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  1. Purple pinstripes are the Rockies' thing. Besides, I much prefer patterned trim to pinstripes when it comes to the Diamondbacks. It's why the purple alternate was so wonderful. They don't need pinstripes. Heck, I'd argue that the Rockies should eschew pinstripes at some point.
  2. Got ya covered there too! I'm not as big a fan of it as the purple, since the purple coincided with the team's best moment (2001) and has the benefit of being a fan favorite. The original turquoise with brick red and copper does look pretty good to me, provided that turquoise is the primary color.
  3. Shameless self-plug, I made an update to it! The ‘98-‘06 look had fantastic bones, it just needed an update/embrace of purple and turquoise.
  4. It’s also because of Vince Naimoli’s $4 billion lawsuit due to the failure of the Giants’ move to Tampa Bay. The nearly ten years of blue-balling that market created a demand for an expansion team.
  5. Shove "In God We Trust" (because there sadly has to be a caveat) on one of these and I'd be set: Source piece on reddit.
  6. Like I said, it’s two universities covering their asses. While the racial relations context is understandable, it could also be because the D1 universities really don’t want you to think about how their athletes (in the “money” sports, anyway) are basically indentured servants who are ineligible to make money for their talents (I.e., move to the pros) during peak years. Also, “cancelled?” That’s stuff used to bully people who made racist or transphobic comments a decade ago and didn’t think to delete them.
  7. The Lincoln thing is an exception (idiots just wanting to trash stuff). Maybe if you’ve been paying attention to the news, this country is in the middle of a particularly sensitive time in regards to race and race relations. Recognizing how things can be an issue is a part of anti-racist activity. It’s a very small part (hence missionaccomplished.jpg), but it is a step forward to get people to question these things.
  8. This isn’t “did you just assume it’s gender?” or “all males are evil.” This is a pair of organizations changing up a name due to a particularly heated time in race relations at the moment. It’s not tumblr folks here.
  9. Well, the Saints and Bucs do have one thing the Falcons can't get... Granted, that was 2002 and 2009. That's ancient history by some standards.
  10. LOOK HERE! LOOK! LISTEN! Running a lottery several times does not f--king stop it, so stop giving advice you know nothing about! Ban anybody trying to give me lottery advice, real tawk.
  11. I was thinking of the Drugstore Cowboy-My Own Private Idaho Civil War, a battle to determine which Gus Van Sant movie set in the state was better.
  12. OK. I just like to remind people that the "surface level" of the web rarely penetrates deep enough to get true cringey gold.
  13. ...before he was hooking up with that pedo lady. I'm glad he's doing better now. Indeed. MovieBob never got over being picked last in sports, which in turn produced his grudge against the rest of the world that isn't his brand of liberalism or inclined to like the latest comic book movies. It's like you took the worst aspect of every Channel Awesome reviewer and put it into one guy. Granted, Norm would probably get more mileage out of an Onision clone. A creepy manchild that wants to start up his own cult through youtube (HK knockoff Scientology is the best description of it), writes awful self-insert stories about his high school years, tries to proclaim his "honesty" despite constantly lying about the people who abandoned him, gets underage fans to send him pictures of their bodies so he can "judge" them, and has scripted meltdowns on the regular to drum up sympathy. Moviebob may be more relatable to the outside, but the Onision tale is so much more entertainingly crazy.
  14. Nah, it will finally be the time when Dimensions 1218 and C-197 merge, producing a universe where fictional and real characters coexist, with this being becoming the ultimate god! You’ve just been served some very real delusions of Christine Weston Chandler. While the trolls didn’t cause 100% of the delusions, they didn’t help her worsening mental state. Christine got dealt an awful deck and managed to play it as awfully as possible (with trolls and enablers leading her down terrible paths).
  15. That’s the gist of it. He’s basically if Martin and Nelson had a kid. The alternative for Moviebob was that he’d turn out like this: Man, I miss Mumkey Jones.
  16. The Rainfurrest convention, a place of absolute debauchery and awfulness.
  17. It looks like it was drawn on paper, then poorly autotraced on Inkscape.
  18. Dallas Chaparrals sounds much better anyway. What the heck can Geococcyx californianus do to hurt people?
  19. Break pedophile Felipe Vasquez from jail and sign him?
  20. Indeed. I'd prefer Seattle NHL stays the heck away from Native American imagery. "Totems," "Thunderbirds," Salish art, etc. should be off-limits.
  21. Heck, the Dolphins’ privately-funded renovation should be the gold standard for how to handle “new stadiums.” Do a totally transformative renovation instead of asking for a new place. Granted, it should only be if the base structure was good. Something like Candlestink wasn’t going to get better with new gizmos. It can also go too far, like the Soldier Field spaceship.
  22. I’d blame that more on players constantly adjusting their gear, mound meetings, and strategy revolving around fouls. Replay rarely adds more that ten minutes.
  23. Hey, it’s better than demanding a new stadium all the time. Heck, I’m pretty sure this is how most clubs in Europe handle their stadium situations. They’ll work with the old building as long as you can, getting into a Theseus’ Ship situation after about fifty years of doing this.
  24. No it didn’t. Replay was an important addition, something to combat the decreasing quality of umpiring. With the umpires’ union still being strong, you need a way to show them that they’re not invincible. The runner on second seems like a goofy experiment. We’ll see where it goes from here, but it doesn’t strike me as a big travesty. Pitch clock would be nice.
  25. It’s the Ford family, so I can compare the entire existence of the Lions to this gif: Wanna look tough, but just look like an ass.