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  1. I wasn't actually aware of this rollout, and I work in the media in the Nashville area. Saw it on Facebook and had to bump the thread. I am a bit shocked at the bold logo change. I'm pretty sure a large part of the direction they're going for the re brand actually has to do with the stadium move. They're playing at historic Sulphur Dell, where the original Nashville Vols played. Most of the Vols logos involved a big block v, but I think they had a serifed N as well. Take the serifs, stylized slightly because old fashioned clearly means wild west, incorporate neon and the pick (for Broadway, the team name, and to tie in with the Preds), and use the color we associate with Vols (Big Orange) instead of any team colors...bam. Is it a fauxback stretch? Does it reach for too many fan bases? Is it too tourist centered, stereotypical? Does it scream Nashville hipster? Is it a cash grab? Yes. But does that make it bad? Not at all. I can't wait to see the set. I'm thinking sleeveless vests, western double outline numbers, cream, and pinstripes.
  2. They already have the Music City Bowl in Nashville, but why not the Country Music Bowl, or the Country Music Hall of Fame Bowl? Or better yet, the International Bowl, and have it sponsored by Nissan and/or Bridgestone/Firestone. And on that same thought, if the Virginia Tech/Tennessee series is as big of a success as I expect it will be, I think we could see a bowl game or two at major racetrack infields. The Thunder Valley Bowl in Bristol, immediately renamed the Food City Bowl... the DegaBowl (or maybe BowlDega, a play on Bodega?) in Talladega? Am I wishing too hard or stretching too far to imagine the Brickyard Bowl in Indy, or the NASCAR Bowl in Daytona?
  3. Having seen those new KU uniforms, I would just like to take the time to retract my previous statements about MTSU's new Nike uniform set. We took a step back, but the uniforms are pretty much solid. Good job. Now as for the Kansas uniforms....
  4. The navy tops for Illinois look good. I don't hate the San Jose State lid, though I agree it's not perfect either. I don't know why I like the 'Runners helmet, but I like it. Pretty clean. And stripe quirks aside, I love that Murray helmet. Gold cage would be better, but still...pretty sexy for a program like the Racers.
  5.  I just found out about these by way of an unveiling video from Fan Day today. I'm not sure if I'm happy MTSU is already being talked about, or sad that this is the reason. As an MTSU alum (Mass Comm, '08), I think these are awful. Yes, their old look was a rip off of Duke and Southern Cal... But it was a clean, classy look, and one that we stuck with for a few years. I knew sooner or later we would screw the pooch, because it's what we did for years in the uni department, but blech. Happy 100th season of Blue Raider football indeed. At least the blue top is the best of the three. Maybe it will look better over the white pants. Also, it only takes us what, 30 years, to get the grey/silver pants back and a proper color...and now they're gone. I blame Nike.
  6. Middle Tennessee: vs. Western Kentucky (Red vs. Blue, traditional rivalry) vs. North Texas (Green vs Blue, Black vs. Blue, Green vs. Black) vs. Vanderbilt (Black vs, Blue) vs. Tennessee (Orange vs. Blue, but they haven't played MTSU since the Blue Raiders stopped being a guaranteed win I think) Possible on-the-rise: UAB ------ Florida vs. UGA or UT Vanderbilt vs. UT or UK Belmont basketball in RED vs. Lipsomb in PURPLE (or Blue vs. Gold) ------- Preds in Gold vs. Blues in Blue, or Preds in older Blue unis vs. Detroit Grizzlies in Blue vs. Hawks in Red
  7. My effort: 1. Creamsicles. Simple, classic, and bold....without looking dated and cliche the day they were introduced. 2. Let the rest of the league look good. I can deal with my team looking bad, so long as every uni I see doesn't have to be terrible. I hate to cite this as an example, but it's like the white uniforms at home logic; you're always going to see your team in the same colors anyway, but with the white-at-home at least you see a variety of colors from the other team. (I still hate white-at-home but it makes sense here.) 3. Let me have 1%. Having looked back on some of my old concepts, I don't trust my judgement to stand up to the test of time. Also, some money is better than no money. 4. Boring. See creamsicles. It may not be exciting, but dammit I know it looks classy. 5. Best-looking sleeved. Uni-trends change. I watched the Music City Miracle game recently and was amazed at how huge the pads and jerseys were...and when the shrinkwrap style was first coming into vogue I thought it looked terrible. I'd rather look classy and timeless...even if it's on an EDGE template or in a TATC. 6. West Virginia. Not close. Those numbers on the Tampa Bay uniform are inexcusably bad. 7. The old Bolt. Simple and classic IS a good thing, but now it looks like clipart or a corporate letterhead logo. 8. Fans love/players hate. With players picking Oregon for their "super awesome" click-and-fills, with the Dallas Cowboys hating their supposedly cursed blue set (which is I think a slightly updated version of one of my fave uniforms ever, honestly), and with team/seniors/starting pitchers getting to pick gameday uniforms and flushing some good trends away (like white at home and grey on the road in baseball)...players have already shown to me that their aesthetic opinions cannot be trusted. Give me the mistake I already know I can live with.
