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  1. ok. Nice design, bad colors. The colors are to flat. Try it in Red white and Gold. Also, the outside gold border should be bigger.
  2. This is a pretty cool idea. I cant wait to see the Marlins and Rangers.
  3. I love the Carolina logo. If you did SPORTING across the top and LA real big in the blue, i think that would work nicely.
  4. I wish they had done this instead of what they did. They got to far away from the Green!
  5. Those updates work very well. Nice work.
  6. I like all those but the Dallas one. It looks out of place. And I agree with what was posted earlier, it has more of a rancher feel than an Outlaw feel. Also, the Philadelphia one is SICK!!!!!! Love the Neon.
  7. Those all look nice. Is the team still going to be the Astros in a year?
  8. Do Dallas concept teams always have to be "Western" themed? Being from Texas and having lived in Dallas, I know allot of people, as well as my self, are tired of it. I would rather see the Dallas team take on a "classic" soccer theme than a stereotypical "Western" theme.
  9. I personally think this is the best so far. It really carries that old soccer league feel you were talking about.
  10. Boom. Yes. Sorry. Was in a rush and on the school computer. If anyone could please help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  11. The High School I work at is thinking of asking the booster club to help get the team some special Nike Pro Combats next year and I have been asked to mock different designs to make it look life like. However I am having no luck at finding a good download of the Nike Pro Combat Templates, and I need it for Illustrator, so i need ether a .eps or .ai file. Can anyone help? PS: I have tried all the SVG tips.
  12. Sorry. I disappeared for a while. Can I get the Texas Rangers 2011 American League Pennant added? (I wish I was asking you to add the WS
  13. I tried to give some the "Soccer" feel and give them interesting feels. Atlanta: ATL Beats Dallas: DFW 56 (1856) (like Hanover 96 or Borussia Dortmund) Houston: Universal Houston Los Angeles: YCLA (Yakball Club of Los Angeles) Minnesota: Minnesota Wanderers New York: NYC Builders Philadelphia: Penn Liberty Phoenix: Maricopa YC (County Phoenix is in) Tampa: Tampa Corsairs Washington DC: Potomac Patriots