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  1. Maroons could work as well. It kind of infringes on Cardinals, but they've adopted the bird as their identity more than the color.
  2. True, the reservations (some of which have been hit insanely hard by the pandemic) need things beyond masks.
  3. I’d rather turn the fabric into masks for the reservations.
  4. Fixed. Doby’s relative obscurity is something that needs fixing.
  5. In an ideal world, we’d have the Original Seven, with the OG Senators sticking around. Ottawa hockey is just cursed, it seems.
  6. See Filthy Frank, Mumkey Jones, some of Joe Rogan, LPOTL (especially Zebrowski), Crime in Sports/Small Town Murder, and Dick Masterson. I’d throw Maddox in here too, but he’s a dummy who sued his former podcast cohosts for what amounted to “mean words.” AKA JK Rowling’s attempts to be “progressive” while thinking that trans people are subhuman, meanwhile trying to play the victim card for the very deserved backlash. It’s like Orson Scott Card all over again, but made worse because of her works’ popularity. This also works well to describe just about anybody who has “rebranded” online without changing what a charlatan or exploitative dingus they are IRL.
  7. Burgundy and powder blue, thanks to the retro marketing, are a package deal. The two colors look wonderful together, so why not embrace it?
  8. Letting Austin struggle would be the best course of action. If it gets Austin “Kegger King” Precourt out of MLS, that’s good.
  9. Add powder blue stars and I’m set!
  10. No chance. Once you get rid of a Native American mascot, it’s gone forever. If you try to bring it back, controversy follows. People won’t miss the name, and if they do, they’ll be called racists (rightfully so). That’s just reactionaries who wanted to keep the name. These are people who are somewhere in the stages of grief, not realizing that they’re supporting a name that’s been mired in controversy for a little over forty years. Give it a minute and few will miss it, remember it fondly, etc. It’s not desirable, it’s embarrassing that the name lasted this long.
  11. I made a better one. So did @mcrosby: ...and @hockey week: Heck, the "O Peace Tower" makes for an excellent primary crest, if you don't want the Roman look back. It references the nickname better, while calling back to the Silver Seven. Heck, on a Roman third-based or Roman/'20s hybrid design, it's a good way to connect the two identities.
  12. I highly doubt anybody will fondly remember the controversy, the realization that the team name was a slur that survived forty years of controversy, and I'm pretty sure only a certain set of fans will miss it. At the very least, many of the people agree it was about damn time the team changed the name. Not many here will miss the name. I am also fully aware that I'm using a .gif of an unintended racial stereotype (Watto, who is coded semitic/Jewish) for this. I apologize, but it fit too well.
  13. Symmetry like that is undesirable. The white stripes are very necessary, to properly do the barberpole homage. Unless they want to adopt the “Centurions” name, they gotta go full Silver Seven. Correcting a historical wrong by wearing the barberpole-style pattern (with center stripes, like the heritage set) is a must. Even if the Roman logo has to remain, they gotta do center stripes. Of course, only one jersey did the Roman right: Put the updated 2D logo on it and use block numbers (with a Peace Tower shoulder patch) and you’d be set with the Roman. Full Roman or Full Silver Seven are ideal. Mixing the two is a compromise that’s not satisfactory.
  14. Like, trying to pretend the whole controversy never happened is a fool’s errand. The Washington NFL team isn’t a “problematic” episode of a show (e.g., “Stark Raving Dad”) or an embarrassing album made during a drug haze (e.g., the Joe Perry-less Aerosmith albums). It’s an important part of the club’s history and the history of the NFL/Native American mascots. It should be acknowledged in full.
  15. TruColor's estimate was a dark royal, but knowing the '90s, the intention was probably for navy. Had Seattle landed a '90s NHL expansion team, those Nordiques jerseys could have made good uniforms for the Seattle Wolves.
  16. Heck, Grays can also mean these guys: However, it’s usually spelled with an “e.”
  17. Washington Grays - if the Nats didn’t do it, why not the NFL club? Heck, I’d take Grays over Wizards.
  18. Well, Yakub couldn’t create the correct white devil on the first try. He had to screw up a few times before making white folk. /s
  19. DC Founders - a bit about the founding of a capitol city away from any specific state. Play up the 1790s angle and there you go. Of course, the other option is to license this design from Paramount. “After all, why be a god if there's no one to worship you?”