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  1. The logo is terrible but the colors make sense. Navy and gold are the colors on the city flag of Nashville. There would have been a revolt if the colors were changed. Gold will be the primary uniform color .
  2. I bet they will have new golds as well. Went to their spring equipment sale and there were selling all the old whites and golds. Also sold a lot of blank jerseys too. Also I'm willing to bet they change their gold helmet to gold chrome at some point this season. I don't know why but I see Mason making that move
  3. I worked a camp up there a few weeks ago and they said then they were done with Adidas and it would probably be nike but maybe under Armour. Glad to see the switch
  4. UCLA is teasing a new uniform on twitter like Louisville was before the uncaged jerseys were unveiled. Doesn't look good for the bruins. 7-9-15 is when we are supposed to get a glimpse
  5. It's Adidas. Adidas tries and succeeds at looking bad. Maybe we will see a return to the traditional ASUI think it will look very similar to what Nike gave them before. My guesses are: Helmet: Gold, marroon, white, black, *one off* Jersey: Marroon, white, black *one off* Pants: Gold, Marroon, white,black, *one off* The one off will probably incorporate gray and be worn in the opener with A&M. The bowling ball helmet will not return in my opinion They tweeted a picture of them being reconditioned a few days ago... I would say those and the grays will be back
  6. Really a gold jersey? That'd look pretty weird Not really Minnesota has gold uniforms with the same colors
  7. All my fingers crossed. Hope they just stick to marroon and gold MOSTLY, cause there will definitely be a blackout option My guesses Helmets- Maroon, Gold, Black, White, Gray, Flames Jerseys- Maroon, white, black, gray, gold Pants- same as jerseys Expect a one off for the opener against Texas A&M in Houston
  8. Who do we still have to look forward to? ASU and Miami with Adidas and Cinncinati with Under Armour. Anybody else?
  9. I'm quite confused by this image.May be wrong but I believe it is a shot to show that the shades of orange are consistent. Tennessee always has had trouble with that because the shade is so light, it looks different on different materials. That was a primary focus of Nike.
  10. Put the two next to each other. There is definitely a difference
  11. The black outlines definitely look out of place. Not black... It's anthracite. Black has been completely removed from Tennessee's sport identity. Added light gray and anthracite as complimentary colors
  12. That's odd, cause the catalog we use only had white and Orange for jerseys... looks gray to me
  13. Tennessee posted this video as a teaser to their Nike unveal July 1. Gave a couple of hints... 1. Orange collar with the Power T on the white jersey 2. "My All" stiched inside the jersey in reference to the I will give my all for Tennessee today sign 3. White and orange cleats 4. Gray Alternates
  14. It's white if you zoom in on it. It does look orange at a glance though. Yeah don't think we will see an orange helmet anytime soon. Insiders say that they have to much trouble matching Tennessee's light orange under all types of lighting. Gray wouldn't surprise me though
  15. That's a Nike polo too. Saw it on a Vols message board.