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  1. Then there's no real problem - that might be on the official sheets, but this is the NBA. The logo they use most often doesn't have the box. It's my main problem, not my only problem. I just don't find it to be a very dynamic looking logo. Dynamism is overrated when it comes to logos. The best-loved, longest-lived logos are fairly static, for the most part. Perhaps a slight suggestion of motion works well, too. However, when the logo's beating you over the head with it, then it becomes simply mundane and unmemorable. The fewer syllables it takes to describe a logo, the better.
  2. Yellow. Mostly because it'll sell ridiculously well.
  3. At the end of the day, the list of the top 10 recruiters can't be dismissed either. From my conversation with gdu there have been current and former Texas players calling for the Longhorns to adopt a black alternate. They won't, because Texas doesn't need to. Which means that while recruits may love this unnecessary crap now, it's not enough to sway them. Texas is still going to get recruits who may want Texas to adopt black. Texas will say no, and the recruits will still come to Texas. Darrell Royal said that the UT uniforms are "work clothes." As long as he's still around, I figure they'll listen to him on that point. After all, if it weren't for his sense of logos (the longhorn silhouette), they wouldn't be the top-selling franchise in college sports.
  4. OMT

    Miami Marlins fix

    No, the Thunder have the worst logo in the big four by FAR. I would have to disagree with that. The Thunder logo isn't all that bad, it just has no relation to the team name. As a logo by itself, it's mediocre. As for the new Marlins logo, it just doesn't look like it should be used for a sports team. It looks like the logo for a fast-food joint. And the worst part is the god-awful colors, they're making me want to throw up. Exactly. The Thunder logo could be used for any team in the NBA. At least the Marlins logo relates to the city of Miami, with the colors and art deco style. Personally, I think that's pretty important. And remember, this is only the cap logo, which is typically just a letter. One could argue that most of the cap logos don't scream "sports team." Personally I like the style of the logo a lot, but the yellow just ruins it. I think that if the yellow weren't there there wouldn't be so much backlash. As mentioned before, the yellow is a figurative sunrise off the blue Atlantic. The more I think about it, the more this logo grows on me. I honestly believe it will be the hottest cap seller that's not a Yankees hat next year.