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  1. May sound like a Debbie downer but this will dilute the brand even more with different courts, and crazy alternates. Yeah the casual fan is going to be all over it because it represents something in their city... Oh well, I'll just complain more to myself and not change anything because I can't stop them from making money!
  2. Just stick with one court for heavens sake.
  3. This thread is for anyone to show off their teams merch! Anyone have too much of one team? I'll have to include pics, but my collection is too many Minnesota timberwolves shirts! I've had to force myself to buy just short sleeves or jerseys for MLB teams as they play in the summer, and cold weather gear for my wolves, or vikings. Show off your stuff!
  4. Heard rumors that they wanted a black jersey but it didn't look good on the TV test. They do have alot of black hats that look pretty good though.
  5. Yes they do actually to corporate.
  6. I believe it is the city edition. It's the lake blue that's the secondary blue on their current uniforms. My head honcho wouldn't show me a picture of what it will be next season for no reason.
  7. The Timberwolves will be coming out with a new alternate. It will be like their current navy jerseys but the shades of blue will be flipped. I saw a picture from a meeting at the retailer I work at.
  8. True! I'm at the point where I don't want to buy any more mercy until next year in case any big changes happen. I understand nike won't have full control, but things will change.
  9. I am quite curious to see what teams will make little changes while they have a good chance. One team I see making a move is the Twins. I think it would be a great opportunity to better streamline their set, and make it more cohesive looking. Maybe one throwback, but have a more consistent image.
  10. I agree, but I just wish the execution was better.
  11. Hopefully powder blues come back. I think the twins need to evolve to the script wordmark permanently so that there isnt a mess with different wordmarks all over.
  12. Although it is very early to judge, but so far, this move to Nike is..different. I assumed it was going to be a huge trend upwards, and it still may be...but at this's just odd. We shall see, I also don't want teams to lose their identities with more uniforms. I know it's been the trend the last few years already.
  13. Timberwolves to announce new logo on April 11th. Notice in the article they say "court designs"....plural!
  14. Yes It could be the good memories growing up with that set, and KG of course, but I liked that it was out there... I mean trees on a jersey sound stupid but in my opinion they pulled it off.. I do love the original set, so here's to hoping a nod to the past. Do not have high hopes though.