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  1. I'm back after several months. 😂 It's jersey season again and I wanted to be back in the game.


    First up is the Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario. Such a long name.. I selected elements from their San Diego era - the sky blue and orange colors and the nautical symbols. I also used the classic Clippers cursive wordmarks. The waist logo is a City of Ontario symbol (not sure if it's from the flag but I found it in their website). These threads definitely look better than what the Clippers wear now. I think I'd rather use sky blue and red as the primary colors but that would already be the third such team in my league. For fun, I used a similar template as that of the South Bay Lakers. 🤣



  2. I'm back after playing a lot of Civilization 6 on my pc 😂. Up next we have the Capital City GoGo. I 100% copied this from @Krz but I have his consent. Using the DC flag as stripes was just perfect. Washington's jerseys (current and previous) are inspired by the USA flag and the G League affiliate's should be taken from the capital city flag. There's quite a lot going on in the chest area but I'd say it's the same with the Wizards. These might be a slight upgrade than its NBA counterparts because of the font. I really don't like the Wizards' font. Or the Wizards name. 


  3. Thanks to @qckgnc's tip, here is Birmingham Bayhawks! Based on a google search, I learned that bayhawks are actually ospreys, which can be found in Alabama. I don't think there are a lot of them in Birmingham, but what the heck. The name has a nice ring to it. If you guys have a better idea for a team name please post them on the comments.


    Now to the jerseys. It is an update on the New Orleans Jazz threads with Bayhawks text. I never really liked the Pelicans branding and everyone loves the Mardi Gras colors. Switching to them as primary instantly makes better uniforms. 


  4. On 5/15/2020 at 9:24 AM, edjb93 said:

    As for the concept itself, I like it very much. Maybe the green could be lightened even more, a la Seattle Seahawks, but it's your choice. I wonder what's the font that you've used for this? I need something like that too for my concepts.

    Hey kababayan, I was supposed to use the 90's Wolves colors and forgot to change the green to neon haha. I'll try the set with the current green to see how it looks.

    The font used is GarnetCapitals-Black. I search in What The Font to find similar fonts 😉.

  5. On 5/9/2020 at 12:42 AM, QCS said:

    Love this update, it's different enough from the actual Hornets set to justify it. The black actually works for Greensboro, but I'm with you in that it should never touch a Hornets jersey again. This actually isn't what I want the real Hornets to do but I think these changes work perfectly for an affiliate. Good stuff!

    Thanks Mr. CLT! 😁 What's your idea for a Hornets rebrand?


    @Seadragon76 As promised, here is Iowa Energy. I combined the current branding with the Garnett era jerseys. Instead of trees, the north pointing arrow is used for the pattern. It actually kind of looks like jolts of energy so it fits! I like the Wolves's colors but I really don't like their uniforms. They should be using more of the green and the arrow (which was hyped prior to their unveiling). So to me, this set is an upgrade.


  6. @qckgnc The last of the pinstriped Eastern conference teams is the Greensboro Swarm. Again, it's a simplified/modernized version of a classic. Greensboro actually uses gray and black as base of its uniforms but I couldn't really talk myself into using gray. The black one looks good though. Black Hornets jerseys always had some gimmick that felt tacky to me. I would love it for Charlotte to fully embrace the stripes again so I like these more than the NBA parent club's set.



  7. On 5/3/2020 at 5:21 AM, timberwolf said:

    I understand the difficulty of balancing three bold colours, such as these.


    This set is so close to being perfect, just needs a little more.

    It's hard to balance the colors and follow the Bulls template because it went from a 3 color set (🔴⚫⚪) to a 4 color one (🔴🔵⚫⚪).

    The first row has trims very similar to the Bulls with black strips in between the middle and outer rings.

    The second row has black on the trims. For the third row, the wordmark and number is black. You can just switch red jerseys from the last row and the original post.

    Personally, I still like my original post the most.


  8. On 4/29/2020 at 10:11 PM, qckgnc said:

    I like that a lot of these are based on throwback designs and I'm excited to see Greensboro because of it. Are you going to use Birmingham for the Pels?

