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  1. Nah, you can do gradients pretty well. You just have to apply them tastefully. You can do anything, you just have to do it well.
  2. The Broncos not only embrace orange, their extra alternate is orange! Part of me wants the Broncos to be the only orange-primary team. Then again, the blue helmets and socks limit the "orange-primary" nature of them, something that wouldn't impede the Bengals.
  3. The Broncos exist. Unless something radical has happened to them, they still have orange jerseys as their primaries (just make sure to never wear them in the Super Bowl, obviously). Still, the Bengals were at their best with black jerseys, white pants, and orange socks, IMO: It helps distinguish them from the Browns a bit. Black socks really don't suit them as well, especially since they guarantee the leotard design. Ideally, the Bengals should be: Home: black jerseys, white pants, orange socks Road: white jerseys, black pants, orange socks Alternate: orange jerseys, white pants, orange socks "Color Rush": what they have now
  4. The Patriots are far higher-profile than Ole Miss (which has a far more controversial issue) and a defunct team. That’s why they get the added criticism.
  5. The red helmets looked awful with that logo. The red streak looks practically invisible on them. Red helmets for the Bills is something I refuse to get behind.
  6. I'm pretty sure if Bud Selig had his way, the Brewers would've been another navy/red team, right @Gothamite? Maybe it was a good thing that they had to reuse the Pilots' old designs.
  7. Let's just say that SLC isn't nearly as "square" as it once was. Also, a saxophone instead of the J-note might have been the best way to update the team had the "mountains" not happened.
  8. Ah, I stand corrected. Still, the Redcoats were their enemies. The Patriots wearing red is like the Blue Jackets using Confederate imagery (e.g., grey sweaters). It just looks wrong.
  9. Well, the Patriots are named for the Continental Army of the American Revolution. You want to know who their enemies were? The REDcoats! Idealized illustrations of the Continental Army feature navy-heavy uniforms. The Pats' name and identity has got nothing to do with the American flag. Flying Elvis may exhibit some inspiration from it, but it's not what the team is stylized after.
  10. The Pats should never wear red jerseys again. Period. If they want to throw back to Patriot Pat, wear the white jerseys from the period or color-swap the design to work for a blue jersey. It was a 30 year-long mistake.
  11. The Canuckjacks make me long for being brain probed, while my mind cycles between an asylum and a stage play. Either way, I'm glad the Chargers dumped that Agency font. Let's just hope the Rams do OK with numeral typography.
  12. Indeed. It’s the one thing holding the Canucks back from a perfect uniform set. !dekcajkcunaC
  13. The House of Gracie: covering the legendary Gracie family of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from their start all the way to the present day. It'd be several episodes, detailing their early involvement with UFC, the development of their craft, and the craziness of one specific branch of the family - the children of Robson Gracie (Ryan, Renzo, and Ralph). She's Ripe: Jennifer Capriati's relationship with her "showbiz dad" Stefano, detailing how he pushed her too far when she was too young. Action Star: Vinnie Jones' transition from footballer tough man into character actor. The Escalator to Failure: the story of the early-'90s Mets and their many issues. Phoenix Rising: the tale of the '92-'93 Phoenix Suns and their many crazy stories (e.g., Richard Dumas, Oliver Miller, and Sir Charles).
  14. I'd argue that the Cup-winning set was just as trendy, with the "piping, yokes, and panels" style instead of the '90s style. Similarly. I'd argue that the colors aren't the issue, but rather the terrible font and reluctance to use updates of the vintage logos. Heck, the New Orleans Hornets did a better job of being the "modern Hornets." I was reading the old Duckjacks, where I got that idea. It's much better than anything this franchise came up with before or since. True, but that doesn't mean it can't be influenced by "non-traditional" elements. That is a fair point, one that is both reasonable and backed up with evidence and the fundamentals of "nostalgia cycles." However, that does seem to imply that the only reason people like it is nostalgia, not for its own artistic merits or because the colors go so well together. I'd prefer a distinct color scheme to an ugly pastiche of the Flyers and the Golden Knights. Granted, Eggplant/Jade is a mix of Sharks/Kings, but it's more aesthetically pleasing. The logo is definitely of its time, but it can transcend. Look at how the Avs have transcended their time by bringing back the proper jersey design (in a slightly simplified form). We used to complain all the time about them, even to the point of stressing how much the "faux-Rockies" design is superior. Now? Not a peep about the Avs. The '90s design can be good on its own, without the "nostalgia" qualifier. See Ridleydash's response.
