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  1. The alma mater got beat 42-12 earlier today to fall to 3-3 on this season. Fortunately a few teams ahead of them in the region lost too so their current playoff standing may not be effected much.
  2. Have the Dolphins wore all white with white socks yet this season? Going with a total white out seems like a Miami thing to do.
  3. So my alma mater had it's homecoming game today which I attended. They won 54-6 and are now 3-2 on the season. My one regret, sitting next to the JV team's section. I forgot how extremely crude teenage boys can be. Spent most of the game trying not to laugh at their brand of humor.
  4. There's two Tennessee schools playing on ESPN2 right now, but I'm a kinda distracted by the Nationals/Dodgers NDLS game right now.
  5. D.C United has ended their partnership with FloFC and will have a new broadcast partner for the 2020 season. This weekend's season finale against Cincy will be live streamed on the team's website.
  6. No. Some DC area games are streamed lived by Monumental Sports, but that game wasn't on Monumental's schedule. The only time high school games are televised lived here are for the state championships.
  7. I checked the Washington Post's schedule for that day and there was only one other varsity football game scheduled for that Thursday in a neighboring county. Keep in mind the Post only covers the Maryland schools within the DC area. Not sure about the rest of the state. As far as Saturday afternoon games go, that is/was the norm for my home county. The Prince George's County Public School System has over 20 high schools. Until about 5 years ago, only 3 schools in the entire county had lights. To my knowledge 7 of the county's schools have had lights installed in recent years.
  8. For some odd reason my alma mater's game this week was played on Thursday night instead of Friday night. Playing on Thursday must've brought them luck because they beat arch rival Friendly HS 28-20 last night. First time they beat them since the 1995 season. Former NFL Linebacker Julian Peterson was a senior playing for our alma mater the last time Crossland beat Friendly.... It's a rivalry is mainly do to proximity to each other.... the basketball series between the two schools isn't as lopsided lol Locally, St. John's College HS (DC) is hosting number 1 ranked Mater Dei (CA) right now on ESPNU at Catholic University.
  9. I'd personally like to see the Browns go with white jerseys and CR brown pants with their solid orange socks once this season.
  10. It's pretty much just a big beer glass. Players from the winning team (Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club) were literally drinking booze out of it on the field live on NBC. Video of a locker room celebration posted by the league on YouTube had one of the players saying it takes 3 bottles of beer to fill it up.
  11. My alma mater lost a close one 15-8 on Saturday to fall to 1-2. They'll play their arch rival Friendly HS on Friday night. Actually the first time in a few years they've played each other due to being in different classes. SN: One of my old schoolmates is a JV coach now. Apparently one of his players broke two of their toes in a game earlier this season after a full water bottle slipped out of his hand and landed on his foot. Am I underestimating how much force a water bottle has during a 3 to 4 foot drop? In my mind that shouldn't be able to break toes.
  12. As far as their uniforms go, Tulane in all light blue is okay. Especially if that combination is rarely used. Not wild about the metallic decals and facemask though.