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  1. Not really, no. What would be your preferred name? Something “fierce” and “intimidating?”
  2. Those 1980s moves nearly happened twice. Quoting myself from my thread; The mid-1990s threat died as the result of a failed referendum and the fact that it would have been located in a fairly out-of-the-way area. I've written about it here. If you want to find out more about how Tampa Bay was almost home to many teams and how MLB and potential owners thoroughly salted the earth for baseball in that region, read Stadium for Rent. It's an amazingly comprehensive look at the whole affair, dispelling many rumors about the push for a Tampa or St. Petersburg team.
  3. I've found that the anti-SJW's are way more annoying than SJW's, especially when they try to play victim.
  4. Oh yeah, that one. My research indicated that it was speculated, but almost certain had the SF proposal not gone through. They had the territory rights from The Minneapolis Millers, so that was the easiest course of action. It was O’Malley who convinced the doofus Stoneham to quit in Minneapolis/Bloomington. I did a whole concept of it: I gave them three name options, the “Minneapolis” suggested by period media, “Twin Cities,” and “Minnesota.”
  5. Well, it was only for a few games and the Millionaires are the only Vancouver hockey team to win the Stanley Cup thus far. It's not that damaging. Who cares about a few people in maroon and tan in the stands? It's not like they're super-visible on TV. This is passable: The college-style uniforms are a non-starter and far uglier than what the Millionaires wore. P.S., they also introduce a new color scheme into the mix, royal/red!
  6. Along with San Antonio, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, and (briefly) Norfolk. There's also the numerous attempts by Charlie O. Finley to move the A's away from Kansas City and his later attempts to dump them onto a new owner outside of Oakland. He explored, in no particular order: Louisville Dallas Atlanta Milwaukee San Diego Seattle Denver New Orleans Phoenix (maybe) Basically, if a market got a team after 1960, you can best bet that the A's briefly considered moving there. I hate to brag, but I've kind of been chronicling this sort of thing for a year.
  7. It’s a unique color in the NHL and works well with that light sea foam green and black. Who cares how it ties to the biology? Most people probably don’t even know about salmon’s coloration during its lifespan. Also, place on the food chain? We have ducks and sharks in the same division. I don’t know about you, but I doubt a duck would fare well against a shark.
  8. Wings, you’re just whining. Who do you think posted this garbage: Oof. Really puts his earlier statement in a different context, doesn’t it?
  9. Look at the likes on his posts compared to yours. That’s the board’s de-facto downvote option, likes on posts calling out posts.
  10. I was satisfied with just 2015. They don't have to impress me anymore. The long-suffering team got to the top and that's all I really wanted. I didn't have to make jokes about the team being the cocaine epicenter of the 1980s NBA, Chris Washburn (who is doing much better now, good for him), Latrell Sprewell assulting PJ Carlesimo and his teammates, or "We Believe" being the franchise's post-ABA merger peak.
  11. ”You see, the spiders and webbing symbolize the webs in which the drugs/abusive relatives/my mental illnesses trapped me. They remain in my nightmares, even after I escaped.” ”But what about those drawings of you dressed up as Spider-Man defeating a Peter Murphy-looking Green Goblin and making out with Siouxsie Sioux...” ”Dark secrets of dreams!”
  12. I’m just happy that there might be new blood in the mix. At the very least, I doubt the Warriors’ run will continue that far beyond this season. All of these extra games are adding up, not to mention the losses that will happen during the off-season. Seeing them turn into a middle-of-the-playoff-pack team (as opposed to the outright garbage they were for so long) wouldn’t be too bad.
  13. Indeed! But I’m more a fan of the Buckeyes’ similar design. That last cap in particular would look fantastic with the current uniform. Heck, make it the leading letter of a “Cleveland” cursive script and I’d be pleased.
  14. How about just not having a navy alternate? I don’t really believe in curses, but those navy jerseys have the stink of playoff failure on them. Besides, having a red jersey only would be nice.
  15. Political whiteness is a fascinating topic for me, from both a historical and ethnographic perspective. It ties nicely into topics of assimilation and reactions to various immigrant movements in relation to real-world conflicts and other events. But back to the Cleveland AL Baseball Club. Is it bad that I kind of want to see racing stripes return for an alternate? I know that the second Major League movie isn’t as popular as the first, but the asymmetrical stripes are a fantastic change of pace from the normal style of stripes.
