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  1. Watching the 96 MLS Cup on ESPN2 right now. Good lord, soccer uniforms sure have evolved. The shorts aren't too visually different from what's worn nowadays, but the jerseys.... WOW! They were practically wearing baggy polo shirts back then. At what point did soccer jerseys shift to the more form fitting, athletic fit shirts we have today?
  2. Simply removing the B from the raven head logo would improve Baltimore's uniforms several notches
  3. Really? Feels like I've randomly seen at least one handball match in the last couple of summer Olympics going back to the 2004 games.
  4. Personally hope red shorts remains an option for D.C United after this season. Unless of course DCU is one of the clubs Adidas grants permission to have third kits. In that case just bring back red thirds, and mix up the jersey/shorts/socks combo a couple times per season.
  5. Does NLL and PLL have some sort of working relationship? When the NLL had the Seals game in Las Vegas, PLL shot a video from the game with their host (or whatever his official title is) RJ. The PLL cameras were allowed in the locker room and everything. That's been the only instance of the two leagues working with each other that I'm aware of.
  6. Also, not a fan of the refs socks matching their shirt color.
  7. My thoughts exactly. They need to adjust the shade of pink next season. This was a major misfire.
  8. Watched the DC United game live on local TV. Was expecting it to look much worse than it did. The XFL season will be over in April and the pitch will go back normal. Not a huge deal.
  9. I think an 18-22 minor league could really work if all the necessary parts were in place (mainly investors & facilities). Assuming the NBA wasn't operating it, I wonder if it could be viewed as a threat to the G League or not? On one hand it would definitely be a head to head competitor for players in that specific age group. On the other hand, players that age out of an 18-22 league would probably wind up in the G League any way (at least those not ready for the main NBA level). So it would be a rival league and a feeder at the same time. Kind of an odd scenario.
  10. Figured The Basketball Tournament was the closest thing to the XFL for basketball based in the US. https://www.thetournament.com/
  11. I know it's not part of their official uniform, but I'd kinda like to see the Guardians wear red socks with the Blk/Gry/Blk combo
  12. Wonder if the XFL considered Columbia University for the Guardians home stadium? You'd think the league (and more so VKM) would love to have some sort of connection to the Ivy League.
  13. Put it on the sleeves? Would be an improvement of the two tone sleeve caps they have now
  14. D.C. United signs new broadcasting deal with WJLA 24/7 News, a cable channel owned by the local ABC affiliate station. It was the club's previous broadcasting partern before going to Flo FC last season. https://www.dcunited.com/post/2020/02/21/dc-united-and-wjla-247-news-reach-deal-televise-matches-2020?fbclid=IwAR30QsHfENRzWuAODtj1Lo50F2m5W7DNd9hdwx4TSU_RXgwxWZPsr3POhA4 I'll be able to watch all of DCU's games again. People without cable aren't thrilled though
  15. If the XFL last long enough that teams can eventually change their uniforms, I hope the Vipers... Promote the snake head to the primary logo. As well as put that on the helmets. Drop lime green altogether. Kelly green and yellow on their own is a good a color combo. Consider ditching the V logo and making a new secondary logo. I just don't like the V at all.