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  1. First look at Louisville's new uniforms for the 17-18 season....
  2. No they didn't, they wore the yellow alternates worn by the NHL team from 1981-1984
  3. Pittsburgh Penguins youth program have interesting uniforms this season. Likely a precursor to the Stadium Series jersey, or something similar, becoming the 3rd jersey in the future. Their youth program began using the throwbacks (current set) a year before the NHL team brought the black version back as an alternate.
  4. I think the Preds look great once you see the uniform put together entirely. Their previous jerseys were so busy that it'll take time to get used to a more traditional look but I really like how it turned out.
  5. Gray helmets and white gloves for Vegas.... Awful, just awful
  6. Already announced they're getting an overhaul next season.... orange home uniforms
  7. Is it just me or do the sleeve stripes seem to be set higher up on the arm?
  8. Don't forget Nashville wears navy breezers. That alone will help break-up the perceived blandness of the new jersey. Tough to judge a uniform based on a jersey alone
  9. I really like the new Colorado third jersey. It's a classic, simplistic look and great color scheme that should show well on TV. Any uniform without the useless piping and stripes is a good look, IMO.
  10. That dude's calf appears swollen, possibly infected. NHL 16 screen cap, I believe.
  11. Same template as the Buffalo Sabres awful 3rd uniform..... Pretty sure they actually used a Sabre player in their #GatewayToTheNHL promo.
  12. Oh my.. ..That's pretty fantastic. They ripped the idea off from the legendary Detroit HoneyBaked youth hockey program....
  13. Not sure if it's been previously mentioned but while watching EA Sports NHL 14 teaser video today, Nashville was sporting a think gold stripe down the side of their pants, Red Wings style. They've had all the uniform changes up to date so it might be something.....