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  1. ...but that site is obviously selling fakes. The jerseys all have obvious problems, the prices are too low, and the descriptions/titles are in broken English.
  2. I understand why people think black should still be in Tampa's colour scheme, but the new jerseys are really nice in my opinion. I guess the uniform they won the cup in wasn't terrible, but the logo was bad and really need a re-design.
  3. That picture looks legit, but just look at how they spell Minnesota in the listing. I'd be surprised if you got the jersey in that picture. yea, but the thing I dont get is that this seller is a top rated seller and all of his comments from the buyers are positive see, it's not hard to get. you can see why that would be in this thread. there are different types of people who buy knock offs. in one group, there are the people that don't know the difference. these are the guys who can see wearing one and bragging to their buddies, "yeah, authentic and only $40 on ebay!" then there are people who brazenly say, "i know it's a knock off, but [insert litany of justifications], so i just don't care." that makes for a lot of satisfied customers, so it would make sense that a knock off seller would have good feedback. This is exactly right. I don't understand why people don't know what their favourite team wears, but tons of fans buy counterfeits and seem convinced that it's real. Plenty of others don't want to spend money on an authentic jersey, so they're okay with a fake.
  4. I really like the Coyotes identity too... it's clean and simple, something you wouldn't expect from a non-traditional market. Even the black alternate jersey is pretty nice.
  5. NHL-Vancouver Canucks: Local team, grew up watching them. AHL-Abbotsford Heat: Local team, and the affiliation doesn't matter to me. BCHL-Coquitlam Express: Went to games when I was young, and since they've moved back to Coquitlam, I've gone to almost every game. Closest team in any league to me. CFL-BC Lions: Similar to the Canucks... local team, grew up watching them. NLL-Washington Stealth: Closest team to me, most of the players are from BC. MLB-Toronto Blue Jays: Canada's baseball team, and I was born near Toronto. NWL-Vancouver Canadians: Local team.
  6. I actually really like that logo too. It was bad, no doubt about it, but it had charm. In my opinion it would have worked better for a minor league team. Also, I think it looks cool in this colourway:
  7. I like how the fake is way better than the actual jersey just because it swaps the grey for white.
  8. I actually liked the 2004-2011 look, but at the same time I wouldn't say it was a good design for a major league baseball team. Here's a picture of the two caps used last season and the new on field hat for reference: I'll keep wearing my "angry bird and "toothpaste T" hats, but in my opinion it's really no contest as to which logo is the nicest.
  9. I actually like the current Dallas Stars uniforms. I like wordmark jerseys, and the home jersey is bold while the away is nice and bright. But they've got a great logo and should definitely introduce a solid green alternate with the primary on it.
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