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  1. When Cleveland AL released their new name, I was very happy to hear that it was Guardians. I've long-enjoyed the statues the name references. Heck, I even used that as a new name for the club in 2017! I even tweaked it a year later to use the classic navy/red: I was very happy with the name and identity idea. However, when the set came out, I had issues. Namely: 1. The weird bend in the "C," to emulate the '70s "C" for some reason. 2. The color balance looks to be keeping the navy-heavy road uniforms. 3. The flying "G" is a bad attempt at a 2.5 D logo (I do kind of like it, but I'm not that keen on it). 4. The lack of any logo of the statue. 5. The lack of any accent colors to help the team stand out among the navy/red hegemony (without dumping navy red). I solved these four problems through tweaking! 1. This fix was done through manipulating numbers in the released graphics. 2. I eliminated the all-navy cap in favor of an all-red one (for color variety) and only used red lettering with navy outlines on the home/road set. 3. I opted to create a new primary logo that took the winged letter concept into the 2D space and used the city initial. I also reshaped the wings to look more like the statue head wings and added a baseball in the wing bottom. 4. I updated my 2017 statue logo to better resemble the statues's wings and reflect techniques I've learned since then (building off of a Ottawa Senators 2D logo). 5. If you couldn't gather from the images above, a dark tan has arrived for statue. I have also replaced white with off-white (a la the SF Giants). These little steps will help add some variety into their navy/red color scheme. With all of that in mind, here are the sets! The logo sheet has been thoroughly explained above. The home and road set draws upon club history, while using the modern Guardians elements. The rigid cursive script and new wordmark/numeral font (I recreated/predicted the numerals from trailer images here) are here. Cream is now the base color of the home uniform, while each cap now rocks the red bill (which was the way the team did things from 1945-50 and 1975-1993). The overall template resembles that of the 1947 club, with contrast-colored trim on the plackets and sleeves (as well as three sock stripes with cream outlines). I opted for navy pants trim, because I liked it a bit more. I went with the wing-C on the home jersey (for referencing the city) and the guardian head on the road top (to allude to the team's new namesake directly). The alternates are a red and a navy top, with "Guardians" on red and "Cleveland" on navy. The red jersey has red socks, belts, undershirts, and hats (referencing the vest years). The second set of alternates include a red-heavy version of the home uniform and a fauxback to the uniforms from Major League II (worn from 1989-93). It has a guardian hat, albeit with white instead of cream. The jacket is a simple design, one which pays tribute to the '89-'93 racing stripes. The Cleveland Guardians have a pretty good base design, but they just needed some tweaking and more IRL references to really unlock some potential in the package. I'm going to show off a few more variations, along with a few additional name suggestions. C+C is appreciated, as always!
  2. True, but I think the shine of ‘02 has worn off a lot. The red jersey is a nightmare, while the shadowing on all jerseys is still terrible. Biting the bullet and making a “Los Angeles” road uniform would also be a good move (debut it at Dodger Stadium for the lolz). At the very least, a classic-style alternate cap would be welcome.
  3. Yup, I stand corrected. The idiot in Baltimore is very dumb.
  4. Eh, I’m trying to show that Lamar Jackson isn’t a “moron in Baltimore” and that you have weird hang-ups with players. I’m not trying to bait you, either.
  5. The “moron in Baltimore” has a lot more confidence and could shape up to be greater than McNabb, especially in key moments. The “moron in Baltimore” wouldn’t puke during a game.
  6. Nah. You gotta have confidence for the challenges. He’s not gonna be puking behind the center like McNabb the abject failure did.
  7. Who cares about any of that? Being known for heartbreak alone only gets you so far. Pitiable ≠ lovable. Baseball isn’t worse off for having no “lovable losers.” The Guardians, Pirates, Orioles, Rangers, and Mariners can be our new lovable losers. The Guardians don’t have to worry about an off-putting name, while Nutting and Angelos keep the Bucs and the O’s irrelevant. The Rangers are the oldest expansion team without a title (and play in a tuff shed), while the Mariners have never won a pennant. Granted, any of these teams could turn it around with new owners. You become “lovable losers” through bad ownership and later ownership trying to market off of that to avoid investing into the on-field product.
  8. Honestly, I think it might be time for the Angels to do a big tweakening. Making navy crowns w/ red brims the primaries would be a good step, along with deleting the shadows and an “LA” interlocking logo. I’m drifting back to “LA.” Heck, reveal a “Los Angeles” road uniform.
  9. As a former fan, I’m not a fan. This team exudes stupid.
  10. That was also when the pinstripes when from a cream base to a white base. That was a smart move.
  11. I’m so sorry, Cujo. I loved seeing that 2016 team and seeing them fall apart over the years has been really frustrating. They should’ve at least been to another World Series. Instead, we got the slow decline ending in today. I love having Bryant as a Giant, but I’m disappointed that the 2016 Cubs died like this.
  12. A smoker (flames inside) with the “KC” would be cool. Maybe a crown-smoker combo (since slow-smoked is the KC style). It’s also the perfect opportunity to remove black and add yellow.
  13. The Chiefs of BBQ? That could work with alternate logos. Still, you need something specific as a demonstration of good faith that the Native American connection is gone.
  14. Whew. Slider was thankfully unproblematic. Now, to add a guardian statue mascot?
  15. I doubt it’s quite the same. A bunch of groups have a similar design. Only the cop one has any political connotations. Yup. It’s still got black and no yellow. A Florian Cross or fire helmet would be nice, or just the KC on its own (white with yellow outlines/shadow).
  16. Police, probably. There’s no All Firemen Are Bastards saying. It’s akin to the Arizona Hotshots.
  17. In that case, how Aum Shinrikyo of you. Chizuo Matsumoto - why you should never trust a man who is on buckets of LSD and is trying to purchase a Soviet attack helicopter.
  18. Not to a growing number of people. Ultimately, the team is named for the KC mayor who liked to cosplay as a Native American. Ultimately, it’s the arrow on the logo and the chop people have a problem with. They’ve toned the chop down, but it might be a good time to do the oft-suggested firemen switch. However, the Chiefs have worked with Native American groups and still do, which is why a lot of the more egregious stuff is gone. There’s a piece explaining it here. Nah. The cries aren’t loud enough yet. Also, it took a brutal series of nationwide protests against police murdering black people to even get this far. It took serious property damage and social media/shareholder heat to even get Washington to drop the name (FedEx, the primary sponsor, threatened to pull out if R**s***s stayed in place). Cleveland followed suit, if only because they read the room after that. Those other dominos, like the Braves, Blackhawks, and Chiefs, barely budged. Sure, there was social media talk about them, but nothing of true substance like Washington NFL and Cleveland AL. Sure, various coalitions and groups may talk, but we now know it meant nothing for many years. No sponsors threatened the former three. Ultimately, Native Americans are #NotYourMascot. Their wishes should be respected.
  19. I know Ridleydash is a filthy Kachina Stan who would happily buy Shane Doan’s stool samples, but his posting style isn’t that bad. He doesn’t bite, blow, and suck.
  20. /s and have become necessities for social media jokes.
  21. Fun fact: that exact post never existed. It’s an amalgamation of several posts by BigMac12 and Mings, IIRC.
  22. Ever heard of Keli Lane? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keli_Lane TW: (likely) dead baby
  23. Kachina Stans don't get it. They just want their cool jersey without giving a crap about the economics of the terrible team. You know what other former team had good jerseys? Nobody's trying to make terrible arguments about why the Thrashers should stick around and drain money. Let the Coyotes become part of the Heritage Collection. Then you can your precious Kachina and not have to worry about the economic implications of the team.
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