Memphis, Egypt. The court is mostly unchanged from the current court, just adapted to make room for the new logos and coloration (with a special coloration of the FedEx Forum logo). Uniforms The current alternate is used as the basis for this entire set (much like what I did with the Nuggets). It's far more modern than their current home/road look, and distances the team enough from its Vancouver days to excuse the coloration. The wordmarks remain on arcs, as I am not a fan of the straight wordmark on the actual alt. The brown road uniform makes them unique in the Western Conference (there's another brown team in the East). Because this series does not use the Rev 30, the split numbers return to the uniforms, finally unifying the set again. Alternates The first alternate is a turquoise version of the home uniform, and the second alternate is a revival of the Memphis Tams throwback they wore a few years ago (it's too unique not to use). While I know that this color scheme may not be popular, I feel that it is fitting for the team and really helps set them apart from the rest of the league. Up next, the Miami Heat!
  7. Another excellent merging of eras (esp. the primary and the road uniforms). Seeing as how you'll be doing the A's next, will you be using kelly green, or their current forest green?
  8. Well, I checked, they're orange. Burnt orange, yes, but still orange. Probably just a minor rendering issue. Anyway, on to the Lakers! LOS ANGELES LAKERS I honestly think the Lakers have never had a bad look since they moved to LA. The Showtime-era set, the Shaq/Kobe set, and even the double blues all look nice. However, the two purple/yellow sets both have some serious issues. The Showtime-era set has the wonky script, number drop shadow from Hades and omits jersey panels (despite having shorts panels), while the Staples Center set has a mismatched NOB font (should be serifed like the numbers), a modern collar/cuff cut that clashes with the wordmark and numbers, and some number issues after the Rev30 was instituted. Let's not mention how the primary logo still rocks a dirty look that places it firmly in the 60's, even though the team has designed far cleaner logos in the same spirit, like the "L-ball" alternate. I have come here to rectify these issues and create a Lakers look that not only provides a more appropriate look, but also cleans it up to modern standards. The primary has been redone in a style more like the "L-ball" alternate logo, with the speed lines only appearing on the "L" and the outlines given an even weight. The purple has also been darkened for the team, to better match the color they actually wear on the court. There is also a new tertiary of an interlocking "LA", mostly designed as an alternate for merchandise like hats. The court goes back to the 70's-80's Great Western Forum colorization (with purple replacing red), has college lines again (unnecessary, but the vintage feel they bring is nice), and the championship stars go bye-bye (we get that this franchise has 16 titles, they don't need to shove it in people's faces). Uniforms Like I said before, I've merged the best of the Showtime-era set and the Staples Center set into a uniform set that feels appropriate for a team as storied and old-fashioned as the Lakers. The Showtime collars and sleeve cuffs return, as well as the piping scheme on the panels (which still contain the "L-ball" logo and go over both jersey and shorts). Not only does it eliminate issues with the Nike wishbone collars, it also gives the uniform more unity with the somewhat old-fashion wordmark (while cleaned up, it's still very vintage in its sensibilities) and slab-serif number font. The number font is back to it's pre-Rev 30 form, without all the odd outlines or upside-down 6's and 9's. NOB's are now in the slab-serif font, to once again match the numbers. The "L" in the shorts/hem striping still remains, but is slightly more defined due to the older piping scheme. Alternates The Sunday White alts receive a bit of a makeover. They use the double-blue era's "Los Angeles" wordmark, and feature the primary logo in the shorts paneling (because it has precedent and writing the name in the panels wouldn't work with full-body paneling). Up next, the Memphis Grizzlies (with a little surprise)!
  9. Thanks man. I followed up on your Gotham idea, and I think it really works with the identity (sort of an in-between of the late-70's and now). When planning this update, I wanted to balance both the desire to keep my old-school aesthetic while better incorporating the modern elements (as mentioned in a couple of posts above). So, here is the initial update! LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS: UPDATE #1 The secondary has been ditched, and replaced with a logo based on a ship's wheel. The flags show up behind parts of the wheel, similar to a heraldic crest (often found on the stern of a clipper ship). I'd tried to get it to work several ways, and I think this might be the best version I created (working in the "A" flag was a pain in the ass, owing to its shape). Still, I don't think it's all that great, hence why the flags on their own on the uniforms. Once I feel it's better, I might consider putting it on the uniforms. The court simply swaps out the old primary and secondary for the updated logos, and switched the side/baseline fonts. Uniforms The collars/cuffs have been simplified into a two-color design that still has some retro charm without muddling the modernity of the look or being too "edgy". The flags are now in the shorts panels on their own, and the sails have been reworked to be primarily white on all uniforms. Home Road Alternate Now, instead of using the actual logos, the uniforms use elements from the logos (scripts, nautical flags, and sails) to allude to them. I feel a lot happier about this version of the team than I did about the previous one. Once again, thank you guys for the C+C. I try to take it to heart and grow from it, and I think the quality of the series has improved because of it. Thanks.
