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  1. Probably means that a team like Atlanta, which cannot wear their black alternate jersey's because they sport a throwemback uniform, will be allowed to bring the black alt back as their "4th" jersey. Chicago could also do this with their Midway Monsters feaxbacks and the orange alternate as well. Could also see Tampa Bay finally do a alternate jersey (PEWTER) to go with the creamsicle throwbacks. Not many teams have a color scheme where a "4th" jersey would make sense. I'd look for the NFL to "relax" the rules by allowing 3 alternate/throwback games a year, instead of the 2 they currently have. Unless they get a black for black's sake jersey like Arizona.
  2. here is some more info. he says others teams are doing the same thing, and apparently the broncos have been confirmed as well.
  3. Running backs could always wear numbers in the 40s. As for TEs, not sure, but alot of them play FB/drafted as one and kept the number. (Cooley, Walker, etc)
  4. The majority of native americans don't care about the name. It's only the liberal tards that seem to care nowadays. The Skins aren't changing their name anytime soon.
  5. Pretty nice. Much better than last year's dull "red, gray, and blue" matchup.
  6. The Redskins will be wearing their burgundy jerseys with gold pants tonight. I dunno why the decide to shelve the throwbacks this week, but apparently they will wear them against the Ravens next week.
  7. all the inside sources say they are wearing the 80th anniversary throwbacks monday night.
  8. I've done some of these as well. Lemme post them here in case nobody has seen them before.
  9. I hear they are wearing them on November 4th against Carolina for the "Homecoming" game. I am unsure of the second game, but I would guess Thanksgiving in Dallas. It either has to be the thanksgiving game at Dallas, or the MNF game vs. the Giants. (most likely this one, since Bruce Allen said we will wear them for two HOME games.)
  10. Apparently Thanksgiving at Dallas and the MNF game vs the Giants.
  11. Seattle does look better in the silver pants, but it would have been so much better with a silver helmet...
  12. I really, really don't understand why people don't like our shade of gold/yellow. It's the same as the Chargers, Packers, and Steelers wear, but you never hear about people trying to darken their gold. I'd agree about matching up the striping patterns, but most of this board makes way too big of a deal of that. I would just fix up the striping patterns (mainly so this board would stop complaing about them), get rid of the white pants, and go burgundy/gold at home, and white/burgundy on the road. Simple.
  13. I put together a quick road-set as well. Philly would look outstanding with kelly green pants! woooooow. im a redskins fan and I absolutely love this. keep the silver/white pants at home, bust out the kelly green pants away, and this might be my favorite set in the league (if it were real).
  14. I agree. The red helmet with the black jerseys just looks odd to me.