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  1. Whipsankes beat Redwoods in OT to advance to championship.
  2. Chaos pulled of an upset. Higher seeds won the other quarterfinal games.
  3. Seems like an odd move to flat out get rid of your G League club.
  4. A fifth team in California? I mean.... Grand Rapids, Michigan is available now lol
  5. I'm lost. The GR Drive couldn't simply relocate to Wayne State? And the PHX Suns had no say whatsoever over the NAZ Suns? Will this lead to the creation of a Phoenix Suns 2 G league club?
  6. personally like Gateway Saint Louis out of the names on that list
  7. Final day of group play in the PLL Championship Series is tomorrow. Only one game scheduled. A matchup of the only undefeated teams, Whipsnakes vs Archers. Winner gets the number 1 seed in the knockout rounds, and a BYE to the semifinals. Here's the standings as the moment. SN: This league is clearly not rigged for Paul Rabil's team to be succesful. Atlas has been underachieving hard in the 2 years of the PLL's existence. https://stats.premierlacrosseleague.com/ League Standings Team W L T SF SA Diff Whipsnakes 3 0 0 40 22 18 Archers 3 0 0 33 29 4 Chrome 3 1 0 50 45 5 Redwoods 2 2 0 39 42 -3 Waterdogs 1 3 0 39 42 -3 Atlas 1 3 0 37 47 -10 Chaos 0 4 0 32 43 -11
  8. Would it be an issue that one of the teams in the Premier Lacrosse League is called the Archers?
  9. If it makes you feel any better, Atlas was in the bottom half of the league last season. And they look like a middle of the pack kind of team so far this season.
  10. Wonder how much longer Paul Rabil intends to play? I think the PLL may truly start to grow once he decides to step away from playing and puts all his energy into the business side of things.
  11. Chaos vs Redwoods game postponed to Wednesday due to weather delay in Utah... Atlas vs Archers still supposed to happen sometime tonight after weather clears
  12. Actually think PLL adjusted the shade of blue Atlas wears at some point last year. There came a point when their blue began to visually pop more than it did earlier in the season. With that said, such a small league should go out it's way to make sure there is significant clash between the teams' uniforms. The Waterdogs should have probably gone with white secondary uniforms instead of lavender/lilac/faded light purple. My issue wasn't with clash though. They're uniforms just didn't look good in live action to me. On topic though: I thought Atlas vs Waterdogs was the best PLL game of the weekend.