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  1. Maybe I'm being anal, but some of those black and white pics look like the pants and top are a different shade. I've heard at length how hard it was to match colors up back then...but I've also seen representations of, say, MTSU (well, State Teachers' College back then) wearing navy tops and khaki/gold pants. I could see that looking similar to some of the above pics in black and white. Some of them I can tell more than others that both top and pants are a color...but is this really something you can tell in old b/w photos? Am I just being too detail-oriented? Also...yeah. Tulane needs those helmets to return. A lot. <3
  2. The more I see the new Force Logo, the more I see what they were trying to do...and the more I resent it. The old logos were fine. And I rarely say this...but I'm pretty sure that I could create that new logo myself. And probably do a better job. Awful fonts, awful execution. I hope the Georgia "Orce" has a massive amount of fan backlash and has to change after one season.
  3. I've always loved that crossed-snakes-and-football Secondary logo for the VooDoo. Another great part of an excellent set. Also...oh, how I miss thee, Milwaukee Mustangs...
  4. Is that a rack of ribs with a meat-cleaver bat? Really? That may be the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Ever.
  5. Fail to the guy in the Chloe Hamles jersey, in public no less. Doesn't he know that Hamles was a draft bust by 1987, clearly the year of that awesome replica jersey? But to play devil's advocate on the recent examples of "quality," the game-worn jerseys sometimes have comparable issues on field/court/ice. Do they, also, represent bad quality...or do all of these examples just show very embarrassing (and stupid) mistakes? Discuss.
  6. The Storm logo was very solid. The new logo looks like it took five minutes to do, and doesn't actually convey an Explosion. A...skipped rock? A burst? Maybe even a blast. The text is rendered alright, but it should be centered with the explosion going off in all directions...comparable to the Spokane Shock logo IIRC.
  7. Well, I sat back and lurked long enough for the board to be 110% sure this it the real deal Zephyr boss, and I'm very pleased. UMD cap looks solid. Wishful thinking, but I'd plunk down some coin on a Middle Tennessee State Blue Raider Xline. With the blue and silver/gray (and black, sadly), a Pegasus and lightning bolts, we have plenty of modern inspiration. And for old-school, especially with the 100th year anniversary of the school coming up, we could go with "Ol' Blue" (a scent hound, I believe a blue-tick, adopted to replace the previous mascot in the sixties) or the original Blue Raider, the controversial Nathan Bedford Forrest-lookalike. MT is the biggest undergrad school in TN, but we're also a fickle and not-easily-motivated fanbase, so I don't know if it would be profitable. Also, any chance you're still giving out samples of those hats, Z?
  8. Hmm. I was really "meh" about this look when I first saw it, but the more nit-picks I read, the more it seems to suck. Never realized in particular about how to line up front numbers on logo-not-word-on-the-front jerseys...but it's pretty precise, and comes across either looking clean and "right" or awkward and forced. Excellent use of visuals to show that. Pretty much everything shows me that the Nats did a rush job on this, and have virtually no idea how to brand anything...which is pretty much what we expected. They go cliche with the blue jersey. Only use one script jersey. They make a red jersey that looks like the Braves' BP top and their red alt had a love child, but with the pretzel W somehow involved (also, using lots of red makes me think Phillies, as well)...have a solid navy alt like the Braves' unofficial road shirt AND a matching plain-navy cap...and have a road cap that looks just like the main one of those rival Braves? Hmm. So...use a patriotic color scheme and milk that for all it's worth? Check. Not decide on a primary color? Check. Find a way to make yourself look quite a bit like your most natural rival, AND call to mind at least one other division team too? Check, Check again, and....check just for emphasis on those two. Make awesome script logos that don't match? Check. Only use one, and even use it sparingly? Check. Wonky striping? Check. Phase out a unique logo and unique supporting color. Check x2. Brand yourself scriptless by pushing an awkward throwback logo with otherwise no ties to the Expos/Nats franchise other than deciding to bring it back when u moved the 'spos there? Yup. And finally...hang your hat on that logo, which looks so much like that of a drugstore chain it's not even comical, but just sad? Oh-yeah-che-kuh. It's a lot of fail...but still, I can only give it a C. It's a middle of the road, "could be a lot worse," clean and dull set. Just with a lot of psuedo-minor flaws.
  9. I'm surprised no one picked up on his "re-imagineering" quote there. The entire last paragraph smacks of faux-retro. Whether it's Bullets and full-on throwback, Wizards-that-wanna-be-Bullets, or entirely new brand made to seem sounds like the traditional Red, White, and (what I can Royal) Blue. Not a fan.
  10. This thread put me on a search, because it seems the MTSU Ice Blue Raiders are apparently done...maybe for good. Quite a shame, really. And for what it's worth, they wore jerseys in the style of the pre-Edge Maple Leafs, with the MT-and-flying-horse logo crest. Hoever, they did fall victim for the BFBS craze at least once, wearing a black sweater to salute the football team's "Blackout."