  10. I agree, I think the thing that bothers me with a lot of your concepts are the detailed collar/sleeve design. But that's just a matter of personal taste. Overall I like the Clippers' redesign, it would certainly be a unique look in the league. I like the idea of the secondary logo (I've thought about trying out a similar one myself) but I feel like it's too... literal, for lack of a better word. There's too much empty space in the circle because the flags don't fill the shape very well. I think you could find another way to fit the nautical flags into an alternate logo without them being literally flags. I totally agree with these statements. The issues with your series is not your design/artistic ability (it's decent and miles better than some of the stuff some members of this board post on a daily basis), but the elements your use specifically your jersey design and collar choices clashing. A lot of old school collars with modern jerseys. IMO, it's not visually pleasing. So far this series gets a 7 out of 10 for me; great work but definitely room for improvement. Yeah, a lot of my designs really try to do that balancing act between retro and neo, often making them clash. I'll admit, I dislike most modern collars, but I feel that my designs aren't modern enough to warrant things like Nike wishbones, tapered v-necks, collars that are partially cut off, and anything else that isn't simple/effective (think of me as the oldschoolvikings of basketball, albeit a little more confused and less conservative in some design principles). But you are right. The collars/cuffs on several of the sets (Diesels, Clippers, and Pacers) can really muddle up the look. It's a personal preference, and I understand that sometimes, it just doesn't work for some teams (I really don't want to come off as a stubborn ass who doesn't listen to C+C by saying these things). Luckily, the next few teams (Lakers, Memphis, and Miami) all have more cohesive looks and the teams I mentioned above will feature some minor collar/cuff simplification in their updates.
  11. Well, the primary was supposed to invoke the utmost part of the bow, but I really should've added details to it to make it look less plank-like. The secondary is getting a complete revamp in the update, and the primary will get a tweak. The collars/cuffs will be simplified too, and the flags just on their own in the shorts paneling (like they are now, and small enough not to interfere with the panel design). I agree, I think the thing that bothers me with a lot of your concepts are the detailed collar/sleeve design. But that's just a matter of personal taste. Overall I like the Clippers' redesign, it would certainly be a unique look in the league. I like the idea of the secondary logo (I've thought about trying out a similar one myself) but I feel like it's too... literal, for lack of a better word. There's too much empty space in the circle because the flags don't fill the shape very well. I think you could find another way to fit the nautical flags into an alternate logo without them being literally flags. The collar/sleeve design stuff is personal preference (sort of like the sock stripes in my MLB series), but I really feel like I should simplify it for the Clippers (I think it looks muddy from a distance, and I'm thinking of replacing it with a two stripe design, in the style of the wordmarks). Also, I've thought of an idea for a new secondary that incorporates the flags. Namely, it's a ship's wheel with the "L" and "A" flags behind the top half of the wheel, and the "C" flag behind the bottom half of the wheel. How does that sound?
