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  1. The socks have been a part of the uniform (striping unchanged) since I believe the 30s if not earlier. Ithe was the basis for the 67 striping pattern. And personally I'd love to see the winter classic become the new base for a new home/road set. Retro looks are the best in my opinion, just need to cut the last ties from the Ballard era
  2. Let's face it, it's just a quick paint fill alternate to draw in a few extra dollars before next season when they are supposedly overhauling the brand to differentiate themselves from the AHL club.
  3. Ducks: 3rd Bruins: Home Sabres: Home Flames: 3rd 'Canes: 3rd 'Hawks: Home Avs: Home Jackets: Home Stars: Road if I had to pick one Wings: Home Oilers: Road Panthers:Home Kings: 3rd Wild: 3rd Habs: Home Preds: Home Devils: Home Isles: Road Rangers: Home Sens: 3rd Flyers: Home 'Yotes: 3rd Pens: Hom Blues: 3rd Sharks: Road Lightining: Home Leafs: 3rd 'Nucks: 3rd, unless you count the millionaires Caps: Home Jets: Home
  4. Pete's wearing special pink in the rink jerseys tonight vs. Soo Saint Marie
  5. Very nice, I've been hoping to see this series revive, there are only so many NHL concepts to look at before toy see some repetitiveness this is a good releaf for it
  6. Could I possibly get a blue Toronto Maple Leafs Wallpaper?
  7. That's really cool can you change the background color?
  8. My only request for Dallas is to not change the colors
  9. 100 times better, I can't see why this isn't in service now. The only reason they shouldn't use this look is to seperate themselves from the dolphins
  10. very nice! I like the use of the green. a great update.
  11.$(KGrHqR,!lIE9RoyrdvHBPZ3yibWJg~~60_35.JPG it's black
  12. Very nice, with the petes though, try adding just a touch of gold to add depth and color. I know the Pete's are a classic identity but it would really put the look over the top.
  13. Very nice job but i must say, the rangers shield and soldier logos should be swapped. With Barrie, you should try to add just a touch of yellow, there is already too many teams that use the red white and blue color scheme. but it is a great start! I look forward to the rest of this series!
  14. What were they thinking unveiling 3 versions of it at the same time? I believe the middle one is the actual primary, the others are just secondary color options for the logo.
  15. Not like its breaking news or anything but, the Kingston Frontenacs officially unveiled their new "K" logo today. My link