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  1. I wasn't actually aware of this rollout, and I work in the media in the Nashville area. Saw it on Facebook and had to bump the thread. I am a bit shocked at the bold logo change. I'm pretty sure a large part of the direction they're going for the re brand actually has to do with the stadium move. They're playing at historic Sulphur Dell, where the original Nashville Vols played. Most of the Vols logos involved a big block v, but I think they had a serifed N as well. Take the serifs, stylized slightly because old fashioned clearly means wild west, incorporate neon and the pick (for Broadway, the team name, and to tie in with the Preds), and use the color we associate with Vols (Big Orange) instead of any team colors...bam. Is it a fauxback stretch? Does it reach for too many fan bases? Is it too tourist centered, stereotypical? Does it scream Nashville hipster? Is it a cash grab? Yes. But does that make it bad? Not at all. I can't wait to see the set. I'm thinking sleeveless vests, western double outline numbers, cream, and pinstripes.
  2. I found an awesome hat in a thrift store in Nashville. Just looked it up...it's apparently Winston Salem State.
  3. For some reason I'm hung up on Nashville minor league teams from the past. Nashville South Stars Nashville Vols (probably any era...but very old and just-before-going-away are best) Nashville Express (to be able to prove they existed, lol) Nashville Dixie Flyers Nashville Knights (saw a Preds fan rocking one of these) Also, I'd love one of the blue or white MTSU hockey jerseys as well...with actual numbers (they sometimes had to use electrical tape). They were in the style of the Leafs. Oh, and while I'm dreaming in my MTSU dorkdom, the 1980s MT football tops and helmets, and the 1975 (?) navy blue helmets with the powder blue state-of-TN outline and block MT overlay. That one's a beaut.
  4. Fail to the guy in the Chloe Hamles jersey, in public no less. Doesn't he know that Hamles was a draft bust by 1987, clearly the year of that awesome replica jersey? But to play devil's advocate on the recent examples of "quality," the game-worn jerseys sometimes have comparable issues on field/court/ice. Do they, also, represent bad quality...or do all of these examples just show very embarrassing (and stupid) mistakes? Discuss.
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