    Guess what team I'll be posting next after this 😉. Oohh I didn't know that they were moving the Bayhawks to Birmingham. Thanks for the info 😀.


    Because all of us are watching The Last Dance, it's just appropriate to post the Windy City Bulls! I changed the color scheme to that of the Chicago flag and applied striping to all the uniforms. The diamonds on the shorts were removed since Austin has them already. I really like Windy City's wordmarks because they look like the Bulls's classic font with horns. Overall, I like how it turned out. Windy City now has a unique yet familiar identity.



  9. On 4/18/2020 at 7:20 AM, Seadragon76 said:

    When are you going to get to the Iowa Wolves?

    Just finished 'em. They'll be the third post after this one. But I'm thinking of renaming them back to Energy. What do you think?


    Next, we have another Eastern team in stripes - the Lakeland Magic. The design is an updated version of the original striped jerseys. I paired the classic wordmark with the current numbers to tone it down a bit (but not as toned down as Orlando's jerseys). I also mimicked the color mismatch of the wordmark and numbers from the 90's unis. Lakeland apparently wore jerseys similar to this during a 90's Night promotion.



  10. On 4/9/2020 at 12:48 AM, timberwolf said:

    I’d make the black jersey the home to avoid Drive similarities and stay consistent with the parent club.

    You're right. I'm probably dropping the color vs. color idea in this G League series. Then I'll add a fourth jersey so it evens out on instagram 😅


    I was supposed to post Santa Cruz and OKC concepts for the rest of the Western Conference powerhouses but wasn't really feeling what I came up with. I'll pivot instead to a couple of Eastern Conference teams.


    First up is @timberwolf's very own Raptors 905. The design is a simplified version of the Raptors' inaugural set. Kept a red jersey as a nod to Canada and Toronto/905's current identity. Another pet peeve I have with the G League jerseys is the use of only current NBA numbers (which don't match the wordmarks!) so I fixed it up here. These are definitely more 🔥 than Toronto's current uniforms. 


  11. Next we have another Western Conference Dynasty G League team - the Austin Toros. Austin should've kept their old team name tbh. The color scheme obviously came from the Spurs's fiesta branding, with the teal uniform reminiscent of the 1996 San Antonio All Star Game uniform. It kinda looks like my Grand Rapid Drive concept, but hey it looks good - very 90's Grizzlies-y. Wordmarks used are from the previous Spurs jerseys and finally the diamond sides are inspired by the George Gervin uniforms. I have no idea why the Spurs keep on  recycling their camouflage city jerseys when they could be putting out something like this. Easily one of my favorites from my G League concepts.


  12. 9 hours ago, timberwolf said:

    it would be cool to see you tackle some out-of-the-box designs for some of the clubs.

    For the main sets, I'm keeping them simple and familiar. But I have been thinking of making City jerseys so maybe I can go crazy with those😅. Thanks for the suggestion @timberwolf. I'll definitely keep that in mind 🙂.


    The next few teams are Western Conference Juggernauts (at least their parent clubs are). First up, we have the South Bay Lakers. The template is from the Kobe Era but in 60's Lakers colors. I then used the typography from their main logo. It boggles my mind why the Lakers keep on using the same wordmark in their City jerseys. They should be using this! Or use the cursive Los Angeles. I might try a light blue and yellow version of these too so stay tuned.


  13. On 3/17/2020 at 11:27 PM, sawakita33 said:

    So I imagined the G League having violet vs. light green, pink vs. teal etc. etc..


    To complete pink vs. teal, here is the Grand Rapids Drive. The design is heavily inspired by the 90's Pistons. Fans have long been asking for the only other color scheme of Detroit (unless you consider the boring black and gray jerseys). The Drive actually wore similar fauxbacks


  14. On 3/17/2020 at 11:27 PM, sawakita33 said:

    So I imagined the G League having violet vs. light green, pink vs. teal etc. etc..


    For team pink, we have the Sioux Fall Skyforce! I used the Miami Floridians color scheme because the Vice branding is too tied up to the Heat. And it doesn't hurt that the colors apparently look like the current Miami palette. I kept the design simple, much like the Floridians' jerseys. The waist logo came from the Sioux Falls Flag. I'm not really feeling the pink uniform but the white and black ones look really sharp.



