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  1. Really good series. I especially like Belarus.
  2. Thrift shop in my hometown, $15. Made by Starter.
  3. Is the Chicago script really small, or is that just me? Try making it bigger. Or design your own, like lancealot suggested.
  4. Heffalumps and Woozels or GTFO. Seriously, this is going to be an awesome series. Can't wait.
  5. I love it! I especially like that crest/shield.
  6. There's something odd about the lumberjack's hands in this latest version.
  7. Really like the Sounders kit. The tip of the space needle behind the back collar is a nice touch.
  8. I think seeing them on the field will be when I decide how I feel about them. I've been going back and forth, weighing the pros and cons. So for different reasons, I also can't wait to see them on the field.
  9. Great start for the Knicks. All of my criticisms have pretty much all been said, but I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
  10. Sweet concept. Can't wait to see more.
  11. That subliminal cross is pretty hard to see, especially on the striped jersey. Though that's odd to say, because I did notice it. Someone who knew nothing about the Impact would probably have a really tough time figuring out what shape it was. It's a good-looking kit, nonetheless. I'm stoked to see what you do with Dynamo.
  12. That green is very dark. I can't even see it unless I tilt my computer screen the right way. I'd think about going for more of a kelly green if you want to use black.
  13. Love those Caps shirts. I'd buy one.
  14. Something should be done about the color of those Panthers jerseys. The blue is so bright that I'm not really sure whether the panther and the sun are gold, mustard, cardboard brown, or what.
  15. I agree- I'd consider a darker brown. I also agree with everyone saying that the captain patch. Pretty sweet.
  16. I really love the AC Stl crest. This is a fun series so far. I'd re-consider the white Adidas logo on the white St. Louis jersey. It's pretty hard to see.
  17. I've been looking for a clip, but I can't find one. I spotted Comic Sans on a commercial for a local lasik surgery practice today.
  18. Something about the cheetah makes him look kind of chubby--which is not what I would expect a cheetah to look like.
  19. Those Union kits are sharp!! I love your simplification of the logo.
  20. You're trying a lot of interesting stuff here. What jumps out right now is the bright yellow for the Rams set. I can't say I'm a fan. I might try toning it down, and getting rid of the yellow helmet and yellow jersey combo.
  21. Awesome!!! Though I wish you had given Columbus more of an overhaul... I'm not a fan of the "three man in hardhats" crest.
  22. -Pittsburgh sports teams wear black and gold, which are the colors of the city flag. -Philadelphia Union jersey resembles the city's flag, only with a darker blue. -Birmingham Vulcans of the WFL (as well as the Alabama Vulcans of the AFA) were named for Birmingham's statue of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.
  23. I saw one idea on twitter today-- auction off pieces of the trophy, donate the proceeds to charity, perhaps tornado relief for the storms that hit central Alabama this time a year ago. I can dig that idea.