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  1. I think this is a great concept. How are you doing the inside of the letters? Is that a filter or Illustrator CS? Just curious... looks good. grc
  2. Really good... really clean, but I have a feeling, everyone is going to comment, on how it just screams U of Louisville... grc
  3. As a Yankees fan, who is conservative when it come's to uni's loves it! Could use a few tweaks, but overall I think it's pretty sharp. Good work! grc
  4. Incredibly clean work. I think the Orioles will always go for the classic look, and this would be just too contemporary for them... The two sub-logos would be a marketing phenomenon, if they used them. A++ grc
  5. I skimmed through the responses after post I am quoting, and was surprised that nobody touched on the "real" reason why there is such a push for "DC" to be part of the logo. NOBODY who lives in the Washington DC metro area, calls the city itself Washington. It's known throughout the region as "DC". Visitor to area - "Let's take the Subway to Washington to look at the monuments." Local - "Let's take the Metro to DC to go to the Mall." grc
  6. As nauceous as that team makes me... I think that concept is really sharp... good work. grc
  7. Dead on Nesi. These are perfect. I really hope that they do incorporate "DC" into the logo... I live in the DC metro area, and nobody here calls it "Washington". How did you get the wordmarks? Did you vectorize or do you have a close/similar/or even "the" font??? Also, this should probably be another thread.... but I've always heard that the Orioles do not wear "Baltimore" on their roads, because they are representing the DC metro area as well. I wonder if we will see the Baltimore script, now that DC has a team... grc
  8. Those are on-point... Very nice, clean and don't really remind me of anything else... awesome. grc
  9. Yeah really... ...who the heck is #34 on the phins??? grc
  10. Well I am a pretty big fan of the current Bulls "classic" look, but this is still clean and very nicely done... good work! grc
  11. very strong... the gold concept I like much more than the silver... grc
  12. lol - who is that dude in the Manning jersey? perhaps this comment is off topic, because it's not part of "this" change, but I really really REALLY can't stand the way the vertical shoulder stripes are cut off on their uni's now. It looks retarded... why? Indianapolis Colts - still my most favorite uniform in sports. grc
  13. Colors & Logo are fantastic... If I had go be really nitpicky, I would say you could perhaps improve the wordmark? Very well done. grc
  14. I kinda like the "Northern Lights". Because it would have been kind of a acknowledgement to the "North" in North Stars... The Blue Ox is interesting too... it could probably have lent itself to a great logo... good point above though, about Columbus being the Blue Jackets... I also, for the record, think that "Wild" is the most absolute worst nickname in professional sports, although I will say that they've done a fantastic job with the logo and uniforms that surround it... grc
  15. ICS These look fantastic. I am very impressed the way you have made the looks diverse from one another. Great imagination! The New Mexico ones are great, they would look awesome with the yellow sweaters and socks against the red pants... Great work!!! Let's see some more! grc