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  1. these are so much better than what they're actually going with. :censored:. the piping. the typeface.
  2. Florida should be Bacardi. it's a hell of a lot bigger than Cigar City (even though Jai Alai is the best beer ever)
  3. there's like 400% more teal in the new logo than the old.
  4. yeah, the local news reported they said ticket prices would be raised 2% at the presser
  5. OH YEAH? well the Maple Leaves logo stinks
  6. yeah the local news reporters were wearing those at the press conference today. they also had the logo along with STAND UNITED on flags/banners/whatever on lightposts around the stadium. the president of the team also called the shield a "badge."
  7. I think that^ is gross. it has a beard and gills
  8. nice! but I'd like to see this with the white still around the ear and the jaw. like i said earlier, it's a great logo minus the teal eye + nose
  9. immediate reactions from Jags fan via facebook: 95% of them hate it. 5% think it's not that bad. https://www.facebook...95583862&type=1 as a Jags fan, I'm in the 5%
  10. not terrible. make the nose black, and maybe the pupil of the eye teal; not the entire eyeball. old one was definitely better. edit: didn't even realize the darker gold. the logo would probably look better without that. edit2: i can't stop looking at it. it's jarring. the logo would definitely be better without it.
  11. unfortunately. they should've / would've won it all in 94.
  12. this is deplorable. ew https://www.facebook.../sellthemarlins like + share please
  13. Actually, i think we only knew the home uniform 2 days before and the logo only a month before. I think the Marlins did a good job with their unveiling. it was about 2 minutes of showing off things everyone had already seen, some corny, corny lines, and then a 2 hour long pitbull concert.
  14. I know it was pretty matter of fact that the logo change is happening, but this was retweeted by the Miami Dolphins themselves: http://thefinsiders....e-likely-coming