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  1. As a lifelong wolves fan, I'm not too happy with the color scheme, I forever wish we could go back to the roots, instead of looking similar to the Seahawks.
  2. This is still better. not a big fan of the bullseye on there...and I work there too.. I should tell my bosses to pass the message to corporate to make the logo smaller.
  3. Gotcha! Wow does time fly. They did seem a bit too "out there" for such a classic school.
  4. Their look is a mess, I'm a huge wolves fan, but their look is so bland, blue and green needs to be the color combo, then it will be more fun to watch them lose.
  5. Didn't they just get new football uniforms?
  6. Further proof that the wolves are changing, their secondary logo is now the "hardwood club" logo, and that logo is dark blue and white now. I'm convinced that'll be the new color scheme, with some gray and black too.
  7. This is why I'm sticking with the old USA kits from 10-11, even 2012... The hell Nike....
  8. Input 3. Home is a hoops kit with navy shirts Away should be a navy shirt with red accents, the last few navy jerseys have not had enough red!
  9. I agree completely. I think the majority here loved the hoops kit. Its the best look they've had argubaly.
  10. I like how the crest is the right color, and it looks great on that blue, but yeah it does not look real. I have noticed the usmnt pattern -World cup kits -next year third kit -next year new set -possible third -next world cup kits I hope they stay on this trend as they already have a tough time making an identity.
  11. It is a bummer that these Nike uniforms seem to be causing more harm than good. I wish they didn't mess with the collars, and just had the Nike fitting and materials. And instead of making uniforms like my vikings worse looking, I wish they just re-did a couple teams. Sorry for not wording everything well, but that has just been on my mind. I know the teams had the choice to accept the new template, but Nike could of redesigned a couple teams!
  12. The patch looks alright on the gophers jersey, but I can't wait to see the gophers new unis in action!
  13. yea some of the collars just look forced on some team like the saints, texans etc. I feel like if they want to do the cutoff collars, they should at least make them thinner. That picture of the saints rookie was awful, the jersey had too much clutter.
  14. I like that concept buc! If I may chime in again, the different color helmet is a little annoying, but it's weirdly neat looking in my opinion. To be more specific, I never said I didn't like the current. Ones, but as we have seen from college football how nice the more traditional uniform can be, I didn't think it would be a bad idea, hopefully it's an alternate. I still really don't know what to say about the new collar, it's an improvement, but doesn't look right, especially with the numbers. If they changed the number style and modified the collar a bit, I would be ok with it, oh and they better stick to purple pants on the road!! So I guess it was also a missed opportunity to improve the current to some people
  15. The nike uniforms for the Vikings really missed the mark, they are not horrible, but the retro ones are much better looking, they would of looked so much better especially with the Nike facelift, why didn't they do this?