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  1. I agree with the consensus that the letters on the STRS logo are just a touch too narrow. I love the colors of the jersey. It's a good shade of green, and just what Dallas should be aiming for. I'm still unsure about your decision to exclude hem striping. I think two thin stripes could work rather nicely. Other than that, I really love this set.
  2. RED: UGA ORANGE: Browns (alternate) YELLOW: WVU (as long as the blue pants are worn with it) GREEN: Jets LIGHT BLUE: Titans (Oilers throwback) BLUE: Lions NAVY: Auburn University (This is a homer pick, I admit.) PURPLE: Vikings (throwback) BLACK: Falcons (throwback)
  3. Excellent set! I love the colors, love the striping, love both of the logos. Who would' have thought that a duck flying to the right would make such a nice jersey logo? My favorite part of the flying duck logo is the head. You should utilize a simple head logo somehow. Maybe make it the shoulder patch for the alternate jersey?
  4. I like the striping and logo for the Kings set. But it sure could use some purple!
  5. I agree, drop the white pants. I really like the set a lot overall, though. The logo is phenomenal. Though, honestly, it doesn't feel like a Sharks jersey without a little orange.
  6. Never realized how perfect a cactus silhouette is for a baseball cap. That one's my favorite. EDIT Wow, this is several years old.
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    ATL Hawks

    I really like this set. As a Hawks fan, I would love to see them embrace a uniform like this. We need the red and yellow scheme back.
  8. Mr. Aware Eagle


    Your AAFL thread was a lot of fun for me. I've recently gotten into Australian football and I'm from central Alabama. Can't wait to see how these turn out. Keep it up!
  9. This is a great logo! Excellent work. Like others have said, you might want to try making the red deeper and clean up the C a little bit.
  10. In my short time of actually watching college hockey, I've become a fan of Boston College's uniforms. I love those colors. I also really like Michigan's, especially the helmets. My school has a club hockey team. They just started their second season. Here are their duds. When I watched them play Ole Miss last season it looked like an Isles-Caps game.
  11. I like a lot of your designs, OP! I particularly love your Falcons, Titans and Buccaneers concepts. Keep up the good work.
  12. No, I don't like them either. Where are the team's colors? A (especially home) uniform should primarily involve the team's colors. I hate the trend these days that teams feel the need to throw black, silver, grey into their uniforms. You're hogging all of the colors!
  13. ^ My school's field. It's admittedly pretty boring. I like the orange outline. But I'd like to see what we can do with some color in the end zones. However, our grass is always very clean and has the diagonal shade alternation. You can even see it in that photo. And I am quite fond of our wordmark.
  14. This jersey looks very nice. And it kind of looks like a call-out to the Thrashers. Nice work!
  15. These are really good. An excellent blend of modern and classic concepts. My favorite is your Titans concept.