  8. It's the other way around. "Mean" Joe Greene got HIS nickname, because of the "Mean Green" nickname at then-NTSU. And UNT (my alma mater FWIW) has TWO official nicknames - "Eagles" and "Mean Green". Lurk long enough and Donovan's gonna quote you...and teach you something you didn't know. I always thought NTSU was the Eagles and "Mean Joe" was so dominant that he changed the perception of the team. Much like you can call the Broncos the "Fightin' Peytons" right now--only it stuck. I never knew HE got the nickname there. I also didn't remember you went to North Texas--when I was at Middle Tennessee (and shortly before I enrolled) we used to love to hate to face you. It never really became a rivalry, because one team would steamroll the other for multiple years...then it would reverse. Both programs went through a LOT of pain at some point in the 00's. And I still stand by my statement from that post--if they had just put "Eagles" on the jersey instead of "Mean Green" I might not have been bothered as much. It wasn't a bad look, but don't label a black jersey as green. FWIW, I love that train-track striping for Purdue. I'm surprised they didn't try that earlier. Also, Middle Tennessee went White (without stars and stripes)/White/Blue, while UAB went White/Green/Green. Pics here.
  9. I found an awesome hat in a thrift store in Nashville. Just looked it's apparently Winston Salem State.
  10. See, I actually prefer the spider one to the sublimated spider one. (Yes, I know it's a bear, but this 3rd column #4, 2A/3B stuff can get old quickly.) I'd go 3rd column #3 (Big bear head), 2nd column #1 (spider), 2nd column 3 (M and box with bear endzones), and 3rd column 4 (giant M). I don't really associate the M with Missouri State, otherwise the last two might be higher. Is the 1st column even legal?
  11. The UNT unis weren't bad...they just weren't exceptional to me. However, my biggest beef is that the "Mean Green" (as it even says on the jersey) wore black uniforms with a black Eagle. The Red Wolves can wear black bc it's one of their official colors and the red isn't just a descriptor--it's a species, the "red wolf." The Red Raiders have worn black off and on for decades, as a red and black school. When the Blue Raiders and the Blue Devils and the Golden Flashes and the Redmen/Red Hawks/Red Storm wear bothers me, because they're the color-that-isn't-black Somethings. It's counter intuitive. But it's a whole new ballgame of BFBS when a team name IS the color. The Cincinnati Reds have black accents, but not a black jersey. Same thing for the St. Louis Blues. When your team name IS green, you shouldn't make green an accent color. If they had put Eagles on there, it might not have bothered me as much, but it's like the old mental trick where they put the word yellow in red, or the word white on a purple dot, and ask you what the color is--the mind doesn't like it, and gets confused. (BTW, I realize the Mean Green came from "Mean Joe" Green, but still. Even if the team name is also for a person, or something else, if a team name is a color (Cleveland BROWNS, Stanford CARDINAL, etc.) and that color becomes a primary for the team...shouldn't the only jerseys they wear be white, that color that is in the name, and perhaps an alt of another color in their scheme? (For example, if Stanford were Cardinal Red and Gold, I could see a gold alt, but not a black one.) Am I all alone here? This is just a pet peeve.
  12. Just from a design perspective, I think this patch is missing the mark. The Titans logo just seems tacked on. I feel like they should have gone with the oil derrick (for Houston, Tennessee, or both) or an AFC/AFL logo, or just centered BUD and left it alone. Perhaps gone with a 60 or a 1960 for the Oilers' founding year. As it is, it's a Titans logo on a Titans jersey below a Titans logo helmet....all to honor a man who founded this team over 50 years ago as the Oilers, but that only spent 15 years with that new logo. As a fan of the franchise since the move to Memphis...I'm a little disappointed. Granted, I don't think we've had a patch worth writing home about since the original derrick-on-flag patch, but that's a whole new complaint.
  13. What manufacturer logo is that?Sports Belle. They were based in Knoxville.Sports Belle outfitted college teams? I had no idea.My high school wore Sports Belle up until 2009. They are still around I believe. I'm not a fan of that Indiana set, just the colors. Actually from what I understand Sports Belle went under a few years ago. I believe I read on here that they took on too much overflow work from one of the big guys (Nike, adidas, etc.) and cut back their innovation and sales of their own product...and when the contracted work was swapped to someone else they went belly up. Shame, too. I've always loved SB stuff...and some of the coaches here in TN are similarly bothered that SB is gone. I keep prowling the internets for my favorite college uni ever, but I can't find it. It's MTSU (of course, with it being me) from the 80's I believe, modeled on the Cowboys' blue set. Multiple stripes on the sleeves with a bubble for an alt logo....but in this case it's a two-dimensional MT silver helmet as the logo. Royal blue jersey, with silver pants and lids. Chili's here in the boro had two jerseys and helmets on display, then just tossed them in the trash during a remodel. The Hall of Fame guy and I were appalled. I'll post pics if I can find them; I may be back by Middle tomorrow.
  14. That actually raises an interesting question, Billy B. Are there any designations of "official" or "primary" uniforms in NCAA football? I know in the NFL you have to declare home, road, and alt. You're limited in how many games you can wear the alt, as well. In MLB, your white uniform is your primary home, and your gray/sand is your primary road, but I don't know of any restrictions on the alts. In fact, you barely even have to clash anymore. In the NBA, your white/gold is your home, dark jersey is the road, and you can wear alts, but they are usually road jerseys because they're also dark jerseys most of the time. In hockey, white on road, dark at home, and alts at home (but again, I don't think there are limits, off the top of my head). But with all the alts, tributes, and one-offs, do teams even have to declare a primary home? Obviously we think of USC in Red/Red/Gold, Florida in Orange/Blue/White, Ohio State in Silver/Red/Silver, and Tennessee in White/Orange/White...but then there are teams like Oregon, which rarely repeat a combination, Illinois, which hasn't yet worn what you would think is its primary, and Virginia Tech, which can't seem to decide WHAT direction it's going...and I don't even know. ARE there any rules on this?