  11. Ahh, PDW. Making crappy logos since...well...when does Wikipedia say we were founded?
  12. All the more reason for me to cheer against the Yankees. I don't want that stat hanging over this year's WS. It's the Major Leagues, and money is no object...put the NOB on there. Tradition or not, NNOB will always look bush league for me.
  13. Glad to see we all share the love for the alt. That's gonna make an excellent shoulder patch. The primary is a few tweaks from being excellent...but it the "face" sideways in the reflections/details? I'm not a big fan of it, myself. A little too...subtle.
  14. MTSU rocked the silver pants against Minnesota...anyone else think they looked darker, and less "dirty" than last year's?
  15. I will never be able to un-see that. Ever. Did I bring it to your attention just then, or is that a general statement? I remember when I had that called to my attention my mind was blown too. And I'm still not sure on these jerseys. Again...I don't think I hate them. I think the deciding factors include "how jarring is all-black VT" and "how hard are those numbers to actually read from afar?"
  16. Incredible. Never would have expected that. I guess ProCombat really does throw back. Waaaaay back. Nice find.
  17. Interesting. I want to see the whole set though. I don't hate it, but it's amusing how the tech explosion era is just far enough back that we can acknowledge it now. First the "drift" style of stuff (pixellated or loading images on dial-up, anyone?) and now motherboards and Matrix graphics showing up in our "high tech" but sometimes psuedo-throwback styles. Also, the close-parenthesis (I assume) in the top of the 3 stopped me for a moment, bc I thought it was a serifed one...and wondered if they had finally decided to acknowledge that the VT logo looks like "Square Root of One."
  18. Thanks for the swatches, CWx. Always neat to see a team's color scheme evolve. Took some sharp turns, too. I've tried to let this "new" set grow on me. But I hate it. Weak, rec-league, faux-back oversimplified crap. The until-recently-road wine jersey was solid, the home was about perfect, and the navy was alright as a change up. I don't know what else they could have done to milk more money out of LBJ jersey sales, but this is just sad. The Cavs finally had a solid, consistent look (even with 100 alts)...and now they look like they're stuck 50 years ago. Unless the next "next Michael Jordan" gets drafted by Cleveland...I'll have less than zero interest in this look. Yawn. Let me know when this set has 5 alts. I'll wait.
  19. Can't wait to see the new set...looks awesome from the sneak peek.
  20. Well, if they were going for simply "update" I suppose they nailed it. After all, the Curry Saga made everyone think of the prior cathead, so it makes sense to make it an update. Relatively clean, but as said it's very..."concept like." The pawprint is missing something, and looks unfinished, as I have trouble seeing the D. I also agree that the slashed D is the best part of this update. That being said...Meh. My first words were "That's it? ...Seriously?" Should have used that time to go in a completely new direction...but at least it isn't the unicorn from that other thread, nor does it appear to be Phoenix. Grade: C Simple, cleaned up a familiar design Not exactly crisp or "polished" Last logo is missing something Not very creative
  21. Relatively tame, yes. And keep in mind I'm not a Vol fan...but unless you loathe UTK (and I don't, at least not this week) that look would warm a Tennessean's heart. More Checkerboards!
  22. This Phoenix-a-Thon is somewhere between shocking/sad and hilarious. I always knew their work was all the same...but seeing it back-to-back-to-back like this puts it really into perspective. Who keeps thinking it's a good idea to pay them?
  23. Mucking through all the updates-to-updates, the team commissioned a concepts artist to do a full package, which included the winged bird with and without the wordmark, the shoulder patch, and a nifty 50-years (arena?) logo...from which they plucked two logos and mashed them with the "Primary." The new designer is quoted in Icethetics as saying the team commissioned someone else to further rip off the original rip off of the concept logo. Do they really think they can mussy the waters a little more and get away with it...while fantasy hockey cherry-picking a mishmash identity? Wow.
  24. Anytime Arkansas State gets on TV the announcers are guaranteed to refer to us as Arizona State at least seven times. Which leads me to believe that being an announcer doesn't require you to research what teams you're announcing for or to pay enough attention to who they are once on the field. Yeah, I did an ASU/MTSU game on "MTTV" as the play-by-play guy to help out the video production class with their class project. Admittedly, I got negative feedback on both of our roles from a professor I respected, but the color guy said "Arizona State" a handful of times. Sometimes I corrected him, sometimes I glared at him...eventually I just moved on. Sorry about that. I also got to do color on an FIU/MT women's basketball game. Word of advice...the "International" tag on there isn't kidding. I haven't done that much prep on name pronunciations ever before in my life. Jeez. On topic: The Hogs aways look very sharp. But where is the black there's such an outcry about, the trim? (The numbers look dark red to me, perhaps trimmed in black...and I see some much-needed black trim on the logos on the shoulders.)
  25. Love the use of the bearhead. Shells probably shouldn't be charcoal for charcoal's sake...but on its own, it doesn't bother me much. Upgrade...tho it will probably become "minor upgrade" when I see how the charcoal doesn't work with the rest of the set.