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  1. Hate Man U, but those are some solid, solid kits. Well played, Devils.
  2. Middle Tennessee State: An M-T-S-U! chant goes around the stadium, but there's also the "M-T-S-U-M-T-S-U!Go! Raiders! Go!" From the fight song. We also borrowed the Dum! Da-da-da-da...GOOOO Raiders! chant from UF's Go Gators. "Let's Go Blue" has been a major MTSU chant for easily 10 years. (Probably during the OVC years too.) And I believe this is the new PA Announcement for football: "And that's another...Blue Raider..." [crowd calls back "FIRST DOWN!"] From the fight song: "For the one, true, pride of the blue...M-T-S-U Raiders Ride!" And we end games with a slower version of the "Tennessee Waltz."
  3. That Tigres logo is awesome. I didn't see the XX for a bit, then after reading 20th Anniv my eyes did the reversal. Awesome.
  4. Trade the T-Star for the aTM, maroon up the lanes, and it's basically a winner. Death to the T-star!
  5. Their alternate C logo bothers me. vs Coker vs. UT Chattanooga. I'm not suggesting a "ripoff" or anything...just saying that I don't like my logos to look this similar from a branding perspective. Well, that and it's basically the same font, same letter, and same colors.
  6. Back to the College Uniforms discussion, I just interviewed the play-by-play voice of the MTSU Blue Raiders (tape delayed interview for Saturday morning show) and he said he doesn't think there will be any major changes to the MTSU Nike uniforms this season. We have another Blackout on the schedule, so I assume silver/black/black again there, and open the season with a True Blue game (Sept 2nd, on ESPNU hosting Minnesota) which is also the "College Colors" kickoff game as well. Chip didn't mention the combo, but I'd bet some Floyd Stadium nachos we go silver/blue/blue here. What caught my attention most, though, is when he fondly brought up the silver pants which returned last year. We all agree that the color was a bit off, so they looked dingy--and he said he'd rather them be traditionally striped or I think even plain, rather than Bronco-swooshed--but I had no idea of the purpose of the silver pants. They were actually brought back (I believe by Coach Rick Stockstill) as a salute to former coach Boots Donnelly, whose silver/blue/silver Blue Raiders tore some folks up in the OVC era. Furthermore, the pants have been kept in the arsenal as a symbol of honor and pride. If the seniors feel a game is of particular pride and importance, they can go to the coach and request to bust out the silver britches to show just how important they feel that win is--and in a way, shout back to the Blue Raider tradition. Ordinarily, I'm against crazy excess, like the double-black combo. I dislike that this gives us 3 tops (blue, white, black), 4 pants (blue, white, black, silver), and the iconic silver helmets. salutes the success of the past, works a little gray into the identity, is a less subtle statement than the lightning bolt helmet sticker, and (with some tweaks) could look really solid. A step closer to those 80s Dallas-Cowboy-Wannabe, 2d-helmet-on-the-sleeve uniforms? You had me at silver britches...
  7. Well, the NFL had some current-team caps in that style recently. I don't remember if it was draft or sideline...but I got a Titans one on the cheap that I'm fond of. I remember these boards raving about that style, in fact.
  8. U 18's look very sharp, especially the navy one. The new ones look solid, much like the Olympic ones...but the number font needs work. The psuedo-serif makes these hard to read from afar.
  9. Hmm. I just don't get it. It's not ugly, forced, over-designed, or anything like that. It's just extremely sterile and bland to me. Almost seems too...corporate. I was amazed at the difference the tiny white-cap made on the center mountain but still...not a "bad" logo, but to me it's not the right logo. Not a fan.
  10. Wow. I want that software, and all the files. Man, it's "alternate history" things like this that make me want to dig back into my "AltaVerse" the American Soccer Leagues, a pyramid based on what US Soccer could have been if it had evolved like in Great Britain. And I'm not even a soccer fan. Deep bow to you both. I am awed...and count me in on wanting the YouTube clips.
  11. Could be the custom team font...could just be that I prefer the renderings over the actual execution. Don't mind me...just kinda blind.
  12. Yeah, I like these...but they're very reigned in compared to the ones in TN. The Brewers ones look solid...but for some reason (I guess all the plates I see here) the Packers' one doesn't come off as well. It almost looks cheap.
