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  1. The C in the middle of the original Fire logo always bugged me. The new logo is okay. Not bad in anyway. But why make the new logo announcement so early into the current season? Seems like the kind of thing you'd usually see happen in the offseason.
  2. Is a Vikings style, complete tear down and rebuild of Soldier Field out of the question for the Bears and/or the city?
  3. That could work. One thing I hope the PLL avoids whenever they go the city route is having a northeast heavy league. Besides Denver, it seems like most of the old MLL teams outside of the NE often relocated or folded. Before COVID struck and cancelled the original 2020 PLL plans, there was a lot of exciting from fans on social media over some of the cities that were supposed to be featured on the 2020 tour. Mainly Portland, Dallas, Raleigh. SLC and Minneapolis.
  4. On a visual level those Atlanta thirds give me a Virginia Tech vibe.
  5. Paul Rabil breifly mentions the PLL changing to a city based model at some point down the line. Had to figure it was in the works. IMO they need to keep the touring model for a while before going that route. Still have a ways to go to grow popularity outside the northeast and Colorado.
  6. As long as Akron maintains the shade of gold used for their helmets, I'll be satisfied. Oh and keep the gold facemasks too.
  7. Having a league wide BYE after just 2 weeks is odd.
  8. last week the ACC Network aired a bunch of old Georgia Tech football games, I found myself watching GT vs UNC from 1999. This is was a good looking game. I don't usually like it both team wear light colors, but this was a beaut. Both teams should break out some 99 throwbacks next time the play each other. Would love to see this uni matchup in high def.
  9. Hope to see the whips go all teal at some point the season.
  10. Division 2 Winston-Sale State had a similar front facing ram logo for years and (to my knowledge) never got in any legal trouble over it.
  11. If there's one thing I'd change about the PLL, I'd limit the teams to just one set of helmets. Helmet color choice can drastically improve or ruin how a team looks week to week. Like today. The Whipsnakes always look bad in their white helmets! If it were up to me, the PLL helmets would be... Archers: navy blue Atlas: Honestly, they're the only team in the league who's look isn't effected by the alternating helmets IMO. Could go with either the white or powder blue for them. Cannons: gray but change the facemask color to red Chaos: red Chrome: black Redwoods: white but change the facemask color to green Waterdogs: purple Whipsnakes: teal, but change the facemask dark green (the masks could already be dark green, but they always look black on TV. If that's the case adjust the shade of the mask to look closer to the green in the logo)
  12. That would be cool. Though I was personally fond of the football logo. Not sure if it was ever the Browns' official primary logo, but it's what I remember being used on TV for a while. The helmet as the primary logo needs to stop! Between the elf, the mastiff (dog) and the B football they've had some damn good secondary logos but refuse to ditch the helmet logo smh.
  13. Once again, I think most fans would've accepted Billy becoming second in command. Would have been real cool seeing him get "promoted" to Red Ranger while Rocky became the new Blue Ranger. Weird posts happen when there's not a lot of new stuff coming out lol
  14. Tommy becoming the focal point took me out of it too. Pre white ranger the show gave all the rangers moments to shine. After he became white ranger it was like the other rangers became his 5 sidekicks. Tommy being named the new leader of the rangers while Jason was still there, rubbed me the wrong way as a kid. Billy not rising up to second in command after Jason, Zack and Trini left also rubbed me the wrong way as a kid. He was the smartest ranger, and his fighting ability improved tremendously by that point. Made no season for Rocky and Adam to leapfrog him in the chain of command (ESPECIALLY ROCKY). I think most fans of the show at time would have accepted Billy as the #2 ranger. He earned it
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