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  1. Has anyone seen this logo before? was just on theemblemsource.com and noticed a new pacers logo. Maybe I'm just late and it's already in circulation, but could this be a leak? https://www.theemblemsource.com/collections/nba-patches-eastern-teams-indiana-pacers
  2. Really like how the purple socks look with matching sleeves for once instead of black undershirts and purple socks which clash. Think this could be an upgrade for the rockies. Lean into the purple. Maybe use the road hat with the purple brim at home with purple sleeves/undershirts/socks
  3. Love the return of the green underbills.
  4. I dont think ive seen red sleeves with the blue and grey rangers unis. This one is just a sleeve, not mandated undershirts for the whole team deshields started doing it a few games ago. Is tonight also with the blue unis on the road, but all i have right now is this one from a home game mccutchen last year with yellow was cool too and this year with the giants orange. Same with giancarlo last year and his orange sleeve Secondary arm sleeves or even undershirts. Very underrated
  5. Love the amount of anniversary logos/patches this year the "8" year is a good one dodgers, giants, rockies, dbacks (poor padres) marlins, royals, A's, Rays
  6. According to that site, the lakers are done with yellow for the year
  7. Im excited if denver can update these. 90s nostalgia maybe, but these look really good present day
  8. Imagine the Heat playing on the old Spurs court with their city unis thats all thats missing for these great jerseys. An alt court i wouldnt even mind a black key with teal or pink out of bounds border also for tonight, no idea why the lakers are wearing yellow on the road while miami wears the white city unis. The purple ones are just dead it seems. I think theyve worn them 4 times all season?
  9. Cant believe the lakers have only worn purple 4 times this season. twice were at home, another was for a clipper home game. So only once away from staples center
  10. Actually looked pretty good. There's aspects of them i dont like, such as the logo under and armpit and the side panels not going all the way up. But the white and grey look good especially with the gold highlight as for houston. I know they havent worn their city jerseys yet. I dont even care if they do. So uninspired. I bet they look around the league and are a little embarrassed.
  11. Didnt know the rip city jerseys had such sweet side panels. I actually wish the plaid was a little more visible but its ok. Great jerseys. Much better than their red alts. Very cool that CJ had a historic night in these too
  12. https://www.mavs.com/pulling-back-the-curtain-on-the-creative-process-behind-the-city-edition-jerseys/ -they went with black because the players have always wanted black (ho hum) -the green is called "action green" and its to give an update to their old green theyve used in the past -DAL because they wanted something different from Dallas, Mavericks and Mavs. They used DFW in preseason a few years ago nike speak: “Only in Dallas will you feel the energy the downtown skyline brings to its Dallasites. Marked by the neon glow on the letters, numbers and piping, the new Mavs City Edition Jersey reflects the swagger of the Big D and the vibrancy of Dallas nights.”
  13. My only thing is why is their center court logo navy blue? Why not grey like the jersey? Do they even use navy blue otherwise?
  14. The LA24 logo the lakers are using is horrific also the piping should not be purple and gold. Must commit to black and gold unless you make the numbers purple and gold as well. Otherwise great look. Love the shorts since theyre unique. Great as an alternate. And love the old school numbers
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