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  1. The move to Frisco was surprising given the fact they already announced Vegas earlier in the season. Guess I understand why it was chosen though. Just can't help but to think having it in San Antonio would have drawn well. SN: Judging by complaints on the AAF's facebook page, many AAF fans already booked trips to Vegas for the championship. They're not too happy, but there's lots of other stuff they can do in Vegas. Not a total loss (unless they hit the casinos and lose badly).
  2. I think the only way a Stallions move to Rio Tinto Stadium could work would be if it's possible to have a temporary field turf surface over the grass for AAF games. I know it's been done the other way around, most recently during the Copa America Centario *sp* when several NFL stadiums with field turf had temporary grass pitches placed for the tournament. Or they could pull a Copa America move and have temporary grass laid down at Rice-Eccles. They'd be able to paint on that at least *shrug*
  3. If I could make slight changes to the Fleet's white jerseys I'd make the collar and cuffs dark gray. Then change the number outline/shadow to yellow. You can barely see the light gray outline on a white jersey.
  4. Good to see Arizona and Birmingham back to their winning ways this week.
  5. No, but the Stallions had no other real option within Salt Lake City/County but Rice Eccles Stadium. Maybe next season the AAF will throw in some extra money so they can paint over the Utes field markings.
  6. I'll never understand why some people on this forum flip out about the usage of black in these uniforms. They never wore black jerseys. Never wore black pants. Never wore black socks. Yet the minor amount out black used with these in relation to the green and white has been vilified and tagged BFBS *sighs and shakes head*
  7. Meh. I have had no problems looking at that game so far.
  8. Only one team passed on Manziel? Haven't familiarized myself with the AAF waiver/free agent signing procedures, but I thought you had to go through two layers before you're open to being signed by any team. I thought it was based on college team first, then last pro team. I'm aware the Commanders passed on him, but shouldn't the AAF team linked to Montreal have had next dibs to sign Johnny? Unless Memphis is the team linked to Montreal.
  9. RSL didn't need to wear white. Their red primaries don't clash with black.
  10. Manziel and Singletary together? What could possibly go wrong there?
  11. Down goes Orlando!!! Now that they've lost a game, I feel comfortable picking them to win the championship.
  12. I'd rather they remove the initials from the back of the helmets and put a white SA logo on the sides of the helmets
  13. I just hope Miami doesn't end up wearing all pink as their primary look. Either pink-black-pink or pink-pink-black would be my ideal primaries.
  14. Me too. However I can't help but think a Miami alt's primary color will be aqua green/teal. If only MLS could have thirds again lol
  15. There's something I really like about SR's stadium. I hope it sticks around if an MLS move happens. But of course it would need to be a regular tenant to justify keeping it open