  16. Oh, I'd never try to dispute the scientific and archaeological facts of the ancestry. I'm a firm believer in the archaeological and genetic facts. When I tried to defend the "white-splaining" term, I was using it to refer to matters of historiographical arguments (e.g., indigenous-colonial interactions, the necessity of assimilatory measures, etc.), not the scientific facts of Native American genetic heritage or archaeological history. Definitely. It's incredibly important to understand these dynamics, especially when it comes to communicating these facts. As for the bolded point, racial diversity in the archaeological and genetics fields is a whole rant for another day I get why they would resist, but it's silly. It doesn't change that they were the first humans on the continent. It still has nothing on what certain sects of the Nation of Islam believes about the origins of blacks and whites, and how some will say that science backs up these beliefs. I thoroughly agree. Again, "white-splaining" is something like a white person exhibiting ignorance of system racism or reinforcing long-discredited stereotypes towards subaltern peoples. Examples of this would include trying to perpetuate the idea that the indigenous people of the United States needed to be assimilated into Anglo-American culture or arguing that the Native Americans weren't at a constant disadvantage in treaty negotiations. It's not trying to teach peer-reviewed facts. Heck, if I started talking about Japanese war crimes in World War II to various Japanese people, I'd probably get slapped with that "white-splaining" term or just be written off as some gaijin jerk. It was a good etymological overview, one that I have no problem with at all. I understand why people have a problem with the name, but I don't see it as bad as the Washington Football Team or a name like "Savages" or something legitimately derogatory (e.g., words that the censor filter now picks out). Changing the name would be nice, but leaving it and building around it (preferably in a Spokane Indians-style with appropriate fluff pieces to satisfy some of the more hardcore critics) would also work. @Ice_Cap, I apologize if I came off like a dick in trying to justify the term. I agree with you on this matter. I would beg to differ. That's all I will say.
  17. It does add up, given the power dynamics we’re talking about. Whites have historically had a position of power in American culture, often shaping the way in which the public sees subaltern cultures (e.g., Native Americans). I’d say that it’s appropriate, but not in this context (as @Ice_Cap clarified). If it was me doing it (a fellow who is undoubtedly white) then it would be. OK, you like Little Red Sambo. That doesn’t make you a bad person, as long as you can empathize with those who might not like it and see why it’s such a problem. If Cleveland had a Blackhawks or Braves-like design, it might be better for them. But today, that’s just not happening. Holy slippery slope fallacy! Vikings will probably never be seen as derogatory, given that Scandinavians aren’t a historically-oppressed group (for the most part). I’d rather they keep the old colors, but add in an accent shade.
  18. I'm in that same boat. Ethnicity names just rub me the wrong way in most cases (a group giving the name to themselves, e.g. Celtic FC and maybe Notre Dame - fine by me). An ethnicity isn't a job, a specific person, or an natural being/phenomenon, so it just comes off as strange. I'd also like to clarify that when I said "Indians" was acceptable, I was implying that I believe there are better options that would cause much less branding stress. It's like a B- or C+ on a test. You passed, but you can do so much better.
  19. A Wahoo-less team with the name is fine. A name change would be optimal (or working with a local tribe/Louis Sockalexis’ tribe to do the Spokane-style identity), but this is acceptable. Just ban red face paint and feather headdresses from the stadium. Nothing is more embarrassing than that.
  20. The other option is to simply use a “Cleveland” script/wordmark and the block C, without any reference to the name. Get the point where the roundel says “Cleveland Baseball Club.” Cleveland BC would be a unique direction to take. At the very least, it’s look better than how the Rangers and Marlins handle it. Qualify what is so crappy about “Spiders,” please. I’m open to plenty of other names (especially Guardians, named after those cool statues outside The Jake), but “Spiders” is decidedly unique (an arachnid).
  21. Totally. I also like the 1946-49 version: Shameless self-plug: I've merged that design with the 1948 version for one of my designs. I like the idea of the un-tilted script with the wide brush tail. Unlike the 1994-present scripts, I wanted to keep the lighter weight of the letters and some of their roughness. An appropriate amount of roughness is always desirable in scripts. This: ...just doesn't look as good.
  22. At this point, it’d be less trouble to change the name to Spiders, Guardians, or another non-Native American name.
  23. Let's get some quotes from Wayne "Captain Video" Huizenga on that! These bits are from this wonderful article I discovered while researching. It offers opinions on why "Miami Marlins" should have been the team name from day one (with former Mayor Xavier Suarez saying that the name Miami: "instant recognition throughout Latin America that 'Florida' may not have") and the legitimate reasons why Huizenga went with the regional name (bolded emphasis is mine): There's both a definite "usurping Tampa Bay's long-standing plans for a team" angle and a "we want to attract people who might be too scared of the 'dangerousness' of Miami and it's people." I think @the admiral got to the heart of the reasoning right here: Miami Marlins has a classy sound to it, while also being appropriate for when Tampa Bay sued their way into the majors (following some spectacular blue-balling by MLB). Of course, Huizenga wanted a regional name that played into the "white flight" sectors of the fandom. I apologize if I'm getting political, but these are important factors behind the branding decisions of the team. That's correct, Florida Panthers was the name that Frank Morsani had for his expansion bid in 1991 (he lost out to the Porter/Schur group, who wanted to use the name Florida Whitecaps or Tampa Bay Whitecaps for their team - depending on the status of the Miami bid). Stadium for Rent fantastically condenses this whole saga of the 1993 expansion, while also describe the near-relocation fallout of Porter/Schur's group falling apart when the Kohl brothers pulled their cash.
  24. Sure. But, where are you getting the idea that Johnny Canuck is the most popular design? I want sources.