  15. I'm not sure the colors are necessarily bonded to the logo. Heck, the logo often had one of those signature colors missing! No Eggplant on the left, no Jade on the right. This was not a well-designed logo. It has brand equity (far greater than the arguably better "D-foot"), but it's a terrible artwork for getting the colors of the brand across.
  16. That didn't trouble you for the Falcons. It’s because of their history with both royal and navy blue. It's a bit of a way to tribute their mostly forgettable past. Fair.
  17. When the Stars brought back light green, it had been over a decade since they'd won a Cup and even longer since the days of light green. True, but let's also remember that the Stars won a Cup in a uniform set they've largely rejected since: The same logic can apply to the Ducks. Dull? It was dark, dingy, and really messy. The uniforms, maybe. But those colors? I don't know, I think the Hornets have demonstrated that those colors can thrive outside of the '90s nostalgia context. No argument from me, especially since more orange leads to the "pumpkin guts" look. I know. Dark green and orange, perhaps with black and yellow-gold as trim colors. Use an ornithologically-correct duck logo, with the "D" as the shoulder patches. Have the '90s Eggplant sweater as an alternate. It's distinctive, doesn't come off as goofy, and keeps the '90s look around in some capacity. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that it was one case, while also trying to explain why the Jade/Eggplant set isn't as rejected as some '90s designs. True, but as I mentioned with the Stars example, nobody really seems to have a problem with the Stars' "star template" design being written-off. Why should it be any different for the uglier Ducks design?
  18. Because I listen to Crime in Sports and so many of those stories are incredibly dramatic: - the Gracie family tree and all of the craziness within - the rise and fall of BJ Penn, UFC fighter/cokehead/drunken street fighter - Kevin “Artie” Stevens’ long journey through addiction - Anthony Mason’s craziness on and off the court (he likely inspired Biggie’s “I Got a Story to Tell”) - “Fast” Eddie Johnson and the horrors he brought
  19. Hey, I just happen to kind of like the alternates and I don’t think they’re as big an ABOMINATION as y’all are making it out to be. They’re fun twists on the franchise’s history. If it means they wear the regular home/road set less, then that would be a slight problem. Still, they’re good for what they are.
  20. Perhaps talking about when the Jets moved and the kids not knowing the Penguins' jerseys? IDK. I'm kind of glad hockey week and The Great Pacific Octopus decided to quit spewing anti-Eggplant/Jade rants. The Duckjacks were rarely enjoyable, mostly just hockey week screaming "NoStALgiA iS All yOu LiKe!!!" to people who liked the old Ducks identity, both guys ignoring nuanced discussions of the designs (e.g., the Panthers and Stars' redesigns) to criticize the MUH NINDIES posters, and doing the whole "cartoon logo" rant thing. Granted, I've done the "ignoring nuance" bit before, so who am I to talk? But with hockey week, you got a sense that the Mighty Ducks had personally wronged him.
  21. It's all fun and games until hockey week makes fun of a man who has a severe concussion and can't remember anything about it. Seriously, this is one of the worst takes ever posted on CCSLC (bold points are mine): I know I defended another hockey week post earlier this week, but man, posts like the one above remind me how whiny he could be. "I hate the Mighty Ducks because my bullies liked the movies more than real hockey! Waahh!"
  22. Then came a wave of nostalgia, the Kings dropping purple, the fact that the Cup-winning uniforms looked awful, and the growing popularity of that orange alternate. I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually comes back, when 2007 becomes an even more distant memory. Granted, this argument can be used against the Bucs' new design. But still, '90s nostalgia has power here, power that the team should not resist to go with an ultimately superior design.
  23. Let’s remember that this is still the crest of Kraft’s MLS team. No surprise that the Pats have terrible designs.
  24. Just do co-authorship. BASS is a peer-reviewed publication, yes?
  25. Maybe. You should’ve been PatsFan56 or PackersFan56.