  12. A huge thank you for the C+C on the Diesels. I had no idea that it would go over as well as it did. Now for something I'm sure will not go over as well. LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS The Sterling era was not kind to the Clippers. Once he took over, the quirky-yet-cool powder blue/burnt orange color scheme and the ...abstract logo were tossed out in favor of a bland r/w/b color scheme and a Lakers logo clone. Of course, that era did give the team baseball-style wordmarks, but placed them against bland templates. Now that Sterling is gone, I felt it was time to balance both the powder blue/burnt orange vintage look with bits of the current look, to produce a look that the Clippers can own (the other team in this series with baseball-style scripts, the Nets, uses them differently enough to keep the Clippers unique). The primary logo is an update of the original, but takes influences from two previous updates of the logo, one by Conrad and another by MBannon92. While I do like both of them, Conrad's still looked to abstract and MBannon92's had too much negative space in the logo. So, I took two basic details from their logos (Conrad's silver shadows and MBannon92's shrunken ship), and merged them. The triangular sails are now only on the very front of the bow (like they would be on a real clipper ship), and the bow of the ship has been re-proportioned to fit with the general area of the sails. The sun is now more distant in the logo, lessening the abstract feel. The "LAC" interlocking letters is replaced with a flag chain containing the maritime flags representing "L", "A", and "C" to spice up the maritime flag motif of the San Diego-era uniforms. The wordmark font is now more distinctive (looking far less like the Lakers' font), but it still doesn't appear on the uniforms. The court is a simple design, but has colored college lines to match the main striping element of the home uniforms. Uniforms The baseball scripts and number font remain, as they are part of the Sterling-era looks that can stand on their own. However, the rest of the set receives noticeable modification. The paneling is based on this uniform's paneling, but with a modern twist: it curves up at the top and joins the striping on the cuffs and shifts into a sail pattern on the shorts (kinda what the current uniforms do, but more sail-like). The scripts do not receive the Northwestern stripe/C-flag treatment, as it affects legibility/looks messy. Roads use an orange base instead of powder blue, as an orange road uniform would be unique in this series and powder blue is more fitting for an alternate. The v-neck is now a proper v-neck, and the "LAC" flag logo is on the shorts. Alternate The alt is a powder blue version of the home uniform, which could be worn at both home and on the road (which is why is uses the "Clippers" wordmark instead of the "Los Angeles" wordmarks). What I think this accomplishes is spicing up the Clippers' look with elements from their past, while keeping what worked under Sterling. Up next, the Los Angeles Lakers!
  13. This is the best uniform set the Suns have ever worn: No gray, no black, no sublimination, nothing to clutter it. Admittedly, it would've been better if the home uniform used a "Suns" wordmark and the wordmark fonts matched, but it still forms a great set.
  14. Thanks. Here is a new version of the alts, now with striping that matches the home/road.
  15. KANSAS CITY DIESELS The first of two expansion teams for this series (the other is a Sonics Mk. II team). When contemplating where I would put an expansion team to bring the league up to 32 teams (31 could technically be done, but it'd just be messy for scheduling), I immediately seized upon Kansas City. I had already ruled out Pittsburgh and Kentucky , the former because it would create an imbalance of teams in each conference (Minnesota is going to the Eastern Conference), and Kentucky is dominated by college basketball programs (Louisville and University of Kentucky). Vancouver was also ruled out, as the Pacific Northwest really doesn't need three teams. Not only do they have a fully-functional modern arena that no team is using (the Sprint Center), but they also have a history in the NBA, as they were the Kings' home city from 1972-85. When deciding on a nickname, I went for a name that would make them unique in the league, Diesels. This is a reference to the rail industry in Kansas City, and the color scheme of black, yellow, and red accents is taken from the Kansas City Southern Line's livery: The primary logo is based on a trace of the diesel, along with a roundel featuring the interlocking "KC" logo that I debuted a few days ago. The font I used for the team is Conrad's Beaverton Block, as it felt like a modern adaptation of a slab-serif font, perfect for an old-timey, industrial feel. The court incorporates a track feature in the keys, as well as dominantly yellow baselines/sidelines. Uniforms On the uniforms, I used the red as an accent for the shorts logos and the paneling, imitating the striping on the Southern Line's engines. I decided to play it simple with the collar and arm striping, as a way to draw attention towards the striped panels. Alternate: The alternate is a gold version of the home uniform, but with the train stripe paneling replaced by train track panels. I'm not all that sure about this alt, as the tracks could easily be mistaken for piano keys or seen as especially cheesy. But hey, it's an alternate, and I feel that alternates should rarely be simple recolors. This is one of my first "from scratch" designs. I felt a little nervous trying to create a team from out of thin air with my inexperience in drawing logos (I think the primary might be a bit too over-detailed), and I still think it needs some tweaking to get it just right. But still, it was a nice experience making them, and I can't wait to learn more about making a team "from scratch". Up next, and from a firmer base, the Los Angeles Clippers!
  16. Here's a bit of a teaser: Color scheme is black and yellow, with red accents (which will be used primarily on logos and accents in panels, like the 90's Pirates).
  17. This is not as bad as some people say it is: Granted, it's no masterpiece (the poor attempt to duplicate the gradient version of the logo, the full-body side stripe on only one side, the Forum-era Lakers number font, and the miniature "Miami" on the shorts), but the real collar, the striping pattern, and the red wordmark are all fairly nice. The originally Heat look was OK. Decent, but some tweaks and it could be made into something unique and lovely. The current Heat look is also great, but a balance between the two could be struck nicely.
