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  1. I don't think I'd ever consider that england team a disappointment at all, they played their hearts out in that tournament! I reckon this team reminds me of an 86 sort of team, ready to go, I'm only sure it will get better. As you can appreciate expectation is always very high at the home of football, the media is horrendous!
  2. Great looking kit I love this, but I hope you realise that in no way would Wednesday have a red rose on their logo, the white rose that is currently on the crest is the county symbol of Yorkshire (red being the symbol of Lancashire, see war of the roses). Overall great concept and I'm glad people in other countries see my club as one that belongs in the top flight.
  3. This is unbelievable, firstly a referee pulls a knife, then is killed! I don't think you can judge the country on this. It's quite shocking how brutal the human race can be, just last week I watched a documentary on culture in the Middle East, there was part of it where a woman, who was chosen as a wife for this man, but she refused. What was described on the documentary was that a mob of 200+ men took the woman, punched and kicked her to death, all because she wanted to choose.
  4. This is a great nickname, not being biast at all! Would be nice to see some of the SWFC Owl incorporated into this. Nice set though!
  5. I think the NHL is loving this for their realignment plan. They have the option to 'slip' in 2 expansion teams in the West, which may bode well for Seattle, and then shove a team somewhere silly like Kansas City, Albuquerque or Cheyenne! Also it looks like Quebec City may be off the list as there is no 'room', unless of course the Panthers relocate which could seemingly be a possibility, and wouldn't screw up the alignment. Anyway I shall keep posted as I'm pretty convinced this Coyotes-Glendale saga is far from over yet.
  6. Some of the points made on here are quite interesting and make a lot of sense for the NHL, because if they up and move the Coyotes to QC then there is no guarantee that Seattle will want to pay $300 million for an expansion team, especially if they have no new arena on the way. Everyone knows including Quebecor that QC is top of the list for a team, but it may not be the right time, for the NHL that is, to move the team up to Quebec, when they know Quebec will snatch an expansion team right out of their hands! We can all just sit back and watch it unfold, clever move by the NHL.
  7. Cliché I know, but the best pie I've had was at Wigan.My favourite away ground is Peterborough - partly because I've friends in the City who I meet up with for a pre-match pint, but also because you get the rare treat of standing on a proper old fashioned terrace. Worst toilets I've encountered were probably at York City, although in fairness they'd nailed up a bit of perspex to act as a roof the last time I visited Bootham Crescent. I have to say I like Peterborough, but have not experienced York City. I am a fan of old grounds don't get me wrong, but I think one of the best of the 'new era' is Pride Park, I have family who are Derby fans so I try to make an annual visit. Derby is also the place of my most memorable and favourite away day I've ever experienced. The first game of this season just gone, promoted back to the Championship, in amongst 6,000 Wednesdayites and I remember Reda Johnson equalising after 90 minutes, it was incredible all 6,000 were bouncing and no word of a lie the stand we were in actually shook. I spoke to my Uncle after the game who was the Derby fan and he said they could feel it in their stand, I explained to him I thought the stand was going to collapse, but he said it's designed like that, sort of a shock absorber, and if it wouldn't have shook it would most likely not have lasted much longer. I do love a good away day, it is what separates us from the rest of the world!
  8. I guess you are right, but without these comparisons and debates, this thread may as well be a giant news feed....
  9. If I were you I would try the 92, as Jaffa said in his earlier post. I am sorry but if I was you I would rather attend a game at the City Ground or Elland Road than Craven Cottage or Cardiff City Stadium, and I really hate Nottingham and Leeds. To get a true feeling for English football you need to experience at least one game in each of the 4 divisions, and then you will see what it is really like, rather than just the 'EPL'. Try taking in a game at Gigg Lane in Bury, easily one of the worst grounds I've attended, yet the pie I had made up for it!
  10. Also I may not have posted here in a while, but have been following this story closely all the way. Will anyone miss the Coyotes, or in particular thread that has seen the franchise moving to Hamilton, Winnipeg, Quebec City and now Seattle. What happens after, do we start on another team and speculate about their landing spots. Either way this forum will be a lonely place without talk of the Coyotes moving. Looking back you see how ridiculous and unprofessional the NHL has been regarding this matter, they should have gave an legitimate ultimatum long ago. No matter what Gary Bettman has done for the NHL over the years, this will always be a stain on his legacy.
  11. (Quebec City) would be the smallest market in North American pro sports Ahem... Quebec (Lévis) : 765,706 Green Bay Metro Area: 311,098 Source: *I realize that the Packers have all of Wisconsin (6 million) behind them, but the Quebec City NHL team would have half of Quebec Province (and probably a sizeable portion of the Maritimes) on its side. That's at least 4 million potential viewers, which is enough of a market for an NHL team. Yes, there is the issue of exchange rates and corporate sponsorship, blah, blah - but most of the profitable teams in the NHL are north of the Canada-US border. Hear, Hear! Surely there are parts in Wisconsin that root for the Bears and Vikings, and I guess the whole of Milwaukee can't be Cheeseheads! I am almost certain that since the Nordiques left QC, not everyone would have gone 'Hey what happens now, shall we root for the Habs?' I would hazard a guess that most hockey fans in that Northern part of Quebec don't have an allegiance to anyone, except the memory of the Quebec Nordiques, and watch hockey because of nothing more or less than the sheer fact that they love it. Thus making the region arguably the largest market of passionate hockey fans without a professional team. Also correct me if I'm wrong but don't the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders play in the continents smallest 'major' league market, I think Regina is just shy of 200,000, or maybe that doesn't count...
  12. The 2014 World Cup is in Brazil
  13. Yeah really bad times at Molineux. After their game last weeks game about 2,000 fans invaded the pitch to show their anger at the board. Shows that money isn't everything, they have one of if not the biggest wage bill in the Championship. Apparently Jamie O'hara is on 30k a week and has only played a handful of games. Just shows you the state of affairs when players think their bigger than the club. O'Hara is a prime example of a footballer who steals a living, because he is absolute pish!
  14. Huge weekend in the Championship this Saturday at both the top and bottom. I'm predicting Hull to join Cardiff in the Prem with Wolves and Barnsley joining Bristol City as the relegated teams. Hope Wednesday pull off the win to secure safety for another year. Gonna be a full house at Hillsborough on Saturday, and I'll be right there in the middle of it. Cannot wait! WAWAW