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  1. I just think they are cluttered-looking and busy, therefore they look bad. Not really?
  2. Believe me, I’m qualified to talk hockey. Just because you don’t like what I’m saying doesn’t mean I’m not qualified.
  3. Except the double outlines and darker red both look bad on the Canadiens. In no situation do double-outlined numbers look better than single or no outlines. The Avs would be much cleaner-looking with no outlines, as would the Ducks, Sabres, and Blues. Heck, blue numbers with red NOB’s would be better than double outlines for Montréal.
  4. This. Double outlines always look bad on numbers, with few to no exceptions. Either use a single outline or go with one-color numbers. Simple as that.
  5. It’s more about how much a guy from Ontario is shilling for the continued existence of the Arizona Coyotes. Anybody can like designs from anywhere.
  6. I’d suggest the Avs using white numbers with no outlines on the homes and blue numbers with no outlines on the roads. Blue equipment really elevated their entire identity. I only wished they’d simplify their design a bit more in some areas.
  7. Like, Hunter Strickland has had more playoff appearances than Ohtani or Trout. He even has a ring! Hunter. Strickland. This douche has played in more meaningful games than Trout and Ohtani.
  8. Expanded playoffs are the way to go. Heck, the Mariners and Angels should’ve demanded them several CBA’s ago.
  9. Heck, Joey Votto has been to the postseason more times than either Ohtani or Trout.
  10. Indeed. White numbers at home and blue numbers on the road would be a good idea, with no outlines. There's no shame in single-layer numbers.
  11. Yup. He can’t sue for defamation because his public reputation can’t get any worse.
  12. That old so-bad-it's-hilarious drama from Fox? "Mmm, whatcha say? / Mmm, that you only meant well?"
  13. In no FBS championship system would UCF have been declared champions. Not in the poll, not in the BCS, and not in the playoffs. Heck, they'd have probably lost in the expanded playoffs.
  14. Well, they could always become the Cleveland Barons Mk. II, for extra "Charlie going mad" potential.
  15. No Players' Weekend this season, which is nice.
  16. Arte Moreno would rather stick his head in a hippo jaw than agree to do anything Anaheim-themed.
  17. Honestly, I have a different thought. Make money through broadcasting a dispersal draft and getting a big fat expansion fee somewhere else! Heck, the precious Kachina jerseys can be overpriced Mitchell & Ness exclusives. TL;DR: This, except it’s an NHL club:
  18. Thanks to C+C from @vtgco, I've revised the retro logo to better resemble the guardian helms/read more as a helm. I updated the original post to reflect this revised edit.
  19. Some folks would buy stool samples if they had the kachina logo/pattern on the jar. I’m not naming names…
  20. Give it orange socks and it'd look even better. Heck, orange socks should've been the only option.
  21. Tailgating is a good suggestion for those with food allergy/sensitivity issues. I'd trust something I (or a family member/friend) cooked over whatever gets pumped out at the park.
  22. Honestly, the Chiefs should have considered going back to grey facemasks full-time. I love the white ones, but they grey is befitting of a team like them.
  23. I want a Benchwarmers game, right down to the player ID’s looking like this:
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