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  1. He isn't wasting his time over here.
  2. green a1 b1 c1 d1 grey a1 b1 c2 d2
  3. You admit, you may not have put forth the level of effort to win. You admit, #4 may be more appealing. You still have NO proof your concept was ripped off. If in fact it was, you only have yourself to blame since you posted an early "sneak peek". And yet you are still begging for votes. Dude, just let the work speak for itself and let the public decide. Yours was good enough to make it to the damn poll in the first place. that's what a pro would do. As for #2 it has some nice qualities, not terribly creative but the alignment and composition are well thought out but the PSD effects have to go. I'll at least give you that one AAO.
  4. If Brad had done up an entry with a shield, a stylized AJHL, a hockey stick and a flying puck (in which yours has a boring static one), you'd be kissing his arse. If you are conceding that #4 IS an improvement on yours, you obviously didn't work hard enough to get yours to that final stage. That's always been your problem. You have some talent for a guy right out of HS and access to Illustrator but you talk so much :censored:e and have no practical real world experience to back it up. Get over yourself and take losing to a better logo, like a man. And the fluffs here just make you lose your focus because they inflate your ego even more. Get grounded, some formal education and then rock some logos out. Until then get humble. Your entry was decent but lacked that finished quality. And pandering for votes is just plain pathetic.
  5. Hello CCSLC, I just wanted to inform you of an incident that was just brought to my attention. I was contacted by someone about doing some logos for a Youth Basketball Camp in Salt Lake City about a year ago. I cannot be certain but I believe he may have contacted me through this board. He may or may not be a member here. The simple story is that he misrepresented himself to me and did not have a youth basketball league set up. I have just learned that he has been doing the rounds and has even tried to con Joe Bosack and Dan Simon at some point. But I did the logos (8) for a discount anyway. We established a contract and the work arrangement went along fine. I didn't think anything of it until I lost contact with him, trying to follow up on the league. My intentions for doing the work was on the up and up. I was thinking about the kids in the league since I am a father myself. Plus the logos were a good portfolio boost at the time. Well it turns out the guy is a designer and was looking to crack trade secrets according to Joe and others who have been contacted by him. He may even be passing the work I did for him as his own in his portfolio. But I can't be certain. I just know that I did the work under false pretense. None of my logos have turned up online in my searches but I'll be keeping tabs on him. Anyways I just wanted to let you all know in case he is a member on the boards or contacts any of you directly for potential work. This kind of crap tarnishes the design profession and people who want to be legit and conduct business ethically. So as a professional, If I can prevent it from happening to someone else I will. And that concludes my public service announcement. Thank you for your time, Tony Rozwadowski
  6. Not seeing anymore of these wonderful concepts from Joel is the truly sad part.
  7. I just like how Joel applied a consistency throughout the league. And unifies it with comic sans ta boot.
  8. Can I see what the old MB glove logo would look like in your color scheme, Joel?
  9. Try a different font when watermarking. It's getting in the way of your delightful wordmark. Also there is a transparency feature in Illustrator, now. Look into it.
  10. Not bad, may need a few more teeth to capture that rage your Penguin is emoting. HAWT!!!
  11. Do pine trees grow in the desert?
  12. 1. Think WWND? 2. Do exact opposite of what Nitro would do.