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  1. Tampa Bay Dodge’s Follies Tampa Bay Naimolian Numbskulls Tampa Bay/Montréal Mistakes Montréal Balles de Blue In all seriousness, I kind of like Atlantic Wanderers or Atlantic Nomads.
  2. Even a weaker players’ union would tell MLB and Stu to get bent with this idea. One of the biggest themes I noticed when researching the Expos’ San Juan games was how thoroughly the players hated it. No way that this gets approved. It’s stadium blackmail after the Ybor City failure.
  3. Contraction would be better, or merging with the Marlins.
  4. “Permission to explore” = blackmail for Tampa Bay stadium. They’ve finally escalated to the blackmail phase! Let’s see if the market cares.
  5. The 1967-70 is what should have been the “modern” design. It needs more love.
  6. Mr. Chewbarky, have you ever thought about how you would handle a Johnny Canuck design? Judging by your extensive portfolio, I'm sure you could put together a fantastic design that avoids some of the compositional pitfalls of the WHL/modern design.
  7. Yeah, the Lakers gave up a big chunk of their young core and picks for veterans. It could blow up in their faces (as many have argued), but it could also work out. The idea behind it isn't necessarily bad, especially when we see how the team has drafted and developed their players since "basketball reasons" made the team irrelevant for an extended period. But getting this bent out of shape over it, not wanting to move on and only digging yourself deeper? Learning to read the room is one of the best skills one can acquire in life. Know when to keep pressing an issue and know when to abandon the topic and move your discussion elsewhere.
  8. I've got to agree with @DastardlyRidleylash here. A simple-minded country boy isn't exactly desirable, even in a "laughing at ourselves" way. Heck, go to Port Coquitlam and see what a "simple-minded country boy" can do (On the Farm is an excellent read on a gross miscarriage of justice). He'd be more appropriate for a region of the country that has less of a "hubs for arts, culture and media in Canada" nature to it. Somewhere in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba might be more appropriate. There, it's a bit more OK to adopt a tongue-in-cheek symbol of Canadian national pride. Also, having the city that has doubled for damn-near every major metropolitan area in the world claim a national symbol just rubs me the wrong way. Nobody would get behind a Los Angeles team with Uncle Sam or a bald eagle as the logo, so why should it be different for Canada? Vancouver's status as an "international" city (due to its coastal nature and proximity to the United States/membership in Cascadia) contradicts the use of Canadian national symbols. TL;DR: I'm cool with a better-rendered Johnny, but I don't mind the Orca as much. If the team sees no reason to use Johnny based on their market research and current branding angle, I see little reason to dispute it. This isn't #bringbackthebrown, where a vocal minority grew to find a way to resolve a similarly-difficult branding situation.
  9. That’s ultimately where I stand. Some of us here want Johnny Canuck, but I take it that it’s a minority opinion. We have to remember that our opinions on the boards don’t necessarily reflect what the Canucks’ fans think. Market research won’t always back up the consensus of the CCSLC. This isn’t the Brewers’ ball-in-glove, the Padres in brown/yellow, or the Rams in royal blue/yellow. There’s no clear fan preference that contradicts what the team wants (AFAIK). The fans at large could reject Johnny Canuck for all we know. Maybe it’s for the reasons that @andrewharrington mentioned, I’m not sure. Johnny hasn’t been on a uniform since the early 1960s. Entire generations have gone by since its heyday. If that has any bearing on its current use, I’m not sure.
  10. I've looked into it and I'd agree to an extent. A bunch of the cops and judges were likely part of the Piggy Palace Good Times Society, happily overlooking Willie's crimes because as far as they were aware, he was killing the right people. But let's change the topic from anti-sex worker cops and towards Johnny Canuck. Like I've said before, I'd be all for a better rendering of Johnny Canuck. One with better line weights, a consistent perspective, and a three-color design (kelly/royal/white) would be ideal. It doesn't even have to be a full-body rendering, just something to get the lumberjack mascot across with minimal fuss.
  11. Well, I like it! You've done an excellent job with a fairly tough color scheme to get right (the primary color mix), while also producing a fantastic version of the triceratops and mountain designs. While the font isn't exactly my first choice for the area (I'm a slab-serif guy, as you noted), it fits well with the "Rocky-ness" of the design with its spurs and rough edges. My recommendation for changing it up would be to go with the top left or right option. Another suggestion would be to double outline the thinner letters from the top, so as to get all the colors without running into overlap or kerning issues. The home alternate showed that the double outline could work well, especially if the letters are thin and the front numbers are still contrast-colored. My solution for mountain stripes was a simple sleeve cuff design. Connecting three or five triangles to the middle of the standard sleeve trim would work pretty well, especially with a blue fill and an approximation of the white areas from the primary logo. Granted, it would probably lead to you shrinking the triceratops logos, but that's a minor obstacle.