  18. The team is going to be Kansas City. I contemplated doing Pittsburgh, Kentucky, or Vancouver, but I ruled them out for various reasons. Pittsburgh got ruled out because I just couldn't come up with an identity that worked (although I will be using black/yellow for Kansas City), Kentucky was eliminated because of the popularity of college basketball in the area with University of Kentucky and Louisville (also to prevent myself from just rehashing the Colonels identity from the ABA, which I would have done to the Pittsburgh Condors if I chose Pittsburgh), and I didn't do Vancouver because the Pacific Northwest really doesn't need three teams (because I'm bringing in an expansion Sonics team). Kansas City seemed perfect because there are no other NBA teams in Missouri (or much of a claim to the area from any extant team) and they have a recently built arena without any tenants (the Sprint Center). I wish you the best of luck on your series! First off: go ahead, but make sure to credit me if you use any of my work directly, per the concept board guidelines thread. Second: That Indiana outline in the D was done by Ben Phillippe, not me. I credited him with the creation of the wordmarks in my post.
  19. INDIANA PACERS Of all the teams in the NBA, the Pacers have one of the blandest looks. From the staining pattern court, the faux-panels on the road and alt, the bland Agency font, and the silver accents. I originally wanted to update the ABA uniforms I presented a few posts ago, but I saw unsure about how to balance this 70's look with modern sensibilities. The first step I took was to switch the Midnight Navy for a dark shade of Royal Blue, namely the one used by the early-70's Dallas Cowboys. That way, the concept could hark back to the ABA look without sacrificing the darker shades of the team's most iconic period. The shade of yellow is the same "goldenrod" shade they use now. So, I found Ben Phillippe's Pacers redesign, and saw some potential. His use of the 80's script logos was of particular note, and I loved his "Indiana" logo with the state outline in the d. However, his template was a little too messy, and used an unfitting number font. I did wind up using his script logos (the cleaned up 80's wordmark and the "Indiana" wordmark), but I put them to use in a unique fashion on the uniforms. I also saw LightsOut's excellent Pacers concepts, which gave me the idea to subliminate the checkered flag pattern into some of the logos (namely the roundel logo and the alternate "P"). However, I took the checkerboard idea and tailored it to the logos (namely the checkerboard on yellow for the roundel, and a tilted checkerboard for the "P". The court incorporates the ABA-style striping along the sidelines, and features the roundel at the center. Also, the staining pattern is replaced with real paint (there are no staining pattern base/sidelines in this series, and I intend to keep it that way). Uniforms When it came to the classic ABA uniforms, I was initially unsure of what to do. I knew I wanted to keep them to invoke the idea of track lanes and speed, but I wanted the script logos to have more of a presence on the uniform (and differentiate them from my Hawks alt). So, I took Ben Phillippe's script logos and used the "headband" as a way to connect the track striping of the uniform. I also developed a number font based on Conrad's "Dribbler" font with the headband pattern, as it was a close match to the headband-style font and kept up the "speed" motif. The v-necks make a return, with striping to match the uniform striping (but without the overlap v-neck, one of my least favorite collar types). The pattern also appears on the arms and hems. The roundel logo is on the shorts, much like it is now. Alternates Now here is where LightsOut's influence comes in. After seeing his solution to the "double triangle pattern" and subliminated checkered flag pattern in the flo-jo stripes, I decided to do my own take on it. I brought back the stripe tapering and skewed the checkered flag pattern to match the tapering of the stripes. I also spread the checkered flag pattern to the script and numbers, bringing the whole "alternate" look together. This not only allows the alternate to be more of an alternate, it also allows the set to allude to the two most successful periods of the team, the ABA and the 90's Knicks rivalry. The throwback is the blue ABA uniform. Up next, a surprise expansion to the league (mostly done to allow a Sonics expansion franchise and keep an even number of teams).
  20. Now THAT is a damn fine look for Houston. The colors, the striping, the combination of the vastly different aesthetics, it all flows together. Well done!
  21. Now, here is the full-scale update for the Houston Rockets, now with the improved logo set and cardinal red! Uniforms On the road uniform, I used the primary logo in the panels instead of the "H" logo, as I did not like how the recolored "H" logo looked on the yellow panels. Alternates I tried to improve the throwback alt's number font here. Now that I'm moving on to the Pacers, I'm wondering what I should do for their color scheme and template. I'm tempted to use an update of this ABA-era template: Because my Hawks' concept uses a template near-identical to this for its alt, I've been thinking about changing it up. Maybe putting the striping pattern on both sides, like multiple raceway lanes? Maybe have them outline a section for the wordmark, like what Ben Phillippe did (obviously less busy than his designs)? It's kind of up in the air. As far as color scheme goes, as long as the blue is darker than the Warriors' shade of blue, I think any blue will work with the yellow (preference is definitely towards a dark royal, like the early-70's Cowboys).
