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  1. I’d rather the team look like the ‘75 title team and not a club that never even made a conference championship. The “Rookie Latrell” set is just so bland to me. It’s not the team. A big circle on the chest is the Warriors. The execution could’ve been better (as Admiral said), but I adore the set they just retired. It’s a good nickname, RUN-TMC, but they have little to show for that run. Also, Tim Hardaway, just apologize for the homophobia comments. You’ll be on the Hall of Fame ballot the minute you apologize.
  2. On the contrary. The hockey-style crest is the Warriors to me. It's an essential part of the team's brand since arriving in the Bay Area. Granted, the Copperplate was an issue, but otherwise I really like them. Breaking from the brand gave us a bland set (I don't get the love for the RUN-TMC uniforms, which just look so generic to me): ...then "Basketball Sentai Warrioranger:" I'll take the 2010's set anytime over those.
  3. Maybe, but I can't shake the "mini horn + crescent" look that people here dislike so much. It'd be better to unite around the classic horn.
  4. I think @mcrosby made a pretty decent ram logo. Just assume it's in royal/yellow and has the classic horn/a keyline. I would definitely say that his "LA" looks way too much like a "2."
  5. Honestly, what's wrong with pulling a Browns for the Rams? A stylized version of the helmet as a logo could be a good look for them.
  6. Safeco is the only retractable roof stadium that did it right. Maybe Miller Park too, but that's a big maybe.
  7. It's nice to see that years after his death, Sir Ken Adam's influence lives on in stadium design.
  8. I’m just shocked I’m not seeing Mac Tonight in a racist context!
  9. Dark royal and bluish silver. Silver green looks hideous.
  10. I was thinking more like this. "Oh, there goes the Rams' brand equity!"
  11. What an original joke. I’ve totally never seen it before.
  12. Like I said, this is because nobody gets any responses in Lounge threads anymore. Maybe making it visible again to the public would help? Also, this board is pretty conversational and conversations tend to drift after somebody makes an analogy. Once an analogy comes out, we leap on that analogy and its background. It's the way the conversations work here and in a discord chat. Heck, this board would make more sense as a discord server sometimes.
  13. It’s better than my defense of Dee Dee Ramone’s rap career, trying to label it as “outsider art” that beautifully encapsulated how in spite of the similar origins of punk and hip-hop, the two don’t go well together. Fuh fuh fuh fuh fuh fuh fuh fuh FUNKY! I’d still rather listen to Dee Dee embarrass himself more than Jay-Z.
  14. That's very true. Heck, I'm a Judas Priest fan. The band that made Painkiller and Angel of Retribution is a far cry from the synth metal of Turbo, the simplified rock of British Steel, or the blues-based sludge-ish Sad Wings of Destiny. It's still distinctively them, but it's adapted for the times. The same goes for Iron Maiden, getting very deep into the prog rock-like stuff once Bruce Dickinson joined and Steve Harris/Adrian Smith got confident enough to write complex pieces that eschewed their punk-like past. I like it when a band can stay contemporary while not necessarily losing what made it work in the first place. Or, they find something that works and they can turn it into a new style. In-****-deed. Heck, outside of the awkwardness that was Living Eyes and the "how do you do, fellow kids?"-ness of High Civilization (though I'll defend "When He's Gone" as a top five Robin song), the Gibbs were pretty damn good at adapting for the times while not losing their essence (even when writing for other musicians). Ultimately, I think this topic applies to uniforms pretty well. We get plenty of brands that can update themselves without losing the essence of what made the originals work - ...while you have those teams that just find themselves chasing trends, going with the new-fangled ideas of the time to the detriment of their aesthetic: ...or those who find their way back home, but with a few speedbumps keeping it from perfection - You see? I can make any digression applicable to sports design. The Patriots are in a "no-man's land" between the dynasty set and their Pat Patriot days, very confused about a proper direction. Hopefully gray pants can intervene in their mess at some point or they take up UCLA/UA's advice on how to do shoulder stripes in a proper way.
  15. Well, conversations frequently tend to drift and nobody really pays attention to The Lounge anymore. We made this section the new lounge because people actually read and engage here, even if it’s musical hot take about how becoming popular means you and the music are now bad and stupid (it can apply for modern pop, to an extent). Conversations always drift around and because moderators don’t mind drifting, we’re good (nothing in the rules about “staying on topic”). Heck, I went on a long bit about Yandere Simulator in the LA football thread, comparing Demoff to an incel who writes hilariously inefficient code.
