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  1. I'm just gonna dream and pretend ads are going away. Some are not really all that bad, but these uniforms look much better without them.
  2. Still nothing on the Timberwolves Jersey sponsor. Believe they cut ties with Fitbit. Will watch tonight but they would have a large announcement if I were to see anything.
  3. Agreed, it works! I can see it looking really nice on a sweatshirt.
  4. Agreed!! I think it sets a unique memory on that year. Knowing right away in 06 that the heat were at Dallas because they were wearing their road alternates. Knowing the Celtics in 08/09 were at home because they wore white. I enjoy being able to look back and have it make sense.
  5. Yeah, where is the purple? The did not use their beautiful color scheme...
  6. Let's hope they can nail this one. Their color scheme is great and I hope they can continue to use that well!
  7. Conrad you tease! Should be interesting. Their current set is clean, but I thinking bringing back pinstripes in some sort of way to the days where they had more swagger is smart.
  8. I honestly think the Cavs looked the best after Lebron left for the heat, up until he came back. Anytime they focus on just wine and gold is a win for me. The wolves wont change their set, but I wouldn't mind it. I live in the Twin Cities and I always hear "oh they are okay, miss the retro uniforms".
  9. I happen to really like that RM home kit! Almost tempted to get one.
  10. Sad, really. When ads went on jerseys in the NBA, it marked the point that I lost some interest. (That and the constant chucking threes). But a watered down experience is exactly how I would explain it too. You are forced to look at those ads, and it takes away from the experience. The "I go catch a ballgame to unwind" will not be as true anymore. But I don't buy 11$ beers at the game, either.
  11. It works so well. Although I'd have to have a few days to mentally prepare as some of my favorite NBA playoff years in loved the Heat and their current uniforms (2006, 2010s)
  12. I love this. Great color scheme as well. I would totally support this team if I was nearby.
  13. Agreed. It is easier to see the intentions of the league and teams. Money money money. It's like when a stripper tries to socialize. Nice in the moment, but really just for the extra money.
  14. All this diluting the brand is really turning me off from the whole thing. Comercialized burnout.
  15. I am all for throwbacks coming back, but wouldn't mind seeing some teams stick with a specific throwback for a number of years. they gotta sell revamped versions of the classics. If they keep doing that, just get rid of the city uniforms. Most of them dont even resemble the city, and muddle the brand.