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  1. I agree with Bubba. The logo should use black somehow. But you have a generally nice-looking jersey otherwise. I would buy one.
  2. I'm sure we can all guess why the Daily Line had double the audience. Thing is that in the initial version of the show, the "two things" which may keep a male interested were covered up by a laptop in front of her and she was not on the primary camera shot with the three guys. It also did not assist them that they started with an "internet gambler" making picks as part of the main staff. To those of us old enough, they cast the show as the old CBS "NFL Today": Broadcaster + Black Guy + Eye Candy + Bookie When they quickly revamped, it was apparent that Sturger can't talk and the Black guy was her equal. It became a cable access show. NCAA LAX on a weekend will interest maybe 50K people. It is a process, but they have to do better...much better. Moe's Southwestern Grill got national marketing for a regional chain. The only MLS thing they have shown is a commercial since the MLS season has not started yet. Well, yeah, I was speaking ahead of time. What I meant was that I'll be watching it quite a bit during the MLS season.
  3. Born Dec 1990: -3 Pittsburgh Penguins championships, though I only remember one. (and I only started caring about hockey and the team in general in the season before they won the 2009 Cup) -2 St. Louis Cardinals championships (been a fan since '05, when I actually started following MLB) -1 Auburn football national championship (and two other undefeated seasons, 1993 and 2004) -0 Atlanta Hawks and Falcons championships -0 Championships by my favorite MLS team (which I will have once the Southeast gets a team) I've been pretty lucky so far, especially in the last 3 years.
  4. I watch it a fair share. It shows NHL and MLS, both of which I follow. Though I can't say I watch the network when there's not an event on.
  5. GENO! Evgeni Malkin is kind of the reason I got into hockey in the first place, so it's obviously hard for me not to choose him. Right now, he's ahead of Ovechkin. I'm not sure what's going on with Ovie and the Caps right now. To be honest, I miss the "old" Ovechkin. He was fun to watch.
  6. -Hoop Dreams is easily my favorite sports movie, and one of my favorite films of all time. -The Fighter -Lots of the 30 for 30 and other ESPN documentaries are very good. My favorites are: Winning Time, Run Ricky Run, The Fab Five, Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL?, and Catching Hell.
  7. Since December of 1990: -The Australian Football League has only been referred to as such -The Pittsburgh Penguins have won all three of their Stanley Cups -9 NHL teams have been added -16 currently active NBA players were born
  8. Birmingham native here, and I would love to see the Vulcans name come back.
  9. I really admire the blue Yankees alternate. The entire Yankees and Rangers sets look overall very clean, in a refreshing way.
  10. Both Pittsburgh and Washington look really great. Loving the Washington alternate!
  11. I'm not sure how I feel about the Logger logo. It looks pretty similar to the Portland Timbers logo.
  12. Love these kind of threads. I really like what you did with the Jet logo. Keep up the nice work.
  13. Like the Tigers update. It's nice that you don't feel the need to make the blue a very dark navy blue.
  14. Loving the Orlando Vipers, especially the helmet. Keep up the good work on this series, it's really cool.
  15. Something about the blue KC alternate is bothering me. I think it's the number. Or maybe it's the logo. Or it could be that they're both on there? It's hard to put my finger on.
  16. That Falcons concept...just.... yes. Can Mr. Blank please get a hold of it? It would look incredible on the field.
  17. The Birmingham Stallions, from the long-defunct USFL. I wasn't alive to see this team play, but I have a t-shirt with this logo on it and I love it.
  18. -2009 Pittsburgh Penguins -2010 Auburn Tigers -2011 Alabama Crimson Tide (not thrilled about this one...)
  19. I really like the idea here. I'm a Birmingham area native, myself. I do think incorporating Vulcan in some way is a good idea, considering the statue is the only really iconic image in Birmingham. But the statue in the logo is a bit too detailed. Simplify it- make it look more like a logo than a photograph. Love the faux-backs, by the way. Also, don't be afraid to use another color in addition to what you have now. Vulcan is the God of fire (among other things), which brings to mind a wide range of color.
  20. MLB Baseball -Cardinals vs. Padres at Busch Stadium -Braves vs. Cardinals at Turner Field -Braves vs. Pirates at Turner Field MiLB Baseball I've seen the Birmingham Barons play at the Hoover Met many times and against many teams. NCAA Baseball- Seen Auburn play at Hitchcock Field several times, against mostly SEC opponents. NHL Hockey -Penguins vs. Kings at the Civic Arena -Penguins vs. Hurricanes at Civic Arena -Penguins vs. Red Wings at Civic Arena -Thrashers vs. Penguins at Philips Arena (x2) Minor League Hockey Columbus Cottonmouths vs. a few SPHL opponents at Columbus Civic Center NBA Basketball -Hawks-Heat preseason game at Philips Arena -Suns-Cavaliers at U.S. Airways Center NCAA Basketball -Auburn vs. many many opponents at both Beard-Eaves Coliseum and the new Auburn Arena. NFL Football -Titans-Texans at LP Field I'd really like to see some more NFL games in my life time. NCAA Football -Auburn vs. many many many opponents at Jordan-Hare Stadium -Auburn vs. Clemson in Peach Bowl in the 90's -Auburn vs. Oregon in the BCS championship in University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ.
  21. This series needs more attention. There are a lot of great concepts here. I really like your Illinois and SMU concepts.
  22. The Mario set is nice, but it needs something (besides the obvious eyebrows, which has already been mentioned). Use one of the Mario series' many iconic images as a shoulder patch or alternate logo. Might I suggest you use Mario in the tanooki suit as a logo on the third jersey? Obviously not this specific one, since you're hand-drawing this series (which I really admire).
  23. I REALLY like C. None of them are particularly bad, though.
  24. That game is probably the reason I love hockey so much today. (though I'm a little bitter about this now...)
  25. I like the 'D' version over the 'S'. I personally prefer when a single-letter logo represents the city rather than the nickname. And I can't decide between choices A and C. Both work well.