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  1. I must say, I'm grading it an A! The Texas ear on both logos, the vintage-style "DA," and the updates on the Circus Elephant/insignia are all fantastic. I love how you managed to produce an Old English "D" that didn't infringe on the Tigers in any way. Excellent work! The new number font also looks excellent. The Los Angeles Browns also look fantastic, carrying over what worked in St. Louis into the new location. The graffiti uniform is a fantastic touch, using the extant colors well. Also, the Fleur-de-Lis isn't as out-of-place as you may think. The Pueblo of Los Angeles, founded by Spanish colonists in 1781, started up during the time of the House of Borbón-Anjou. This was an offshoot of the French House of Bourbon. Now, what is a key part of all heraldry in the House of Bourbon? Crest of the House of Borbón-Anjou Therefore, the fleur-de-lis of the Los Angeles Browns represents their connection to the then(and still)-current royal family of Spain. It's obscure, but it works!
  2. Bullet dodged for now. Paul Lukas (@UniWatch) Tweeted: New 60-game MLB season approved/imposed by ownership. KEY DETAIL: As I understand it, thanks to union/ownership impasse, there will *not* be uniform ads. Owners don't have ability to enact that without union OK. Also no NL DH or expanded playoffs.
  3. I'm really liking the full-body template! It's fantastic at illustrating the cohesion of a look (also, the new Packers numerals are a good look).
  4. He's Boudreau with less adipose.
  5. I don’t stand by that position anymore on the Padres. Even then, it was just a hypothetical, darling. In trying to tell the “woke” to STFU, you reveal what a snowflake you are. All anti-PC folk strike me as snowflakes upset that the world won’t put up with them anymore.
  6. The first one is named for a literal color, while the others are just settler groups. Indiana could easily be named for tires. Also, stop treating "wokeness" like it's gangrene.
  7. UNLV Sharks He was nasty AF, but he was a UNLV hero.
  8. Dude, the red/metallic gold is a fantastic look! You've done a good job blending the AL Angels with the PCL Stars. The contrast placket and sleeves are a wonderful touch. The throwback and Home Plate sets are also cool, with the Hollywood black jersey being especially classy here. With the Cleveland Guardians, I'd back up the lines about making the Art Deco font the standard for the home and road set. The bulbous scripts don't really "jive" with the Art Deco motif, so to say. I do like the guardian in the logo (and the inline on the C), but it needs a tiny bit more cohesion.
  9. Well, Quebecor has a voodoo witch doctor on retainer. Seattle was more offense than Vegas, apparently.
  10. Nah, that's pretty apt. I'd like to recommend a video on a similar subject. It does a good job of talking about how racist stereotypes like Aunt Jemima emerged from the late-19th/early-20th century and how they evolved from blackface to being one of the few kind of roles that African-American actors could have in Hollywood.
  11. Let's just get the strike going now. We know it's coming, might as well get it out of the system.
  12. Speaking as somebody who made a Dallas A’s concept (and really wants to redo some of it), it could work. Another option for the team would be Louisville, Seattle, and Denver. These are all locations the A’s considered IRL, with plenty of possibilities for giving them a “local” color.
  13. I'm looking forward to that! Let's just say, for the sake of the history, that Calvin Griffith purchased the Minnesota Saints while the Saints' now-former owner bought the Senators and moved them to Atlanta. Think the Celtics-Buffalo Braves or Rams-Colts swapenings.
  14. If anything, the “brown Padres” argument fits the Rockets’ red/yellow set a lot more.
  15. It’s because in this timeline, the Federal League Saints have been in the city since the 1910s/‘20s. I agree with H-town on the Hammers. While it’s a fantastic adaptation of the Braves’ design (and the peach is lovely), it wouldn’t really work with the Braves around. Unless you want to turn the Braves into the Brewers (or rename the Braves as the Brewers, which would be nice), it likely won’t work. Also, from a historical POV, Hank Aaron going to the team owned by Calvin “I moved my team from DC because I didn’t want African-Americans at my games” Griffith seems odd. That’s not got much to do with the concept, but it’s a historical tidbit to consider.
  16. I do, either the club in Atlanta with a new name or still in Milwaukee (as the Braves or Brewers, take your pick). Firebirds or Firecrackers sounds like fun, but "Peaches" also works for me (because of that peachy color that's really underused in sports).
  17. While "Crackers" is probably the most notable team name for minor league ball in Atlanta (to the point that the Negro League team was the "Black Crackers"), I'd suggest going in a bird direction. Since the Hawks, Falcons, and Thrashers all took upon bird-themed identities, I'd be curious to see where a bird name could go. I have a few ideas: - Thrashers (the Brown Thrasher is Georgia's state bird, beat the NHL club to it) - Firebirds/Phoenixes (rising from the ashes of Sherman's campaign, it's on the city flag) - Owls (because their are species of owl native to Georgia and owls are really cool) "Phoenixes" or "Phoenices" would be my choice, since "Firebirds" puts you in a trademark dispute with General Motors. "Peaches" and "Magnolias," as @QCS suggested, would be good as well. Also, might I suggest "Dallas Dodgers" instead of "Texas Dodgers?" The alliteration really improves it and it'd be easier to translate the Brooklyn "B" to be a "D." I really like how you've adapted the Mets' look here! The script style works well with the new name. Might I suggest using a tail-less script for the road, like one I made? It helps the consistency. Either doing that or adding a tail to the "Tops" script would help.
  18. Dude, I’m really liking this this far! The Terapins are an excellent adaptation of the Orioles’ design. I think you’ve replicated the taper on the home script, yes? If so, I’m so happy to see a guy finally do that! The team arrangements are particularly fun. The Dodgers switch around is something I wasn’t expecting, but I’m glad to see you went there (renaming the Giants was also a fantastic move, reflecting the rivalry’s end and a new chapter for both clubs)! The Braves staying in Milwaukee, the LA Browns, and Atlanta Senators all sound like fun variations on our history. I can’t wait to see the next steps!
  19. It does look hand puppet-ish, but it’s better than manga shark. Puppet shark is serviceable.
  20. It looks about as imposing as a hand puppet. The new one evokes a feeling a bit like an early-‘00s shonen anime monster. Not exactly, but a similar vibe. I think you guys are really sleeping on @Go Red Sox!’s shark design. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, but I like it more than anything the team put out. Heck, dumping the stick was a good choice, given how the hockey sticks in the logos always looked terrible.
  21. TruColor/Pantone/Colorwerx/Miguel Sanchez/Dr. Nguyen Van Phuoc marked the hex value down as #004B87/PMS 301C: Pairing that with navy would be a nice way to keep a tiny bit of the Black Jays alive. Granted, I tried to do a concept to make the "Black Jays" work. It's got potential to be OK. Just OK, not any better than that. I'm thinking of redoing it with some of the "unused assets" from Phoenix Design Works' (yes, that company did the Black Jays) site: I'd never use that awful number font, as it's offensively ugly.
  22. I think it’s comparable to the Panthers’ logo and that botched update. With the Sharks and Panthers, the original design has way too many jetliners and some minor structural issues (e.g., right whiskers, lack of detailing on the forehead, etc.). The update tries to fix some issues, only to screw up in more significant ways (e.g., art style, incorporation of secondary colors, and these issues mentioned in the graphic). Davidson did that graphic, IIRC. I’d like to see a similar one for the Sharks’ current crest.
  23. I love the picture of the dad with his Raiders hat and knife. It was such a nasty affair. It seems to have had no effect on Kane’s legacy, as far as I can deduce.