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  1. I would think not. That was a necessity of joining MLS. Now that SRFC will likely remain in USL for the indefinite future, there's no need to do that when Papa Murphy's Park serves them well at that level. I could end up being wrong about that though We'll see what happens.
  2. I'm going to take a different route. Put me in an alternate universe where men's volleyball is a big deal outside of the Olympics. I didn't start to watch and understand volleyball until about 2013. By that point I was pushing 30 and past my competitive athletic days. Given my height and athletic strengths from ages 13-24, I believe I could have developed into a decent Libero had boys/men's volleyball had been available in my area. Here's a brief explanation of the position... "The libero is a player specialized in defensive skills: the libero must wear a contrasting jersey color from their teammates and cannot block or attack the ball when it is entirely above net height. When the ball is not in play, the libero can replace any back-row player, without prior notice to the officials." In general I was always a better defensive player in team sports than I was on offense, so a position like that is right up my alley. One thing not mentioned in the quote is that Liberos are usually the shortest players on a team. From my high school to adult years, my height went from 5'9 to 5'11. Average height range in general, but short when it comes to men's volleyball. I like that Liberos stand out (contrasting jersey), but aren't usually considered the stars of a team. I've always liked being a regular contributor on a team, but didn't like the off field/court attention that comes with being a star player. Another area where being a Libero appeals to me. So basically put me in a timeline where I become good enough at the position where I can make lots of money and relatively fly under the radar. I'd be a happy guy.
  3. Maybe it's just my screen, but those LAFC secondaries appear to be a very light shade of gold to me.
  4. I was always fond of Macho Man's nWo era Madness logo if that counts
  5. How much longer is the kit deal with Adidas? Between the league wide shoulder stripes in 2020 and only one team getting a third this year, Adidas soccer has been pissing me off when it come to MLS. At this point I'd rather see a lower tier manufacture like Champion/Russell/Wilson/New Balance/etc get the next contract than for Adidas and it's ways to continue. I'd rather have the league be a top priority for Wilson than an afterthought with Adidas. Oh yeah, there's Nike, Puma, Umbro and Under Armour too SN: no clue whether Champion, Russell or Wilson even makes soccer kits
  6. All I want to know is whether or not the team builder will return. I had way more fun toying around with that than I thought I would.
  7. New coach for D.C. United D.C. United Name HernĂ¡n Losada as Head Coach | D.C. United
  8. Who thought it was a good idea putting the B on the raven head logo? Worst part of their identity IMO.
  9. Sounds reasonable. Hell of a lot better than one suggestion I've heard. Someone thought assigning teams to regions would be a good hybrid of the 2 models. Brief description of what they suggested.... New England Cannons: rotates home games in cities around New England Mid Atlantic Archers: rotates it's home games in NY, NJ, DE, PA, MD, DC and VA Great Lakes Atlas: you get the idea Basically each team would have a set home region, but the location of home games would rotate between cities within that region. Only one team for the Mid Atlantic states seems like a big mistake in that plan to be honest
  10. Bring back the WFT's gold pants in 2021! Can do without the striped burgundy socks though.
  11. Seeing how one of PLL's main goals is to grow the game, the barnstorming model may be the best way to achieve it. At least temporarily. The best way to grow LAX beyond it's northeast and Colorado stronghold is to bring high level LAX to those parts of the country that don't normally get to see it in person. You can't grow being limited to 8 cities, with 7 of them being in the same region of the country. While I believe the PLL should ultimately transition to a traditional home city based model, I understand what they are trying to achieve with the tour model. This isn't MLS expansion we're talking about here. Soccer is the world's most popular sports. Lacrosse is still a niche sport that's trying to grow beyond it's niche status. Have to think outside the box to make it happen.
  12. all I want is for Maryland to finally ditch those helmets for something simpler
  13. When the PLL/MLL merger first broke, some of us here suggested the team should maintain the crossed cannons logo from it's MLL identity. Glad to see that stick around. Figured the PLL would acknowledge the Cannon's MLL legacy in some way.
  14. Behold (SN: my lunch break is almost over, rushing this post lol)