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  1. I’m curious, what’s the Kentuck/Ohio breakdown for Cincinnati suburbs? I know the airport is in Kentucky.
  2. Having spent the past 12 minutes wiping out cobwebs, I'm kind of glad it's not Spiders.
  3. University of Richmond was the bigger threat. Disney posed more of a threat with Guardians.
  4. Thanks to the Twitter video, I found some numbers beyond "216" ...which has given me an idea about the number font (I totally support the idea of a custom number font as differentiation): It's not exact and I'll know more once more images/fonts come out. Similarly, I've also fixed the "C" to look more like the wordmark version. I like it a bit more.
  5. The “right-thinkers” like to make fun of silly butthurt lawsuits like these. Are you familiar with Maddox’s lawsuit, Addison Cain, or Homestuck? All parts of the political spectrum love a good “lolsuit.”
  6. Grays was still the best choice. “bUt PiTTsBuGh!!!” - they have the Crawfords.
  7. Or Mike Danton, who looks a lot more justified now.
  8. Now I want the Browns to bring back grey facemasks.
  9. I’d like a blu-ray of Sidekicks. It’s a fun little romp. Remember when we didn’t know Chuck Norris was a total whack-job?
  10. Maybe we should’ve let Dan Ackroyd do the branding for Cleveland. He’d come up with a crazy, likely paranormal idea. Very risky and probably terrible, but good with the right amount of editing. I’d love to see his original insane Ghostbusters script adapted into a comic.
  11. With tribal language jerseys, which should’ve been done had Cleveland kept the name.
  12. Arrows is right here: The ‘80s design is hideous, but the name is cool and simple.
  13. I’m less of a wokescold than I used to be. The “Cancelling” of Lindsay Ellis got me out of that mindset. I’m still going to judge people for defending Roman Polanski or trying to make blackface jokes after the ‘70s. Agreed! I find myself liking it even more. I do agree a bit with @the admiral about the script’s flaws, but I think it works to an extent here. One in a more ‘40s-looking style would be better, but I still like what we got. It’s got a good base to work with for designs.
  14. Wokescolds and their purity culture aren’t worth anybody’s time. Everybody makes mistakes and can play it safe with branding decisions. They’d only be satisfied with the folding of the team for daring to use that name at any point in their history. Wokescolds are also quick to turn on their own, so this’ll go back to being ignorable and the Cleveland Guardians can go back to being a largely irrelevant team and topic. The wokescolds will be back to fighting over the cremains of the Homestuck franchise.
  15. Congrats! You’re like 80% of the people who’ve seen this movie and find it revolting, which is 100% understandable and probably the most accurate take. I just love the unfiltered Dan Ackroyd and the set design.
  16. I’m sure an HDTV rip exists on the torrent and newsgroup sites I totally don’t use and don’t recommend anybody uses! I’ve found HDTV/iTunes rips of things like Gleaming the Cube and Nothing But Trouble. The latter I especially enjoy! What a bizarre movie. I propose a movie about the making of Nothing But Trouble.
  17. It takes roughly a year or two to get the Cowtown Miasma off of your flesh. To think that the Giants, A’s, and Raiders could’ve moved there…
  18. It’s a sound concept, but it’d look better as a side profile than a 2.5 dimensional logo.
  19. I’m glad it wasn’t Municipals. Or Rockers. Or Naps, Fellers, Forests, Foresters, Rocks, Steamboats, Steamers, etc. So many bad names could’ve happened. Had Rockers happened, I might have gone to Cleveland to take a dump on the lawn of the RRHoF. Those dummies don’t want Iron Maiden in their museum? Screw ‘Em.
  20. Nah, the original is just an uggo. This cleans it up.
  21. This was happening in the ‘80s too. Remember John Kordic? He was a victim too, who went into drugs and died in a very brutal fashion.
  22. Ah, my error. I was thinking in the post-2001 fall from grace. Sizemore, Lee, and Sabathia (who is a Yankee in the public’s perception, IIRC) are the biggest three I know, with Bieber and Kluber being well-regarded too (I’m excluding Bauer because reasons). But still, Sizemore and Lindor were the faces of the club.
  23. Dan Gilbert buying the team and creating the Cleveland (Baseball) Cavaliers was still the best outcome.
  24. Ah well, wait until the Dolans sell. Then you can play coloring book with a team whose fans get told “you need to change your colors!” all the damn time. Play coloring book with the Rangers or Angels instead.
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