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  1. What did Austin Peay do to tick Bane off?
  2. When people make these comments is it for real or is it just tired hyperbole? Between the listings on cable and the graphics package, I can't imagine even the most casual viewer not being able to discern teams in a matter of seconds. Add to that the fact that people on this board are champing at the bit for every new uniform/helmet/etc., I seriously doubt this is a real issue. College football is growing, this board is growing, and the topic is growing. Everyone who has complained is still here.
  3. Your a Virginia Tech fan. Those Wyoming jerseys are better than what VT trots out almost every week... I'm not sure what his "a Virginia Tech fan" has anything to do with this topic... Except maybe the stale hyperbole. That being said, we should all quietly and politely let this nuclear reactor go into meltdown on its own. All we'll be left with in a few years will be pink ribbon decals and patches.
  4. Jaguars: The jersey and pants are not a bad approach to a modern uniform. That being said, the helmet is terrible. The NFL should be concerned for our mental health that they trot those things out there. Dolphins: I love them. I like orange, but there is a lot of orange in the league. I think that their combo of white and aqua (with orange and navy as simply trim colors for now), brings a nice, simple scheme to a very busy uniform scene. The Dolphins are never on my radar, but this new look is the best of the three - new logo included. Vikings: They look great from the wide-zoom camera, but the little stylistic details are off-putting from up close. Get rid of the stupid serifs and the sail-stripes, and we're good. I also can't seem to wrap my mind around the striping on both sets of pants. The asymmetrical look is fine - good even, it is just the inconsistency between the white and the purple.
  5. Sorry but I had too... That helmet rocks. Hey-o. Although it is/will be bad in practice, in principle I think it shows how incredible these graphics can be.
  6. For the last time, images - not links. Honestly...
  7. "I can't tell the teams apart so bad it makes my eyes bleed!!!11" The hyperbole the inevitably comes out of 240 total pages with maybe 10 pages of content.
  8. How clever. You disagree with someone who you believe to be intolerant, so you choose to respond with a different "acceptable" intolerance. Par for the course.
  9. As opposed to "friend." Stop looking for something not related to the uni to fuss about.
  10. Based upon everything we've "seen" and heard, the Jags are going to look a lot more like the military from an Alien movie or Gears of War than US troops.
  11. Why couldn't an IL team put Lincoln's profile or a hat patch on their jersey to celebrate some historical anniversary? All of this iconography and inspiration has been going on since teams were identified by their hosiery or owner's principal investment. "Blitz" means a sudden military attack. Let's not get too picky about metaphor and colloquialism.
  12. "Fight" and "struggle" aren't words that are exclusively associated with the military (nor have they ever been). To me, what makes military styling distasteful is that it's playing off of that look to make money. It's not an honor ploy - it's a marketing ploy. Any association (implied or otherwise) of athletes with warriors is something I'm not personally a fan of. That's my stance. What is your stance on the Patriots, Vikings, Warriors, Blue Jackets, etc?
  13. I repeat: if you take the "war" out of football, you have to take out things like "fight" and "struggle" as well. Lest you be accused of war profiteering and capitalizing off patriotic sheep. Where does the line exist? I'd say direct imitation of current US military iconography by anyone besides the service academies would be distasteful.
  14. If we scoff at military themes, we would have to remove war, fighting, and struggle from the language of the game and descriptions thereof to be consistent. I agree that stars and stripes or the like would be pandering, but military iconography - something that isn't exclusive to the USA - doesn't bother me.