  16. Ah, fair point. I definitely agree with you there. I’ve been out of the modern pop scene for ages, mostly just focused on older material. Most modern pop really isn’t my taste and just sounds so messy and overwrought with artificiality. I could also talk about the rise of the “second person perspective” song and how it’s a blatantly predatory technique, but that’s been going on since the ‘60s.
  17. Hey, ‘80s Queen is fantastic! Like, I can excuse not liking The Game or Hot Space, but I’d call A Kind of Magic, The Miracle, and Innuendo an excellent trilogy of albums. I find that some bands fall into trend-chasing, while others adjust their sound without losing their essence. End of the Century is probably the best Ramones album, Judas Priest’s Turbo doesn’t deserve a lot of the hate it gets, and Bowie’s ‘80s stuff still holds up well next to the ‘70s material. I hold that it’s a bad rule of thumb a lot of the time. Looking upon pop music as “dumbed down” generally strikes me as an elitist attitude. There’s plenty of good pop music now and in the past that’s creative, enjoyable, and with fantastic lyrics. Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs, what’s wrong with that?
  18. I’m so terribly sorry about what those ****stains put you and others through. This whole story is just so nasty on so many levels. Dahvie is what we call a horrorcow: a lolcow who has ascended to levels of monstrosity. The sooner he’s incarcerated or dead, the better. But back to the Rams. I do hope the team avoids a monochrome option for the primary uniforms. Just blue/white or blue/yellow and white/white or white/yellow sounds good to me.
  19. LOOK HERE! LOOK! LISTEN! Just doing a classic look does not ****ing stop it, so stop giving advice you know nothing about! I really wanted to get this redesign. I wanted it so ****ing bad. dog whimper I can’t do it, I can’t take this **** no more, man! throws controller in rage of learned helplessness Fredrik Knudsen somehow made that guy look sympathetic. Hey, maybe you all aren’t so put off by “my internet” now that you realize how truly entertaining and freaky it can get. When you’re telling stories about nonces getting staph infections from wigs, terrible coders, and obese streamers freaking out on stream, you tend to have a bit of fun. Won’t you come and join the party, dressed to kill...
  20. Or, it’s simply because I find Yandere Dev’s Wild Ride to be comparable to the Rams’ branding strategy. This is what occurs when I find people even mildly familiar with topics pertaining to “my internet.” If it wasn’t Yandere Dev, it’d be another lolcow. Just be happy I didn’t chose Dahvie Vanity (so NSFL).
  21. Fair point. I've been in the YandereDev rabbit hole for so long (like, so long), that his crazy moments kind of blend together. Once you mention "else if" statements, his edgelord past, and turning away TinyBuild/volunteers, you tend to forget about the eye color thing and other inefficient coding decisions. It's not unlike adding gradient colors, doing the segmented horn, and trying to be all "balance the past and future." The inefficiency and getting super far up your rectum applies to Demoff/the Rams and YandereDev perfectly. Heck, one could argue that the Rams' history has been filled with Yandere Dev-tier incompetence. The 1999 title was their TinyBuild moment. For those unfamiliar and looking for time to kill; Yup. Were you there for the Aces and the (now sadly taken down) images of the big-breasted lady with the Aces belt buckle? "Embrace the Ace!" His ego was particularly hilarious to see deflated by the boards. I fully expect the Rams to go with something more traditional for the next redesign, but hopefully they'll keep the royal and yellow-gold.
  22. Like I said, the Yandere Dev comparison is apt. Those who were in the know knew it was feces, while plenty of people gave their support to Sparky Chewbarky. All of those over-designed looks are the sports logo equivalent of "else if" statements. I'm just happy he used the phrase "get along gang" instead of "gremlins" and doesn't have a history like this: Fixed. "I, EvaX, humbly submit, a toast, to Kevin Demoff, for successfully managing to redesign the Rams, so that he may redesign them once the time comes. Congratulations, Kev. Enjoy your style. *sip* *lip smack* ah." Many sports executives share the same business practices and disregard for outside help as Yandere Dev.
  23. Only in his thread. Everywhere else, the "get along gang"/"mafia" made fun of him. Among a lot of us, he's Yandere Dev levels of unpopular. His design style is not unlike Yandere Dev's coding.
  24. Might I refamiliarize you with the Seattle Kraken or the Las Vegas Aces?
  25. I've also thought that the Diamondbacks could do the Suns' purple/orange or purple/orange/black pretty well. Heck, purple/orange is really underused. Maybe the Coyotes could look good with it, since we're so eager to have a purple team in the NHL's color palette.