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  1. This is kind of late because the first game is in an hour, but all of today's games (and probably every game of the tournament) will be streaming on espn3.
  2. Really cool series. I gotta say, I like Dartmouth the best. I think the bear logo on Cornell and the lion logo on Columbia look kind of out of place. And I can't say I'm a fan of the writing on Cornell's away guernsey, but maybe that's just me. But overall, I really like this series. It's always nice to see Aussie rules concepts.
  3. Auburn football: Kodi Burns, Tre Smith, Lutzenkirchen Auburn basketball: Josh Wallace, Scott Pohlman ATL Hawks: Ivan Johnson (though he's pretty well-known around the league now...) Cards: David Eckstein, So Taguchi Penguins: Craig (f***ing) Adams, Max Talbot (well, not really anymore...)
  4. It's in Tampa and being hosted by the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Pretty strange. I'll try to catch a few games nonetheless. NCAA hockey is something I wish I watched more (though living in Alabama there aren't a lot of chances to do so).
  5. Anyone else gonna stay up late and watch the Australian Grand Prix this Saturday/Sunday? I've slacked off on my following of F1 the past couple of years, but I caught the replay of the 2011 of the Brazil Grand Prix yesterday on Speed channel, and found myself getting sucked into a race that happened months ago. Now I'm really looking forward to the start of this season.
  6. Both of these sets are really nice, especially the Cavaliers. I definitely think you should keep this going with a series, I know I'd keep an eye on it.
  7. Late addition by me: The tiger stripes are so cheesy, but I can't help but love this uniform.
  8. Wow, the only one of those that I've heard of is Netball- And that's because they mention it in a Flight of the Conchords song.
  9. You would close the windows then! (They're attractable windows right? Just like in Arizona? If they're not, that would defeat the point of having a dome) Well, yeah, that's what I mean. It'll be really cool to look out the windows into the city during some nasty weather.
  10. What I like best about this stadium is the big windows. Imagine being at a game during bad weather, and being able to look past the outfield to see a lightning storm in the city.
  11. Auburn football: That orange jersey is clearly not working. I think this was a one-game deal, thankfully.
  12. San Francisco looks pretty good, but it still has the problem that always bothers me with 49er uniforms-- that darn black in the logo. There's no black in the rest of their uniform or in the nice set you have here. Find a solution to this and you win internet points. Also, I like the gold outline on the numbers. Maybe it's just me, though.
  13. I got the same line up as last week: 14, 16, 17, 9, 55. Maybe I should've tinkered a little bit- we'll see what happens.
  14. The first thing I notice about this concept is how bright the colors are. I might try toning them down- it's a bit hard on the eyes.
  15. So did the owner get his fish tank or no?
  16. I might be the only one, but I really wish Auburn would bring back the orange facemask.
  17. Vancouver looks good, though is that jersey number kind of high? Or are most soccer jerseys like that and I just haven't noticed?
  18. Way to the end this series with a bang. I think Pittsburgh is my favorite set. I love the hem striping and the alt logo.
  19. Looks like I got the early lead in our fantasy pool! I knew Biff and Kenseth would help me out.
  20. You have a unique talent for mixing styles and eras. I'd buy that Vancouver alt in a heartbeat.
  21. What a great series! I love the FC Edmonton concept.
  22. I like where this is going. And while "Men" might be a bit corny for the front of a regular jersey, I think it would be cool for an alt. How sweet of a nickname is the Men?
  23. Is there any room left? I wouldn't mind playing along.
  24. Love it! Matches Birmingham very well. Is it intentional that the red V against a white background looks very much like half of the Alabama state flag?
  25. Is that a neon green sun on the Rockies logo?