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  1. For next year's All Star Game, here is Indianapolis: I thickened the borders of the sides, drawing inspiration from the Flo Jo uniforms. I also replaced the Indiana flag with the Indianapolis flag for the waist logo so the star is more visible. For Version 2, I decided to ditch the red for the away team because it won't look like an Indiana team anymore. The home team is white and the away team is really dark blue. For Version 3, I changed the number font (which in hindsight looked pretty ugly). The shadow effect is similar to that of the Flo Jo uniforms.
  2. For this year's All Star Game, here's Chicago: I darkened the light blue a little bit because I realized that it looked too pale in my original post. Version 2 has the same feel as the 2018 and 2019 Bulls City uniforms. Version 3 uses a cursive wordmark reminiscent of the classic Bulls uniforms.
  3. Up next is Los Angeles: I simplified the sides and trims so they don't look very similar to the current Lakers uniforms. The neck and arm trims are from an early Clippers uniform. Version 2 is again black and white with Clippers and Lakers accents. The black one looks like the Hollywood Nights jersey. Version 3 uses a cursive font inspired by old Clippers and Lakers wordmarks. I also changed the number style similar to the current Lakers' numbers.
  4. The waist logo is actually form the Celebrity Game uniforms.
  5. Back again is Charlotte: I trimmed the sides a bit so it looks simpler. And as you can see, there are actually two new versions. Version 2 is black and white like the actual all star game jerseys. Team logos apparently look less out of place when placed in dominantly black and white jerseys. I think these look better than the first version. But the black jersey doesn't feel like a Charlotte team anymore. And I'm not really a fan of using big team logos in front. Which brings us to.. Version 3 replaces the team logo with an "All Star" wordmark. It actually came from the original Charlotte All Star Game logo.
  6. That's an interesting idea. So they would be: Cleveland (1997) New York (1998) Oakland (2000) - maybe San Francisco? Washington (2001) Philadelphia (2002) I could make them after I finish the version 2's of my initial posts. If people ask for it I can make all 30 teams if I have time.
  7. For the last All Star City, here's Salt Lake: 1. Team Spida is red (Jazz City Uniform colors) while Team Lauri is blue violet (90's Jazz colors). 2. The design is a mix of the Jazz City uniform and the 90's Mountain uniform. 3. The waist logo is the Jazz's Utah State Basketball logo. The stars on the sides is a nod to the Utah Stars. I will still be posting concepts but only different versions of my previous posts.
  8. Finally, we have Cleveland: 1. Team D'Angelo is maroon. Team Love is dark blue. The colors are inspired by the Cavaliers theme in Lebron's first stint in Cleveland. 2. The design is based on the 1970's stripes patterned Cavaliers uniforms. 3. The waist logo is the same as the Cav's city uniforms' last year (which came from Destination Cleveland). As a bonus I will be adding a concept for the recently announced Salt Lake City All Star Game.
  9. Second to the last is Indiana: 1. Team AD is red (Hoosiers colors). Team Oladipo is blue (Pacers colors). 2. The design is based on the Indiana Pacers striped uniforms. 3. The waist logo is the Indiana flag.
  10. Woah! I only remember the Washington one. I didn't know that they did it to a lot others. I just checked it here and the San Francisco one looks like it can be added in this thread
  11. Here is this year's All Star Game city — Chicago: 1. Both teams sport the Chicago flag colors. Red for Team Spida and light blue for Team Lavine. 2. The design was based on the timeless Chicago Bulls uniforms. 3. The waist logo is the Chicago flag. The stars in the diamonds are the Chicago flag stars.
  12. Oooh you're right! They were in both Celebrity and Rising Stars games Thanks!
  13. Yes! I think of reddish and bluish color combinations from the city's design history and assign them to the "west" and "east" teams respectively. So to be precise Charlotte Team Lebron is red orange while Team Giannis and Los Angeles Team Lebron are blue violet.
  14. Next is Los Angeles: 1. Team Steph is red (Clippers colors). Team Lebron is blue (Lakers colors). 2. The design is based on the Showtime Lakers uniforms. 3. The waist logo was actually used in the Rising Stars game.
  15. First up is Charlotte: 1. Team Lebron is red (Bobcats colors). Team Giannis is blue (Hornets colors). 2. The design is based on the Baron Davis Charlotte uniforms. 3. Shiny team logos are inspired by the 1991 Charlotte All Star Game uniforms. 4. The waist logo was actually used in the celebrity game uniforms.