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  1. A tutorial would be awesome gladsadmad
  2. Do you have any other front facing football helmets besides the Revo?
  3. jay084

    Jersey Wallpaper

    Does anyone have the textures used to make these Wallpapers? Specifically the Athletic Twill texture (styles?) and stitch patterns used to make the logos. If anyone has these could you drop me a link via PM? I would really appreciate it.
  4. P.Stic amazing wallpapers. Any chance you would create an action to do the Photoshop portion explained in your tutorial?
  5. Still taking request? If so could you do a Michael Vick jersey?
  6. What Pantone Plus color would the new Buffalo Bills blue jersey be? Having a hard time figuring it out.
  7. jay084

    NFL Helmet Sigs

    Axl, Great helmets! Do you have these without the wordmark area and just the helmets alone? If so, could you please send them my way. Also was your template for these in Photoshop format?
  8. jay084

    NFL Helmet Sigs

    I know this is an old thread but are there anymore? I think the Baltimore Ravens are missing. I also would like these without the wordmark area just leaving the helmets. Also,does anyone have an updated helmet for the Jacksonville Jags and Detroit Lions? If anyone has them could you please message me with a link? I would really appreciate it, these are amazing! EDIT: Found the Ravens (overlooked it).
  9. NFL logo's brand identity is way to strong for it to be changed. Its transcended iconic status at this point. I like the fact that they have reduced the number of stars in the shield. It makes it look more "efficient". Just my 2 cents.
  10. Great thread! Really enjoying this site.