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  1. The 2014 kits with the correct colors of the crest are the only ones they should have. This new stuff is crap.
  2. yeah, axe the white helmet idea. just stick with gold helmets, what else do you need when you have an iconic garnet and gold look. They already have a nice looking black jersey too.
  3. Not the biggest fan of the white helmet either. I think they should have at most 2. I can just feel a new uniform reveal in the next couple of years. I know they just switched to white numbers, and maybe a template change is all they need. Maybe they will stick with this design for a long time, I just feel changes coming on. But maybe they simplify the uniform. Bring back some inspiration from their pre 2014 set (tribal feather pattern on collar and sleeves) and keep the number font. I would love to see what their previous set would look like in a new template.
  4. As a lifelong wolves fan, I'm not too happy with the color scheme, I forever wish we could go back to the roots, instead of looking similar to the Seahawks.
  5. http://fiftyfive.one/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Final.jpg This is still better. not a big fan of the bullseye on there...and I work there too.. I should tell my bosses to pass the message to corporate to make the logo smaller.
  6. I've bought a few fakies from this seller. I bought this Alonzo Mourning (because a real hardwood Zo jersey doesn't exist) - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Miami-Heat-Alonzo-Mourning-1996-Classic-Away-Red-Jersey-/280795934384?pt=US_Basketball_Fan_Shop&hash=item4160bdeeb0 It looks exactly as pictured. Fake; but absolutely matches detail for detail; what real hardwood classics have. The only difference being; the jerseys aren't as long, and slightly less wide. This is good for me, because I'm short and I hate baggy jerseys. I also bought the Drexler; because at the time I only had a paypal & NBA only took payments via credit card: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Portland-Trail-Blazer-Clyde-Drexler-Classic-Away-Black-Jersey-/280800299267?pt=US_Basketball_Fan_Shop&hash=item4161008903 Again; this was exactly the same as a real one (I later compared when I found one in store), except the sizing was a couple mm's off. I bought the Reggie Miller, because again, no real Miller jerseys exist: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Indiana-Pacers-Reggie-Miller-Classic-Navy-2-Jersey-/270887286484?pt=US_Basketball_Fan_Shop&hash=item3f1223f6d4 Exactly as pictured. This fake has one particular difference; the tag at the bottom doesn't say "Reggie Miller 31 1997-98" as it should. I actually ended up buying a fake Griffin LA jersey that I asked about in this thread - one this particular occasion it wasn't as pictured - the blue was missing from the font, but everything else the same - I ended up getting a full refund and keeping the jersey for sleepware. I bought a fake Lebron Heat; the only singular difference was the material used on side trim. So; to answer your question; It will most likely be exactly as pictured, but you'll have to compare all the materials/colors of the real to the fake. I've bought a few fakes in my time; but now that money isn't as tight as it used to be, I only get legit stuff (UNLESS, it's retro jerseys that I cannot get real). I've also replaced a fake with a real (Tracy McGrady Raptors jersey - there were MANY differences between the fake and the real, because it's a complex jersey). If anyone has any more questions about fake swingman jerseys from Hong Kong, go ahead - I think I know quite a bit. thank you so much! this really helps, I need to compare the pictures between a real and a fake for those ricky rubio jerseys from that seller, because it looks spot on
  7. Thanks for the feedback, this is why I post in these forums, to obtain knoledge about this stuff. I wouldn't be stupid and just get it, I only had some questions about the whole deal, because it's the pictures on eBay that can fool people!
  8. That picture looks legit, but just look at how they spell Minnesota in the listing. I'd be surprised if you got the jersey in that picture. yea, but the thing I dont get is that this seller is a top rated seller and all of his comments from the buyers are positive
  9. ok here is a question, when on ebay I am looking at ones like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Minnastoa-Timberwolves-Ricky-Rubio-Revolution-30-Away-Blue-Jersey-/280800787725?pt=US_Basketball_Fan_Shop&hash=item416107fd0d#ht_4368wt_952 and I know it is from hong kong but it looks legit, my question is, will i just not get it when I order it? or will I receive what I buy because that jersey looks legit and would love to get it
  10. I loved these! I know the new ones are cool but I think these were tons better
  11. No. Fake fake fake. Yes. It's just a couple of years old. Reebok changed the branding on their tags from "Rbk" to "Reebok" after the first year of the Edge overhaul, and then eliminated the vector logo this year. So it's overstock from a couple of seasons ago, not a counterfeit. thank you! thank you! thank you! I really dont care that it is the older one, it is basically the same style! thanks for clearing this up
  12. thanks. does anybody know anything about sports jersey world.com?? cause I dont wanna deal with any scams
  13. i posted this in another thread but is this site legit? http://www.sportsjerseyworld01.com/NHL-Minnesota-Wild-24-Derek-Boogaard-3rd-Jersey-Green_p_532.html and is this jersey legit? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NHL-Minnesota-Wild-Small-Red-Reebok-Hockey-Jersey-New-/220873206220?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item336d11a9cc#ht_3047wt_1202
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