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  1. The new Eugene Emeralds hats could be considered a little strange with their new Sasquatch inspired logos:
  2. Looks like jerseys will be available online starting January 7th:
  3. Don't hate the new Ems jersey, but I hope the other uniforms are more traditional. What I don't get is if that's the road jersey, why are the pants and bottom of the jersey white? I think the red cap Boise already has looks sharp, however I wish they would just stick with green/gold... it's a little more unique
  4. I actually really like the new Emeralds branding. Interesting colour scheme, and the Sasquatch identity works pretty well in the Northwest The last set of logos from 2010 were good but bland, so I'm glad they went with something a little more unique. Obviously these kind of cartoon-like identities don't work for every team though.
  5. I like a lot of the individual aspects of the Phils re-branding, but it doesn't really work when you give one team so many different identities. I'll give them credit though because they've got people talking about the new designs and I'm sure they'll sell a ton of merchandise.
  6. To get some extra room in a cap, you can cut the foam out from inside the headband. Makes the back of the cap a little flimsy but if you're careful, it won't look any different and should fit better
  7. Considering I paid almost $200 for a customized BC Lions CFL jersey, I'd be pretty happy paying $100 for a jersey. Strange that it's the same price as the actual Nike ones though
  8. Personally I don't think players should be forced to wear an outdated and unnecessary piece of equipment just because some people like how it looks... uniforms in every sport evolve over time.
  9. Seems to me that most people hated the lack of blue rather than the actual logo. I've got a light blue hat with the J-Bird logo that would have looked great with the home jersey.
  10. The Dust Devils and Volcanoes of the NW League definitely need updates:
  11. Windstorm

    CFL 2012

    I agree with everyone else, the mono uniforms (like all white for Saskatchewan and all blue for Toronto) just don't look right. At least some of the teams, like BC and Montreal, have it figured out (light pants with dark jersey, dark pants with light jersey).
  12. Both home and road. They usually go with grey for two games and blue for one game in each series on the road (although it varies).
  13. As someone who lives in BC, I can pretty much guarantee that an MLB team wouldn't work here. There simply aren't enough fans to support a team, and the baseball fans that are here mostly support the Jays or Mariners anyways. We could support AAA baseball for sure, but we'd probably need a new ballpark or a Nat Bailey Stadium expansion. Personally I like things the way they are in Vancouver... it's nice having a small, classic ballpark and a team (the Canadians) that plays other local teams and builds rivalries.
  14. Like Bucfan said, there's not a whole lot you can do with the polyester on-field caps. The Chinese made hats, which seem to outnumber American made caps now, have boxier crowns and don't break in very well.
  15. Meh. I would plunk down some money for a replica jersey right away if only they weren't so dang expensive. I guess this might be the time to splurge though if there ever was one. Ebay a player that isn't with the team anymore? Maybe someone you like but retired, got traded or whatever? Could be fairly inexpensive way to get a real replica jersey Speaking of former player jerseys, last time I was at the Mariners store in Safeco, they had a ton of them for really low prices. Some were as cheap as $30 or $40 if I remember correctly.