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  1. Next we have another Western Conference Dynasty G League team - the Austin Toros. Austin should've kept their old team name tbh. The color scheme obviously came from the Spurs's fiesta branding, with the teal uniform reminiscent of the 1996 San Antonio All Star Game uniform. It kinda looks like my Grand Rapid Drive concept, but hey it looks good - very 90's Grizzlies-y. Wordmarks used are from the previous Spurs jerseys and finally the diamond sides are inspired by the George Gervin uniforms. I have no idea why the Spurs keep on recycling their camouflage city jerseys when they could be putting out something like this. Easily one of my favorites from my G League concepts.
  2. Here is South Bay Version 2. Colors inspired by their MPLS days. I changed the collar because the Kobe era template looked too familiar. I think I like this one better. The yellow ties up quite nicely with the Lakers while the color combination gives it a very sunny LA vibe.
  3. For the main sets, I'm keeping them simple and familiar. But I have been thinking of making City jerseys so maybe I can go crazy with those. Thanks for the suggestion @timberwolf. I'll definitely keep that in mind . The next few teams are Western Conference Juggernauts (at least their parent clubs are). First up, we have the South Bay Lakers. The template is from the Kobe Era but in 60's Lakers colors. I then used the typography from their main logo. It boggles my mind why the Lakers keep on using the same wordmark in their City jerseys. They should be using this! Or use the cursive Los Angeles. I might try a light blue and yellow version of these too so stay tuned.
  4. To complete pink vs. teal, here is the Grand Rapids Drive. The design is heavily inspired by the 90's Pistons. Fans have long been asking for the only other color scheme of Detroit (unless you consider the boring black and gray jerseys). The Drive actually wore similar fauxbacks.
  5. For team pink, we have the Sioux Fall Skyforce! I used the Miami Floridians color scheme because the Vice branding is too tied up to the Heat. And it doesn't hurt that the colors apparently look like the current Miami palette. I kept the design simple, much like the Floridians' jerseys. The waist logo came from the Sioux Falls Flag. I'm not really feeling the pink uniform but the white and black ones look really sharp.
  6. Again, thanks for the comments. It means a lot. I probably don't have the time to do it because I have to create all NBA teams' uniforms . But adding city jerseys seems like a good idea. Here ya go:
  7. Glad you like it! I'll try to move 905 up my list Speaking of violet vs. light green, here is Wisconsin Herd. I based it on the 86/87 Bucks uniforms because I really like the combination of the shades of green. Of course there should be the rainbow pattern on the sides which its parent club also currently has. With a unique color scheme, these uniforms give the Herd its own identity while still connecting it with the Bucks.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback! I wasn't planning on doing so because people in this forum seem to really like color on color NBA matchups. So I imagined the G League having violet vs. light green, pink vs. teal etc. etc.. I rotated the ball to the left because I have to preserve the north pointing arrow. And you're right it does look better! Thanks for the suggestion man So here is the updated sunburst along with a white version. Hope you guys like it:
  9. First up, we have the Northern Arizona Suns. This is probably not the best example as the colors are still the same as its NBA counterpart's. But the Suns haven't really had any other color scheme except for the ugly gray ones. The design is obviously inspired by their most popular jersey and updated to use NAZ branding. The waist logo is the Arizona flag which was also used in the Suns's current city jerseys. Although it's not exactly unique from its parent team, I'd say that these are way better than Phoenix' uniforms. What do you guys think?
  10. Hi everyone! I'll be posting my G League uniform concepts here. I doubt I'll finish them all but I'll try my best . I've been really disappointed with the branding and aesthetics of G League teams. They have the same colors and worse — team names as their parent clubs which doesn't give them unique identities. The generic uniforms don't exactly help either. My goal is to make the G League uniforms better than their parent clubs . They will use a different set of colors inspired by their NBA counterpart's history. But I will make use of their current logos and wordmarks so the teams would still feel familiar. I really liked what the WNBA has done with their color on color matchups so I would also apply that here. Enough with the blabbering and lets get to the concepts!
  11. As @Blindsay suggested, I will be uploading concepts for the All Star games where players wore their team uniforms. First up we have New York: 1. The design is based on the New York Nets uniforms. 2. The waist logo is the Knicks's old NY Apple logo. For Version 1, I used New York and Brooklyn colors. Team KD vs. Team DeRozan. It's weird having a Nets logo in a Knicks uni For Version 2, it's the New York Knicks vs. the New York Nets. I also created a Coogi Nets jersey and a 90's Knicks set:
  12. Here's the last one of the Version 2's - Utah: For Ver 2, I basically created a white version of the red home jersey of Ver 1. The away uniform uses colors from the DWill and Boozer era. For Ver 3, I used the font from the Salt Lake City All Star Game logo to create a wordmark.
  13. Thanks! @ClevelandBaronsNHLFan which one do you prefer, Ver 2 or Ver 3?
  14. Next up is Cleveland: Version 2 is black and white. The home team uses the early Mark Price Cavaliers colors while the away team uses the colors when the Cavs won their championship. Kinda weird having a Warriors logo in there . For Version 3, I darkened the colors a bit to really mimic the first Lebron era. I used the MLB Cleveland All Star Logo wordmark which I just discovered and it coincidentally looks similar to the current pointy Cavs branding. I also changed the away number to Klay Thompson's.