  12. @vtgco made an excellent effort at it. His whole thread features some fantastic Canucks ideas.
  13. Now that you're banned and probably don't care, let me answer it. It wasn't a deflection, I did it to get a rise out of you. I wanted to see where your sense of perspective was in regards to "black marks on Canadian glory." I also like how you didn't even discuss me bringing up terrible owners in Canada or the lacrosse bit, something that you could have used to bolster your argument (again, not deflecting, I just wanted to see how you behaved as a troll). But back to hockey, It's the sports version of those whiny geek podcasts/YouTube shows (e.g., Geeks and Gamers, Collider, etc.), except without the outright misogyny. It's amazing how much the "jocks" share in common with the "nerds."
  14. See @Red Wolf's post for why ESPN really didn't owe the AAF anything. It was simply one in a long line of alternative football leagues, one that had the benefit of being around at the same time as prevalent social media and the early phases of a revival for a previously-defunct alternative football league. I know that you want to defend your former employer, but ESPN saw that alternative football wouldn't bring in the numbers compared to the NFL offseason or NBA/NHL/MLB news/highlights.
  15. Yeah, that’s not great. Milkmen probably did exist in Milwaukee at some point, but it’s much more suited for a regional name. I wouldn’t say it’s as insulting as Baby Cakes, Sod Poodles, or the litany of food rebrands. It’s not the Milwaukee Curd Fries or Beer Dogs. I’m sure Lakefront Brewery adopted this method back in the ‘90s.
  16. Roamers with a proper insignia would work. Might I suggest using either shadows or inlays to get that multi-colored effect on the lettering?
  17. The whole situation had a bit of the old "The Producers" vibe, with the New Orleans AAA team trying to step up business operations in Cuba during the "normalization" efforts. I'm sure @B-Rich would know better, seeing as how he's far closer to the situation than I am. Let me put it this way: the Baby Cakes brand would be comparable to an team near Milwaukee going with a Cheese Curds (but incorrectly-represented) identity full time. Or, if you want to get the proper sense of local revulsion, a team near Plainfield, WI doing an Ed Gein-themed brand. It's popular to outsiders, but in poor taste to locals.
  18. Agreed. I don't like the idea of honoring the 1997-2010 sets (despite We Believe) or the Run-TMC period. Relative to the recent run, those teams didn't have the same significance. Would you rather honor one the best years of the franchise: ...or when the team had a brief peak (i.e., winning a solitary playoff series)/their Basketball Sentai Warrioranger period? While I have nostalgia for the 1997-2010 set, they never really did much in them. We Believe was nice and all, but it doesn't compare to an NBA championship. I get that the roundel period has bad times associated with it (googles "NBA and cocaine"), but the good outweighs the bad here. People are more likely to talk about Andre Iguodala or Rick Barry than they are Chris Washburn.
  19. Have they done the market research on the Johnny Canuck logo? How popular would you say it is with the fanbase at large? Is it a #bringbackthebrown situation or something that's super-obscure? It's important to remember that the board's opinions doesn't always reflect what the teams and general public see in their designs.
  20. Well, he did know who the Pickton Brothers were. Then again, all that means is that he’s decently versed in serial killer knowledge. Anyway, I’m glad that pest has been banned.
  21. I’d say something similar, except with Anaheim being the best name. It represented where they played, set them apart from the Dodgers’ pre-established LA hegemony (an important trait of an expansion team, Mets/Islanders excluded). Winning the World Series in 2002 should have codified it as their proper name. I get that it might not have been monetarily advantageous to keep the Anaheim moniker, but I’ll defend the Anaheim name. If the Ducks can do it, then so can the Angels. It’ll be a good day when Arte sells the team.
  22. Can I get Latrell Sprewell to vouch for me? I hear he needs cash to get his yacht back. You’re just proving his point.
  23. Scientifically-proven! Even if Boise had the best royal blue and orange uniforms in FBS, the field would render them hideous.
  24. I got one. The Aquilinis don’t have a thing on Dolan.