  22. Thanks man. I've tested out your ideas for the primary and tertiary (which also allowed me to eliminate the contrail, the last non-original element in the set). I assume this is what you meant with your suggestion for the secondary (the "R" was added so that the road could have a representation of the team's name on the road). I love the way this turned out, thank you so much. These updates are a lot better for sure. I just wanted to make some possible suggestions. There is already an inconsistency with outline stroke around the rocket in the primary/tertiary and secondary. Make the stroke size of the rocket primary/tertiary just as it is in the secondary. Try slanting the rocket in the secondary just as in the primary/tertiary. Would give the logo a more aerodynamic feel. A white outline around the yellow ball would improve yopur logo, imo (similar to Utah's primary logo). The way the three colors meet with the white laces, yellow ball and red roundrel is making the logo look a little minor league (You also give the white ball laces a more modern feel lie the ball in Cleveland, New Orleans, Charlotte or Indiana's logo). What would you think about giving the Rockets Vegas Gold and a darker Red rather than the Goldenrod/Atheltic Gold/Yellow they have? Would definitely help differentiate the Hawks from the Rockets. The Rocket you have now, albeit good, comes off stale, static. maybe a little added details (similar to the first rocket) would do wonders.Thanks. I didn't catch that inconsistency until I was uploading it. I had a little free time this morning, so I tried to do the slanted rocket on the H. It worked, but it is not at exactly the same angle as it is on the primary/tertiary (it looked too forced at that angle, and it complicated the drop shadow/centering. The white outline also felt like it helped clear the logo a bit and give it that extra oomph. It also allowed me to shrink the ball and put more emphasis on the Rocket (they are the Rockets after all). I also tried to add more detail to the Rocket, but it just made the thing look too busy, and the big goal of redoing the Rocket was to clean it up and balance it with the neo-retro aesthetic (which I feel that it does). Here is the updated logo sheet (full update to follow soon): I decided against using vegas gold/metallic gold/old gold for the Rockets. Apart from a small selection of teams (49ers, Ottawa Senators, UCLA, Notre Dame, and some other college teams), I detest the metallic gold colors for older teams (i.e. if I did Rams and Penguins concepts, the first thing I would do is ditch the vegas gold/tan color for both of them). The way I've tried to separate the two teams is through subtle shade differences (the Rockets' red is lighter while their yellow is more "goldenrod" than the straight yellow of the Hawks) and a couple of changes I'll make in a Hawks update (which will be to put the "ATL" in the lanes and switch the road uniform's paneling to white) will divide the teams even further. Going for metallic just comes off as "modern for modern's sake", and it would completely clash with the retro feel of the look. When I did try to do it, it just looked out of place with the retro feeling of the logos. -edit I was way to harsh on the metallic colors, and I apologize if I came off like a stubborn dick about the yellow. Here is the logo sheet with a sampling of different color schemes. Dark Red + Vegas Gold Bright Red + Old Gold Cardinal Red + Athletic Gold (my favorite, keeps the retro charm, and you'd never mistake them for the Hawks with this shade and its too bright to bring confusion with the Cavaliers)
  23. Thanks man. I've tested out your ideas for the primary and tertiary (which also allowed me to eliminate the contrail, the last non-original element in the set). I assume this is what you meant with your suggestion for the secondary (the "R" was added so that the road could have a representation of the team's name on the road). I love the way this turned out, thank you so much.
  24. I never forgave Dusty Baker for his dickery with the bullpen in that game 6. I was only 8 at the time, and it hurt for sometime. You cannot believe how happy I was when the moment finally came in 2010 (throughout that series, I kept hoping the Giants could close it out as quickly as possible, to avoid crap like 2002). The Sharks, I've learned to live with it. The worst pain from them came in 2011, as they were eliminated by the Canucks (I saw how they nearly blew it against Chicago in Round 1, and I hoped the Sharks would be lively after a reality check against the Red Wings in the previous round). Also, I knew some douchey Canucks fan at my high school, and he was reveling in it. You can't imagine how happy I was seeing the Bruins win and seeing him eat his words.
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