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  1. What's up everyone! I'm coming with a logo concept today for a Brazilian team that plays the NBB (Novo Basquete Brasil) which is the major Brazilian Basketball League. Here the teams are professional but aren't managed by really professional people instead of spending money on marketing and stuff they'd rather hire some players, specially foreigners. To start some concepts with the teams here I choosed Mogi das Cruzes for 3 reasons: - The team is neat, one of the best here and some players are National Team Level. (They had some players that played on NCAA like Shamell Stallworth (San Francisco State), Tyrone Curnell (Valdosta), Gerson Espirito Santo (Colorado State) and Larry Taylor (Missouri Western State), also one of the centers Paulo Prestes was even drafted by Minnesotta Timberwolves couple years ago. Rafael "Bábby" Araujo - somebody remember him on NBA? - played there too) - Their logo sucks - They will host the next NBB's All-Star Game. So, to start this is their awful current logo: Doesn't make sense now that they're using a shade of purple on the uniforms. After a small research I found out that their mascot is a Jaguatirica a very common feline that lives mainly on Brazilian and Argentinian forests. Is not a big predator here but just like any wild animal we should respect, right? This is my redesign: C&C is always appreciated, I'm here to learn!
  2. Looks straight from the 90's! Awesome!
  3. I already offered my services to this team, but they said that they rather stick with that logo for now...there are a couple of teams here making better identities, I hope that make them change their mind.
  4. Everything nice and clean, specially the Liga de Las Americas pack!
  5. Looking forward to that, I'm sure that good stuff are coming! Can't wait to see Liga Sorocabana and Mogi das Cruzes And for the guys who are interested in some alternative basketball NBB has always nice games and you can watch some via streaming on the website www.lnb.com.br/tempo-real Tomorrow Brasília will play against Pinheiros (who have two guys that are NBA material - George de Paula and Lucas Dias), for the FIBA lovers is really worthy watching! I work there, so I have to make some advertising here hahahahaha
  6. Orlando Magic: https://www.behance.net/gallery/28086785/Orlando-Magic-Rebrand-Concept Memphis Grizzlies (I sticked with them on Memphis, met some fans, I wouldn't like to see them without the team right now) https://www.behance.net/gallery/27905329/Memphis-Grizzlies-Identity-Concept Chicago Bulls: https://www.behance.net/gallery/26198421/Chicago-Bulls-New-Identity-Concept
  7. Vasco looks fresh! But I would use the wordmark like they had in the late 90's and early 00's http://imguol.com/c/esporte/2013/10/11/nene-parte-para-a-bandeja-durante-jogo-contra-o-fluminense-quando-atuava-no-vasco-em-2001-1381533594431_787x1200.jpg Just to inform guys here a bit more about the Brazilian Basketball, Vasco is Nenê's former team...they had a really good team during late 90's and early 00's with some legendary Brazilian players like Rogério Klafke, Sandro Varejão (Anderson Varejão's older brother) and Helinho, also Charles Byrd was the American superstar of the team and the head coach was Hélio Rubens, one of Brazil's biggest legends in basketball. For the next kits I would like to see what you can do with Paulistano or Mogi and Peñarol
  8. Awesome! But I would put a thicker yellow stripe on
  9. Thinking about send the Grizzlies back to Vancouver but establish a new team in Memphis, also I'm gonna reboot the Supersonics...What you guys think? For the new Memphis franchise I don't have so many ideas for the names BUT I'm thinking about those: - Memphis Bandits - Memphis Blues - Memphis Raccoons - Memphis Bombers
  10. not just here, but in another forum that I post my designs there are people asking for my template so I decided to share...but please, if you use, put the credits on it okay? http://www.mediafire.com/download/xce08ec7qd6nr1p/DR_BasketballTemplate.psd Enjoy!!
  11. What's up guys... Not so inspired these last days, but I got those Pelicans Uniforms...I think that they're really good looking and yes, the home is Sonics-inspired
  12. Got some more stuff right here! I'm really glad with the positive feedback, thanks dudes! After designing a more traditional Home Uniform for the Sixers, I had to do a red jersey too...I really like this one Aside from this one, that I forgot I did hehehe, I got some Houston Rockets concepts Well, logos aren't my thing...I like designing them, but I never get satisfied with them...I tried to go simple with the Rockets The main thing to me was to bring back the yellow gold, I had the rocket movement as an inspiration for that concepts. I had no idea what to do with the alternate, so i did that, not one I really liked it but it's really good looking...
  13. Lafferty Daniel asked and I did the T-Wolves! My main intention wast to get rid of the black and bring back the green as I dont have plans to use green on Dallas (but who knows?) C&C is always appreciated
  14. Well, I agree with you, that's why I designed another concept for the home kit.