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  1. They've asked players in interviews which combo is their favourite and I've seen several say all white. I don't get the league wide monochrome obsession
  2. Bucs are in all white Sunday. In fact, they wear the all-white 9!! times. 4 red, 3 pewter
  3. Anyone else find it strange that none of the sideline gear for this season has been unveiled yet?
  4. The lack of orange seems strange to me given it's prominence on the poster in their original teaser video
  5. If the Bucs draft hats are any indication it would appear there will be no changes to the logo
  6. It's teasing the fact of a change, not what's changing IMO
  8. This teaser reminds me of these uniforms from player's weekend
  9. Rumours are that the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles are announcing a rebrand this morning
  10. I’d love for someone to do kit projections for the group stage matches
  11. Any news on the Leafs jersey set? Really excited to see what they go with
  12. It's not lazy, because they weren't given a choice. The only way Reebok would have jerseys ready in time was to use the Jets template. People forget that this move was finalized in May; a lot of work had to be done in a short period of time, branding included.