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  1. 5) Introduce yellow socks to be worn with the blue pants. Because we all know the blue pants aren't going anywhere.
  2. Some pics of released of the Jackson St/TN State game I mentioned earlier. Best I've seen at least. Seriously though, Tennessee State is showing the Giants what could have been. SN: don't get me started on Jackson State smh
  3. Checked Google and the colors were mentioned being black and gold. With that said, I believe red has always been around. I've definitely seen pictures from the Eddie Robinson days of Grambling teams wearing red pants.
  4. Can't find any pics of it online, so I will just describe the uniforms Tennessee State is wearing right now on ESPN3/app royal blue helmets; light gray facemasks; single red stripe; white decals white jerseys; royal blue numbers (no outline); royal blue letters on nameplates; Northwestern stripes on sleeves (red-white-blue-white-red) white pants; Northwestern stripes down leg (red-white-blue-white-red) Somebody show this to the New York Giants and tell them this would be a million times better than the road uniforms they've chosen for 2021
  5. They don't have the option to wear their lucky white uniforms in the championship this year
  6. My alma mater won it's season opener 18-12. First time in at least a decade they've gotten a win in week 1.
  7. That would be odd seeing as how Nike makes the Raiders' home and Lions' throwback jerseys with silver/light gray numbers. Did they assume no high school or small college football team would want silver/light gray numbers?
  8. They failed to qualify because the team didn't have any old guys? I enjoy Big3, but let's not forget it is a senior league for the most part lol.
  9. Not sure why North Carolina Central chose to use such a dark shade of gray for the numbers on their maroon jerseys. Especially since historically NCCU teams wear a much lighter shade of gray. For reference here's a picture of their gray men's basketball uniforms from last season.
  10. Maryland public schools regular season starts on September 3rd. With losing an entire year it's hard to make any sort of predictions. SN: the MPSSAA is doing an odd new this year. Each sport has it's own classifications now (4A, 3A, etc). With this new rule in place, my alma mater is in 2A for basketball but 1A for all other sports. Think it has something to do with the growing number of charter schools within the state's public schools districts. Apparently every public school in the state offers basketball, which played a factor in my school being bumped up to 2A for hoops. Many of the charter schools in Maryland only offer basketball, no other sports.
  11. I assumed Nike owned that Miami number font. Can't recall ever seeing those numbers used on any other brand besides Nike uniforms. SN: I hope Miami flipped the stripe colors on their green uniforms while they're making changes. White-orange-white would look way better than what they've been using.
  12. Another Redwoods vs Whipsnakes postseason game decided by 1 point. May have to take back what I previously said about the Whipsnakes until someone proves they can beat them when it counts most. Anyway, semifinals are set.
  13. That's debatable. Especially when there's been little contrast between the colors of Southern's previous uniforms. If I can only make out jersey numbers in close up shots, it's a problem. Not saying they need to go to the other end of the spectrum and switch to navy blue, but when you're dead set on having yellow and white in your uniforms you maybe powder blue isn't the best option to go with it. Besides Southern wore royal blue for a long time before the recent switch to powder blue. This. There's better ways to pull that color combo off. Southern didn't do that.
  14. As a Washington fan, I'm a little worried that all those logos appear to be using a darker shade of burgundy than the team has worn in my lifetime (with the exception of those anniversary uniforms in 2002, which I hated) . Needless to say, I want the colors to remain as is
  15. As someone that keeps up with HBCU football, Southern has been looking bad ever since they replaced royal blue with powder blue. Three light colors (powder blue, yellow and white) on a uniform is a bad look. Not a fan of either of those new uniforms.
  16. The PLL regular season is complete and the playoff bracket has been set.
  17. I'd really like to see Minnesota mix up parts of the gray and blue uniforms.
  18. The Giants just need to go ahead and start from scratch with a new set of uniforms. Now they have 3 pairs of white pants?
  19. Was going to ask the same thing. Is Utah phasing out the drum/feather/U? Hope the alternate U doesn't get axed. I personally thought it was good enough to be promoted to primary logo.
  20. So Paul Rabil gets traded. His new team is second to last in the standings and his old team is in first place. SN: the Whipsnakes can't win with Matt Rambo out with injury. Don't know the severity of his injury, but even if he comes back it may be safe to assume we'll see a new champ this season. They are not the same team this year.
  21. I think some may be underestimating the cultural/political differences between the PAC-12 and Big 12 member schools (and their donors). The potential of money being made doesn't trump everything. I heard rumors of there being some resistance within the conference in inviting Utah to join the (then) PAC-10 back in 2010/11.
  22. Personally I like the idea of a merger between the remaining Big 12 schools and the AAC.
  23. I disagree. The gold masks on gold helmets has been a good look for UCLA and Akron.
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