  13. Pat Hiking the ball? Disturbingly detailed, but still better than Flying Elvis. Flying Elvis is just awful design,'s a flag that turns into a guy...who's supposed to look like a Patriot but actually just appears to be a guy with a huge chin...and the flag-waving-motion also makes it look like a severed head with motion lines. I never have understood the "awesomeness" of this design. Which leads me to the final point...Tricorner Hat Owns. Is it odd that it's sideways? Yes, but it would probably be even harder to make out if alligned correctly...unless you did the Memphis Pharaohs thing and put it on the front of the helmet. But Tricorn is so simple, and beautiful in its simplicity. I like the 93 Elvis Stripes (if we have to have Flying Elvis) and the 93 set is solid save for the different colored numbers. The next set might be okay w/o the "Seen From Space" Elvii. Stripes work, and number font works...but logos are soooooo huge. And I see both sides of the coin on the 2000's set. Yes, it is modernistic trendiness. But save for the silver top mess, it's a pretty clean look. I know MTSU copies USC's football template, but if it's visually clean and they stick to a set finally, I can't argue too much; same thing at work here. However, I say modernize the tricorn and the 60s throwbacks a bit, and voila. Prob their best set. Going tri-corn and Pat on a tweak of the 00s might work too. Down with Elvii.
  14. I sincerely hope this isn't true. Removing helmet stripes is bad enough...but less NOB? This isn't D2, people. Leave NOB actually OB.
  15. So apparently the Quakes' identity was a hot mess, basically. And Washington had a set with a silver top, blue top...but no white? So much for clash. Oh, and all I can say is freakin Caribou!
  16. Count me in with Wilbon also...either Cougars redesign, or Airmen. A lot of ways one could go with the Airmen. And while I hate the Bobcats name, because it does sound generic, I'm not sure they should change. There's nothing inherently conflicting with the Charlotte Bobcats. As has been said, it's not borrowed, and it doesn't sound forced or odd, like Lakers or Jazz or Hornets-when-we're-used-to-New-Orleans. Those names have been grandfathered in, whether we like them or not, even though they can sound awkward at times. "Bobcats" doesn't have that issue. Bland and uninspired? Maybe, but it's a start. One could build from there. So which is better (or worse)...forging ahead and trying to salvage and rebuild an identity on a brand that is perceived to be named for inept ownership and is otherwise bland but not terrible...or forcing the fanbase through another name change (name 3 in a short span), perhaps to a name tied to another owner? It's the perfect storm of "go or get off the pot." Both options have their perks and their flaws, and looking objectively, I can't say for sure what I prefer.
  17. Off-topic, but check the mustache on the Buckeye in the back. I'm not a fan of OSU at all...but that's a legendary 'stache. And I fully support any and all logical throwbacks. Devil Rays throwing back to University of Tampa? I know they had some reason cobbled together...but it just didn't make sense to me. But high schools can throw back all they want. My only concern is who's paying for it.
  18. Love it...although I'm curious about th expense involved. Also, on some of the shots I still wouldn't call those "short shorts." On some views they do look too short, but on others...those are shorts. Not like the long, floppy high-waters considered basketball shorts today.
  19. That Cascades logo is incredible. Most intimidating frickin' tree I think I've ever seen. Dang.
  20. It's a script. How it, in any way, resembles anything in the Buccaneers logo system is beyond me. After your comment I took a closer look at the Buccaneers' wordmark. Your point is well taken. However, does it make more sense if I say it reminds me of the Bucs' wordmark, with the arching, "edgy" lettering? Or perhaps if the Bucs had a script mark, it might be in a similar style (just not flat white)? I know, I'm stretching...and for what it's worth, I like TB's current identity and package. I still hate the SB XLIV merch, however.
  21. Terrible. Let's throw random, ghosted/psuedo-sublimated logos all over some caps, slap on the team logos, and screw up caps AND shirts with a crap-tacular "edgy" font which reminds me of a horrible attempt at the Bucs' font. The 90's called; they want their...oh wait, no they don't.
  22. I certainly couldn't find any better way to celebrate post #500. The moose is a little much...but yeah. That Mr. Celery phenomenon, and patch, are exquisite. Bravo.
  23. Man, some of those SA kits were LOUD. But strangely...I kinda like them.
  24. Incredible work. Surprised to see Phantoms show up this early in US/Penn sports uniforms, tho out of the current Jets style. And is anyone else amused by watching the adidasication evolve? I mean, they made 2-stripe kits at some point! Oh, and the Admiral sighting was pretty amusing... And Brian...I like the elephant as a secondary...but I don't like him on the crest. Too cartoony for my taste; I prefer my soccer reeking of Euro-Poseur.