  15. Again, thanks for the comments. It means a lot. 🙂 


    On 3/19/2020 at 8:35 AM, Blindsay said:

    I feel like in the future, maybe a city uniform that matches their parent club?

    I probably don't have the time to do it because I have to create all NBA teams' uniforms 😅. But adding city jerseys seems like a good idea. 🤔


    On 3/19/2020 at 7:10 AM, kb105 said:

    How would it look to make the wordmark and number white-light green-white on the dark green jersey to match the side detail and to maintain the pattern the other two share 

    Here ya go:

  16. Glad you like it! 😁


    23 hours ago, timberwolf said:

    Honestly the parent club should adopt those. I’m looking forward to see what you do with my Raptors!

    I'll try to move 905 up my list 😉


    Speaking of violet vs. light green, here is Wisconsin Herd. I based it on the 86/87 Bucks uniforms because I really like the combination of the shades of green. Of course there should be the rainbow pattern on the sides which its parent club also currently has. With a unique color scheme, these uniforms give the Herd its own identity while still connecting it with the Bucks.


  17. Thanks for all the feedback! 😄


    On 3/16/2020 at 8:10 AM, edjb93 said:

    Off to a great start! Will you do a white uniform for every team?

    I wasn't planning on doing so because people in this forum seem to really like color on color NBA matchups. So I imagined the G League having violet vs. light green, pink vs. teal etc. etc..


    13 hours ago, QCS said:

    I really like these! Only thing I'd fix is the ball itself: it doesn't convey motion in the way it should. If you change the line placing to better resemble the parent club, you'll see what I mean: the lines are key in conveying the forward motion that helps the rest of the lines fully complete.

    I rotated the ball to the left because I have to preserve the north pointing arrow. And you're right it does look better! Thanks for the suggestion man 🙂


    So here is the updated sunburst along with a white version. Hope you guys like it:




    First up, we have the Northern Arizona Suns. This is probably not the best example as the colors are still the same as its NBA counterpart's. But the Suns haven't really had any other color scheme except for the ugly gray ones. The design is obviously inspired by their most popular jersey and updated to use NAZ branding. The waist logo is the Arizona flag which was also used in the Suns's current city jerseys. 


    Although it's not exactly unique from its parent team, I'd say that these are way better than Phoenix' uniforms. What do you guys think?


  19. Hi everyone! I'll be posting my G League uniform concepts here. I doubt I'll finish them all but I'll try my best 😅. I've been really disappointed with the branding and aesthetics of G League teams. They have the same colors and worse team names as their parent clubs which doesn't give them unique identities. The generic uniforms don't exactly help either.


    My goal is to make the G League uniforms better than their parent clubs 😀. They will use a different set of colors inspired by their NBA counterpart's history. But I will make use of their current logos and wordmarks so the teams would still feel familiar. I really liked what the WNBA has done with their color on color matchups so I would also apply that here.


    Enough with the blabbering and lets get to the concepts!

  20. As @Blindsay suggested, I will be uploading concepts for the All Star games where players wore their team uniforms.


    First up we have New York:



    1. The design is based on the New York Nets uniforms.
    2. The waist logo is the Knicks's old NY Apple logo.


    For Version 1, I used New York and Brooklyn colors. Team KD vs. Team DeRozan. It's weird having a Nets logo in a Knicks uni 😂

    For Version 2, it's the New York Knicks vs. the New York Nets.


    I also created a Coogi Nets jersey and a 90's Knicks set:


  21. Next up is Cleveland:


    Version 2 is black and white. The home team uses the early Mark Price Cavaliers colors while the away team uses the colors when the Cavs won their championship. Kinda weird having a Warriors logo in there 😂.


    For Version 3, I darkened the colors a bit to really mimic the first Lebron era. I used the MLB Cleveland All Star Logo wordmark which I just discovered and it coincidentally looks similar to the current pointy Cavs branding. I also changed the away number to Klay Thompson's.

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