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  1. I still remember when a fan threw a banana at Adam Jones in 2013. That was a Serie A move right there.
  2. Fair. I’m more angsty about the Guardians’ rushed press release to combat the leak, with the shaky reasoning for the taper.
  3. I don’t think either team used tapered letterforms, unless basic block, slab-serif block, and a Wishbone C are “tapered.” 1920: 1948: It’s branding speak BS and ahistorical. Just say “we did it because it looked cool.”
  4. My strategy for a red/yellow Angels design was to make the halo navy (ignore the “Anaheim,” I’d make a “Los Angeles” wordmark now). I don’t know how much I like it now. The gold with red outline looks pretty darn good to me.
  5. Double post, but this seems a bit intriguing: It could just be a fashion jersey, but I wish this had been the team’s home jersey all season.
  6. Un-CLT: a creation of a monstrous man trying to grow a vagina through hypnosis. I’m kind of depressed that the mainstream now knows about CWC because of the revelation.
  7. A bad record in close games might explain it.
  8. That was exactly my goal. Using off-white and dark sand colors to mimic the statues, while keeping their upper peak in the letters (per the lettering and number font). Frankly, the tapering on the original seemed to come out of nowhere. I like the sharp serifs as a bit of “character,” to deviate from the Block C’s relative dullness.
  9. I’m just happy we’re at a point where Avatar: The Last Airbender is part of the cultural zeitgeist for good. I’d rather have a guy with the arrow than another classic Spongebob meme (seasons 1-3 Spongebob is like seasons 1-8 Simpsons for late millennials and Gen-Z).
  10. The classic set is the best the Flames have ever looked and I’m glad they finally brought them back full-time (even if it should’ve happened 6-7 years ago). I like the black Flames, but the 2004 red jersey should only be a third. Maybe the Coyotes should brand themselves as the furry team. Acknowledge a growing percentage of the population with stuff that appeals to that demographic: - fursuit contest - furry subculture stuff (excluding the less savory stuff) - Sonic the Hedgehog themed stuff (many furries love Sonic) - furry art contests - players commissioning area artists to draw incredibly graphic porn - host a furry convention for the Southwest, with zero ban lists* It’s fun and awful, just like the Coyotes franchise! *every sane convention shares a ban list, preventing gross and disruptive people from attending. Rainfurrest didn’t follow this list, hence why it turned out like that.
  11. Not condoning the “Make the Arena a Parking Lot” faction of NHL fans. Inclusive of the shrinking minority of Coyotes fans. Inclusive of the furries who might be into a fursuit-friendly franchise.
  12. It's like when University of Washington tried to experiment with purple helmets before restoring the classic ones. Heck, Rick Neuheisel held up a classic helmet in his introductory press conference to the delight of fans and to signal a return to form for the program. Arizona's white helmets with the red/white/navy stripe are true classics and should never have been removed from the set.
  13. It could be so much worse. The font mismatch and the number ring are meh, but the striping on the sides and trim is excellent. Even the font issue isn’t as bad as it could be (the Nash set using City Bold). I’ll defend it.
  14. …in another city. While the arena becomes a parking lot.
  15. Moreover, standardization should be done. No more bevels, no random white outline on the road wordmark, and no silver “shadows” on the home and red jersey wordmarks. The set has a lot of mismatched and vestigial bits and the team can clean it up with few people noticing.
  16. I’m in the same boat. I really like the snow whites and prefer them to the pinstripes, but I also think the pinstripes are too historical to ditch. I think they’re good on relatively one-color teams (NYY, PHI, and CWS). I’m more inclined to like them on classic designs (‘60s throwback Twins and Mets) than modern looks (Padres and Brewers, but I like the added trim on the Padres). The Rockies need to change everything that’s on top of the purple pinstripes to have more purple, while the ‘98-‘06 Diamondbacks looked way too busy with pinstripes and drop shadows.
  17. Battle of New Orleans and Andrew Jackson are also taught.
  18. The story of Sacramento Republic sounds like a UrinatingTree video in the making.
  19. When Cleveland AL released their new name, I was very happy to hear that it was Guardians. I've long-enjoyed the statues the name references. Heck, I even used that as a new name for the club in 2017! I even tweaked it a year later to use the classic navy/red: I was very happy with the name and identity idea. However, when the set came out, I had issues. Namely: 1. The weird bend in the "C," to emulate the '70s "C" for some reason. 2. The color balance looks to be keeping the navy-heavy road uniforms. 3. The flying "G" is a bad attempt at a 2.5 D logo (I do kind of like it, but I'm not that keen on it). 4. The lack of any logo of the statue. 5. The lack of any accent colors to help the team stand out among the navy/red hegemony (without dumping navy red). I solved these four problems through tweaking! 1. This fix was done through manipulating numbers in the released graphics. 2. I eliminated the all-navy cap in favor of an all-red one (for color variety) and only used red lettering with navy outlines on the home/road set. 3. I opted to create a new primary logo that took the winged letter concept into the 2D space and used the city initial. I also reshaped the wings to look more like the statue head wings and added a baseball in the wing bottom. 4. I updated my 2017 statue logo to better resemble the statues's wings and reflect techniques I've learned since then (building off of a Ottawa Senators 2D logo). 5. If you couldn't gather from the images above, a dark tan has arrived for statue. I have also replaced white with off-white (a la the SF Giants). These little steps will help add some variety into their navy/red color scheme. With all of that in mind, here are the sets! The logo sheet has been thoroughly explained above. The home and road set draws upon club history, while using the modern Guardians elements. The rigid cursive script and new wordmark/numeral font (I recreated/predicted the numerals from trailer images here) are here. Cream is now the base color of the home uniform, while each cap now rocks the red bill (which was the way the team did things from 1945-50 and 1975-1993). The overall template resembles that of the 1947 club, with contrast-colored trim on the plackets and sleeves (as well as three sock stripes with cream outlines). I opted for navy pants trim, because I liked it a bit more. I went with the wing-C on the home jersey (for referencing the city) and the guardian head on the road top (to allude to the team's new namesake directly). The alternates are a red and a navy top, with "Guardians" on red and "Cleveland" on navy. The red jersey has red socks, belts, undershirts, and hats (referencing the vest years). The second set of alternates include a red-heavy version of the home uniform and a fauxback to the uniforms from Major League II (worn from 1989-93). It has a guardian hat, albeit with white instead of cream. The jacket is a simple design, one which pays tribute to the '89-'93 racing stripes. The Cleveland Guardians have a pretty good base design, but they just needed some tweaking and more IRL references to really unlock some potential in the package. I'm going to show off a few more variations, along with a few additional name suggestions. C+C is appreciated, as always!
  20. True, but I think the shine of ‘02 has worn off a lot. The red jersey is a nightmare, while the shadowing on all jerseys is still terrible. Biting the bullet and making a “Los Angeles” road uniform would also be a good move (debut it at Dodger Stadium for the lolz). At the very least, a classic-style alternate cap would be welcome.
  21. Yup, I stand corrected. The idiot in Baltimore is very dumb.
  22. Eh, I’m trying to show that Lamar Jackson isn’t a “moron in Baltimore” and that you have weird hang-ups with players. I’m not trying to bait you, either.
  23. The “moron in Baltimore” has a lot more confidence and could shape up to be greater than McNabb, especially in key moments. The “moron in Baltimore” wouldn’t puke during a game.
  24. Nah. You gotta have confidence for the challenges. He’s not gonna be puking behind the center like McNabb the abject failure did.
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